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Vybz Kartel - Freaky Gal Pt. 2 Lyrics
Lyrics to "Freaky Gal Pt. 2" song by Vybz Kartel: Yo Russian Yowwwww Dem nuh know di Worl' Boss program (ee) Mi love pum pum Pussy until mi dead Nutt...
Fabolous - Want You Back Lyrics
Lyrics to "Want You Back" song by Fabolous: ... [Verse 2: Joe Budden] Let me start wtih with 'I love you', I think that we have the power to grow But it gave up, but it ain't no coward in Joe ... Must've figured you ain't need it, but all I can do is seed it Told you you're gonna fuck around and end up sick
Flume - Say It Lyrics
When you say it like that Oh, oh, oh, oh ... [Verse 2: Tove Lo] I'm getting the door, silent walk Whose the first to speak? Speak it like a real freak Voice in my head, in my bed Filled with you instead Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm Taking your time, work my mind And I play with you I play pretend it's so true
Joe Budden - Last Day Lyrics
So I spend like it's my last day Club like it's my last day Ride like it's my last day Fry like it's my last day Fuck like it's my last day Fuck boys wanna blast me This might be your last day But it won't be my last day [Verse 2:] Mottos by my side Shooters on my team Choppers with the beam Countin' up some green Blowin' on a blue dream
Cassidy - Innocent (Misunderstood) Lyrics
[Verse 3:] Involuntary Manslaughter Just Porole I Spanked The Murder Like A Bad Ass 6 Year Old I Knew That I Was Gone Be Rich Since I Was 6 Years Old Now I'm The Richest Rapper Under 26 Years Old So It's On Now, I'm Home Now It's A Celebration I Got My Drink And My 2 Step Cause I'm Elevating I'm Gettin Hela Caking With The Number One Record
Collie Buddz - Blind To You Lyrics
I'm blind to you haterz, C'yant touch me war instigators Me say me busy love lately, Ask you how the world ah run so. Said I'm blind to you haterz, C'yant touch me rumor creators Me say me busy love lately, Ask you how the world ah run so. [Verse 1:] When tings dey pop off Dem a smile and dey laugh, Dem would ah love to see you fall by the waste side. Dem holla "big up" when pass, PRAY for you ...
Lecrae - Used To Do It Too Lyrics
Used To Do It Too lyrics performed by Lecrae: Intro: Hey, KB, man, you know we don't just brag on our past We just ... ain't turn myself around I gave it up and told the Lord that He can have it now Hook Verse 2: ... trying to figure what's a goone to a goblin That's nonsense tell me this is tough what's a goone to the God-head I gotta seed ...
Lloyd - ATL Tales / Ride Wit Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "ATL Tales / Ride Wit Me" song by Lloyd: ... U think a gun makes you a tough guy. I’ve seen more gus with guns wet the bed than other guys without guns. ... [Verse 2: Lloyd] Niggas come take this ride wit me, break some pot wit seed on the side of the road. Where
Dead Prez - If I Fail Lyrics
[Verse 2] If I fail then I'll rise Like a phoenix before yo eyes Out the ashes and from the dirt Report for duty and put in work Eternal life, an iron will Man sharpens man, steel sharpens steel The hate you gave, we turn to love Rest in peace, one thug one love [Verse 3] We can't be stopped if we don't give up
Tech N9ne - American Horror Story Lyrics
[Verse 2 - Godemis:] I might've gone AWOL, maybe I blurred the line Clock ready and alarm set, I know it's murder time I gotta find my mind, even if only a piece I'm better off behind, down here where we know no peace And the clouds don't move when the wind blow, put a seed in the soil but it didn't grow
Freeway - Hol Fam Lyrics
[Verse 2: Sean] Chyeah! You see I'm in it for a reason, someone to believe in Learned to swim quicker 'cause I got tossed in the deep end My cousin was a drunk, and his father was a deacon Nonsense made sense, let that there seep in I've seen a prom queen never leave the nest And end up with more babies than dudes she had sex with
Kid Rock - Drinkin' Smokin' Lyrics
VERSE 2 It's been a couple-a months in this smokey room Eatin' shrooms, drinkin' Boone's Writin' tunes, and hopin' to get One-a these motherfuckin' songs to hit A little bitta love that's all I need A little inspiration, and a bagga weed A seed to plant, so my tree can grow You know I left my girl, cause I don't need that Ho-oooold up
Bizzle - This Ain't Love Lyrics
Cause this ain't love [Outro to Bizzle's verse:] So fickle, uh, it's so conditional (cause this ain't love) We just throw that word around man This ain't love [Verse 2 - Lavoisier:] There comes a time in life where you just gotta up and quit, and separate from the foolishness that you grew up with There's a feeling of power you get when you ...
Noreaga - Sometimes Lyrics
Sometimes I wanna go back around the way Sometimes I wanna ride and smoke, sometimes Sometimes I got money and I still feel broke [Verse 2: Musolini] I cock and pop 3 in the air for my niggas not here Locked it wit me, your legacy live on with me continuously Tremendously I blow weed deep in my memory You still breathe, your face show through ...
Norman Dück - Pokemon Detective Pikachu Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu' by Norman Dück. [Verse 1] I was working late one balmy humid evening down the office When a human kid named Tim came racing in straight out the darkness He claimed his old man had vanished, asked my hand in looking harder 'Cause he wasn't the kind of bum father to just up and scarper
Stephen Marley - The Traffic Jam Lyrics
"The Traffic Jam" (feat. Damian 'Jr. Gong' Marley, Buju Banton) [Intro: Stephen Marley (Damian Jr. Gong" Marley) {Buju Banton}] ... [Verse 2: Stephen Marley] I'm di judge, di lawyer Juve I'm my own bails man ... And sekkle Juju Royal yuh tuffa than tuff And tell dem seh natty dreadlocks nah wear handcuffs
Jim Jones - Certified Gangstas (Original) Lyrics ...
Cause, we Certified Gangstas Stash the mill' in the house And I kill in the drowt That's the chill, when I pump, get it crunk in the South Icegrill, like a nice meal in my mouth Cause, we Certified Gangstas [Verse 2: Jim Jones] You know I keep my eyes wide Eastside high-risers Westside low-riders Vest with the four-fiver Yes I fo' sho fire D-I ...
Garth Brooks - That Summer Lyrics
Garth Brooks explained in Nashville in 2016, "There's a seed and from that seed some people might call exaggeration, some people might call it journalistic liberties, but I think you take that seed and you run with it and then you start to paint the picture.I was lucky enough to date some girls in high school, and this is a song about one of those girls.
Chris Brown - With You Lyrics
[Verse 2] Oh girl! I don't want nobody else. Without you, there's no one left and You're like Jordans on Saturday, I gotta have you and I cannot wait now, Hey! Little shawty, Say you care for me, You know I care for you, You know that I'll be true, You know that I won't lie, You know that I would try, To be your everything, yeah. [Bridge ...
Tech N9ne - The Beast Lyrics
Riot maker Moon strikin' Animal need Bad seed Untamable (Beast) [Intro 2: Tech N9ne] Everybody around me always thinks they know what's goin' on inside my mind Think I'm Mr. nice guy all the time Like they say on Diary, you think you know but you have no idea [Hook: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kalico] KC MO Is with me Let's make mo growth We will be shakin' your flow Come against me that's a no, no ...
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2Pac - Pain Lyrics
Lyrics to "Pain" song by 2Pac: I couldn't help but notice your pain (My pain?) It runs deep Share it with me! ... Tired of the Strain and the Pain [Verse 2: Stretch] Years and years of that rough life Runnin crazed and wild as a kid and growin tough with a knife And livin trifed on the regular Buckin out competitors
Bruce Springsteen - The River Lyrics
"The River" is written about Bruce Springsteen's sister, who got married very young, and her early life with her husband. The song was based on conversations Springsteen had with his brother-in-law, after the latter lost his job but never complained and tried hard to find ways of providing his family.
[Verse 2] The coyote, summon the ghosts of blown diodes Open to moving like a luchador with no eyeholes Fried while the pipes froze, life goes Lovecraft Christ pose, sitting on invisible hubcaps Call Alex back, daggers in the basil patch Tell him, "Maybe less badminton, more Scrabble Dash" "Less Jarts more Rummikub," whatever
Mims - They Don't Wanna Play Lyrics
They don't wanna play They don't wanna play They don't they don't they don't wanna play They don't wanna play they talkin big baby They don't wanna play They don't wanna play They don't wanna u can get the fuck up out of trill niggas way [Verse 1:] Say u a killa killa Say u bout that skrilla skrilla Watch out wen them bullets spray ...
Nick Cave feat. The Bad Seeds - Easy Money - Live in Milan ...
Nick Cave feat. The Bad Seeds - Easy Money - Live in Milan Lyrics. It's difficult. It's very tough. I said to the man who'd been sleeping rough To sit within a fragrant breeze All among the nodding trees Tha
The Specials - Pressure Drop Lyrics
Lyrics to "Pressure Drop" song by The Specials: It is you, oh yeah It is you, oh yeah I said pressure drop, oh, pressure Oh yeah, pressures gonna d...
Formed after the dissolution of Homme's previous band, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age developed a style of riff-oriented, heavy rock music. Their sound has since evolved to incorporate a variety of different styles and influences, including working with ZZ Top member Billy Gibbons and steady contributor Mark Lanegan.
Lil Buddha - King Of Nephop Lyrics
Lyrics to 'King of Nephop' by Lil Buddha. [INTRO: GOD] Ayo, Namaste Sabai Jana Lai Welcome to first song from the new album SHREPACH by Lil Buddha This is GOD Productions, my name is godonthabeat
Audio Push - Mary Jane Lyrics
[Verse 2:] Uh uh, it ain't no shame in my game, I just be doing my thang Making my moves everyday, O.G. said stay in ya' lane When you learn to drive in L.A, the traffic here ain't the same And the police playin' no game, neither them niggas who bang It ain't just here, I'm just saying, this is where I was raised
(and calls it tough love, tough love?) What is a man, who can't take a stand for his daughter? (and calls it tough love, tough love?) Your roots grow in the cracks of the alleys, college park made you Man enough to see, man enough to see There ain't a goddamn man in me Take me back to a date, before I was hostile and learned to hate
J.R. Writer - Goonies Lyrics
[Verse 3 Hell Rell] I'm the shit Mr. Doodoo, I'll holla wooo wooo Hundred niggaz hop out hoodied up like boom boom I got Goons on the payroll shorty And I don't tough shit, they move the yayo for me (they move that shit) Money machines count the pesos for me Shit on my neck, that's Range Rove money My jewelry starting to add up to cars my brother
The Fabulous Thunderbirds song lyrics collection. Browse 94 lyrics and 130 The Fabulous Thunderbirds albums.
Alphaville - Ain't It Strange (Demo 1) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Ain't It Strange (Demo 1)" song by Alphaville: Ain't it strange that we destroy what we embrace and we leave what we seek it's such a shame ai...
Curren$y - Seat Change Lyrics
[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg] Playa, playa, lay a, spraya On the real loco I should be the mayor Compassionate, rare Fly to a spider Scope on me tough like a sniper, viper My cipher is G's No fleas, green trees No seeds, oh please We press, we ease Artistically in a midst of me I'm mystically and magical The weight I form the group
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