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Quando Rondo - Scarred From Love Lyrics
Ooh, Quando Rondo, nigga, yeah yeah I don't know what I need So when I tell you I love you Girl, I really don't mean it Yeah, I really do mean it Yeah You really touched me to my heart Permanent scars the day I found that you cheated I kept it real with you, girl I guess you was tryna get even I felt like Adam, you my Eve, we're in the Garden ...
Quando Rondo - Depression Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Depression": Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bruh, you too slime Youngin' big blue, but deep inside, ... I done been scarred by your love, so deep inside, my heart still cryin' No, it don't matter how far I look, for some reason, I can't find
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View All. Videos. 8 Things You Didn't Know About Drake Video; Quando Rondo - Who Died (Lyrics) Video Quando Rondo - Who Died (Official Video) Video Quando Rondo - No Hook (Official Video) Video XXXTentacion's Death Leaves Abuse Allegations Unanswered: 'No One Wins' Video Quando Rondo - Scarred From Love (Official Music Video) Video XXXTentacion Attends His Own Funeral in Eerie Music Video Video
Quando Rondo - Depression Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Depression' by Quando Rondo. Woah, woah, woah, woah Hold on bro, you too slime Youngin' big blue, but deep inside, he like a red rose on the beat Bank account on overload, but I'm still broken still ... I done been scarred by your love, so deep inside, my heart still cryin' No, it don't matter how far I look, for some reason, I can't ...
Quando Rondo - No Hook Lyrics
Lyrics to 'No Hook' by Quando Rondo. [Intro] Cash Money AP Q-R-N Turn my mic up, aye Turn my mic up, huh
NoCap - Spaceship Vibes Lyrics
[NoCap & Quando Rondo:] I think about you all day and at night I watch the stars shoot I know love is not a game, but I can't control what my heart do I fucked up so many times, I know you thinking I don't want you I never tell you lies, I'm always giving you the hard truth Remember we was way more than friends, I just wonder, "Would you love ...
Quando Rondo - Rich Homie Quando Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah, QRN 13, I was thuggin' hard, by 14, off the porch 15, I was totin' pistols, by 16, up the road 17, I was writin' raps, goin' hard on every hook By 18 I was in the county, no money on my books Had to realize niggas say they ride but not to the very end Just to get my circle tight I had to cut off all ...
Quando Rondo - Imperfect Flower Lyrics
The music video for "Imperfect Flower" is set at the funeral in honour of Quando Rondo himself. AZLyrics. Q. Quando Rondo Lyrics. mixtape: "From The Neighborhood To The Stage" (2019) Imperfect Flower. In My Section. 4th QTR. Out The Gym. New Ones. Gun Powder. My Yoppa. Dope Boy Dreams. Why We Can't. Emotional Way Of Thinking. Scarred From Love ...
Quando Rondo - Why We Can't Lyrics
I buy you Givenchy, I love when you trippin' When I fell in your puddle, I loved I was slippin' I need all the love 'cause I come from the trenches I never had nothin', I had to go get it I need all your hugs and I need all your kisses Together forever, let's run up these digits She thinkin', "Why he can't?" and I'm thinkin', "Why she can't?"
Quando Rondo - Forever Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Shawty look me in my face And say we gon' be together I told that bitch "stay in her place 'cause forever in never" I put some diamonds 'round your neck, just to make you feel special I'm trying to run me up a check and plus I run with some steppers Gotta keep my head on a swivel Gotta play chess and not checkers Ever since I ...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Permanent Scar Lyrics ...
From the beginning I played my part, I left the game with permanent scars [Quando Rondo:] Got a ganster bitch and she so uncut That she don't even speak English Talkin' 'bout money, you ain't talkin' 'bout nothin' We don't speak the same language Bank account got a large amount, two bad bitches in the Bentley truck
Quando Rondo - Lil Minute Lyrics
And once you in the graveyard, they wanna love you and miss you Just to dry these tears away, I need a box of some tissue This for the ones who ain't got one but ain't did nothin' for me Worst from the worst, fuck a handout, youngin, ain't nothin' for free This for that girl who in the trenches, ain't got nothin' to eat
Quando Rondo Song Lyrics
Scarred From Love Lyrics 2019: No Smoke Lyrics 2019: Ride For Me Lyrics 2018: Letter To My Daughter Lyrics 2020: Perfect Timing Lyrics 2020: Poetic Justice Lyrics ... Real Love Lyrics by Quando Rondo. Kiccin Shit Lyrics by Quando Rondo. Blue Opps Lyrics by Quando Rondo. If so - or if you notice any other song that's missing - be the first to ...
Quando Rondo - My Yoppa Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Tell that boy with all dissin' that that we strapped up with them choppers Everybody got a pistol with extensions, no revolver The neighbors, they don't like me, they found out I fucked they daughter The police know I'm servin', every day, they beat the block up I'm in love with Billie Jean, pure codeine, I sip that Wockhardt
Quando Rondo - 4th QTR Lyrics
No love boy shit, grown man, Tom Ford Your bitch eat dick, got us niggas on the floor That shit they wore, I done already wore It's fourth quarter, I'm down by two First 500 bands, I'ma buy that coupe Got 'em on my drip, tryna see what I do Every time I set a trend, they follow my moves Grind all winter, I'ma shine all summer
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - Nobody Hold Me Lyrics ...
Eh, eh, eh, Quando Rondo nigga, eh I got some shit inside my cup, dirty sprite stick to the ice You said you love me, gave you my heart then you scarred me for life Your loyalty I never doubted, never thought 'bout it twice If lovin' you was wrong then baby I don't wanna be right
Quando Rondo - Go Wrong Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Go Wrong": I ain't gon' lie, I love you girl But sometimes I feel like that You really be on some other shit An...
YoungBoy Never Broke Again - This For The Lyrics ...
[Quando Rondo:] Too many bands in my bank account A lot of blue hunnits, a large amount Got a brick of some dope, put that shit on the boat When it come to the money, we ain't runnin' out No money buried in that Federal Niggas hate but they ain't on my level though I swear that they nowhere compatible Smokin' Gelato and sippin' on medical
Quando Rondo - Other Side Lyrics
Shout out Quando Rondo, he a lil boss And they say I'm super savage, that's the hood fault And I paid you to be cool, that's what love cost Like shout out to the family, know I love y'all [Quando Rondo:] Sauced up on the walk up, I be drippin' (drip) Pockets filled with blue like I'm crippin' (crip) Raw bands, Balmains, True Religion
Quando Rondo - Nita's Grandson Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Nita's Grandson": ... Same street I lost my great grandfather, same street we fell in love Designer sneaks, can't even bribe her, she say, "Keep, I don't want it" I rub her feet when I massage her, all for me, she gon' moan ... scarred by your love, the type of wound
Quando Rondo - Safest Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Ayy, I know the way that I be livin' ain't the safest I been out searchin' for your love for so long, I can't replace it I know you not the same person inside, you two-faced They said you cried, you left him on the road, I can see all the traces I got my back against the rope, I'm feelin' just like Muhammad
Quando Rondo - Out The Gym Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Out The Gym": Ayy, ayy, woah... (Pooh, you a fool for this one...) With the Glock all in his pants He gon' walk ou...
Quando Rondo Lyrics, Music, News and Biography
Quando Rondo top song lyrics, albums and similar artists overview. Find top song lyrics from Quando Rondo
Quando Rondo - Gun Powder Lyrics
Quando Rondo "Gun Powder": I don't know shit about no murder got to keep my mouth closed Just got a brand new Desert Eagle with...
Quando Rondo - In My Section Lyrics
And they claim they showing love but I really don't feel none Before it's all done, they gon' label me as a real one Throwing all them shots like I didn't catch them Put a condom on that dick around that Glock That way I'm well protected Youngest thugging in my section And they gone rock with that Calio for that Smith and Wesson
Quando Rondo - Dope Boy Dreams Lyrics
Quando Rondo, nigga All the real niggas in Heaven, man, I need someone to call on Nowadays these phones tapped, I don't even wanna talk on 'em Down a very long road, these niggas ain't never walked on it My back against the rope, she cut her ties so I could fall on it You wasn't built to hold shit down, that's why you turned your back on me
Remedy - Scarred For Life Lyrics
I was scarred (Scarred for life) My reputation it cuts like a knife I was scarred (Scarred for life) Been knocked around had a hell of a life I was scarred (Scarred for life) I fought my way through the trouble and strife. I fought tooth and nail, every inch of the way I got prove it I was in love for keeps that time
NLE Choppa - Shotta Flow Lyrics
Love all the beef like a southwest Philly, yeah Yeah, love all the beef like a southwest deli, yeah Ayy, bitch, love all the beef like a southwest deli I might just OD, percs killin' me slowly Feelin' like I'm Kobe, can't ner' nigga hol' me If you wanna run up on me, shoot 'em like Ginobili And I'm with the shit lil' homie, yeah, like I'm Toby ...
Quando Rondo - Emotional Way Of Thinking Lyrics
Deeply in love with a bitch, I feel like only with me for the fame I lost my cousin to this shit, plus they got Leeky locked up in them chains Metro police pulled me over, trynna see what color flag I bang Last time I checked, we tote them Tecs, I let that blicky bang (Bop, bop) It's up with me, that's all the time, know I got murder on my mind
Quando Rondo - New Ones Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] Nigga damn near thought about killin' myself 'cause I ain't wanna turn twelve When I was in the water drownin' with them sharks, they was thinkin', "Oh well" High-speed chase, went and got a room with my bitch, thinkin', "Will my ho tell?" Me and Joe Dirt locked in for life like we ain't got no bail
Quando Rondo - Lovers And Friends Lyrics
That time I said I don't love you, girl I ain't really mean it Why would you tell me you love me if you don't really mean it? I got a show out in Texas, I might just [?] Keep it one hundred, I keep it a million When I look in your eyes, I can tell how you feelin' If you see it and want it, you know I'ma spend it Gucci and Fendi, I buy it from Lenox
Quando Rondo - Where I'm From Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] 20, ain't made it college, but that boy got bodies, they charge him with third degree We got a problem in Houston, I'm strapped with a rocket, that boy will not murder me I’m fuckin’ the doctor that serve the narcotics, see I'm on the lean and the Percocet
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Need A Best Friend Lyrics ...
Lil Quee and Quando Rondo) Whoa Kenny [A Boogie wit da Hoodie:] In the jungle with my feet up, lookin' like King Caesar I got my felonies up, I had the wrong demeanor I got sick of fake love, I started sippin' lean up They get scared and turn blood and tell you different reasons And I don't wanna make love with you to beat my meat up
NoCap - Brag Different Lyrics
[Quando Rondo:] The opps know I'm the sickest, I'm so ill with it Last year on codeine, I spent a meal ticket (Skrrt) I might have a son and name him Lil Richie (Yeah) I put two titties on the Glock, not talkin' Wendy Williams (Yeah) Two-door coupe, drop-top, ride through, the opps look 'cause they scared of me
Quando Rondo - Just Keep Going Lyrics
They don't notice all the love I'm showing And I just wanna know why They don't notice that it's hard But I just keep going, I just keep going Submit Corrections. AZLyrics. Q. Quando Rondo Lyrics. album: "QPac" (2020) Blue Opps. Real Love. Double C's. Dripped Out. Nothing Else Matters. Poetic Justice. Marvelous. Expensive Edibles. Collect Calls ...
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