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Starish - Maji Love Legend Star Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Maji Love Legend Star' by Starish: マジLOVEレジェンドスター (Legend star!) 宇宙だって(Legend star!) 狭く(Legend star!)
Uta no Prince Sama 2000% (Original Japanese Version) - We are ...
Lyrics for We are Starish by Uta no Prince Sama 2000% (Original Japanese Version)
Features All STARISH Song Lyrics and STARISH Discography, as well as Band Biography and User Reviews.
STARISH - Maji LOVE Legend Star Lyrics
Nov 4, 2016 Lyrics for Maji LOVE Legend Star by STARISH. Legend star legend star Legend star legend star Legend star legend star Legend star uuuuh ...
Starish - We Are Starish!! Lyrics
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STARISH - Mirai, yume, arigatou...soshite! Lyrics
Lyrics for Mirai, yume, arigatou...soshite! by STARISH.
Antony And The Johnsons - Cripple And The Starfish Lyrics ...
Cripple and the Starfish. Mr. Muscle forcing bursting. Stingy thingy into little me, me, me. But just "ripple" said the cripple. As my jaw dropped to the ground
Mamoru Miyano - Maji Love 2000% Lyrics
Dec 8, 2015 Yes happy life (Shuu shuu!) Omatase shimashita Hoshi o yozora e (We are STARISH!) Ai wa shooting star! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I need you S I feel you T ...
You're my starfish. You moan a tone so low beyond me. A telepathic sub-sonic frequency. I need a little air for emergency. You have to understand this urgency
Uta no Prince Sama 2000% (Original Japanese Version) - Maji Love ...
Dec 1, 2016 Yes! happy life (Shoot shoot!) Omataseshimashita Hoshi wo yozora e (We are STARISH!) I'm a shooting star! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 I need you S I feel you ...
Please call STARISH Zutto issho ni. Nisen paa (Hey!) Saikou na love (Get you!) Kimi to dake (Jump!) Yes happy pulse (Shoot shoot!) Kakumei STARLIGHT
ST RISH - 真愛Revolutions lyrics
... afuretasu revolution saikou revolution mezasou revolution kirameki no revolution hibiki e revolution subete wa revolution STARISH! haato nisoku melody tachi ...
On some super star ish. Pushin hot bugatti whips. Rockin new designer fits. We can do it if you wit it [B Section] It's all about me and u. Doin' how we do. Tear the  ...
ST RISH - 未來、夢、感謝…還有! lyrics
Dec 23, 2016 ... au koto da to N: Sore zore no kaze wo ou hi wa C: Kyou mitai ni hashagou R: Nukumori motome nigitta migite All: Kasane ai — STARISH.
Reerulili & Chikichuri P - Maji Love 1000% lyrics
Mar 4, 2015 ... ni shichaimashou Mirai no chizu wo (YES YES) kimi to egakou Kono Revolution (we are) ikimashou (STARISH) Ai wo change the star Check ...
Dizzi Mystica feat. TAKANORI + hideki - マジLOVE1000% lyrics ...
Jul 3, 2015 Hajikeru monogatari ni shichaimashou Mirai no chizu wo (yes yes) Kimi to egakou Kono revolution (we are) Ikimashou (starish!) Ai wo change ...
Lyrics to "Elephant Stone" song by THE STONE ROSES: Burst into heaven Kiss in the cotton clouds Arctic sheets and fields of wheat I can't stop coming do...
Tokiya Ichinose (Mamoru Miyano) - Mighty Aura Lyrics
Mighty wind. Mighty shine. Uh ... Hu ... koko kara hajimaru. ( Mighty Aura ) itsu datte deai wa yūdachi no yōna Suddenly ( Mighty Aura ) Yōr voice hāto ni ryōkū ...
I Shine, You Shine Lyrics - Fabolous
Easy Star, I ain't on that star ish. You act up you'll be sleepin' with the star fish. Food for crabs, you rude to Fab You end up bein' that dude they grab. So shut ya  ...
Britney Spears - Freakshow Lyrics
A Freakshow Make 'em clap when we perform. Wanna be crazy we can show 'em . Instant table top freaky freak it. So outside the norm. On some super star ish
so bossy in my stance I'm on my 5 star ish. I know I got you in a trance yea you and yo friends. I'm chunkin up dat dueces naw buddy no chance. I love the way ...

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