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Nightwish - She Is My Sin Lyrics
Lyrics to "She Is My Sin" song by Nightwish: Take heed, dear heart Once apart, she can touch nor me nor you Dressed as one A wolf will betray a l...
Kendrick Lamar - Sherane A.K.A Master Splinter's Daughter ...
Lyrics to "Sherane A.K.A Master Splinter's Daughter" song by Kendrick Lamar: Lord God, I come to you a sinner And I humbly repent for my sins I believe that Jesus is Lord I beli...
Heathers: The Musical Cast - The Me Inside Of Me Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "The Me Inside Of Me" song by Heathers: The Musical Cast: Think. Long and hard. Conjure her up in your mind. What would she say? What is her final statement t...
Type O Negative - Christian Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to "Christian Woman" song by Type O Negative: Forgive her for she knows not what she does A cross upon her bedroom wall - from grace she will fal...
Nightwish - She Is My Sin Lyrics
Lyrics to 'She Is My Sin' by Nightwish. Take heed, dear heart Once apart, she can't touch nor me nor you Dressed as one a wolf will betray a lamb Lead astray the gazers, the razors on your seducing skin
Restless Heart - Dancy's Dream Lyrics
Was when she took his hand [CHORUS] Oh It's been so long, but it's still so strong Every night the devil comes and walks through Dancy's dream She takes him by the hand and leads him back to New Orleans A good man's goin' crazy somewhere in between The hymns on Sunday mornin' and the sins in Dancy's dream Sometimes it's almost like He was never ...
Meek Mill - Issues Lyrics
Lord, forgive me for my sins, used to pray to get a brick Nigga icy like it's hockey, and I'm playin' with them sticks He don't like me, but he gotta respect the fact we gettin' rich Nigga threw a shot and missed me, threw 'em back and he got hit Brrrt, brrrt Went from public housing to a glass house (glass house) Fuckin' famous bitches in my ...
ATTIC LYRICS - "Sanctimonious" (2017) album
All that she had witnessed that day had deeply agitated her. And while she still saw her fellow sister's scalded arms in her mind's eye, a feeling of guilt arose. [Voice:] "You have sinned as well" An affair with a young man from the village led to more than just a broken vow. She knew she was pregnant.
Type O Negative - Christian Woman Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Christian Woman' by Type O Negative. Forgive her for she knows not what she does / A cross upon her bedroom wall / from grace she will fall / an
ZAO LYRICS - "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" (2006) album
album: "The Fear Is What Keeps Us Here" (2006) 1. Cancer Eater 2. Physician Heal Thyself 3. Everything You Love Will Soon Fly Away 4. It's Hard Not To Shake With A Gun In Your Mouth 5. Kingdom Of Thieves 6. Killing Time 'til It's Time To Die 7. There Is No Such Thing As Paranoia 8. Pudgy Young Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes 9.
FAIRYTALE ABUSE LYRICS - "The Spirit Tower" (2004) album
For Stigma has seen your sins - sins she hated more than life A white rose in the sky for the devils whore - it is time to die" Staring at the oracle - her face engulfed in fear Her eyes deeply terrorized - her skin as pale as death Realizing the end to come Demise of Sindarilla the vampire whore
Tom Waits - Dead And Lovely Lyrics
She was a middle class girl She was in over her head She thought she could Stand up in the deep end He had a bullet proof smile He had money to burn She thought she had the moon In her pocket But now she's dead She's so dead forever Dead and lovely now I've always been told to Remember this Don't let a fool kiss you Never marry for love He was ...
Nightwish - She Is My Sin Lyrics
Lead astray the gazers the razors on your seducing skin In the meadow of sinful thoughts every flower's a perfect one To paradise with pleasure haunted haunted by fear A sin for him, desire within, desire within A burning veil for the bride too dear for him A sin for him, desire within, desire within Fall in love with your deep dark sin I am the fallen you are what my sins enclose Lust is not ...
JayDaYoungan - Early Morning Lyrics
Lord forgive me for my sins, prepared for when the storm hit Don't know what I'm going through, one day it all will end They ask what hurt, I say the truth, don't lie I can't pretend Me and you deep in, pussy wet she leaking You told me you freaky, show me you a freak then I walk in my heater tucked, bitch don't make me squeeze it up
Tom Waits - Make It Rain Lyrics
Make it rain, make it rain! The nite's too quiet Stretched out alone I need the whip of thunder And the wind's dark moan I'm not Able, I'm just Cain Open up the heavens Make it rain! I'm close to heaven Crushed at the gate They sharpen their knives On my mistakes What she done, you can't give it a name You gotta make it rain Make it rain, yeah ...
CRADLE OF FILTH LYRICS - "Cryptoriana: The Seductiveness ...
she slid to her feet like a prophet of doom, born to immortal darkness, as mortality slipped away. She was a flame, divine. My gnathic call of duty, irrefutable. Her eyes imparadised me with their wicked shine, A glimpse so achingly beautiful. Now she stirs the night just like the perfect Lorelei, as she spurs the dark horse foaming in my soul.
Panic! At the Disco - Rolling In The Deep Lyrics. There's a fire starting in my heart Reaching a fever pitch and it's bringing me out the dark Finally I can see you crystal clear Go ahead a
Fabolous - Cuffin Season Lyrics
She thinking Philippe, I'm think chipotle I heard bitches commit sin for chipotle Every rapper in a cypher, every player in a huddle You really wanna fuck, but you say you want to cuddle You posing like you balling, but you really in a struggle Your captions be deep, but you shallow as a puddle Turn down for what? [Hook]
The Shins - September Lyrics
Under our softly burning lamps she takes her time Telling stories of our possible lives And love is the ink in the well when her body writes I've been selfish and full of pride And she knows deep down there's a little child But I've got a good side to me as well And it's that she loves in spite of everything else A song in the tree has ...
The Verve Pipe - The Freshmen Lyrics
She was touchin' her face I won't be held responsible She fell in love in the first place For the life of me I can not remember What made us think that we were wise and we'd never compromise For the life of me I can not believe we'd ever die For these sins We were merely freshmen My best friend took a week's vacation to forget her
Barry Manilow - I Write The Songs Lyrics
I write the songs of love and special things I write the songs that make the young girls cry I write the songs, I write the songs My home lies deep within you And I've got my own place in your soul Now when I look out through your eyes I'm young again, even tho' I'm very old I write the songs that make the whole world sing I write the songs of ...
SHOKRAN LYRICS - "Exodus" (2016) album
Go bury yourself as deep as you can Your wisemen were never felt so bad Storm of fear will devour the seed of that sacred land Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Your gods are speechless. Open your eyes! Open your eyes! Your gods are speechless. The Ruler is steeped in his sins But, what can we say? God's wrath is fueled by lies His patience is ...
Mushroomhead - Before I Die Lyrics
"Before I Die" lyrics. Mushroomhead Lyrics "Before I Die" Set Me Free Let Me Be ... In Bloody Meat Don't Give Me Love I Wanna Drowned In Your Deep Divide Tumbleweed Sew The Seed In This Ghost Town You Never Know What You'll See When The Sun Goes Down I Saw Her Last In A Dream ... For All Of My Sins No Not For That For All That I Have Never Had ...
Dr. Dog - Survive Lyrics
She came down to let me in And then left for the light I was creeping through, through the brush and the shadows Man, I was scared for my life But I am saved now Somebody died for my sins And I'm so glad it wasn't me Sometimes love is not such a crazy thing But it can break you Remember, take care of your heart And cry Oh, but somehow we'll ...
Twiztid - Why The Children? Lyrics
"Why The Children?" [Jamie Madrox] Look at my eyes, ... She turned around and her eyes were a deep red Blood stains matted her hair to her fucking head Seeing the sight, I almost began to choke ... Time to right my wrongs and correct my sins Dig up my brother so I can be closer to him
Ice Nine Kills - Thank God It's Friday Lyrics
She raised him right and he'll come out to play When Mother whispers, "Thank God it's Friday" He drowned in all our sins He drowned in our mistakes Fueled by the flood, we pay in blood The curse of Crystal Lake He's down there deep within We've found there's no escape You just scratched the surface Of the curse of Crystal Lake
Orgy - Fiction (Dreams In Digital) Lyrics
intoxicated from the deep sleep, deep sleep do you wonder what it's like living in a permanent imagination? sleeping to escape reality, but you like it like that [Chorus:] guilty by design she's nothing more then fiction. she dreams in digital, cause it's better then nothing. now that control is gone, it seems unreal, she's dreaming in digital.
Jelly Roll - Sunshine After The Rain Lyrics
'Cause she's left when I was eight, she was addicted to drugs I told my friends at school about it but all they did was judge She made her decision, she left me behind She thought she was right but she was out of her mind Almost 11 years old and now it's time for me to know My mama's in and out of jail and she ain't coming home
Eminem - River Lyrics
So she's been on the web lately Says maybe she'll be my Gwen Stacy, to spite her man And I know she's using me to try to play him, I don't care Hi Suzanne, but I shoulda said "Bye Suzanne" After the first night, but tonight I am [Ed Sheeran:] I've been a liar, been a thief Been a lover, been a cheat All my sins need holy water, feel it washing ...
Lil' Wayne - Everything Lyrics
But the shit's steady hurtin, burn deep But it's alright dog, everything gon' be alright dog I know you see my daughter growin up and bad as ever But she cool 'cause she do whatever daddy tell her And your wife, she's still the most wonderful woman I just built her a new house, she ain't runnin from nothin
Fiona Apple - Criminal Lyrics
Just because she can Don't you tell me to deny it I've done wrong and I want to Suffer for my sins I've come to you 'Cause I need Guidance to be true And I just don't know Where I can begin What I need is A good defense 'Cause I'm feelin' Like a criminal And I need To be redeemed To the one I've sinned against Because he's all I ever knew of ...
AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm Lyrics
She got the back seat rhythm (back seat rhythm) The girls got rhythm She's like a lethal brand Too much for any man She gives me first degree She really satisfy me Love me till I'm legless Achin' and sore Enough to stop a freight train Or start the third world war You know I'm losin' sleep But I'm in too deep Like a body needs blood
Kanye West - Famous Lyrics
Lyrics to "Famous" song by Kanye West: Man I can understand how it might be Kinda hard to love a girl like me I don't blame you much for wa...
Shakira - Empire Lyrics
Shake off all of your sins And give them to me Closer, let me back in I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero And my heart beats Like the empires of the world unite We are alive And the stars make love to the universe You're my wildfire every single night We are alive And the stars make love to the universe And you touch me And I'm like and I'm ...
Avenged Sevenfold - Unholy Confessions Lyrics
"I'll try," she said as he walked away "Try not to lose you" Two vibrant hearts could change Nothing tears the being more than deception Unmasked fear "I'll be here waiting" tested and secure Nothing hurts my world Just affects the ones around me When sin's deep in my blood You'll be the one to fall "I wish I could be the one The one who won't ...
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