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English Beat - Cheated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheated' by English Beat. a valentine from a politician / three pages of your dog's ambitions / the stabbed lover and the furious bunny / stare too
Chris Brown - Him Or Me Lyrics
She cheated, gotta be, I know it, better pick the right one Girl, that shit fucked up I can't believe it, him him him or me? Song Discussions is protected by U.S. Patent 9401941.
Jimmy Cozier - Cheated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheated' by Jimmy Cozier. 'Cause if she cheated on him, she could cheat on you / Don't listen to what she say, watch what she do / She's like a thief
Keyshia Cole - I Should've Cheated Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Should've Cheated' by Keyshia Cole. Baby . . . / (Verse 1:) / First of all let me say / You can't accuse me of all the things / you know that you
Brooks & Dunn - She's Not The Cheatin' Kind Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'She's Not The Cheatin' Kind' by Brooks & Dunn. She's dressed to kill in a dress that he bought her / She wouldn't care if he walked in and caught
Gavin DeGraw - Cheated On Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheated On Me' by Gavin DeGraw. I'm love sick somewhere tonight / I'm love sick somewhere tonight / I don't need writing on the wall / I felt it for
Wyclef Jean - Cheated (To All The Girls) Lyrics
(to all the girls I cheated on before) Salaam Remi collabo, Wyclef Jean, Product, yeah, Queen Pen 9-8 'til infinitee, for all you girls out there I cheated on before
To know I'll never kiss his lips again To know I'll never spend another night Alone with him To know I couldn't win his love Like she did It just don't seem fair I feel cheated I feel cheated My love was meant for only him I feel cheated To have to live a memory To only have him in my dreams I feel cheated I feel cheated.
Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friend of Mine' by Kelly Price. She was a friend of mine, she left with my man / She lied, cheated, took all I had / She was a friend of mine, she
Patsy Cline - There He Goes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There He Goes' by Patsy Cline. Written by Eddie Miller, Durwood Haddock / and W.S. Stevenson / (As released by Patsy Cline 8/1/60) / There he
Lil Uzi Vert - Money Longer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Money Longer' by Lil Uzi Vert. Yah, it do not matter / Turned to a savage, pocket got fatter, she call me daddy / Smokin' that gas, gone off that
Your Betrayal lyrics by Bullet For My Valentine, 6 ...
She probably cheated on him, and it says "you were told to run away" because he told her off and said some crap, to "pay the price for your betrayal" he wants her to pay for what she did. But there is a conflict within him because he still loves her deep down "i was told to stay away.
Field Mob - Cheatin' On We Lyrics
(Tasha:) Ooooooh, Smoke I hate you! (hate you hate you hate you hate you) (Chorus: (2x)) When you were cheating on me I was cheating on you We both was cheating on we
Wyclef Jean - Cheated (To All The Girls) lyrics ...
Cheated (To All The Girls) lyrics by Wyclef Jean - lyrics explanations and song meanings. Wyclef: / Chickenheads, gobble, gobble / Thugs in the dance, no. No new notifications View all notifications Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions. ... · Start Again Lyrics OneRepublic · ...
Linda Ronstadt - When Will I Be Loved? Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When Will I Be Loved?' by Linda Ronstadt. I've been cheated / Been mistreated / When will I be loved / I've been pushed down / I've been pushed
Billy - I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love (1978) Lyrics
Billy/ Miscellaneous/ I Cheated On A Good Woman's Love (1978)/ Gather around I’m gonna tell a story/ That I hope will teach a lesson to you all/ I’ll lay it out so there won’t be a doubt/ How I brought my kingdom to its fall/ Cause I’ve cheated on a good woman’s love/ I didn’t know ...
Elton John - Thunder In The Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thunder In The Night' by Elton John. Ain't no loving tonight / My woman says she ain't my woman / I sure put up a fight / To keep it right / I used a
Kelly Price - Friend Of Mine (remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Friend Of Mine (remix)' by Kelly Price. She was a friend of mine, she left with my man / She lied, cheated, took all I had / She was a friend of
Yeah, let's do it again but, uh This time, uh Let's go full psycho Yeah, I just want to drink tequila with my friends She said she cheated . Lyrics. Popular Song Lyrics. Billboard Hot 100. Upcoming Lyrics. Recently Added. Top Lyrics of 2011. Top Lyrics of 2010. Top Lyrics of 2009.
Humble Gods - Lied And Cheated lyrics
Lied and cheated on me again Lied and cheated Cheat and lie Lied and cheated on me again What a shock Got a call Your best friend she told me all The different ways you spent your days I'll never trust your cheating ways Nothing's new you're still going down Spreading your legs all over town
All Time Low - That Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That Girl' by All Time Low. What I am supposed to do, uh oh / When she's so damn cold, like twenty below? / That girl, that girl, she's such a btch /
Hope She Cheats On You Lyrics - Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hope She Cheats on You' by Marsha Ambrosius. Ooooh Ooooh / Ooooh Ooooh / Oh Oh / I hope she cheat on you with a basketball player / Hope that she Kim
DAX - Cash Me Outside Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cash Me Outside' by DAX: Cash her outside how bout dah? Do she Really wanna fight? Nah das wack So wat she finna do? Just talk smack Take the whole
Hell Yes I Cheated lyrics by Mel Street - original song ...
Hell yes I cheated Hell yes I cheated Even though it was wrong But she gave me something I'd been missing at home You know I still love you But I can't pretend
Skeeter Davis - Set Him Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Set Him Free' by Skeeter Davis. Set him free, set him free / For I love him, you see / Order in the court / Do you swear to tell the truth / The
YG - Left Right Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Left Right' by YG. Okay, okay, okay. Told her bust it open she said okay. / But what she wearin? Chanel & Dolce. / How she want it? Beat up like O.J.
Green Day - Long View Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Long View' by Green Day. I sit around and watch the tube, but nothing's on / I change the channels for an hour or two / Twiddle my thumbs just for a
Bobby Caldwell - I Give In Lyrics
I once had a love that I don't talk about She cheated on me and broke my heart And that's why I've resisted your kiss for so long But you're wearing me down and I can't go on
Moe Bandy - She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin ...
Lyrics to 'She's Not Really Cheatin' (She's Just Gettin' Even)' by Moe Bandy. Not a hair out of place / Then she makes up her face / Then she makes up a lie /
Alan Jackson - Who's Cheatin' Who Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Who's Cheatin' Who' by Alan Jackson. Everywhere you look / You can write a book / On the trouble of a woman and a man / But you can not impose / You
Barbara Fairchild - Cheatin' Is Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheatin' Is' by Barbara Fairchild. Cheatin' is a thing that starts when you bring / Two lonely people face to face with a brand new kiss / She blames
Phora - Never Again Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never Again' by Phora. Kiss the the tattoos on my neck / whisper in my ear / tell me all the things i wanna hear / the scent of your perfume is ... Phora - Never Again Lyrics Phora. Edit lyrics Print Lyrics What does this song mean to you? Show All ({{discussionTotal}}) ... cux your momma left your daddy when he cheated on her, she ...
Carl Smith - There She Goes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'There She Goes' by Carl Smith. There she goes, she's walking away / Each step she takes, brings the heartaches my way / He won her heart, I lost her
Kay B - Cheaters Dillema Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cheaters Dillema' by Kay B. I need to know girl where do we go from here / Now that it's all up in the atmosphere / I found out that you cheated on
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