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Spitalfield - Secrets In Mirrors Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Secrets In Mirrors' by Spitalfield. Lets take our time / We'll make it worth the while / How long? How long? / Speed up and then slow down / But.
Spitalfield - I Love The Way She Said "L.A." Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Love The Way She Said 'L.A.'' by Spitalfield. say the things you say / and your dreaming like you do / you know sometimes circles run around you /
Spitalfield - Am I Ready? Lyrics
Hit that clock and step out of sleep. It's a brand new day. You've got someone to be and that someone is you (that someone is you) When you do something, you ...
Spitalfield - Stolen From Some Great Writer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stolen From Some Great Writer' by Spitalfield. I can't remember anything , / My thoughts are constantly moving, / Where will I be tomorrow? / Where.
Spitalfield - Van Buren Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Van Buren' by Spitalfield. The day after independence day / There's no laughter / And nothing left to say / We all fall back / To our padded lives /
Spitalfield - The Only Thing That Matters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Only Thing That Matters' by Spitalfield. Soft trace of your fingertips / The round shape of your pressed lips / Why can't this be easier for me?
Spitalfield - ...Listen Lyrics
Lyrics to '...Listen' by Spitalfield. Can't you see that I'm trying to get through to you / This door keeps slamming on my hands / I'm thinking about the way.
Spitalfield - Dare To... Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dare To...' by Spitalfield. It's just another stretch of highway / I never asked for ordinary time / And time change / If I rewrote this it might.
Spitalfield - I Can't Hear You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can't Hear You' by Spitalfield. While I stair at the walls turn your back on me / For that picket fence again / In your arms I would fold you twice.
Spitalfield - In The Same Lifetime Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Same Lifetime' by Spitalfield. He shuts the door it locks behind. / He checks his watch a third past nine. / He thinks to himself 'I'm late.
Spitalfield - Novocaine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Novocaine' by Spitalfield. Dream a picture of how you see me, yeah / Put yourself in I'm there / With the words to the song you hear listen close my.
Spitalfield - Line Jumper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Line Jumper' by Spitalfield. Should I walk these confined lines and give you thanks that I'm alive. I tell myself that I don't need your comfort and.
Spitalfield - Building A Better City By Design Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Building A Better City By Design' by Spitalfield. My timing was perfect ( timing was perfect) / I've been asleep for only hours, / It feels like it's.
Spitalfield - Gold Dust Vs. State Of Illinois Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gold Dust Vs. State Of Illinois' by Spitalfield. You picked out your favorite dress. / Made yourself up your very best; / I know you're trying to be.
Spitalfield - Texa$ With A Dollar Sign Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Texa$ With A Dollar Sign' by Spitalfield. Signing off this is wishful sinking, / Smiling soft, here's to secret thinking / Sleep right / Deep.
Spitalfield - Dramatic Emo Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dramatic Emo Song' by Spitalfield. I called it in the air / like I was the only one who could understand / the way the cards fall / My expression.
Spitalfield - From The Desk Of B. Larsen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'From The Desk Of B. Larsen' by Spitalfield. We drove through the night / Listening to Pavement on the stereo / And wondering to ourselves / Will we.
Spitalfield - What Were You Thinking Lyrics
Lyrics to 'What Were You Thinking' by Spitalfield. Its a cold night / But I warm up as you walk by / And I'm watching you / I always do / And its alright / I've.
Spitalfield - Hold On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold On' by Spitalfield. With you and I there are no signs / It's one or the other /
Spitalfield - Simple Minds, Simple Lives Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Simple Minds, Simple Lives' by Spitalfield. The marketing kings are at it again / They're selling you lies, becoming your friend / Until the end /
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Spitalfield - So I Heard You Joined A Convent Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So I Heard You Joined A Convent' by Spitalfield. You picked up your favorite dress / Made yourself up your very best / I know you're trying to be /
Spitalfield - 16:49 Army Time Lyrics
Lyrics to '16:49 Army Time' by Spitalfield. What was the bridge that held this together? What was the fault that tore this apart? What were your reasons? What.
Spitalfield - Don't Say I Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Say I' by Spitalfield. these words you write, they break me.. / these tears you cry, they make me.. / forget why, I play this game alone.. /
Spitalfield - Spiral Staircase Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spiral Staircase' by Spitalfield. I've left this all for you to see and what's left of me. I'll take my time giving back your things and I wonder,
Spitalfield - The Future Is Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Future Is Now' by Spitalfield. Listen to me beauty queen / I've been dancing darling please / Hold on loosely / Use me tease / Hold on loosely /
Spitalfield - Channel Search Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Channel Search' by Spitalfield. It's here, again / I think we have a trend / Wasting all our days down here / Oh no, it's six, and his politics fix.
Spitalfield - Tell Me, Clarice Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tell Me, Clarice' by Spitalfield. Lay down low, No one can see you when you close your eyes / Just close your eyes / We both know, You can't hide.
Spitalfield - Restraining Order Blues Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Restraining Order Blues' by Spitalfield. its a cold night / but i warm up as you walk by / and I'm watching you / i always do / and its alright /
Spitalfield - Off To The Shoulder Lyrics. Spitalfield Miscellaneous Off To The Shoulder because i look back on the past four years i know that i can say with smiles ...
Spitalfield - Fairweather Friend Lyrics. And you'll choke on those words No one can swallow that much pride and my contentions all ring true. Every word you ...
Spitalfield - Sincerely Empty Lyrics. These days go by and no one knows how much I've tried to let her know. And some would say that it's how things go, but I ...
Spitalfield - Stolen From Some Great Writer lyrics
Jul 6, 2010 Lyrics for Stolen From Some Great Writer by Spitalfield. I can't remember anything My thoughts are constantly moving Where will I be tomorrow ...
Spitalfield - Five Days and Counting Lyrics. In my car Five days and counting, here you are The phone rings What more could you say? I know you won't ever ...
Spitalfield - Texas With A Dollar Sign Lyrics. Signing off, this is wishful sinking Smiling soft, here's to secret thinking Sleep right, deep sleepers Hold tight ...
Spitalfield - Simple Minds, Simple Lives Lyrics. The marketing kings are at it again They're selling you lies, becoming your friends Until the end Irresistible charm, ...
Spitalfield - Channel Search Lyrics. Spitalfield Miscellaneous Channel Search It's here, again I think we have a trend Wasting all our days down here Oh no, ...
Spitalfield - Yearbook Song Lyrics. Spitalfield Miscellaneous Yearbook Song should i sign your yearbook now bringing closure to this all from this pen shakes  ...
Juan Zelada - Breakfast in Spitalfields Lyrics. Do do do do Do do do do Do do do do Dododo dodo do do do. Monday morning, confusions on the streets.
Spitalfield - I Love the Way She Said `L.A.` Lyrics. Spitalfield Miscellaneous I Loved The Way She Said La Say the things you say and you're dreaming like you  ...

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