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ACE HOOD LYRICS - Ride (Remix)
Lyrics to "Ride (Remix)" song by ACE HOOD: Even though I'm in the streets, you ... She my lamborghini, I'm her 57, when she hold me I close my eyes and just ...
T.I. LYRICS - Cruisin'
And we were cruisin' in my Lamborghini (cruising in my Lambo) She had on purple ... Look so good in my ride, what she was doin in my ride. Shorty look so ...
KSI LYRICS - Lamborghini
Lyrics to "Lamborghini" song by KSI: Got rocks on my wrist, that shit you can't resist Cash flow greater than the haters hating on my jiz... ... on my jizz. Riding in your face, looking like I found a damn genie ... She goes hard till my head drops
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Wrong In The Right Way
[Verse 2 - Tyga:] Uh, you got that work, that pussy purr. That Lambo driver, she ride it, for sure. My chauffeur know wussup, it's yours, I mean hers, she can concur
KID INK LYRICS - Lamborghini Dreaming
And you love the way I hit your body like a taser. Lamborghini dreamin' how she ride, how she taste it. Lamborghini dreamin' take off in my space ship 1-0-0 on ...
MEEK MILL LYRICS - Dreams & Nightmares
See my dreams unfold, nightmares come true ... Got a shorty, she tryna bless me like I said, "Achoo" ... That Lambo, my new bitch, she'll ride like my ghost
MIGOS LYRICS - Kelly Price
Bentley truck, yeah that's my choice of ride (skr skr) Always keep ... She gon' eat this molly like it's rice (eat it up) ... Treat my Lambo like a Fisher Price, yeah yeah
Cruisin' Lyrics - T.I.
She had on purple panties blue bikinis (yeah yeah) And we were cruisin' in my Lamborghini (yeah yeah) ... Look so good in my ride, she will do it in my ride
I'm lit, lightning, white bitch, she thick. Pulled out in the hood Toyota Drove back to the hood Lambo Crush xans, crush xans in my soda. Riding around the city ...
Ace Hood - Ride Remix Lyrics
Because I ride, or die, girl we going to be good. And if you ride, or die, we going to make it out this hood. [Verse 2 - Rick Ross] She my Lamborghini, I'm her '57
K CAMP LYRICS - Slum Anthem
Lyrics to "Slum Anthem" song by K CAMP: Hey man, you know it's level to the slum shit Shout out to all my slums worldwide Laker biz in the b... ... Ride me like a camel. She get dirty in them camos ... Then pass her off straight to Lambo All my ...
THE GAME LYRICS - Ambitionz Of A Rida
Lyrics to "Ambitionz Of A Rida" song by THE GAME: My ambitionz of a rida-da-da Put her in a YSL and that ... In the Lamborghini smokin on that la-la-la. She got her hair in the wind, eyebrows on fleek ... Yeah, I ride it like rah-rah-rah-rah
Been balling all my life, Lamborghini's, fast whips. She down to ride and. Deserves a boss who down to provide. We run the streets but on G5's, I'm talkin' fly
KERI HILSON LYRICS - Turnin' Me On (Remix)
I got big shit poppin, look how my truck ride ... You can dance she can sing but she need to move it to the. ... And the cops can kiss my lambo lights - I'm gone
Somewhere in here there's a bad bitch that's been on my mind. She tried to talk but I missed it when she hit my line. I know I've ... Wanna ride? Wanna ride?
GUCCI MANE LYRICS - Get Low (Like A Lambo)
Lyrics to "Get Low (Like A Lambo)" song by GUCCI MANE: Ay! ... You my Hilary, but you try an' diss me ... She can be your wifey could say that shorty might be
On the West coast but she say she from the N.O. ... Ridin' in my Lamborghini with the dope man uzi ... You just hangin' out the window ghost ride the clip
TRAVIS SCOTT - beibs In The Trap lyrics
I'm lit, like Nick, white bitch, she thick. Pulled out of the hood Toyota Drove back to the hood Lambo Crushed xans, crushed xans in my soda. Riding around the ...
ASAP MOB LYRICS - Yamborghini High
... I'm… yeah, I'm… Yamborghini-high, Lambo by the crib This is how it is,... ... I ain't with the game, bitch, she blow my cartridge, yeah ... Coolin' in the low ride
Chris Brown - Wrong In The Right Way Lyrics
That Lambo driver, she ride it, for sure. My Chauffeur know what's up, it's yours. I mean hers, she can conquer. Baddest thing on this Earth Let me take my time, ...
CHRIS BROWN - Ransom lyrics
I am taking it easy but they do not believe me is it cause im getting this cash money like weezy riding in my lambo listenin to jeezy I got a Spanish chicka all she ...
Young Jeezy - My President Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My President' by Young Jeezy. Yeah be the realest shit I ... I'm was the first nigga to ride through my hood in a Lamborghini yeah haha. Songwriters
Do you wanna ride, ride, ride in my foreign, in my foreign? Lift the top back all the way, ... Fo' sho' she wanna ride, fo' sho' she wanna slide. Fo' sho' we gettin' sauced, ... How you wanna roll in the Lambo on the road 'Cause you know that Papi ...
MIGOS LYRICS - Freestyle
I'm going far as the stars you're afraid of heights the sky is my limit ... My bitch having swellas, she ride with the nana. She don't ... White Lambo Jennifer Aniston
B.O.B LYRICS - Lambo
Lyrics to "Lambo" song by B.o.B: You ain't never met a nigga like me, my nigga You ain't never seen a bitch ... The way I throw the D, she gon need a massage
AKON LYRICS - Smack That (Remix)
Wanna jump up in my Lamborghini Gallardo ... [Akon] Shorty if you wanna ride you can ride on me. We can ... One night with me now she wanna marry Stat Quo
Showed her how to whip it, now she remixin' for low. She my trap queen, let her hit the bando. We be countin' up, watch ... And I can ride with my baby. I be in the  ...
Soulja Boy - Lamborghini Lyrics
(Chorus) / Lamborghini x 4 / All da girls be like Zoom when I ride past! x2 ... Lamborghini Lyrics. New! ... Bitch sucked my dick and she know that shit circumsized
K SI - Lamborghini lyrics and translation
Mar 25, 2015 Riding in my Lamborghini La Lamborghini, La Lamborghini B*tch I ... that party Told this girl come round she's long tempered but I head top.
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Picture Me Rollin'
Baddest bitch, you know she mine. But you know I don't ... I'm in the blood red Lambo, yeah the what up 5. Got the killers and the bitches that be ready to ride. Cause they ... Rolled my weed up for the night, I'm tryna smoke, aw yeah. See them ...
FUTURE LYRICS - Benz Friendz (Whatchutola)
Conversated with a lady goin' Lambo crazy. Bitch ... Til then, I'mma ride my fuckin' bike, or walk ... She don't wanna stand in my line, she tryna come to the front
Lyrics to "Sloppy Toppy" song by TRAVIS SCOTT: She see me pull up in that ' Rari I'm thinkin' ... I got too much money, son, sorry can't fit in my wallet ... Double Lambo, double parking wherever ... She gone get on top me, ride me like a Harley
[Chorus: 2x] She said iz you iz or iz u ain't. Gon' give me a ride. She said iz that ' chu wit the Lamborghini Iz that yo car parked outside. Yeah that's my car girl
Lyrics to "My President" song by YOUNG JEEZY: Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote I ain't ... My president is black, my Lambo's blue ... Street Dreams Tour, I showed my ass in New Orleans ... She a ain't a politician, honey's a polotician. My ...
Jake Lambo, Jaque Beatz & London Jae) ... With the Mozart ride with the toast, boy you know I got a lot on my (Plate...) ... She can ride a surfboard like a pro still
AKON LYRICS - Holla Holla
If you want we can mix it up, I can set it up she can get it too. We got plenty of drink, ... I know you wanna ride. Cause my lamborghini doors go up and down
FETTY WAP LYRICS - Trap Queen (Remix)
She my trap queen, let her hit the bando. We be counting up, ... Lambo, bomb shell, miss who mix well ... I'm a be the one that will ride or die with ya baby. Yeah  ...
She let a nigga stab it ... Riding in that Lambo, followed by that Bentley ... I'm a fuck her throat dog cause a nigga savage, riding with my young niggas and you ...
B.O.B LYRICS - Tour Bus
Lyrics to "Tour Bus" song by B.o.B: Just me and my brohams Six or seven Lohans ... And since she peanut butter she gon' shake her jelly ... [Jake Lambo:]
JUICY J LYRICS - So Much Money
I got your bitch on a Molly, she ride me like a Ducati If giving head was a college, she would be summa cum laude. She treat my dick like a pistol, I treat her face like a target. I told em ... Lambo didn't come with no key, I push a button to start it

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