Si down pon body till it bruk, inna your belly lyrics

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"Inna Yuh Belly". [Chorus:] Hey yo waan supn weh fi hit in a yo belly don't. Nothing like a cheese chicks in a yo belly don't. Mi can give you a likkle tip fi yo belly ...
ALKALINE LYRICS - Only Thing Mi Want
Lyrics to "Only Thing Mi Want" song by ALKALINE: Spice mi a gi yo buddy fi yo buddon now If mi fuck yo, yo pussy ... Mi a go bruk yo buddy head because mi know mi never trouble yo ... Yuh pussy get wet like yo pis yo draws up ... Tell him seh wi just a work pon a fuck song ... Mi sit down and di cockey tan up inna mi so long
Braintear Spookie - Hurt It Up Lyrics
Jan 27, 2016 Baby yuh pussy nuh shame and mi nuh carry small cock Skin it out mek we fuck inna the yard. ... Me caw leave you Cum inna yuh belly caw mi wah breed yuh Whole ... up mi cocky inna yuh pussy and hurt it up Pon di pussy me a expert ... the contract You love fuck Me horny nuh bumboclaat Down inna you ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Whine Pan Di Cocky Gyal
And mi cum inna yuh belly, (y-yeah) Giddy up pon di cocky nuh, (mhmm) Mi slap slapping up yuh ... Me a ram it, you a bruk it, An seh 'Fuck it, Addi fuck it' ... Mi nuh matta, by time mi fi cum yuh fi dun come raedy, again! Mi tun up di fuck now ...
Aidonia - Cyan Done (Raw) lyrics and translation
Jun 30, 2014 Position pon di cocky fi mi lady Cocky gone up inna yuh belly Cocky ... mi love it wen yuh Bruk di buddy and yuh hole feel like it cyan done ... yuh wine up yuhself Get wild pon di bed Fuck till di bed drop Bruk ... Life is What You Make It .... By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree ...
Giddy up, pon di cocky now (mm mm) Mi slap slappin up yuh batty suh (mm mm) Mi love it when mi push it yuh a shove it mi a ram it yuh a bruk it a seh fuck it Addi ... pum clean already so mi dash weh di boots and mi cum inna yuh belly (yeah ...
Bruck Up feat. Get Fr3e - Cry Lyrics
Oct 9, 2016 Cry fi yuh body Mek me see you bus' a wine Tell me, say you love me ... Me sit down like a jockey 'Pon it whole night You a fi me type Belly nuh full o' ... it inna mi love Inna di bed Me a wine an' a wiggle up Cry fi yuh body Mek ...
Lyrics to "Beg You A Fuck" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Dima, me need your vagina Fat pussy girl sum boy don't kno wat me ... Belly flat belly mark up ... Gyal wine up your body and wine to di top ... Mash it down pon d ground let me push it inna
Vybz Kartel - Champagne Bubble Lyrics
Mi nuh imagine yo sit down pon the kawasaki. Cock up yo ... She ah bruk it, bruk it. Belly good a swell already ... Backers you a get, yo pussy fat, yo body stout
Popcaan - She a Gwan Good Lyrics
Mar 20, 2016 Gyal yo body deserve a medal yuh no So cock up pon the bike an pedal yuh no She ride good, shi sit down inna saddle yuh no And if a ball she fi ... bump pon hi Yuh fi start up yo car an come fa mi She a bruk out pan di ground ... hand cuff fi the ramp ruff She love when the belly get yeh Inna the night when ...
But yuh know seh him nuh rate mi! and him feel. Like, mi ah ... All ah di hot gal dem waan mi, si di cocky ya! Dem want it from ... Yuh nuh see it mi waan fuck har work har suh til she ... Tip on yuh toe, up inna belly, di panty lace, guh pon di edge
POPCAAN LYRICS - Medal (Adorn)
Gyal yo body deserve a medal hi no. So cock up ... Shi ride good, shi sit down inna saddle hi no. And if a ... Gyal yuh a gwaan good, baby gwaan bump pon hi ... Shi a bruk out pan di ground in front a mi ... Shi love when the belly get yeh. Inna ...
Aidonia - I Like Her Lyrics
... [Intro:] I like her! Gyal, Seh you bad pon buddy (ga long gyal!) ... Den sit down pon it. Mek I mek yuh ... And I buck yuh inna yuh belly. And I mek yuh ... You fuss a bruk like a teacup a drop. Climb pon me buddy till yuh reach up a top. When yuh ...
Lyrics to "Dumpa Truck" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Your pussy Good From Marnin And It A Go Stay So Foreva ... Inna Yuh Belly Juice Must Park Up Whoa ... Love Til It's Hot Nuff A Weh Dat Sweet You ... A Di Fatest pussy That Mi Buck Up Pon
Vybz Kartel - Good Pussy Lyrics
Gyal yuh kno how fi bruk cocky good Yuh kn... ... Yuh kno fi si dung pon hood You a mi baby mmm A yuh Good Pussy mek mi waah ... A yuh Good Pussy mek mi waah you Wah inna yuh pussy suh mek mi waah you Up inna yuh belly long cocky ... guh lef till mi life dun An anno tru yuh skill wid di bore tongue Ano tru seh yuh ...
Aidonia - Hundred Stab Lyrics
Ah sittn fi di gal dem sit down pon , my cocky demand the. Gal dem me ... Belly start swell like pumpkin bag. Say wah come so ... her panty pon. Gal bruk outyou nah wear your aunty thong ... Me grab up your shorts wey your fat pumpum inna. Gal can't ... Like when a clock ah tick , gal .. wine up pon the buddy. On the top of  ...
Tony Matterhorn - Sidung Pon It Lyrics
Dec 17, 2011 Lyrics for Sidung Pon It by Tony Matterhorn. ... now me couldn't hide it Cuz you sidong pon di buddy, balance and ride it And mi ... me betta be sure Get a condomn before, mi go down di sea shore Her man ... Then me explode inna di belly like a C4 Cock it up and jack it pon di beach of ... Bruk Wild volume I.
Vybz Kartel - Champagne Bubble lyrics
Dec 10, 2014 Put yo pussy yah suh Put hi pon the cockey Mi nuh imagine yo sit down pon the cabasaki Cock ... stab it up Send it down in a yo nitty, gritty Shi a bruk it, bruk it Belly good a ... a get, yo pussy fat, yo body stout If you seh you is a freak tek a fuck in a yo ... Musixmatch uses cookies to enhance your experience.
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Champagne Bubble
Mi nuh imagine yo sit down pon the cabasaki. C–k up ... Shi a bruk it, bruk it. Belly good a swell already. Mi a f–k it ... Backers you a get, yo pu–y fat, yo body stout
Natasja feat. Beenie Man - Better Than Dem (original) Lyrics ...
Oct 24, 2013 ... say her boyfriend no realise through me is a boy weh know fi centralize, ... your thrill mi love how yuh bruk off the head wine pon it till yuh dead ... gal you make the cockie tuff mi push it up inna stomach because me .... By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree with our cookie policy.
Come mek mi dig out dem belly and tek dem dung to di telly. And bring di ... No chi chi man no battygal mek sure your body straight ... Ready fi bruk yuh out and give yuh one inna mi villa ... Mi jook it pon di floor pon di bed on top a di dressa ... Dig it out till dem blind and caan see ... Bun Down / Stop Hitch ... Who U Think U Is
Tony Matterhorn - Running Cow Lyrics
Cause when fi force it inna yuh belly an it sweet yuh like jelly I'll be hurting you. One pack a ... Line down pon yuh chest an yuh cock up inna di air. Mi shove mi wood ... Sympathy yuh looking for there is non round here ... Fuck till mi see the sun
Shabba Ranks - Ting-A-Ling (The Original) Lyrics
It's a Shabba ting Suckling sing Yard and foreign kick up Bruk whine! ... craz- An wit de great body girls dem Like Jamacian girls dem An di American girls ... To the bass we add the key Put the don to the key An turn dem inna donkey Yuh ... If a gal no ready Den a gal no ready Don't waan no gal Wit no bawl out belly Belly ...
It's either dat or true your phat some gal a carry belly for. Some model fi di ... To how di sittin print inna your brand new sashi pants. Shake your ... Model pon a gal because yuh know your body round. Shake your bam bam, whine and go down. Bruk out bruk out mek di man dem surround .... This is just a preview! Preview the ...
Alkaline - Things Mi Love Lyrics
Oct 10, 2015 You do the things, to the things mi like Mi never si a gyal weh mi love ... meck yo happy Spit up pon mi cockey till it sloppy aaiiiee Bend over baby ... try blues No the color but a weh mi like do Mi come inna yo belly so two a ... love (Repeat) Mi tell everybody seh you mi love Sucking body no ... Gyal Bruk Out.
Lyrics to "Sweet To The Belly" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Di gal go so It sweet to di belly Squeeze up di ... She call me pon di cellie ... all is fair in love and war ... She love it when mi blaze up di fire inna her ... Bruk wake up ... Tekk Buddy Gal
Lyrics to "Backshot" song by LADY SAW: Nuh Want Nuh Belly Rub A Dub Because A Backshot Mi Love Nuh ... Das Why Mi Prefer Inna Tub Because A Backshot Mi Love ... But Mi Ah Go Soon Mek Yu Turn Over Cause Ah Pon Top Mi Love
Lyrics to "New Millennium" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Inna mi Karl Kani Wid a bottle of tall ... Spliff a light spliff, so till mi high ... Inna July, di pressure 'pon di pussy mi apply ... And when yuh see us in the club ... Pelpa time, gal a bruk out like diseases ... Tekk Buddy Gal · Breast Specialist · Real Bad Man · Sweet To The Belly
Aidonia - Hundred Stab lyrics
Hundred Stab lyrics by Aidonia: A sitten fi gal dem siddung pon / My cocky mi wah di gal dem fi boom pon / Gal if yuh tink you bad and can.
Lyrics to "Buss It Off" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gimme di breast Mek mi icky di breast Mi a di man Weh fi deal wid u titty di best Me, give yuh di ce...
Vybz Kartel - Get Gyal Easy (Blackberry) Lyrics
Seh dem waah start up a fambily Seh dem waah lef wid a bang belly Oh! Mhm! ... q p nuh point at her LMNOPQ pon top a har MHM!, when mi done she tell har fren ... Whine cocky gyal till it bruk Arr yuh pussy shut dung an cyaah start up Mi get ... gyal weh inna di chrch, believe mi nuh Mi get gyal a funeral, when di body a ...
Black Rhino - Bend Over lyrics
Then type your knowledge, add image or YouTube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or ... Me nut, mi mek di han, di knee bruk ... Gyal siddung pon buddy head, ... Mi buss inna di belly she seh wha dat happen ... Cocky buck you down inna corna like bull-cow ... This page is missing some information about the song.
Elephant Man - Nuh Ready Fi Di Video lyrics
Then type your knowledge, add image or YouTube video till "Good-o-meter" shows "Cool" or "Awesome!". ... Dash wey belly gal dem nuh ready fi di video wuy !
53, Jump Inna Di Benz. 54, Money Can't ... 61, Yuh Body Perfect. 62, Tell You ... 92, Nah Hold We Down. 93, Come ... 161, Everyday Is Christmas ..... 983, Bruk Out ... 1037, Sweet To The Belly ... Best Place Pon Earth - Single Lyrics Vybz Kartel ...

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