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Juicy J Lyrics - Smokin & Sippin
Lyrics to "Smokin & Sippin" song by Juicy J: Man I got that OG, ... I can smoke up 3 pounds, eat a hundred weed brownies I'm sipping on syrp now, I stay fly
Dr. Dre Lyrics - The Next Episode
Lyrics to "The Next Episode" song by Dr. Dre: ... sippin' on 'gnac, yeah ... smoke weed everyday!
Juicy J - Smokin` And Sippin` Lyrics. Man I got that OG, keep them Swishers on me Bruh I hope you know me, I get high I can smoke up three pounds, eat a hundred weeds ...
Belly - I Drink I Smoke Lyrics
[Hook] I drink, I smoke Bitch, I go harder sippin on Patron till it taste like water I drink, I smoke And who the f-ck cares Smoking on this kush till it taste like air
Lil' Wyte Lyrics - Smoke Beer
Sippin on that work, oh shit I'm smoking on that Al Green As much as I've been drinkin, man I ain't even thinkin ... I smoke beer (I smoke beer) Drink weed ...
Wiz Khalifa - Smokin On Lyrics
I'm a cigarello fiend smokin' weed like it's oxygen / Roll a lot skunk, ... 11 Bombay Sippin. 12 Smokin On. 13 Money Affiliated. ... Half ounce what I got to smoke up ...
Snoop Dogg - Smoke Weed Everyday Lyrics
Smoke Weed Everyday Lyrics ... Sippin' 'gnac, clip in the strap ... Get my drink on n' my smoke on Then go home with somethin' to poke on
Smoke Weed Everyday Lyrics - Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg Lyrics "Smoke Weed Everyday" 4.3 / 5. 12 reviewers. ... Sippin' 'gnac, clip in the strap Dippin' through hoods What hoods? Compton, longbeach, ingelwood
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Breakfast
Lyrics to "Breakfast" song by Gucci Mane: I smoke weed for breakfast, ... Sippin' on mud, drinkin' out the mug With a nigga misses, boy, I know he pissed
Snoop Dogg - Smoke weed everyday Lyrics. ... Sippin' 'gnac, clip in the strap ... Get my drink on n' my smoke on
Anthony B - Smoke Weed Everyday Lyrics
Lyrics for Smoke Weed Everyday by Anthony B. da da da ... with doc in the back Sippin ... my team's strong Get my drink on n' my smoke on Then go home ...
Afroman - Colt 40ty Fiva Lyrics. [Hook] If you lookin for me ill be at the party Smokin Marijuana sippin on bacardi Drunk driva (drunk Driver) Colt 40ty fiva (Hustla ...
Bun-B Lyrics - Get Throwed
Lyrics to "Get Throwed" song by Bun-B: Smoke somethin, bitch UGK, ... On the slab, sippin barre Smokin weed, sellin white Them other niggaz shit don't come back right
Bun B - Get Throwed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get Throwed' by Bun B. Smoke somethin', bitch / U-G-K, ... On the slab, sippin' barre Smokin' weed, sellin' white Them other niggas shit don't come back right
Wiz Khalifa Lyrics - Smokin' Drinkin'
Lyrics to "Smokin' Drinkin'" song by Wiz Khalifa: ... In the club, man we smoking pre rolls Want me in your club? Need a couple zeroes Bandz a make us hold up plans
Wiz Khalifa Lyrics - GangBang
Lyrics to "GangBang" song by Wiz Khalifa: Money, ... Sippin' on Pinot Grigio, ... I'm smokin' weed, my bitch smoke the same thing
South Park Mexican Lyrics - 2 Joints
Lyrics to "2 Joints" song by South Park Mexican: ... Sometimes I'm real selfish and I'll smoke my weed with no one You know me ... From here to Tennessee sippin hennesse
Hollywood Anderson - Weed & Hennessy Lyrics
Lyrics for Weed & Hennessy ... smoke that weed sip that hennessy baby tonight we gon do something real crazy i wanna make love to you to you smokin weed sippin ...
Afroman - Life Of Tha Party Lyrics
I'm tha life of tha party (uh uh) Sippin on bacardi I'm tha life of tha party (uh uh) ... They dincin too smoking weed drinking brew callin people up on their
Juicy J - Smokin & Sippin Lyrics
Juicy J Smokin & Sippin Lyrics. ... I can smoke up 3 pounds, eat a hundred weed brown I'm sipping on serve now, I say fry 20 shots of vodka, I only drink siroko
Wiz Khalifa Lyrics - On My Level
Lyrics to "On My Level" song by Wiz Khalifa: It's the champagne pourin' Big joint rollin' Bombay sippin' No blunt smoking Bad bitch gettin' Thick...
Daz Dillinger - Dangerous Lyrics
Lyrics for Dangerous by Daz Dillinger. A lot of people say when they smoke weed it makes them feel nervous or not in control. Not...
Three 6 Mafia Lyrics - Sippin' On Some Syrup
Lyrics to "Sippin' On Some Syrup" song by Three 6 Mafia: Sippin' on some siz-erp, sip, sippin' on some, sip I'm trill working the wheel, a pimp not a...
Big Moe - Freestyle (June 27) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Freestyle (June 27)' by Big Moe. ... and you know we smoke weed ... A-I-R, sippin on tha barre
Iconz - Get Fucked Up (remix) Lyrics. ... If you smoke weed now {uh} ... It could be in a VIP sippin' Hennessey
Smokin Weed Countin Money lyrics -
Smokin Weed Countin Money lyrics by Birdman: [Intro:] / You see? ... Sippin on that gt in the vip Smoking the best weed from out of the country And countin this money
Gucci Mane - Breakfast lyrics
Breakfast lyrics by Gucci Mane: [Hook: Gucci Mane] / I smoke weed for breakfast, I drink lean for breakfast / I take mollies, I take Xanax,
K Camp Lyrics - Money Baby
Lyrics to "Money Baby" song by K Camp: I like smoking weed, I like getting fly I like having sex, I like girls who ride I like my cup full,...
King Louie Lyrics - My Hoes They Do Drugs
Lyrics to "My Hoes They Do Drugs" song by King Louie: ... leaning back, sippin' on that Yeezy yack ... my black girl like to smoke weed (My hoes they do drugs) ...
Cypress Hill Lyrics - High Times
Lyrics to "High Times" song by Cypress Hill: ... It was once said I smoke so much weed, ... When my nigga Sen Dog was around sippin on the Hen
R Kelly Lyrics - I Wish
Lyrics to "I Wish" song by R Kelly: I wish, ... Smilin' while I'm sippin' on this Hennesy ... And how I used to lay back and smoke weed
Belly - I Drink I Smoke lyrics
I drink I smoke Bitch I go harder sippin on patron till it taste like water I drink I smoke And who the fuck care smoking on this kush till it taste like air
Frayser Boy - Hydro Weed Lyrics
Lyrics for Hydro Weed by Frayser Boy. [Hook: Juicy J sample from "I'm So High" repeating & over-lapping it's self] Hydro weed-Hy...
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