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Too $hort - What The Fuck You Gonna Do Lyrics
So don't tell me what you wish for you want to be Kept by a rich hoe bitch ass nigga I'm trying to hit me ... What the fuck you gonna do nigga what the what the ... Do yo thang and watch me do mine Get the bitch on the phone and lets see whos lyin- nigga.
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Jump in me old jeep wagon Bump it to the banks of the river Dig me a worm and a cricket squirm And a-wade out into the water Oh, goodbye google eye Eat him up, a-google eye A-google eye, a-google eye. Google Jesus Lyrics. by Hawksley Workman on album Milk. You be acting like you don't remember what he said Google Jesus Google Jesus You be ...
Cardi B - Bodak Yellow Lyrics
Cardi B, you know where I'm at, you know where I be (ooh, ooh) You in the club just to party, I'm there, I get paid a fee (bah) I be in and out them banks so much, I know they're tired of me. Honestly, don't give a fuck 'bout who in front of me (who) Dropped two mixtapes in six months, what bitch working as hard as me? (yeah)
Lady GaGa - Telephone Lyrics
Call when you want, but there's no one home And you're not gonna reach my telephone Out in the club, and I'm sipping that bubb And you're not gonna reach my telephone. Boy, the way you blowing up my phone Won't make me leave no faster Put my coat on faster Leave my girls no faster I should've left my phone at home 'Cause this is a disaster
I Want'a Do Something Freaky to You: 1259: A Tisket a Tasket: 1260: I See You: 1261: Fools Fall In Love: 1262: A House Is Not a Home: 1263: American Dream: 1264: So In Love: 1265: Gee: 1266: I Still Miss Someone: 1267: Strict Machine: 1268: Love You I Do: 1269: Angel of the Morning: 1270: The Way You Do the Things You Do: 1271: Heaven's What I ...
Beyonce Knowles - Resentment Lyrics
What did you do to me I used to be so strong Now you took my soul I'm crying I can't stop crying Can't stop crying You could've told me You was unhappy I know you didn't wanna hurt me But look what you done to me now I gotta look at her in her eyes (you lied) And see she's had half of me (you lied) How could you lie (you lied)
Cardi B - Ring Lyrics
You quit, then that's it, I'ma throw in the towel. 'Cause a nigga only gon' do what you allow. You don't want this gun smoke. Learn to text with your nose if your thumb broke. I don't care if we get' into it and I stall on your ass. Better still wake up to missed calls from your ass, nigga. You don't hit my line no more, oh, oh.
J. Cole - Apparently Lyrics
I want my dreams to rescue me I keep my faith strong I ask the lord to follow me. I've been unfaithful I don't know why you call on me This is my canvas I'ma paint it how I want it baby, oh I This is my canvas I'ma paint it, paint it, paint it, how I want it nigga Fuck you cause there There is no right or wrong Only a song I like to write alone ...
Flipp Dinero - Leave Me Alone Lyrics
Yeah, I miss you but I got no time for that (Damn, yah) Yeah, I miss you but I got no time for that. How could you, wish you never played me. Have no time for that (damn) Claiming you're my lady. Got no time for that. Move it like you're crazy. I ain't call you back (damn) Bitch you dumb as fuck. Running up the bucks (d-damn, ay)
Cardi B - Money Lyrics
Sweet like a honey bun, spit like a Tommy gun. Rollie a one of one, come get your mommy some. Cardi at the tip-top, bitch. Kiss the ring and kick rocks, sis (Uh) Jump it down, back it up (Ooh, ayy) Make that nigga put down 2K. I like my niggas dark like D'usse. You gonna eat this ass like soup (Ayy) I was born to flex, diamonds on my neck.
Drake - Hotline Bling Lyrics
Ever since I left the city, you, you, you. You and me, we just don't get along. You make me feel like I did you wrong. Going places where you don't belong. Ever since I left the city, you. You got exactly what you asked for. Running out of pages in your passport. Hanging with some girls I've never seen before. You used to call me on my cell phone.
Drake - Nice For What Lyrics
You been inside, know you like to lay low I've been peepin' what you bringin' to the table Workin' hard, girl, everything paid for First, last phone bill, car note, cable. With your phone out, gotta hit them angles With your phone out snappin' like you Fabo And you showin' off, but it's alright And you showin' off, but it's alright It's a short ...
Toni Romiti - Switch Up Lyrics
When I spread my legs for someone else don't be mad at me. Cause you had your chance too bad, too sad. Oh got a new bitch well guess what. Umm she's not as bad as me. And I know for a fact. That she can't throw it back like me. And I know for a fact. That she can't throw a rack like me. I can't believe. You would do me like that.
Eminem - When I'm Gone Lyrics
And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn. Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice. Just know that I'm looking down on you smiling. And I didn't feel a thing, So, baby, don't feel no pain. Just smile back. And when I'm gone, just carry on, don't mourn. Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice.
Yo Gotti - Real Shit Lyrics
And I ain't drop shit but a nigga bitch off. You know what I'm talkin about I'm in a two door coup With a see through roof And the a dope boy roll and a glock 9 too Red bitch on the passenger, she semi cute But her head some serious, so you know what it do When I say I love my niggers, that mean I love my niggers
Eminem - Venom Lyrics
E-E-Elliot phone home, ain't no telling when this choke hold On this game will end, I'm loco Became a symbiote, so My fangs are in your throat, ho You're stepping in with my Venom Put the ballpoint pen 'em Gun cock, bump stock, devil eye, buckshot Tied for the uppercut Tie a couple knots, fired up and caught Fire juggernaut
Queen Lyrics - Song Lyrics
We Will Rock You (Live At Wembley Stadium / July 1986) Lyrics. White Queen (As It Began) (Live At the Hammersmith Odeon, London / 1975) Lyrics. + Submit New Song. #N#Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics. Don't Stop Me Now Lyrics. We Will Rock You Lyrics. We Are The Champions Lyrics. Somebody To Love Lyrics. Under Pressure Lyrics. Love Of My Life Lyrics.
Nicki Minaj Song Lyrics
Your Love Lyrics 2010: Get On Your Knees Lyrics 2014: Beez In The Trap Lyrics 2012: I Am Your Leader Lyrics 2012: Did It On 'Em Lyrics 2010: All Things Go Lyrics 2014: I'm Legit Lyrics 2012: Pound The Alarm Lyrics 2012: Right Through Me Lyrics 2010: Roman's Revenge Lyrics 2010: Cant Stop, Won't Stop Lyrics 2009: Buy A Heart Lyrics 2014: Regret ...
Akon - Lonely Lyrics
Never thought that I'd be alone (be alone) I didn't think you'd be gone this long (call for long) I just want you to call my phone. Stop playing girl and come on home (come on home) baby girl, I didn't mean to shout. I want me and you to work it out (work it out baby) I never wished I'd ever hurt my baby. and it's driving me crazy.
Sabyan Gambus - Deen Assalam Lyrics
Zay nu dini yakh te rabb. Ab ma habbat wab ta sam. An syaru ba anil ana. Ha da hud deen as salaam. Kala ha dil ar maa taq fi masahat. La u na hasib la sama hat. Wan ta ayas na bahb. La ta ghay kal ar tha nas kan kal ya ghar. Ab ta hayat wab salaam. An syaru wah lal kalam. Zay nu dini yakh te rabb. Ab ma habbat wab ta sam. An syaru ba anil ana.
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Lyrics Correction. Your Name * Your Email * Used only for questions about your lyrics correction. Artist Name * Song Name * Song URL. Lyrics Correction * Captcha. In the Know. Lyricapsule: The Surfaris Drop ‘Wipe Out’; June 22, 1963:
Lloyd - You Lyrics
The way you move that girl you done got my heart all in it. And I just wanna be with you tonight (girl please) Imma playa yeah, it's true. But I change the game for you. I wanna see what it do. can I be for real? Dis is how I feel. I'm in need of love. So let's dip up out of here. Ooohh ya just my type. Everything's so right. I just wanna chill.
Drake - Nice For What Lyrics
With your phone out, gotta hit them angles With your phone out, snappin' like you Fabo And you showin' off, but it's alright And you showin' off, but it's alright It's a short life, yeah [Lauryn Hill:] Care for me, care for me You said you'd care for me There for me, there for me Said you'd be there for me Cry for me, cry for me You said you'd ...
Songs That Will Make You Cry Uncontrollably
"Wake Up Alone" - Amy Winehouse. See Song Lyrics. Don't let the upbeat nature of this tune fool you. It's obviously a dismal ditty about love lost. All you have to do is listen, cry, and repeat. 112, amy winehouse, beatles, Ben Folds, boyz II men, + 37 MORE. Bright Eyes, britney spears, bruce springsteen, carrie underwood, Death Cab For Cutie ...
Machine Gun Kelly - Rap Devil Lyrics
Talkin' 'bout "I'ma call up Trick Trick" Man, you sound like a bitch, bitch Man up and handle your shit (ugh) Mad about somethin' I said in 2012 Took you six years and a surprise album just to come with a diss Homie we get it, we know that you're the greatest rapper alive Fuckin' dweeb, all you do is read the dictionary and stay inside
Taylor Swift - Love Story Lyrics
Romeo, save me, I've been feeling so alone. I keep waiting for you but you never come. Is this in my head? I don't know what to think. He knelt to the ground & pulled out a ring & said. Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone. I love you & that's all I really know. I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress.
Jessie J - Bang Bang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bang Bang' by Jessie J: She got a body like an hourglass, but I can give it to you all the time She got a booty like a Cadillac, but I can send you into overdrive (oh) (You've been waiting for that, stop, hold up, swing your bat) See anybody could be bad to you, You need a good girl to blow your mind, yeah
Lizzo - Juice Lyrics
Don't make me have to take your bitch, shit (How I roll) If I'm shinin', everybody gonna shine (Yeah, I'm gold) I was born like this, don't even gotta try (Now you know) I'm like chardonnay (Okay), get better over time (So you know) Heard you say I'm not the baddest, bitch, you lie (You lie) It ain't my fault that I'm out here gettin' loose.
Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott - Work It Lyrics
Take my thong off and my ass go vroom. Cut the lights on so you see what I could do. Is it worth it, let me work it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it [backwards 2x] If you got a big ***, let me search you. And find out how hard I gotta work you. I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it ...
Rachel Platten - Fight Song Lyrics
She wrote "Fight Song" to motivate herself not to give up, when the US music industry had rejected her for over ten years. In an interview Rachel Platten said of her inspiration: "I wrote it because I needed to remind myself that I believed in myself." "Fight Song" was used by Hillary Clinton in her campaign for the presidential election.
Missy Elliott - Work It Lyrics
Love the way my ass go ba bump ba bump bump. Keep your eyes on my ba bump ba bump bump. Ya think you can handle this ga dunk ga dunk dunk. Take my thong off and my ass go boom. Cut the lights off so you see what I can do. Is it worth it, let me work it. I put my thang down, flip it and reverse it. Ti esrever dna ti pilf nwod gnaht ym tup i.
Vance Joy - Riptide Lyrics
Thanks to Cici, Jessica Blue, Mehnaz, Qyinn, David Tennant for correcting these lyrics. The writing process of this song started in 2008, five years before the release. Vance Joy had only a couple of lines and melody bars at the time, but in 2012 he came up with some another melody which perfectly complemented the early material, and the song ...
Drake - Forever Lyrics
I want this shit forever mine, ever mine, ever mine. Hey, ever, ever, Mr. West is in the building. Ain't no question who we're about to kill. I used to have hood dreams, big fame, big chains. I stuck my dick inside this life until that bitch came. I went hard all fall like the ball teams. Just so I can make it rain all spring.
Twenty One Pilots - Stressed Out Lyrics
Saying, "Wake up, you need to make money." We used to play pretend, give each other different names. We would build a rocket ship and then we'd fly it far away. Used to dream of outer space but now they're laughing at our face. Saying, "Wake up, you need to make money." Wish we could turn back time, to the good old days.
Kesha - Tick Tock Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tick Tock' by Kesha. Wake up in the morning and i'm on tv a chapion but I keep the cash for my family president snow want's to quel us in a fight to the death were crimsimer than the roses and bood on his breath im talking go to the capitol again again Haymich let us to make friends friends not liking gona end end W wirles and beetee are tinking something abouth the word we are in ...
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