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December Avenue - Dahan Lyrics
Frontman Zel Bautista posted the following message on his Twitter account on the 2nd of February 2019: "Sakit level ng 3 new dec ave songs this year: 1st - Light 2nd - Medium 3rd - Heavy" meaning there would be three songs released by December Avenue in 2019. "Dahan" is the second one, officially re-released on 2019 Valentine's Day.
Jireh Lim - Dahan Lyrics
Lyrics to "Dahan" song by Jireh Lim: Di na muling luluha Di na pipilitin pang ikaw ay aking ibigin Hanggang sa walang hanggan Di na maki...
Jroa - Larawan Lyrics
Lyrics to "Larawan" song by Jroa: Tanging larawan, tanging larawan, tanging larawan mo Tanging larawan, tanging larawan, tanging laraw...
Zedd & Alessia Cara - Stay Lyrics
Stay Submit Corrections. Thanks to Angle, Jane Klair Hernaez for correcting these lyrics. Writer(s): alessia cara, anders froen, anton zaslavski, linus wiklund, nonnie bao, sarah aarons "Stay" is a song by Russian-German electronic music producer Zedd and Canadian singer Alessia Cara.
Shanti Dope - Nadarang Lyrics
Lyrics to "Nadarang" song by Shanti Dope: Andiyan ka na naman Bat di ko maiwasang tumingin sayong liwanag Nadarang na naman sayong apoy Bakit...
Krissy & Ericka - 12:51 Lyrics
'Cause it's 12:51 and I thought my feelings were gone But I'm lying on my bed thinking of you again And the moon shines so bright but I gotta dry these tears tonight Cause you're moving on and I'm not that strong to hold on any longer As the sky outside gets brighter And my eyes begin to tire I'm slowly drowning in memories of him
Ritzz x Bosx1ne x Iyazu x Jnskie - Tampo Lyrics
Lyrics to "Tampo" song by Ritzz x Bosx1ne x Iyazu x Jnskie: Alam mo bang hindi bagay sayo kapag ika'y nag tatampo Wag ka nang sumimangot babe lika rito sa tabi...
Daniel Caesar - Best Part Lyrics
Lyrics to "Best Part" song by Daniel Caesar: Oh, ey You don't know babe When you hold me And kiss me slowly It's the sweetest thing And it don't...
Jireh Lim - Buko Lyrics
Lyrics to "Buko" song by Jireh Lim: Naalala ko pa Nung nililigawan pa lamang kita Dadalaw tuwing gabi Masilayan lamang ang ‘yong mga ngi...
Beyoncé - Listen Lyrics
Beyoncé - Listen Lyrics ... Listen to the song here in my heart A melody I start But I will complete. Oh, now I'm done believing you You don't know what I'm feeling I'm more than what you've made of me I followed the voice you think you gave to me But now I gotta find my own My own.
Parokya Ni Edgar - Bagsakan Lyrics
Lyrics to "Bagsakan" song by Parokya Ni Edgar: Nandito na si chito Si chito miranda Nandito na si kiko Si francis magalona Nandito na si gloc 9 Wal...
Ne-Yo - So Sick Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Sick' by Ne-Yo: Gotta fix that calendar I have That's marked July 15th Because since there's no more you There's no more anniversary
Usher - My Boo Lyrics
But you will always be my boo. It started when we were younger and you were mine (my boo) And see from time from time I still feel like(my boo) See no matter how I try to hide (It's alright now, it's okay) Even though there's another man in my life You will always be my boo. My ooh my ohh my ohh my ohh my boo my ooh my ohh my ohh my ohh my boo
I Belong To The Zoo - Sana Lyrics
Argee Guerrero, the man behind I Belong to the Zoo, told on 'Sana', "I'm just really happy that a song I wrote about something negative has turned into a huge positive.As much as I appreciate the number of streams, I'd still want to meet the listeners during gigs so as to put faces to the numbers."
Sam Concepcion - Dati Lyrics
Lyrics to "Dati" song by Sam Concepcion: Ohh oohh Dati rati sabay pa nating pinangarap ang lahat Umaawit pa sa hangin at amoy araw ang balat...
Moira Dela Torre - Malaya (From "Camp Sawi") Lyrics ...
Lyrics for Malaya (From "Camp Sawi") by Moira Dela Torre. Pasensya na, kung papatulugin na muna Ang pusong napagod kakahintay Kaya sa natitirang seg...
Callalily - Magbalik Lyrics. Wala na ang dating pagtingin Sawa na ba sa 'king lambing Wala ka namang dahilan Bakit bigla nalang nang-iwan 'di na alam ang gagawin
Juan Karlos Labajo - Buwan Lyrics
Lyrics to "Buwan" song by Juan Karlos Labajo: Ako'y sayo ikaw ay akin Ganda mo sa paningin Ako ngayo'y nag-iisa Sana ay tabihan na Sa ilalim ng p...
Moira Dela Torre - Malaya Lyrics
Moira Dela Torre said about creation of this song in a Billboard interview, "...although what triggered it was a person, I penned the rest with so many other things in mind.In the end, from setting another person free, it became about setting myself free: from depression, from things I can't control, from people I can't please, and people I can't have."
SWV - Weak Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Weak' by SWV: I don't know what it is that you've done to me But it's caused me to act in such a crazy way Whatever it is that you do when you do what you're doing It's a feeling I want to stay
Maldita - Porque Lyrics. Tulala lang sa’king kwarto At nagmu-muni-muni Ang tanong sa’king sarili Sa’n ako nagkamali Bakit sa’yo pa nagkagusto Parang b
Dahan lyrics by December Avenue, 9 meanings. Dahan ...
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