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Lex Zaleta - Silence Surrounds Me Lyrics
Silence surrounds me, Violence hounds me, My fear astounds me, Finds me standing here, Stranded behind this. Blind, black line veneer. I lack any clear
Promo & Wishmaster - Silence Surrounds Me lyrics
Lyrics for Silence Surrounds Me by Promo & Wishmaster.
Culture - Silence Surrounds Lyrics
Culture Silence Surrounds Lyrics. Silence Surrounds lyrics performed by Culture: Pain finds my void. Makes me feel whole. Lets me know i can still feel.
I can feel you flowing in me. Words can be like knives. They can cut you open. And then the silence surrounds you. And haunts you. I think I might've inhaled you
And as silence surrounds me. With echoes of cries. From my imminent life. With my Electroheart I plant the seed. To make them struggle hard. I reap their tears
Lyrics to "Silent World" song by DONNA LEWIS: If I could put you, on top of a cake ... If I could feel you, breathing in time next to me. But the silence surrounds me
Underside - All Notes Off Lyrics
Jan 14, 2015 Why Do u see me as another vulteristic man? ... Cause Your nothing at all The voices are screaming This silence surrounds me And I surrender ...
PINK FLOYD LYRICS - Coming Back To Life
'Cause the things you say and the things you do surround me. While you were hanging ... I took a heavenly ride through our silence. I knew the moment had ...
Suddenly I can feel the silence surround me. I suddenly need to hear your voice. I hear the echoes of your love. And singing it in my soul. Why are the memories ...
Empty Space lyrics and translation - Em Rossi
Feb 23, 2017 Uncharted plans for me No choice, no guarantee Bring back these ... I'm Drowning in this empty space Silence surrounds me Waves are ...
Heart beat steady leads me down below [Pre-Chorus:] And under the water you scream so loud but the silence surrounds you. But I hear it loud and you fall in ...
Stateless - Bloodstream Lyrics
Wake up look me in the eyes again. I need to feel your hand upon my face. Words can be like knives. They can cut you open. And the silence surrounds you
Donna Lewis - Silent World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silent World' by Donna Lewis. If I could put you, on top ... Me but the silence surrounds me, flashing memories of you, riding. With the moon that night. I
I'll admit, all I wanna do is get drunk and silent. Watch my life unfold all around me. Like a beautiful garden. I see flowers so tall, they surround me. Oh my heart, it ...
Owlle - Silence Lyrics
Nothing here can comfort me. You are my sadness. Lovely sirens surround me. Moving like this is a symphony. Nothing here can comfort me. Console me.
NEWSBOYS LYRICS - When The Tears Fall
You surround me and sustain me. My defender, forevermore. When hope is lost, I' ll call You saviour. When pain surrounds, I'll call You healer. When silence falls ...
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME lyrics - "The Parallax II: Future Sequence" ( 2012) ... Silent Flight Parliament .... Eyes slowly open as dust clouds surround me .
Lyrics to "To Be Alive" song by COLDRAIN: A dead silence surrounds me Why am I hesitating again? My heart is full of these words Drowning insi...
TRIVIUM LYRICS - "Silence In The Snow" (2015) album
TRIVIUM lyrics - "Silence In The Snow" (2015) album, including "The Darkness Of My Mind", ... The Thing That's Killing Me 10. ... The world that surrounds me
DESULTORY LYRICS - "Into Eternity" (1993) album
Tearing my soul in two, tears me apart. Eternity in front of me the light is all I see. Eternity devours me .... Silence surrounds me, mind filled with fear. Darkness ...
X-Press 2 - Kill 100 (feat. Rob Harvey) lyrics and translation ...
[Rob Harvey of The Music] Four walls surround me Don't think, don't speak. Just listen I was once like you Can't feel my face anymore The silence that surrounds  ...
VANISHING POINT LYRICS - "Embrace The Silence" (2005) album
Hollow. A mind lapse succumbed by fear. The framework fades then disappears. Unto my world this loneliness surrounds me. Trust foresees it's final wake
The Prisoner Lyrics - Osiris
I can see the flash of lightning. I can see the clouds of darkness. In my cell I sit watching. Silence surrounds me. I feel the weight of eternity, lasting in my life
I never will. You won't break me. Or silence this heartbeat, Your words-they mean nothing. I will break free. From walls that surround me, I'm sick of this feeling, ...
SERENITY LYRICS - "Then Came Silence" (1995) album
Black Tears. All alone on this silent shore. Waves of loneliness surround me. Joy eludes me now as pain takes hold. Renew the sorrow that I feel. You hound my ...
SENTENCED LYRICS - "Shadows Of The Past" (1991) album
In Memoriam 12. Mythic Silence (As They Wander In The Mist) ... unfold me and ease my pain. Death... comes as a ... Melancholic silence surrounds... Walls are ...
COMMUNIC LYRICS - "Conspiracy In Mind" (2005) album
COMMUNIC lyrics - "Conspiracy In Mind" (2005) album, including "Silence Surrounds", "Ocean Bed", "The Distance"... ... Let me in on your stream,
CATHEDRAL LYRICS - "The Last Spire" (2013) album
This body and blood, the cemetery of my soul / This body thy tomb encases me / Thy flesh a pall covering a long lost heart / This body thy tomb enslaves me
UNHOLY LYRICS - "From The Shadows" (1993) album
Moves me on. Time has gone. Past is here. Moonlight twists my mind. Perfect silence surrounds me. Dreams turn to nightmares. The black walls of death
Mike Suby - Bloodstream - Stateless Lyrics
Look me in the eyes again i need to feel your hand upon my face. Words can relay nice. And they can cut you open. And then silence surrounds you and holds  ...
SADIST LYRICS - "Season In Silence" (2010) album
SADIST lyrics - "Season In Silence" (2010) album, including "Frozen Hands", " The Abyss", ... Blue mental mood frightened by everything that surrounds me
and then they all wanna sleep with me. Oh where did we disappear into the silence that surrounds us and then drowns us in the end. Where these people who ...
A CANOROUS QUINTET LYRICS - "Silence Of The World Beyond ...
A CANOROUS QUINTET lyrics - "Silence Of The World Beyond" (1996) album, including "Dream Reality", "Burning, Emotionless", "In The ... BLACK ROSES SURROUND THE FIELDS ... AS I FEEL THE COLDNESS CRAWLING UNTO ME
BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME lyrics - "The Silent Circus" (2003) album, including "The Man Land", "The Need For ... I cry, and the hands surround me.
BIZZY BONE LYRICS - Demons Surround Me
Lyrics to "Demons Surround Me" song by BIZZY BONE: Demons surround me ... Demons surround me all the time ... Sworn to violence, silence, word my bond
FULLFORCE LYRICS - "One" (2011) album
Suffering In Silence 8. Walls Of Secrets 9. ... The midnight's mystery brings fear and silence. The endless sky is .... I believe in love again. Silence surrounds me
WILLIE NELSON LYRICS - Suffering In Silence
Just suffer in silence, speak no bitter words. The world offers no sympathy. Though trouble surrounds you, an' you long to be heard, Just suffer in silence, like me ...
NARNIA LYRICS - "Narnia" (2016) album
I Still Believe. A hunger deep inside wakes me up at night ... Your silence is deafening to my ears. Did I ever ... Silence surrounds me, it's getting lonely. So many ...
Against Myself - After the Storm lyrics
Jan 10, 2016 Lyrics for After the Storm by Against Myself. Silence surrounds me as I walk through this maze in my head. I've come to realize I'm never getting ...
Perry Como - Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) Lyrics ...
Floating on the silence that surrounds us ... Here with you so close to me. Until the ... Perry Como - Killing Me Softly With Her Song ( 1973 ) - PERRY COMO -.

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