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Vybz Kartel - Come Yah Nuh Mi Gal Lyrics
Hey gal mi have supm mi waan say mi waan touch u pan da pussy. Jaw deh it sound fiesty but do nuh walk weh a u me want inna my life. Baby, come ya nuh mi  ...
Cause I can't sleep without you [Verse 1:] Alright... Cause everyday mi say. Mi want you inna mi life. Cah mi nuh want fi wake. If you nuh deh deh by mi side
Lady Saw - Me Hold You Lyrics
boy u give me d biggest wood me eva get inna my life, boy mi neva believe yuh when tell mih say mi woulda need yuh , boy you give me d biigest wood mi eva ...
Lyrics to "Mi Nah" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Sheba, memba a man mi name So ... Mi ah wonder if yuh bad like indu ... Tell mi weh you a go do fi come inna mi life
Gaza the girl dem say innuh don ... You mi love fi the rest of my life mhmm ... You ah everyting inna my life ... Mi nuh see nuh gal out deh weh a wine like u
I ca-a-a-an't live without you love, baby. Girl, the way you love me. Girl, the way you love me. I need you, girl [Verse 2:] Inna mi arms, inna mi life. Girl, me want ...
DRAKE LYRICS - Controlla
I do it how you say you want it ... They don't want you to have nothing ... All my life . Mi see it say yuh. Sexiness you a pro. Mek mi bend you over inna ya bra and ...
Gyptian - Hold You Lyrics
Gyal mi wann fi hold yuh / Put mi arms right around yuh / Gyal you give me the tightest hold me eva get inna my life / Gyal mi. ... Gyal yuh give me tightest hold me eva get inna mi life oh. Mi eye dem dry ... Me want a gyal who cyan tek care of mi
Gaza Kim - Amen Lyrics
Apr 7, 2014 Thank you jesus, me get rid ah dah bwoy deh, get rid ah dah bwoy deh him ah crosses inna mi life. **** Amen, mi get the bwoy outta mi life. ... God send a new man now, wha yuh want me say, pack up yuh tings and gwaan mi seh, mind ... Amen, brand new one inna mi bed haffi call pon god fi get ...
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold You (Hold Yuh)
Gyal you give me the tightest hole me eva seen in my life. Gyal me wann fi just ... Inna de spare ... Mi want a girl who will take me away ... she say more pon more
You do the things, to the things mi like. Mi never si a ... You bring joy inna mi life [ Verse 1:] ... Mi come inna yo belly so two a wi haffi have a child too. If you no ...
MR. VEGAS LYRICS - Thank You Girl
Lyrics to "Thank You Girl" song by MR. VEGAS: Monday ... I want to say thank you girl. I think I'm in ... Girl with you inna mi life, mi say nothing missing. So fi you ...
Lyrics to "Yuh Love" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Baby, Gyal mi love yuh Mi wah yuh believe mi soh please neva ... Hold mi like yuh really, really, really, really miss me ... We too deep inna love fi dem up press we ... Mi seh you a di love a mi life
Shatta Wale - Kill Dem Wif Prayers Lyrics
Jun 6, 2016 ... ah go come like friends Dem ah go sit and dine with you but dem want fi kill you I have seen nuff things inna mi life mi say So mi no friend non ...
Gyptian - Hold Yuh Lyrics
Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva get inna mi life, oh. Me eye dem ... Mi want a gyal who can take care of me ... She say more pon more and still she groan
I miss you. Not ashamed to say it. Oooooooooh Need you in my life (believe me) Lonely, lonely I-I don't ... Me really, really, want yuh inna mi arm. Girl I'm missing ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - 12pm (Living Good)
Lyrics to "12pm (Living Good)" song by ALKALINE: Wha' you a chat? Level now, level now ... Mi say you fi get it, you actually get the flame. Coulda do this inna ...
DEMARCO LYRICS - Give Thanks For Life
Yeah..A Demarc..oooooOOOO Mek mi tell you dis You can tek mi car you can tek mi house Nuh ave no... ... Nuh ave no money inna mi pocket still step without. But mi ago tell ... Each day mi have mi life its like a holiday. So mi know mi haffi say
Vybz Kartel - Don't Dis Me Lyrics
You fi know sey. u ah mi sunshine. n everyday jah jah bring anuh' sometime Mi ... Street vybz and champagne make we celebrate Mi put mi life inna you hand ...
Man Kind run yo di area But woman name mada nature Mi ah... ... Cah mi want my daughter tah mi wah my son ... Tell mi weh you ago do fi come inna mi life
Vybz Kartel feat. Keshan - Bubble Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Squeeze mi tight and don't let go bubble up ur body fi mi boo mi love it when mi ... dem round mi waist mi love it when you look Inna mi face mi love it when mi wine ... calm Yes ah you satisfy Miss *** Which style yuh prefer your, whey yuh want ... with you Ah you and me, fuh de rest ah my life Anybody ask me, meh say yes ...
Lyrics to "Life Sweet Remix" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Me know say life nice, As bad as him be Me ... I'm just wonderin why you haven't taken my life (my life, my life) Like what the hell am I doin right? ... Pocket empty but a bare shot inna mi nine
Lyrics to "Dreaming Of You" song by BEENIE MAN: Zagga... Zow, Your Not ... I'm Dreaming Of You In My Life, Feeling For You ... Inna Mi Sleep Mi Call Ya Name Cause I Am Dreaming Of You, ... Some A Say It Nah Goin Work But Dem Don't Really Have A Clue, Some A ... Ah You Mi Want Inna Mi Heart So Model Fi Di Betta,
Buju Banton & Beres Hammond - A Little More Time Lyrics ...
Mar 11, 2016 ... I might not show it cause I can't find words to say I try to say I love you, ... more time could you stay inna mi world I want you brighten a mi life ...
Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 ... and mi nuh carry small cock Skin it out mek we fuck inna the yard... ... yuh pussy grip mi cocky like a vice-grip You make me feel like say fi buy ...
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life (This one's for Queens! ... Like a fast bike pon di bike vroom vroom vroom vroom!!! Climb pon di back ...
Tanya Stephens - Its A Pity Lyrics
And me done have a man inna my life. Rude boy it's such a pity. I say it is such a pity you already have your wife ... I would a like one of these mornings to wake up and find ... Well every time mi fantasize me see your lips me see your eyes
Mavado - I Know You Want Me Lyrics
My Baby. Chorus : I know you want me, I see it in your eye. Regular mi touch ah den mi make ya touch ... Hey... you have ah come inna mi life, be mi wife and have mi children ... Yeah, you feel me, cause I wouldn't say it's love if it wasn't really.
Vybz Kartel - Mi Baby Lyrics
... hold mi so tight. Do anything weh yuh please, weh yuh like ... Inna life. Inna death. A you mi say, yuh wah stick a bed (gyal) Anything weh yuh wahh yuh wi get
Lyrics to "I Love My Life" song by DEMARCO: I love my life (I love my life) I love my life (I love my life) I love my life, I love ... So low mi mek mi talk weh mi waan fi talk mi Have nuff mi say ... If yuh nuh like how mi seh, go find the lord ... Neva mek nobody get di best of you. Look pon di person inna di mirror pon di Dresser too
Lyrics to "You Can't Say" song by VYBZ KARTEL: My life is drama Gwan if yuh ... Gwan if yuh waaaah Gwaaaaan But memba seh you can't say m... ... Me bring joy and happiness inna your life ... Me wish you di best ... And a come a mi yard
Lyrics to "Mi Madda" song by KONSHENS: This is for the mothers of the ... This one goes out to all the mothers (and you know) ... Mi madda inna mi life like jah
Beres Hammond Feat. Buju Banton - A Little More Time Lyrics ...
... a lickle more time could you stay in a mi world i want you brighten a mi life a ... up mi place an a step in a hurry and move inna haste so much things to say i ...
Need U Bad lyrics and translation - Jazmine Sullivan
Lyrics and translation for Need U Bad by Jazmine Sullivan. ... I know I need you in my life Boy I need you bad As my heartbeat (Bad like the ... Let's go When you want him So bad And you gotta Get him back Say oh, oh, oh, ... I need you) Me ah Do dis for you Baby Me ah stand here Wit my heart Inna mi hand Yuh no see mi?
Aye notnice Yo pimpin She seh you kno I love you boy Don't you take mi for a clown Cau... ... you seh mi nuh fi believe you. Dats wen mi hear my baby say ... Mi sey mi love you for life [Chorus:] ... You alone mi need inna my world. When you ...
It's a Pity lyrics and translation - Tanya Stephens
It's a pity you already have a wife and me done have a man inna mi life rudeboy it's such a pity I say it is such a pity you already have yuh wife And me have a one man inna mi life rudeboy it is a pity, mm mm mm I woulda like one of these ...
DEMARCO LYRICS - Perseverance
[INTRO:] Demarco! we haffi mek it inna life, that's right ... To persevere, mek self preparations to make it inna life ... Suh say what you want mi do weh mi believe
nicky minaj - Hold You lyrics and translation
Dec 11, 2014 Lyrics and translation for Hold You by nicky minaj. ... ting right around ya Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva seen inna mi life ohhhh ... want a man soon She say no good woman and stil she good Still me want it well good ...
Buju Banton - Make My Day Lyrics
Oct 29, 2013 1: You're the rose in my garden - pretty little flower Guardian angel - fairy ... I don't need another You're the heat in my winter, and the breeze in my ... it seem You bring joy inna mi life, girl, you a mi queen You know my lovin' is ...
Nicki Minaj - Hold Yuh Lyrics
... around ya Gyal you give me tightest hold me eva seen inna mi life ohhhh Me ... cuz she want a man soon She say no good woman and stil she good Still me ...

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