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Chris Brown - She Goin' Up Lyrics
Goin' up, yeah, I'm pourin' up She took too much, now she throwin' up Came out the top and I'm blazin' Worldwide, nigga, it's amazin' [Hook] [Chris Brown:] Screamin' loud, they gon' call the popos on us She putting shit up her nose, she in love with the coco Dámelo that ass goin' loco And I ain't gon' interrupt her dancin' Cause she turnin' up ...
Stylo G - X5 Lyrics
She back it off Pon di left side, fi di best ride She give me di best vibez in di x5 Push seat up, feet up Work it and get it beat up She back it off Pon di left side, fi di best ride She give me di best vibez in di x5 Push seat up, feet up Work it and get it beat up Come position right, do anything dat you like Sit back, relax, I will drive
Mr. Vegas - Go Up Lyrics
pure hotty hotty gal itch up pon mi side all funny bwoy affi gu run and gu hide caan cum bout yah wid nuh wrong ride come pon di ends yu and di machine collide any time yu si wi bwoy yu better walk wide yu nuh si a wi and di gal dem a slide yu nuh si a by God law wi abide [Chorus] [Verse 2:] mi waan fi hear all di rude bwoys dem now
Vybz Kartel - Wine Yuh Body Lyrics
She muss get hype Come cock up pon it Yeeaah... [Chorus:] Gyal come and whine yuh body Whine like yuh wah somebody Gyal when yuh whine yuh body Eveybody just freeze (yeeaah) My girl yuh know seh me wah yuh And me know seh yuh wah me Gyal yuh get me horny When yuh whine up yuh body
Sean Paul & Major Lazer - Tip Pon It Lyrics
She ah throw it back Thursday Instagram picture Mi love all your whining, bubble gyal When you go pon your toe and tip pon it Body look tight and right, gyal When you cream, drop the ting and drip on it Treat me like a opponent, opponent Pon di desktop then you double pic on it Mi love you, boom fix pon it Do all kind tricks pon it Wine gyal ...
Teejay - Big Drip Lyrics
Lift up my lights So much sacrifice And I hear a voice keep saying Angels cover me Angels cover me Big drip, mi call e big drip Versace it fit Burgundy drip quick Mi dawg dem run off e district Mi call e rich-rich Di cash deh flip-flip Yuh gyal ah come ah mi yard fi kiss dick She put on di lipstick She wan' di stiff stick Mek mi money talk, suh ...
Sean Paul - Back It Up Lyrics
Since a you a rebel from di first time mi spot it up Go-go you a whine pon time you a cock it From you hear leftside drumline you attack it(yep) Inna di studio she deh ya tic-toc it up Gold teeth a sing and all a shock it up Di way you ride di riddim like a katana
Mavado - Neva Believe U Lyrics
Me love how she back it up pon me (moore)
Popcaan - Fall In Love Lyrics
Squeeze up yo breast in a any land Me no care if ah silicone gyal [Chorus] She tell mi she love eat banana Mi water the soil like the farmer Tek her pon a date go a Ghana Mi and her a watch money talks pon the plasma She tell mi she love givin head enuh And shi no love fuck pon the bed enuh (Yow) Mi waan put a son in yo Mi nah gi yo bun enuh ...
Popcaan - Love Yuh Bad Lyrics
She bawl and grab up my back She tell mi mi dread And mi nuh carry locs She wine pon mi body til me relax Nine months times Thanksgiving drop Pretty little baby she giving me snaps Ring pon yuh finger A diamond dat Di love nuh stop Baby Yuh a di gyal weh mi want Pay fi yuh visa Make yuh fly out regular Baby Cock up yuh bumper Sit down pon it ...
Teejay - My Type Lyrics
If you ask her 'bout G, she a go tell you 'bout me Alright She cock up gi' me fi me slap it up from back Me mash up the pussy, if you stand up you going drop Bet you say me fuck you, mek you haffi come back Bet you tell your friend dem a the god that Act and a me mek you mash up the mattress Pussy under fire like when it deh 'pon trash
Sean Paul - She Call Me Lyrics
Say she waan work 'pon a new kind of level Cah the boy weh she got mek her feel miserable Never turn on the fire fi the kettle start pebble Never turn it on, so it is inevitable Say she a go waan something more incredible Turn up the base and turn up the treble Quarter past eleven She call me In times she need a break, she want her body ...
Vybz Kartel - Great Lyrics
Yea yuh mek da fuck ya tun up She love di dick, she love di dick Skin it out mek mi rub it pon you clit Try push it in, it too tight Mi shoulda bring a baby oil go pon di trip Pussy get wet, slide in just di tip Set yuh pon yuh belly mi a ride wid di whip Like Dane Nelson, siddung inna saddle Twelve furlong mi a go get di victory
Billy Squier - She Goes Down Lyrics
She goes down--she'll never give it up Cause she makes you...she go down Say she'll take you ...she go down She acts out all your dreams--she'll be your fantasy You're a schoolboy in her arms and she'll teach you She got the love that comes in colors She got a touch that's hard to find She got the gun--she's got the power
Crowded House - She Goes On Lyrics
Right where she'll always be The door is always open This is the place that I loved her And these are the friends that she had Long may the mountain ring To the sound of her laughter And she goes on and on In her soft wind I will whisper In her warm sun I will glisten 'Till we see her once again In a world without end We owe it all to Frank Sinatra
Popcaan - Up Forever Lyrics
Me no go a dance and green Gyal dem say me sweet like a chocolate cream Giuseppe and the Clarks dem clean Gyal draws a drop when the boss roll in She say, "Wha' make you clean so, Pop's?" Cologne a sting like wasp She waan, gi' me the thing 'pon spot Range a black 'pon black Unruly thing up forever, up forever Unruly thing up forever, up forever
Demarco - No Wahala Lyrics
Whine up, whine up 'pon me Anywhere you go, you pass a go slow Will you marry me? She tell me, "Na so!" Let me tell you girl, I no be waan you (yeah?!) African girl, just whine and go low Bend over gyal, then tip 'pon your toe Sexy, big bumper gyal, me stuck 'pon your flow Gyal come whine up 'pon Demarco! You done know! You go be my number one ...
Stalk Ashley x Alkaline - Incognito Lyrics
Look pon her face, look how she light up like di car light Wine pon it, uh Gyal, yuh property mi refuge Open up, mi a go in deh And nobody nah fi know seh gyal you a gimme da ting deh Baby, I just really wanna give you enough Baby, mi nuh really wan nobody fi love Give me sex till mi legs give out When mi give yah di work Mek we go incognito Oh ...
Stefflon Don - Can't Let You Go Lyrics
And I can't let you go, you go, can't let you go (Love, I need your love) When I feel you below, below, feel you below (Love, I need your love) Boy, you know you cah waste time You give me the wickedest whine Yeah, mi love yuh long, long time (Yeah, mi love yuh long, long time) Bentley be di moto joko You fi mek mi siding pon it ya photo
Vybz Kartel - Wine Pon Me Lyrics
Cock up pon a chair Clean draws ah di laws Tek it off if it tear Wine pon a man Giddy up, giddy up Wine, wine pon a man Go, go leff di beer Show breast, no brassaire Arm clean nuh ras hair Woman is a [?] Every gyal ah disappear If yuh hot gyal pull yuh blouse up Electric, it hit yuh, go grouns' up If yuh still hot pull yuh skirt up Coodeh! Bear ...
Mozzy - Take It Up With God Lyrics
She just started crying, she cried and she cried If you could only see the pain in her eyes Cause he ain't comin' back You gotta take it up with God I hugged my nigga momma when he died She just started crying, she cried and she cried If you could only see the pain in her eyes Cause he ain't comin' back You gotta take it up with God [Celly Ru:]
Aidonia - I Like Her Lyrics
Wine up to di melody (ga long gyal!) Magnum me drink a nuh Chubby (ga long gyal!) Yow evil! Pink Lane! A we seh daggerin fi di gyal dem Any gyal nah wine pon me right just push har off [Verse 1:] Gyal brace pon me (yeah) Mek I mek yuh feel it Den jump up pon me Mek I mek yuh feel it! Den sit down pon it Mek I mek yuh feel it! Den rub up pon me
Aidonia - Cyan Done Lyrics
She bubble off when buddy hakkle up Foot pon dresser, mi cologne bottle bruk She know seh mi need har Beg mi fi breed har Ah good ting seh mi did wrap it up She saddle up like she do jockey work Di wine weh she wine dat mek mi cracky nut Early morning she wah go ah work Fuck mi waan so Mi nuh mek she pull di stocking up Tell har seh fi put dung ...
DeeWunn & Leo Justi - Back It Up, Drop It Lyrics
Jus A Back It Up... Hottie Hottie Jus A Back It Up Drop it Back It Up Drop it Katty Set Good And She Know Say She Got It Back It Up Drop it Back It Up Drop it She No Really Care If U Think Say She Ratchet Back It Up Drop it Back It Up Drop it Cotch It Deso And She A Tell Mi Say Fi Slap It Drop it Drop it Drop it Drop it Put It Pon Repeat Don't Stop It Sit Down Pon The Spot You Fi Mek It Hot ...
Aidonia - Wine Up U Body (Pon Me) Lyrics
Up inna your belly cocky gone up She bubble 'pon the cocky, mek it tuffer than a walnut She deh deh and a charge up, fi me, man a warm up She calm up, 'memba she say the tall up in her buss (yeah) When me shoob the charge up in her But her knee 'pon the carpet a scar up, a mark up Good pussy you have and a that alone me waan tuck (Fatter pussy ...
Vybz Kartel - Beg You A Fuck Lyrics
Browning say she never see a body dat black Girl, so u skin out so me ah go push it inna Cock it up pon d dresser let me push it inna Mash it down pon d ground let me push it inna Gyal your pussy never dutty gyal your pussy clean up So u skin out so me ah go push it inna U ever fuck inna d club mke me push it inna If ah me body u love mke me ...
Aidonia - Sweat Up Yuh Body Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweat Up Yuh Body' by Aidonia. ah di good pussy gyal dem time wiineeee she's just that girl, girl Mi waan you wine. wine pon di dick head, punaany tight full of grippin. When yuh wine fi mi di wine me get wicked. yuh bumper fi di-dig bike a nuh stick head.
Feder - That Girl Lyrics
Salute me if you see me drive pon road Drop it down, dip low, I see you go Walkin' with your guy, yeah, young CEO ... Not just somebody, she light up your party That girl, she know what she want Make her own dollar, she don't need a man That girl, that girl in the sun She wine up her waist like rum-pum-pum-pum She wears, wears diamonds with the ...
Mavado - She Beat Him Lyrics
Once again she beat him Him go out with him friends and affi sneak in ... How gyal Fi a tell me Seh me cya go party with friends After we Ground god and gully god have 20 gyal pon one ends Di worthless bwoy make di gyal kick him And bax him and call him with frendz Later on him seh baby mi love you And a man pick her up inna a Benz As a gallis ...
Elephant Man - Whine Up Song Lyrics
Gyal a whine up like a carnival time Go pon the dance floor, dance there And show dem gyal yah say, you whine real So, be careful how you step 'cause her whining a bomb, she come in like a mine field Gyal! Gimme the whine, the whine Buss the whine, the whine
Aidonia - Dats Up Watz Up Lyrics
Dat's up - dat's up Use mi hand & rub dung yuh navel ring flat back Condem pack now Gyal cock dat up Wi nah stop fuk Rev har like a mack truck [Verse 1:] Gunshot mi fi mek and Di panty drop Like wen mi tell har tek ah seat And she sat Right pon di cocky like she deh Pon a donkey back Mi nuh wear gyal pon mi head Like Yankee hat Tippitty - tamp ...
Big Sean - She Lyrics
She gon' have it She gon' keep it She said she gon' have it She gon' keep it She gon' have it Aww shit there go our little secret [Verse 1: Big Sean] It was all good just a week ago Worst problem that I had was that my speakers blown In my whip, fuck it I got me a job I feel rich I ain't gotta sell weed I'm legit Shit I seen her pull up in a ...
Sarz feat. DJ Tunez & Flash - Get Up Lyrics
Sarz Pon The Beat Yeah No Wahala Omalicha baby o i You and your friends sit down you want to get high 20 Bottles of Star You see me come dey form superstar uhh hun I remember I dey check you when you been dey tell me no Shey now because I no getii money I no getii doe, Getii Doe oo Nowadays when you dey see me, girl, hello Until you see the kind of people I dey roll, Dey roll They way she get ...
Dexta Daps - 7Eleven Lyrics
All when dem say six man go deh Guess who mek seven Gyal your body still feel right Me feel like me deh in heaven Yeaahhh Me no know who she gi' it to But me hear say she gi' it weh Natalie say He say, she say, she gi' it weh Ooh, ooh, oh Watch her face too now That she waan hear to enuh Me haffi be eleven Me never ask dem fi watch your body
Alkaline - Nice & Easy Lyrics
She a whine pon the don, climb pon the john Turn backway dat a the right position Go so bam and slide weh the thong She gi' me the pussy anywhere, anywhere She a whine pon it long, whine pon the song Take your little time because the night ago long Gyal you nuh business and me like how you tan She gi' me the pussy anywhere, anywhere
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