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'Cause now I'm shining bright (oh) so bright. And I get lost (oh) in your eyes. Did you see that shooting star tonight? Were you dazzled by the same constellation ...
I don't wanna open my eyes, you give me life. You ease my mind ... Just like the stars in the sky, I hope you know you shine so bright to me. My only wish before ...
RYNO - Stars in the Sky Lyrics
Mar 11, 2016 ... all Lose and We Win And it Changes in the Blink of an Eye But the Truth is within The Love in ... We Go Together Like Stars in The Sky We Shine So Bright Together We Can Rule The World ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
... up above me A star, so bright you blind me Don't close your eyes Don't fade... ... Yeah you and me we can light up the sky ... They're lighting up the sky tonight
Lyrics to "Diamonds" song by RIHANNA: Shine bright like a diamond Shine bright like a diamond Find ... You're a shooting star I see ... I saw the life inside your eyes. So shine bright tonight, you and I We're beautiful like diamonds in the sky
2AM CLUB LYRICS - Make You Mine
Please, please, please don't shine so bright, oh no. You did it so right you gave me your life. One star can never shine twice. So I could never, never. Make You ...
HILARY DUFF LYRICS - What Dreams Are Made Of
I could almost kiss the stars for shining so bright. When I see you ... Open your eyes (This is what dreams are made of) shout to the sky (This is what dreams are  ...
Victoria Adams - Open Your Eyes Lyrics
How can I make you change your mind. Open your eyes. See the sun touch the blue sky. Open your eyes. You're feeling alive. Like the stars shining so bright
Mocca - Stars in Your Eyes Lyrics
Jan 11, 2015 Lyrics for Stars in Your Eyes by Mocca. I see the moon is shining so bright tonight To me you're the one I've been waiting for I ...
Lyrics to "Shining Star" song by BARS AND MELODY: You're my shining star, I'll search from ... In the night you shine so bright, darkness falls you give me light. ... I look to the skies, like three men who were so wise, but my love I see your eyes.
Don't close your eyes, look around you, dreams are coming alive. Don't be ... You' re a shooting star breaking through the night. You're a rocket in the darkness, and you sparkle like a diamond sky. ... So bright with a heart of gold inside. (Shine ...
Victoria Beckham - Open Your Eyes lyrics
(Open your eyes See the sun touch the blue sky Open your eyes Open your eyes ... sky Open your eyes You're feeling alive Like the stars shining so bright Open ...
ELANE LYRICS - "Lore Of Nén" (2006) album
My Brightest Star 17. Golden Lace 18. ... sleeping in a amber coloured sky. I craved but knew I had to .... Oh your eyes shine so bright like the stars above your  ...
Look At The Moon And The Stars Lyrics - Zodiac
Look at the moon and the stars, in the sky, shine so bright my baby, the feeling i get when i look, in your eyes its so right my baby! look at the moon and the stars
Stars In Your Eyes Lyrics - Xavier Cugat feat. Frank Sinatra
Stars leave the sky but the night is so bright in their splendor. Deep in your eyes, lovely stars still continue to shine. No matter what dawn may bring, no matter ...
Leilani Wolfgramm - Love Is Ours Lyrics
Dec 10, 2016 Oooooohh aren't we stars And you shine so bright You light up the night ... Cause I am drowned in your eyes Swim all night in your smile. ... You are my, you are my Your are my diamond in the sky We are stars And love is our, ...
Bars and Melody - Shining Star Lyrics
Feb 6, 2016 You're my shining star I searched from near to far And all day long you ... my heart, this love's a journey about the star, in the night you shine so bright ... to the sky's, like three men who were so wise, but my love I see your eyes ...
Aswad - Shine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shine' by Aswad: When they said I'd never make it I found strength from within ... Shining so bright (ah-ha) like the star that you are (ah-ha) ... Spreading your light (ah-ha) wherever you are (ah-ha) ... March Is Workplace Eye Wellness MonthUnited Healthcare ... Aswad - Aswad - Ghetto in the Sky Lyrics Lyric Video.
'Cause you're so above me. I'll take my time your memory is bliss. The angel above me. When I look at the stars they shine of your eyes. The sky it burns bright  ...
OWL CITY LYRICS - Shooting Star
Lyrics to "Shooting Star" song by OWL CITY: Close your tired eyes, relax and then ... Brighter than a shooting star. So ... So shine no matter where you are tonight
Lyrics to "As Lovely As You" song by ALISON KRAUSS: The big moon is risin' so bright in the sky But it won't shine brighter than the stars in your eyes...
WRLD feat. Richard Caddock - Orbit Lyrics
Feb 6, 2016 Could be the sunset or just the look in your eyes that shine so bright ... sky 'cause it's surrounded us out here Follow the trail of the star dust of ...
Lyrics to "In My Eyes" song by THE AFTERS: You're walking, but no one seems to notice. ... I will always stand by you, cause I am on your side. In my eyes, you're more than complete. You're perfect to me, If you could only see the way that you shine. ... You make the world look so bright ... Do you see the sky is smiling?
Leilani Wolfgramm - Love Is Ours (Bonus Track) Lyrics
May 25, 2015 ... your arms Ooooh areʻnt we stars You shine so bright You light up ... your eyes Swim all night in your smile Keep me in your smile Ooooh ... You are my You are my diamond in the sky We are stars And love is our, our, ours.
Darren Styles - Shining Star Lyrics
A supernova in the night. My diamond star, you shine so bright. I never wonder where you are. Your brilliant, like a shining star. (x2). We only get one chance to ...
ANAH AEVIA LYRICS - "Realize Your Dead" (2002) album
Oct 12, 1998 want is to live a normal life. My eyes have yet to open and already I have wounds / that will never heal, you let my heartbeat fade. I shut my eyes ...
Headlights are shining so bright, They illuminate your eyes, As the stars, shoot across the sky. Your mind can't fathom, How wonderful this night has been, Oh, ...
When your dreams all fail. And the ones we hail ... Look into my eyes. It's where my demons hide ... Your eyes, they shine so bright. I wanna save that light. I can't  ...
RYAN MALCOLM LYRICS - Star Of All The Planets
Lyrics to "Star Of All The Planets" song by RYAN MALCOLM: Don't you know you' re beautiful The light you shed, it overflows my eyes, Can't take your blinding... ... You're the star of all the planets out in the sky. Tell me ... You shine so bright
We could both touch the sky ... Baby, set your mind at ease. We'll be living in a ... The stars. Are shining bright. Aligned for you and I No, it's not about luck, ... So why. Don't we live. Like we're alive. Gotta open up our eyes. No, it's not about luck,
Haley Jonay - All the Bright Places Lyrics
Mar 28, 2016 i can feel something the stars they shine and just like your eyes ... all the bright places now here i stand under sky so blue i close my eyes and ...
Gardiner Sisters - Bright Lyrics
Apr 22, 2015 You sprinkle star dust on my pillow case It's like a moonbeam brushed ... now I'm shining bright (oh) so bright And I get lost in your eyes Did you ...
JOHN LEGEND LYRICS - You & I (Nobody In The World)
You fix your make up, just so. Guess you don't ... You were fine in my eyes a half hour ago. And if your ... All of the stars, you make them shine like they were ours
AMY WINEHOUSE LYRICS - Moody's Mood For Love / Teo Licks
Anything, baby just let me get next to you. So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes? Bright as stars that shine up above you. In the clear blue sky, ...
Cheetah Girls - Everyone's A Star Lyrics
Everyone's a star / Look inside and you know you are / I saw a man dancin' on the corner / Hat out, he was. ... You can reach the sky. We can all play the part ... You can shine so bright ... If you open your eyes, you will see the truth. And you ...
LAKE OF TEARS LYRICS - "Greater Art" (1994) album
Oh ,a beautiful sky, down deep in your eyes ... Where I can stand and raise my hands, and touch the sky .... Besides one star, that seems to shine so bright
Echosmith - Bright Lyrics
I think you and the Moon and Neptune got it right 'Cause now I'm shining bright ( ooh) so bright. And I get lost in your eyes. Did you see that shooting star tonight?
Aimee Iris - Stars lyrics and translation
May 25, 2015 Shine like your eyes so blue Will you remember this moment with me I ... hands black sky, dark night, bright stars, shine your light black sky, ...
Dean Martin - That's Amore Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's Amore' by Dean Martin: When a moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie That's amore When the world seems to shine like you've had too much. ... When the stars make you drool just like a pasta fazool. That's amore. When you  ...
But compared to your eyes. Nothing shines quite as bright. And when we look to the sky. It's not mine, but I want it so. Let's not pretend like you're alone tonight

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