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MACHINE HEAD LYRICS - "Catharsis" (2018) album
MACHINE HEAD lyrics - "Catharsis" (2018) album, ... He'd make you suck the Glass-Dick, ... The revving engine of the war machine,
Fozzy Lyrics - Storm The Beaches
Lyrics to "Storm The Beaches" song by Fozzy: ... To bring an end to the Nazi war machine ... Troops being slaughtered can't fire a shot
Blood On The Dance Floor Lyrics - Mad Rad Hair
Color chunks rush shock Razor cut jagged ... Texting on my sidekick With extensions so thick You can suck my dick So get ... Wet Dream War Machine Mad Rad Hair ...
SEPTIC FLESH LYRICS - "Titan" (2014) album
SEPTIC FLESH lyrics - "Titan" (2014) album, ... Are sucking the dark oceans dry ... Now you are only human machines
EXODUS LYRICS - "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" (2010) album
album: "Exhibit B: The Human Condition" ... My one decree is shock and awe ... A blood splattered treatise of hate
AXIS OF ADVANCE LYRICS - "The List" (2002) album
AXIS OF ADVANCE lyrics - "The List" (2002) ... War is the cell you must endure forever ... Flesh feeding the military machine Bringing troops to their knees
ONSLAUGHT LYRICS - "Sounds Of Violence" (2011) album
album: "Sounds Of Violence" (2011) 1. ... Embryonic death machine Born for war ... Born for war Raining hate the blood runs red
PURIFIED IN BLOOD LYRICS - "Under Black Skies" (2010) album
PURIFIED IN BLOOD lyrics - "Under Black Skies" (2010) ... Like leaches suck blood drained ... Fill our hearts with war Fill our lungs with blood
VOIVOD LYRICS - "War & Pain" (1984) album
Watch out here comes the troop [Chorus] ... WAR! A command for blood We scream DIE! ... The war machine is not save
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER LYRICS - "Convicted" (1986) album
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER lyrics - "Convicted" (1986) album, ... But you're signing up for war ... By the blood of my hand Thousands of troops,
DUST BOLT LYRICS - "Awake The Riot" (2014) album
DUST BOLT lyrics - "Awake The Riot" (2014) ... Send more troops to win another war ... Send more troops to win another war - braindead constructs Spill more blood to ...
Warbringer - Forgotten Dead lyrics
The trenches awash with blood Gunning down the enemy ... Into oncoming machine gun fire ... because there was troops that were forced to advanced.
IMPALED NAZARENE LYRICS - "Latex Cult" (1996) album
IMPALED NAZARENE lyrics - "Latex Cult" (1996) ... Washing your blood ... Don't you just love that electric shock
EVIL ARMY LYRICS - "Evil Army" (2007) album
EVIL ARMY lyrics - "Evil Army" (2007) album, ... send in some more troops Under command to spill the blood of the innocent ... The war machine will chew 'em up and ...
BEASTMILK LYRICS - "Climax" (2013) album
BEASTMILK lyrics - "Climax" (2013) album, ... as blood buildings boil contimanet flesh machines ... cold war a secret sign
AVENGER OF BLOOD LYRICS - "Complete Annihilation" (2005) album
AVENGER OF BLOOD lyrics - "Complete Annihilation" (2005) ... Certain death by the war machine ... Troops of death consume the world
DECEASED LYRICS - "Fearless Undead Machines" (1997) album
The shock must not stop us, ... For what can stop this deadly war what will bring their end? ... fearless undead machines! 4.
Blood On The Dance Floor - Mad Rad Hair Lyrics. ... You can suck my dick ... Wet Dream War Machine: More Albums: embed Embed.
W.A.S.P. - The Definitive Community for Lyrics and Reviews
First Blood ... Last Cuts. Dominator. ... WASP. 6 Pack of Hits. W.A.S.P. / The Last Command. ... W.A.S.P. gained notoriety for their shock rock themed image, ...
ADRENICIDE LYRICS - "Kill" (2009) album
Welcome to the Suck A soldier, a rebel? Killing machine model ... War...within wars Death machine, ... To the streets! my troops will will prepare For rebel war
AM I BLOOD LYRICS - "Am I Blood" (1997) album
AM I BLOOD lyrics - "Am I Blood" ... Place with war inside of me ... Sucking your pity like hell Disdain, anguish, you have some death
Fozzy - Storm The Beaches lyrics
To bring an end to the Nazi war machine ... Now it flows bright red with the blood of the sons ... Troops being slaughtered can't fire a shot
TOXIC HOLOCAUST LYRICS - "An Overdose Of Death..." (2008 ...
A man made machine built just for war ... An overdose of death... 12. ... Send the troops on the ground and bombers in the sky
OVERDOSE LYRICS - "Circus Of Death" (1992) album
OVERDOSE lyrics - "Circus Of Death" (1992) album, ... Machines remove his souls ... "Till they suck all their blood
LIZZY BORDEN LYRICS - "The Murderess Metal Road Show ...
LIZZY BORDEN lyrics - "The Murderess Metal Road Show" (1986) ... "The Murderess Metal Road Show" ... The laws of war
MANTIC RITUAL LYRICS - "Executioner" (2009) album
MANTIC RITUAL lyrics - "Executioner" (2009) album, ... blood marks an appealing end, ... the shock remains. Lobotomized, ...
MORDRED LYRICS - "In This Life" (1991) album
MORDRED lyrics - "In This Life" (1991) album, ... Ready for war The painted face of disaster ... All these people sucking blood
NOCTURNUS LYRICS - "Thresholds" (1992) album
NOCTURNUS lyrics - "Thresholds" (1992) ... BLOOD STAINED EARTH AND STONE LIE SCATTERED ... Earth and metal machine of war
Fozzy - Storm The Beaches Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Storm the Beaches' by Fozzy. ... To bring an end to the Nazi war machine ... Troops being slaughtered can't fire a shot.
Fozzy - Storm the Beaches Lyrics. I ... To bring an end to the Nazi war machine ... Now it flows bright red with the blood of the sons
ANTHRAX LYRICS - "Spreading The Disease" (1985) album
ANTHRAX lyrics - "Spreading The Disease" (1985) ... Shock, there's no relief ... Endless curse, blood runs cold
ABNORMALITY LYRICS - "Contaminating The Hive Mind" (2012 ...
ABNORMALITY lyrics - "Contaminating The Hive Mind" ... Combine to form a worm to suck you dry for its own enrichment ... Propaganda machines perpetuate the fiction
VOIVOD LYRICS - "Killing Technology" (1987) album
Sucking anything from the ground ... You see the nurse with blood on her clothes ... Turn off the machine that keeps your heart beating
PRO-PAIN LYRICS - "Age Of Tyranny: The Tenth Crusade ...
1. New Reality Enough with the self deprecation We get it, your spineless, we know!! You honor those who are not worthy It's shameless and vile and so...
IN FLAMES LYRICS - "Colony" (1999) album
IN FLAMES lyrics - "Colony" (1999) album, ... Machine, meat and blood In an intimate relationship ... You want to make them suck
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