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Soon your lifeless body will be dragged through mud and slime I'll eat your worthless little soul at the gates of hell tonight And ... Better get the hell out of my way
KRYPTERIA LYRICS - "Liberatio" (2005) album
KRYPTERIA lyrics - "Liberatio" (2005) album, including "Liberatio ... At the gates of hell tonight ... On your knees,go lick up the slime.
MESSENGER LYRICS - "See You In Hell" (2011) album
The gates of Hell are waiting for you ... The souls of modern slime Has tried to change ... Cuts the sound of the creatures from hell
ECNEPHIAS LYRICS - "Dominium Noctis" (2007) album
ECNEPHIAS lyrics - "Dominium Noctis" (2007) album, ... SLIME YOUR SOUL AND DIE! ... OPEN THE GATES OF HELL
1349 LYRICS - "Massive Cauldron Of Chaos" (2014) album
1349 lyrics - "Massive Cauldron Of Chaos" (2014) ... Staring into the fathomless mirrors of hell Hellfire-wielder Massive ... Man crawls back into the slime
DEMONICAL LYRICS - "Death Infernal" (2011) album
DEMONICAL lyrics - "Death Infernal" (2011) album, ... To a descent hell ... Crawl in the stinking slimy guts
Krypteria - Get The Hell Out Of My Way 2011 Lyrics
Oh-so-precious life But you will die Soon your lifeless body will be dragged Through mud and slime I'll eat your worthless little soul At the gates of hell tonight
Krypteria - Get The Hell Out Of My Way Lyrics
Krypteria Get The Hell Out Of My Way Lyrics. Get The Hell Out Of My Way lyrics performed by Krypteria: You think you finally made it That you escaped eternal fire And ...
NOCTURNAL BREED LYRICS - "Aggressor" (1997) album
NOCTURNAL BREED lyrics - "Aggressor" (1997) album, ... Slimy creatures, born to hate ... To the gates of hell we storm
SLUGDGE LYRICS - "Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms" (2015) album
SLUGDGE lyrics - "Dim & Slimeridden Kingdoms" (2015) ... Maledictions spoken aloud from the slime-ridden scriptures ... for divinity is hell in the minds of the living
NECROS CHRISTOS LYRICS - non-album songs
non-album songs Acid Orgy Bonethrone Triumph ... At the gates of hell Amputation ... Winged demons wail See their filthy slime Beneath the sands of time And their ...
MORBID ANGEL LYRICS - "Ignominious" (2005) album
MORBID ANGEL lyrics - "Ignominious" (2005) album, ... Turning the cross towards hell Writhe in [sings "with"] ... Where the slime live and how the slime gets washed away
RIGOR MORTIS LYRICS - "Slaves To The Grave" (2014) album
RIGOR MORTIS lyrics - "Slaves To The Grave" ... Black and slimy, dripping mucus ... Their barracks are just outside the rusted gates of their future afterlife.
EVIL SCARECROW LYRICS - "Sixty-Six Minutes Past Six" (2009 ...
EVIL SCARECROW lyrics - "Sixty-Six Minutes Past ... We will wait At The Gates of ... If the seventh hour fails it’s sixty-six minutes past six In Hell The King of ...
NUNSLAUGHTER LYRICS - "Hell's Unholy Fire" (2000) album
NUNSLAUGHTER lyrics - "Hell's Unholy Fire" ... Body decays to slime Hate grows dead know ... Trapped beyond hells gates Surrounded by the dead
ACT OF GOD LYRICS - "The Place Of Worship" (2005) album
ACT OF GOD lyrics - "The Place Of Worship" (2005) album, including " ... Black slime has ... Father you stand in the ancient gates Ready to make great flight Hell is ...
THALARION LYRICS - "Hellium" (2004) album
Drawn down by tides of hell, we boil Like toads within a torrid slime. Our sins were great ... Would our gate were hands to draw
REPTILIAN LYRICS - "Castle Of Yesterday" (2001) album
REPTILIAN lyrics - "Castle Of Yesterday" (2001) ... i've gone to dark places travelled to hell and back breathing fire always ... you became the worst of slime
VITAL REMAINS LYRICS - "Excrutiating Pain" (1990) demo
VITAL REMAINS lyrics - "Excrutiating Pain" (1990) ... Internal bleeding mixing with slime ... Fallen angels Hell's 7 gates
MARDUK LYRICS - "Nightwing" (1998) album
Open the gates to hell ... Glorification of holy christian slime and filth Your vision of your crusaders bravery ... Nightwing - fly across the ...
1349 LYRICS - "Liberation" (2003) album
1349 lyrics - "Liberation" (2003) album, ... dripping with slime and rot ... The seven gates of hell opens wide Sell your soul
Marc Broude - Hold Me Inside You Lyrics
Marc Broude Hold Me Inside You Lyrics. Hold Me Inside You lyrics performed by Marc Broude: mutter dear... ah la love you hold me inside of them
DERDIAN LYRICS - "New Era Pt. 1" (2005) album
DERDIAN lyrics - "New Era Pt. 1" ... Beyond the gate I see the light ... Into the battle I can see your face in slime Hey lord! your soul is mine
Sinister - Cross The Styx Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cross The Styx' by Sinister. Rise into the elder world / The burning purgatory / Deadly cosmic terror / The lowest dephts of hell / I ... sinister gates.
SINISTER LYRICS - "The Carnage Ending" (2012) album
SINISTER lyrics - "The Carnage Ending" (2012) album, ... Slimy cocoons filled with hate ... In Hell they come
The Neal Morse Band - Back to the City Lyrics
Lyrics for Back to the City by The Neal Morse Band. I'm slipping in the slime I'm running out of time Abandoned in this hell You said all woul...
MARDUK LYRICS - "World Funeral" (2003) album
MARDUK lyrics - "World Funeral" (2003) album, ... I unlock the dusty gates of hell ... I believe in slime I believe in stink
Sinister - Cross the Styx Lyrics
Lyrics for Cross the Styx by Sinister. Rise into the elder world the burning purgatory deadly cosmic terror the lowest dephts of ...
GODDESS OF DESIRE LYRICS - "Symbol Of Triumph" (1998) album
goddess of desire lyrics - "symbol of triumph" (1998) ... i puke my hellish slime on their devoted mouth ... so now impaled they are before the gates of hell
1349 - Serpentine Sibilance Lyrics. Corpus Replica, Oath of the Black Tongue, Man unkind in perfect unison, Shapeless evil, touch the hell's fire, The cloven death ...
OVERKILL LYRICS - "W.F.O." (1994) album
Open up the flood gates, Open up the seven gates, ... Gone from mud to slime. When you're ready! ... it's Heaven and Hell, oh well
Morbid Angel Lyrics
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LUCA TURILLI LYRICS - "Demonheart" (2002) album
LUCA TURILLI lyrics - "Demonheart" (2002) album, ... Feeling trapped in with the slimy creatures, ... gates of her tragic past and bloody images came back to her mind
FINNUGOR LYRICS - "Darkness Needs Us" (2004) album
FINNUGOR lyrics - "Darkness Needs Us" (2004) album, ... Slimy bloody guts on the face ... Transformed now into a gate
DEAD LYRICS - "Whorehouse Of The Freaks" (2006) album
DEAD lyrics - "Whorehouse Of The Freaks" (2006) ... the gates for crippled lust ... slimy waste on your face, disgusting as hell!
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