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Wilbur Soot - Your New Boyfriend Lyrics
I've thought about what he looks like nude I'm not gay, though 'Cause she's living the dream (Living the dream, living the dream) Oh, she's living the dream From back when we were 17 She's living the dream (Living the dream, living the dream) Oh, she's living the dream From back when we were 17 How on Earth could I be saved?
Taylor Swift - no body, no crime Lyrics
Taylor Swift told about working with HAIM on "No Body, No Crime" during a YouTube chat before the premiere of the "Willow" music video, "The Haim sisters have been my best friends for years and we've played together so many times but this is the first time we've done a song together. I wrote 'No Body, No Crime' by myself. It was inspired by my obsession with true crime podcasts/documentaries ...
Taylor Swift - Better Than Revenge Lyrics
She's not a saint And she's not what you think She's an actress She's better known For the things that she does On the mattress Soon she's gonna find Stealing other people's toys On the playground won't make you many friends She should keep in mind She should keep in mind There is nothing I do better than revenge I'm just another thing for you ...
eli. - i thought about taking my life last night Lyrics ...
That I thought about taking my life last night But don't let my momma find out Tell her she don't have a thing to worry about I don't need her wild with doubt I know she'll think I'm selfish, I'm not selfish- I'm just all by myself I'm not selfish, I'm just trying to find Answers to my questions and peace of mind
Chloe x Halle - Wonder What She Thinks Of Me Lyrics ...
I wonder what she thinks of me when you're coming home I know that she smells my perfume under your cologne I wonder what she thinks of me when you stay awake After you make love to her, but I'm still on your brain I'm not the jealous type, not like the other guys I wish you all the best, I'll help you pick her dress
Lil Uzi Vert - Bigger Than Life Lyrics
Not playin', oh-oh (One, two) Let's go (One, two, three) Alright now (Yeah) I done made so many millions Ain't nothin' to think about And she fuck with me because I am the one That still come back even though I made it out (Yeah) I thought she was G, when I put in my dick She was screamin', she said, "Come on, take it out"
Ariana Grande - thank u, next Lyrics
She taught me love (Love) She taught me patience (Patience) How she handles pain (Pain) That shit's amazing (Yeah, she's amazing) I've loved and I've lost (Yeah, yeah) But that's not what I see (Yeah, yeah) 'Cause look what I've found (Yeah, yeah) Ain't no need for searching, and for that, I say Thank you, next (Thank you, next)
King Von - Crazy Story Lyrics
Now she walk up, she struttin' her stuff, this bitch thick as fuck Got in the truck, kissed him on his lip, he cuffin' her butt Now I sneak up crouching like a tiger, like Snoop off The Wire Block on fire, so I take precaution, mask on, Michael Myers I'm on his ass, he finna be mad, he gon' beat her ass
Jade Bird - What Am I Here For Lyrics
You know she was in-between Something out of heaven and a holy dream Is it any wonder I cry? Is it any wonder I cry? 'Cause I thought he was so much more I thought you wanted what I want So completely I did fall If I'm not here to love you, what am I here for?
Puddle Of Mudd - She Hates Me Lyrics
Met a girl, thought she was grand fell in love, found out first hand went well for a week or two then it all came unglued In a trap, trip I can't grip never thought I'd be the one who'd slip then I started to realize I was living one big lie She fucking hates me trust she fucking hates me la la la love I tried too hard and she tore my feelings ...
Arctic Monkeys - Cornerstone Lyrics
When I saw that she was on her own I thought she might understand She was close, well you couldn't get much closer She said, "I'm really not supposed to, but, yes, you can call me anything you want" Submit Corrections. Thanks to Amala, Andrea for correcting these lyrics.
Shawn Mendes - Like This Lyrics
Thought I was strong enough for you But I just can't hide the truth So I guess I'm going down I guess I'm going down Like this And I love it how she's honest You don't find that nowadays She's not even drop dead gorgeous But she kills me anyway I can try to stop it, all I like Hands down, I've lost this fight Thought I was strong enough for you
Reba McEntire - Is There Life Out There Lyrics
She thought she was ready Now she's not so sure She thought she'd done some living But now she's just wonderin' What she's living for Now she's feeling that there's something more Is there life out there So much she hasn't done Is there life beyond Her family and her home She's done what she should Should she do what she dares She doesn't want ...
Moneybagg Yo & Blac Youngsta - Said Sum Lyrics
Huh? (What she say?) Ah, I thought a pussy hoe said sum (Ah) How it go when I'm talkin, you listen (Just listen) Cut her off 'cause she spoke on the business (Go) Hunnids and fifties, can't swap a dime for a penny You know that's a stupid decision (Yup) Head first wit it, I shot a shot at my nigga bitch, really didn't think before I did it (Nope)
Trey Songz - Already Taken Lyrics
Every night in the club tricking with a different girl thought I'd never fall in love (what what) Then I met you (what what) Girl you changed my mind One look And just one touch And I knew she was the girl for me Like no other I had seen They say I am tripping But I know what I want This girl here is different She got something that they don't ...
Bloodhound Gang - Three Point One Four Lyrics
My mistake she was more flaky than a leper colony, I think a wooden clothespin would have been much better company, Ass like a donkey acting funky gave her "L" now she's a flunky, So my love for her died quicker than a batch of Sea Monkeys, Early bird gets the worm spread your legs or spread the word, So what if I'm not the smartest peanut in ...
George Jones - She Thinks I Still Care Lyrics
She thinks I still care Just because I haunt the same old places Where the memory of her lingers everywhere Just because I'm not the happy guy I used to be She thinks I still care But if she's happy thinking I still need her Then let that silly notion bring her cheer Oh, how could she ever be so foolish? Oh, where would she get such an idea?
Migos - Say Sum Lyrics
I thought I'd say sum, oh I thought I'd say sum yo I thought I'd say sum, girl you standing right there looking so I thought I'd say sum, girl you standing right there looking so I thought I'd say sum Girl standing right there you looking so amazing [Verse 1 - Quavo:] She 5'5, her hair go down to her ass I can't lie, she fucking with me and cash
Kanye West - Devil In A New Dress Lyrics
Make brash decisions, oh, she do it What happened to religion? Oh, she lose it She putting on her makeup, she casually allure Text message break-ups, the casualty of tour How she gon' wake up and not love me no more? I thought I was the asshole, I guess it's rubbin' off Hood phenomenon, the LeBron of rhyme Hard to be humble when you stunting on ...
The Beatles - She Came In Through The Bathroom Window ...
But now she sucks her thumb and wanders By the banks of her own lagoon. Didn't anybody tell her? Didn't anybody see? Sunday's on the phone to Monday Tuesday's on the phone to me. She said she'd always been a dancer She worked at 15 clubs a day And though she thought I knew the answer Well I knew what I could not say
The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen Lyrics
She was touchin' her face I won't be held responsible She fell in love in the first place For the life of me I can not remember What made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise For the life of me I can not believe we'd ever die For these sins We were merely freshmen My best friend took a week's vacation to forget her
Bryan Adams - This Time Lyrics
I've thought of every word I'd say Give or take a few But she turns and slowly walks away What do I have to do Hey - turn up your radio Oh - there's somethin' I want you to know This time everything is alright No way she's gonna get away This time everything is easy Any day - I'm gonna make her mine Well it's hard to take cause she's miles away
Hum - Stars Lyrics
She's not at work, she's not at school, she's not in bed, I think I finally broke her I bring her home everything I want, and nothing that she needs I thought she'd be there holding daisies, she always waits for me She thinks she missed the train to Mars, she's out back counting stars I found her out back sitting naked looking up and looking dead
Masego - Navajo Lyrics
She picks up another obstacle She was my heart I don't know the tribe or the fall But by default she don't think of me I thought she was an Indian (navajo) Now she's slangin' thangs like a simian (now I know) All my life I wanted me an Indian (there she goes) Ooo girl lemme in In the street With a wedding ring And she hit the bar City babe, are ...
Tate McRae - Hundred Thoughts Lyrics
probarly not. she walks down the halls with her head down low scared to his eyes even when she hears his voice she swarmed with butterflies. its impossible to get u off my mind i think about a hundred thoughts and u are ninety nine i've understood that you'll never be mine and thats fine im just breaking inside. Related.
Sara Groves - What I Thought I Wanted Lyrics
What I thought I wanted, what I got instead Leaves me broken and somehow peaceful I keep wanting you to be fair But that’s not what you said I want certain answers to these prayers But that’s not what you said When I get to heaven I’m gonna go find Job I want to ask a few hard questions, I want to know what he knows
Madness - My Girl Lyrics
I thought we'd got it straight We talked and talked until it was light I thought we'd agreed I thought we'd talked it out Now when I try to speak She says that I don't care She says I'm unaware And now she says I'm weak
Disturbed - The Game Lyrics
Do you think that we could play another game? Maybe I can win this time? I kind of like the misery you put me through. Darling, you can trust me completely. ... Is she not right?! Is she insane?! Will she now run for her life now that she LIED TO ME! The little bitch, she went and she told A LIE! Now she will never tell another.
Eminem - She Loves Me Lyrics
'Cause she loves me (She loves me), she loves me not For who I am (She loves me), but what I got But she loves me, she loves me not (Aha) She loves me (Ayo, lemme do this bridge right quick) She pulls me close and whispers to me, oh-oh Lies in my ear, but that's all I wanna hear That's okay, long as we both know this is all it is, woah
Black Thought - We Could Be Good (United) Lyrics ...
Am I not a man, or another man, yeah Just thought I'd be, yeah All we can be No one can always be kissin' under the mistletoe Eventually you'll be sendin' each other missiles and wonderin' just where this will go Even considerin' splittin', but neither one of you wanna make it official, though That pressure build in the kettle until the whistle ...
Lil Dicky - Pillow Talking Lyrics
She like ("I'm not opposed to us hunting But now we not trackin' them down We just breed them to eat That's disgusting You should honestly read on the subject") "Alright, hold up Just because we're not running around with a bow and arrow Doesn't mean we're not hunting these chickens We just set the place to do our hunting intelligently enough
Luke Combs - When It Rains It Pours Lyrics
What I thought was gonna be the death of me was my saving grace It's got me thinking that her leaving is the only logical reason That I got the last spot in the Hooter's parking lot And the waitress left her number on my check with a heart She picked up on the first ring when I gave her a call And I only spent five bucks at the Moose Club Raffle
MoneyBagg Yo - SAID SUM Lyrics
Huh? (What she say?) Ah, I thought a pussy hoe said somethin' (Ah) How it go when I'm talkin, you listen (Just listen) Cut her off 'cause she spoke on the business (Go) I thought a nigga who watch what I do but he can't get his bitch back said somethin' (Tuh) Is it true that he postin' another nigga money prolly, I don't put that past him ...
The Aces - Thought Of You Lyrics
Know she's waiting for me So I'll hang on Hang on Hang onto the thought of you So I'll hang on Hang on Hang on 'til I find you And your love Your sweet love Your sweet love Your sweet love Your sweet love Your sweet love So what's she like, how she taste Where she from? Gotta be kind and patient And loyal Gotta heal me when I'm Feeling toiled I ...
Sun Kil Moon - William McGirt Lyrics
I thought I might provoke a negative reaction, she does all the driving and we've been taking a lot of trips to Walmart and places like that But she was up for it Being around the house on a spring day is nice, but it's more or less been the same routine every day
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