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Hell Within - Self-inflicted Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Self-inflicted Silence' by Hell Within. They can't hear me! / 25 years of my life / In my own prison / Built in my head / 25 years of my life / In my.
HELL WITHIN LYRICS - "Asylum Of The Human Predator" (2005 ...
4. Merchants Of The Blood Trade 5. A World To Murder 6. Selfinflicted Silence 7. Asylum Of The Human Predator 8. Soul Revulsion 9. Swallow The Stitches 10.
Hell Within - Self-Inflicted Silence Lyrics. they can't hear me i've given all of me to see eyes open staring back at me.
THE ETERNAL LYRICS - "Kartika" (2008) album
Silence 2. Without Reason 3. Lost Our Way 4. Self Inflicted 5. Blood 6. A Pale ... Silence. Moments pass (pass, pass, pass) Like a myriad of hours lost to time
EMINEM LYRICS - Low, Down, Dirty
... this bullet hole in my neck? It's self infli... ... It's self inflicted. Doctor slapped my ... Beat your bitches ass while your kids stare in silence. I'm just joking, is Dirty ...
REVELATION LYRICS - "Never Comes Silence" (1992) album
REVELATION lyrics - "Never Comes Silence" (1992) album, including "Never ... Without but a glance at my wretched self ... Driven to our self-inflicted pain
PERSEVERANCE LYRICS - "Silence, Forever; Endless" (2013) album
Where angels fell from skies above. From heights of gilded grace. Towards an Earth of faded hopes. And self-inflicted fates. While blows a gale of discontent
AGE OF SILENCE LYRICS - "Complications: Trilogy Of Intricacy ...
AGE OF SILENCE lyrics - "Complications: Trilogy Of Intricacy" (2005) EP, ... back to the surface – Dependent, dim and drowning in a self-inflicted loss of dignity.
Silent screaming. For our rotting soulds. There is no ... Fear the collective silence. Sever us from times division ... 3, Self-Inflicted Silence. 4, Open Eyes to Open ...
MERCENARY LYRICS - "Metamorphosis" (2011) album
Feel now, the silence filling you. Bleed now, as the needle ... Won't even look at me. Echo the silence, you wash away ... Self inflicted torture. Wrap myself in pain
GRIP INC. LYRICS - "Nemesis" (1997) album
GRIP INC. lyrics - "Nemesis" (1997) album, including "Code Of Silence", "Myth Or Man", "Rusty Nail"... ... Blistering from self inflicted madness. Accusation ...
3, Self-Inflicted Silence. 4, Open Eyes to Open Wounds. 5, Soul Revulsion ... Is a Cold Body. 10, Self-Inflected Silence. 11, A World to Murder · More Albums ...
A soul this bruised could never be whole again. Send someone to heal. These self-inflicted wounds. Cannot fix what is broken. The moments pass so violently
Hidden in Plain View - Self Inflicted lyrics
Apr 5, 2015 Always the victim Another tragedy I am the sacrifice you always make The silence that will never I am the anger The animosity I am the progress ...
Are you dead or alive. Stand up and fight again. Leave behind all your disguise. Come alive. You go down. Darkness surrounds you. In a self-inflicted nightmare
SIX FEET UNDER LYRICS - "Haunted" (1995) album
Silent Violence 3. Lycanthropy 4. ... on one will find you dead. Violent Silence dying you feel yourself slip away your dead body will .... my infection is self inflicted
SOCIETY'S PLAGUE LYRICS - "The Human, The Canvas" (2010 ...
Transcend The Throne 3. Refuge In Silence ... The silence only makes me wonder. If the fate of all. Were in ... Leaving all the self inflicted. Misery exposed for all ...
WIDOW SUNDAY LYRICS - "In These Rusted Veins" (2010) album
... Veins" (2010) album, including "In The Silence", "In The Silence", "Vive Ut Vivas"... ... Silence, praise be the blessed silence .... These self-inflicted wounds
WITHIN Y LYRICS - "Extended Mental Dimentsions" (2004) album
God In Silence 3. ... As the chirping birds dies into silence, forever crying as they falls to the ground ... Put under strict control as this self-inflicted subconcious
CEA SERIN LYRICS - "Where Memories Combine" (2004) album
The End Of Silence 5. Scripted Suffering: ... Beyond the pale of self decay. The widowed will cease to .... In my hour of self inflicted fate. I'll trade my words for a ...
Darkane - Hostile Phantasm Lyrics
A sudden wave of chaos, then momentary silence. Reflections of demons haunting my conscience. It's all a self-inflicted illusion. Humiliation - Never forgotten
MORD'A'STIGMATA LYRICS - "Diagonal Dividing Humanity" (2006 ...
I know what silence is telling, I know, that I shouldn't admire these words... . ... Why are you silence and scream ??? ... I'm the self inflicted, mind detonator. Yeah.
THE ETERNAL SUFFERING LYRICS - "Miasma" (2010) album
Silence... Frozen they stand before me. Awaken by their own screams ... Caressing the silence with their grief memories... Night. ... Miasma self inflicted wound
Cryptik Howling - Scarification lyrics
Aug 31, 2015 ... do fail, cede Silence cease, their voices resound like shattered glass Self ... Suffering is my solace, purification Self inflict scarification, a sigh I grieve ... one of us Self inflict scarification, our temptation Tear your skin by limbs; ...
THUNDRA LYRICS - "Angstens Salt" (2013) album
Silence Welcomed 3. Tired Soul 4. Angstens ... Peeled to the inner core. Thoughts oppressed to inner silence ... In a self-inflicted coma. The rage fuels the battle ...
CALLENISH CIRCLE LYRICS - "[Pitch.Black.Effects]" (2005) album
Black.Effects]" (2005) album, including "Pitch Black", "As You Speak", "Self- Inflicted"... ... Crawling in dark, imprisoned in silence. Climbed the ladder too soon
Hell Within Lyrics
Merchants Of The Blood Trade · Hell Within · Open Eyes To Open Wounds · Hell Within · Redemption....Is a Cold Body · Hell Within · Self-Inflicted Silence
EXTOL LYRICS - "Undeceived" (2000) album
Meadows Of Silence 6. Shelter 7. A Structure Of Souls ... Anger towards the lack of self control. Condemnation .... Self inflicted wounds. Innumerable false steps
INTERVOID LYRICS - "Weaponized" (2014) album
There's Purity In The Silence Only Death Can Bring 9. Ultor 10. ... Self inflicted contusions, Spiralling ... rules self imposed. Safety in silence with ethics disposed
Age of Silence - The Idea of Independence and the Reason Why It`s Austere ... to the surface – Dependent, dim and drowning in a self-inflicted loss of dignity.
DARKANE LYRICS - "Insanity" (2001) album
A sudden wave of chaos, then momentary silence. Reflections of demons haunting my conscience. It's all a self-inflicted illusion. Humiliation - Never forgotten
SOTHIS LYRICS - "De Oppresso Liber" (2008) album
Blind - Inflicted with cryptic visions. Deaf - Muted by ... Blanketed in silence the night bathes our sins, Creatures of ... A ghost of it's formal self, A beacon dying ...
HUNDREDTH LYRICS - "Free" (2015) album
And my self-hatred is justice enough. Set myself free ... Self-inflicted suffering. I just wanna break free ... You lash out while I'm poised and silent. I won't live up to  ...
Lyrics to "Suicide;Stigma" song by THE COLOR MORALE: So much heart, so much time, but not enough. Self-inflicted pain can come and Remain in the fear i.. .
Crowbar - Self Inflicted lyrics
Self Inflicted lyrics by Crowbar: I'll never lose the scars you gave / No longer can I live in peace / I'll carry anguish to the grave.
RAGNAROK LYRICS - "Psychopathology" (2016) album
A sacred woe of silence. The safe-word is die! ... Violence by commission - Inflicting the incision. Unanimous ... Self-inflicting lobotomy. No empathy is left for you
EVERGREY LYRICS - "Torn" (2008) album
Inside this self-created shelter where no one sees .... I'm walking through fields of the fallen alone in silence ... The scars that we wear were not self-inflicted
A-Z Lyrics · C · CHELSEA GRIN Lyrics. "Self Inflicted" (2016). Welcome Back · Four Horsemen · Love Song · Clickbait · Skin Deep · Scratching And Screaming
VILIS LYRICS - "Vilis" (2015) EP
Bringing back the balance as the screams turn into silence. Bringing back the ... Never ending silence. Bodies of ... A self-inflicted fascination. But either way I am  ...
DISMEMBER LYRICS - "Death Metal" (1997) album
10. Ceremonial Comedy 11. Silent Are The Watchers 12. ... selfinflicted fall twisting the future 'round your ... self induced misery you are led astray. The free will ...

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