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T-WAYNE LYRICS - Nasty Freestyle
Lyrics to "Nasty Freestyle" song by T-WAYNE: Ya say Roro, you know I did it right ? Who is Rickey ... It's a shame how I'm barely getting love in the city. Travel to ...
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Life's A Bitch Freestyle
Lyrics to "Life's A Bitch Freestyle" song by FABOLOUS: "Let's keep it real son, count that money know what ... Devil on your shoulder he only tryna' convince ya
LLOYD BANKS LYRICS - Victory Freestyle
Lyrics to "Victory Freestyle" song by LLOYD BANKS: Damn nigga, y'all way up that mothafucka! We see y'all on ... Don't make a ass outta ya'self tryin' to stop me!
MEEK MILL LYRICS - The Get Back (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "The Get Back (Freestyle)" song by MEEK MILL: The money turned me into a monster The money ... It's a shame how they hate on me you gotta feel me
T-Wayne - Nasty Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics for Nasty Freestyle by T-Wayne. ... just in case they wanna sleep on Ya diiiiggg Imma full time playa Hopping out of alligators Sipping lean and now a later ...
WITT LOWRY LYRICS - Common Sense (Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Common Sense (Freestyle)" song by WITT LOWRY: See, we both ... Now it's a shame you too lame to go put you on blast ... If ya gonna diss me, do it
DRAKE LYRICS - Jodeci Freestyle
Lyrics to "Jodeci Freestyle" song by DRAKE: Yeah.. 26 on my third GQ cover ... Feel naked cause I laid out all my glory and my shame. Caught fire just to have ...
MS. JADE LYRICS - Blow Ya Mind (DJ Ren Freestyle)
Lyrics to "Blow Ya Mind (DJ Ren Freestyle)" song by MS. ... Yo yo, drop your glasses, shake ya asses ... Why you tremblin', still sneakin' your cousin, shame
Z-RO LYRICS - Mo City Don..Freestyle
Freestyle" song by Z-RO: Shit, Z-Ro the Crooked, I know y'all Been waiting on this here, yeah shit R.I.P. Big ... Make a nigga wanna blow the badge, off of ya
PLAYBOI CARTI LYRICS - Playboi Fresh Freestyle
Lyrics to "Playboi Fresh Freestyle" song by PLAYBOI CARTI: For matter for matter I sign with it though okay Pills be what you want I got what you don't ... Ya ya ya ya ya ya. Aye carti ya ya. Ya ya aye. For matter for matter (uh) ... Hell ion' shame
Meek Mill - Freestyle lyrics
Lyrics for Freestyle by Meek Mill. ... Regular niggas make regular moves with' ya regular bitch and ya regular crew And you niggas still smoking on regular too?
Meek Mill - Versace (Freestyle) Lyrics
With ya regular bitch and ya regular crew. And you nigga still smokin on regular too? Like word?! What a shame, my nigga. Louboutin blood like Game, my nigga
LeAnn Rimes - Life Goes On Lyrics
Ya shouldn't known better. But ya didn't. And I can't go back. Oh life goes ... Baby, shame on you if you fool me once. Shame on me if you fool me twice. You've ...
Ain't no shame on it, cry about it, fuck that, I'll play. Like no name on it, ... And all them niggas I used to freestyle with, I ate y'all on the corner. Call the coroner ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
She say "Fuck these other niggas they ain't half of ya. Just keep ... Speaking of change it's a shame how these lames dropping them dimes. We aim at your ...
Kid Rock - Freestyle Rhyme Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freestyle Rhyme' by Kid Rock. Kid Rock, i'm ... Cause i don't give a damn what ya label me. I'm still able G, ... It's a shame, but who's to blame. I got a C ...
Kodak Black - Meant For Me Lyrics
Aug 6, 2015 ... plotting on ya for ya chain Next to me thinking how he want my pinky ... ya friends a do ya dirty to man it's a shame ya hoe a do ya dirty have a ...
You still gon talk and that's a got damn shame. But a hoe gon be a hoe and a lame gon be a lame FUCK BOY You never heard me asking niggas for shit
Busta Rhymes - Niggas In Paris Freestyle Lyrics
Niggas In Paris Freestyle lyrics performed by Busta Rhymes: Yeah Yeah Let Me tell ... Shame on you niggas that to blame when you just another lame and ya ...
Shame on me, further repeat, I'm all out of favors. And nothing else can save you.. . Guessin' you missing integrity. Still gotta focus on what's in the head of me
The Dove Shack - Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freestyle' by The Dove Shack. 2 Scoops- ... because I'm doper, doper, see I'm straight broke ya. 2 Scoops- ... this ain't no game hoe, I show no shame
Bow Wow - New York New York Freestyle Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New York New York Freestyle' by Bow Wow. ... [nobody fuckin' wichyou nigga, do ya thang Bow] ... jus' no creativity nah that's a damn shame.
Wu-Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (the Jump Off) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Protect Ya Neck (the Jump Off)' by Wu-Tang Clan. I smoke on the mic like ... Small change, they putting shame in the game. I take aim and blow that ...
Cosmic Shame (Show) Lyrics - Tenacious D
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Cosmic Shame (Show)" from "Tenacious D": So uh If I was gonna just one thing to ya'll tonight, I'd say set the artist free, ... ... (freestyle ) That shit came of the top of my fuckin head ya'll. Off top his head ya'll, why?
Still shame on a nigga, who tried to run game. Get virgin and perversions, ... Production, ya'll niggas guess who stuck son. Left his meth son, switch, finger itch
Apathy - Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle (feat. Rise, Gaston, Wiseguy ...
Mar 14, 2016 Lyrics for Eddie Ill & DL Freestyle (feat. ... Rap 'til I'm a poor man needing Rogane Show no shame, be quick to diss ya Cum in your girls mouth, ...
And all they gots to say is its a shame on the block. I'm hot homeboy, don't ever get ... Ya'll rollin the spreewell but not the authentics. And fuck your fuckin '4 and ...
RZA LYRICS - Do You Hear The Bells?
Word shame on a nza. Who try to run game on a nza. You get broken ... [RZA:] Yo this just a little freestyle for ya'll niggas. Word up, type shit. You could smoke a ...
J. COLE LYRICS - Cole Summer
College on scholarship met 'pac and said "I'm down with ya!" And when they wasn't ... A shame when you learn the ins and outs of the game. Reminisce on little ...
LIL UZI VERT LYRICS - Canadian Goose
Smoked that boy like he is a loosie ya. On the xan hear a ... Lil Uzi ya you know I be smoking that pack. If she gon leave ... You a lame that's a shame [Chorus].
And you can't even get a show. No one cares that your freestyle so rare. But no body care, nobody know. It's easy for them physical favors. Why ya'll just spend ...
Ain't that a shame how they fuck up your name. Tell Promoters you're gonna cut throat 'em now you're missing your change. Who's gonna take the pistol ...
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Back On My Grizzy
... LIL' WAYNE: Bitch im back on my grizzy, Young money where ya at?, Two tables and a mic, Tell the Dj run it. ... Im a fuckin shame huh? yea i know yea i know,
Ace Hood - Money (Freestyle) lyrics
Lyrics for Money (Freestyle) by Ace Hood. uh-um Mr. Hooood I do it, we get it, bitch it's all bout uh wat else, uh ya dig, I do it Ok now money money money you ca... ... dam shame i just slow aim let you eat her good dats my old thang caint forget ...
DJ Clue - Chest To Chest Lyrics
Player fuck around and catch a slug in ya mouth! Verse One: Jadakiss It's a shame he can rhyme nigga loves crime. Every late night he outside with the nine
Church, now I'm missin ya. Eyes burnin everyday, I'm sayin like I'm mase'n ya ... Now Lil Twist erasin ya. Nah I'm just show casin ... No shame. You lame and rap  ...
Damn shame, mane, some things will never change [SZA:] Who you do when you want? Boy think you got this. No one here, on your own. Stuck in the same ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Crooked Officer
Make a nigga wanna blow the badge, off of ya. We been living hard, so it won't be soft for ya. Fiending to see your ... And that's a shame, a nigga can't ride nice
E'rry nigga you see around me. That's the niggas that's with me, unless they in jail or dead or something. Nigga livin' life like fuck all you niggas. Ya feel me?!
Blac Youngsta - Shake Sum Lyrics
Apr 12, 2016 ... work niggas bussing on ya in ya own hood, fuck boy you a no show fuck boy yeen touch back, yeen slide thru & bust back! yeen craig petties, ...

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