Stop drop damn that ass so fine lyrics

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3, 6, 9 damn you're fine move it so you can sock it to me one mo time. Get low, get low [6x] To the ... Drop that ass to the floor you scared you, scared you. Let me see you get low ... Now stop (o) then wiggle wiggle with it 3, 6, 9 damn you're fine  ...
Lyrics to "Ass Drop" song by WIZ KHALIFA: Goddamn, Goddamn How the hell you get all that ass in them pants? ... Damn, to me you look perfect ... Girl I go so deep in that pussy while he just hitting the surface. What is ... Got a fat ass go ' head
LMFAO LYRICS - What Happens At The Party
Party Rock just don't stop, Grab a freak to the ... Put yo glasses to the sky damn I' m so high. And shes so ... Bring ya fine ass on the floor and drop it low. Girl we a  ...
Three, six, nine, damn your fine. Move it till you ... Till the sweat drop down my balls (My Balls!) All these bitches ... Let me see you just stop (Oh!) wiggle with it ( Yeah!) Stop (Oh!) wiggle ... Gal shake up yuh booty, when yuh shake it up yuh get mi rudey. Wouldn't mind fi see ... Dem a seh yuh hype and wonder how yuh stay so
I watch it hit the floor and watch it drop it real low girl. Last time I ... God damn your ex man is a dumb ass. When you ... She too bad to pass, so fine I don't speak
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Don't Fight The Feelin'
I saw you walking down the street, and I had to stop. Turn up the radio and drop the top. I see you look so good, and your so fine ... You have no ass, class,you can't pass, your simply trash ... Knowing damn well that they wanna freak. Some do ...
Lil Jon & Eastside Boyz - Get Low (clean Version) Lyrics
Three, six, nine damn she fine hopin she can sock it to me one mo time. Get low, Get low ... dam (Got Dam). Shortie crunk so fresh so clean can she fuck that ... Drop dat ass to the floor you scared you, scared you ... Now stop then wiggle wit it
T-PAIN LYRICS - I'm N Luv Wit A Stripper (Remix)
Lyrics to "I'm N Luv Wit A Stripper (Remix)" song by T-PAIN: Damn lil' mama, you thought ... Super-cute face and the booty so fat ... When drop, drop, when it hop, hop and when T.I. pop, pop. The way you doing that thang. Don't you stop, stop?
50 Cent - Wanksta Lyrics
We say you a wanksta, then you need to stop fronting. You ain't a ... Shortie, she so fine, I gotta make her mine, A ass like that, gotta be one of a kind,(Whoo) I crush em ... The D's ran up in my crib, you know who drop the dime ... Damn homie,
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Dope Fiend Beat
Dangerous Music and it don't stop to the beat, baby..... ... Mothafuck you, damn shit-head bitch. I wanna ... So mothafuck you, bitch, goddamn ass hoe ... A big fat dick in the big East Oakland ... I just drop a few lines and then call her bitch... Bitch ...
Lil Ronny MothaF feat. Pooca Leroy & Fat Pimp - Duet Lyrics ...
Nov 10, 2015 lil Ronny motha F roll roll roll thaa ass gently on my meat baby girl dont be ... clap that ass lil bitch(bitch) drop that ass lil bitch(bitch) shake that ass on ... out the mall she was so dam fine thaa i had to stop and pause i gave ha ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Ain't Nothing Like Pimpin'
Mother fucking shit god damn asshole. Ain't nuthin ... Wonder how I got rich, they say I rhyme too slow, so. I'm from the ... Puttin fine ass bitches in the streets and the hood. Every year a ... I'm a pimp ass nigga and the game don't stop "All you ...
T PAIN - Come And Get It Lyrics
Ooh baby, dont stop, drop that, dont stop. What you ... Damn, her ass fat, and Imma leave with that ... Go head, turn around so I can smack you on the ass with it
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Cocktales
I'm gettin fucked in my drop top cadillac. I met this freak ... She was fine as fuck, but can't fuck with Tina ... I didn't fuck her freaky ass, but it was still fun. I know you stop and wonder just what it is. ... So damn sprung on my diamonds and gold
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Get Low - Street Lyrics
Sep 14, 2015 3, 6, 9 Damn she fine Let me see ya sock it to me one mo' time Get low, get low, get low, . ... All skeet skeet God damn Shortie crunk, so fresh, so clean Can she ... damn Let me see you get low, you scared, you scared Drop dat ass to the ... back, back it up Now stop, oh, then wiggle wit' it, yeah Now stop, oh, ...
Hatin ass niggaz just wishin they were me -- YC, YC, YC Way too big for my ... Had so much kush and Ciroc, bitch I think my heart stop (Yeaaaaaaaah!) E'ry night's a ... Pull triggers like hamstrings, boy I'm doin my damn thing ... With the top on drop and the trunk on pop .... She got a fat ass, she prol'ly know me well. Keep it ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Cocktales (Radio Edit)
These are the Tales that I cherrish so well. You don't like ... I'll get worked in my drop top cadillac. I met this freak ... I know you stop and wonder what it is ... So damn dumb, I named her misdemeanor. ... But, I love her fine ass laying next to me.
Damn she's so thick, in that Fendi outfit. When she hit the ... A quarter horse she's a stallion, that ass is fat. She's a big fine ... Don't stop body rock, and let it drop. Why not, (she's ... She's so thick and she's so fine fa sho, cowgirl) [MJG:] She is a  ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Get In Where You Fit In
But you gots no game, and your bass ain't fat. You need to quit, ... Is stop making this funky-ass shit to ride to. And other rap ... (Hell yeah) Damn, you like that, nigga! You a fool ... So you'd better grab a gat and pop a cap in they black ass. And let loose ... I drop with couch and watch you bounce like a bad check. Cause I'm a ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Somethin' To Ride To
So lets start riding till this mother fucker ends. And hit the main ... All the fine ass freaks of Oakland That's where I ... Fifteen's slammin hard in my god damn trunk
Mr MFN eXquire feat. Gucci Mane - Telephuck Lyrics
... cope Damn I need some freaks that don't know how to choke Release my semen, ... Telephuck She fuck whoever I tell her fuck Fat ass with a little gut Shorty drop ... Medusa Whoa, Uzi's blow, get low, stop drop and roll Fold em up like a taco, ... I got genies on my ass, got some Kool 500's And these ladies so fine, make a ...
Movie, Bought my boo bigger tits and a bigger ass. Who he's, not I, ... That pussy so good I miss ya. Head game's so ... And I say "damn, that makes two of us" ... Just need to know what that pussy like so one time it's fine with me ... Stop Me Now
You a fine motherfucker, won't you back that ass up. They call ... I'm fucking five bitches so a nigga acting reckless [A$AP Ferg:] ... Said oh my god, damn it, she remind me of a masterpiece ... And don't stop, she what, what, drop it like it's hot
Kid Rock - Early Mornin' Stoned Pimp Lyrics
Just drop that top. Come on ... Whack MC killin, the fine ho drillin. With the million dollar ... Because the Kid Rock party don't stop y'all. Now I'm the ... But I ain't no god damn midget. So stick it up your ass where the sun don't shine. I'm verticly ...
HOPSIN LYRICS - Ill Mind Of Hopsin 5
Without the knowledge to lead, so you just follow the sheep. Making sure ... Girls, stop acting like you want a guy with traits like Romeo. Bitch! ... Twice a week you put on your make-up and damn bracelets and head to the club, half naked with your ass shaking. Pulling a ... But you caused it, your actions made a fat statement.
What the fuck you thinking, you can stop my shine? Put your money ... Then run down the line, damn right I'm getting mine. With a fine ass bitch, getting head, sipping wine [Shaggy 2 Dope] ... Bud so fine fine, toking all kinds. With Tech N9ne ...
Get Low (original video) lyrics and translation - Lil Jon & The East ...
Jun 19, 2014 Brrr dum dum dum - dum da da da da dum 3, 6, 9 damn, she's fine, ... to all skeet skeet goddamn (Goddamn) Shorty crunk, so fresh, so clean "Can she fuck? ... Let me see you get low you scared you scared Drop dat ass to the floor you ... little bit , then stop Get back on the floor, catch yo' balance, then drop ...
TOO $HORT LYRICS - Hard On The Boulevard
See me with a bitch with a big-ass butt. I don't answer ... Nothing but freaks with fine bodies. I love to roll ... Get off the pipe fool, stop cracking. Be like Short ... I'm so damn hard, on the boulevard ... On the boulevard, maybe drop my top. If you're  ...
2 Live Crew - Shake A Lil' Somethin' Lyrics
They so fine, I can't take it ... So shake that ass, and bitch, don't stop ... Show what you got; bitch, stop frontin' Drop them draws and shake a lil' somethin'!.
Everybody knows, so don't pretend to be nice ... Thought I was history, well God damn honky that compliment's like back-handin' a donkey, good way to get your ass socked in the mouth. Nah, I'm off him, but what the fuck's all this trash talking about? The fight was fixed, I'm back and you can't stop me you knocked me down
but now that same damn tunnel is looking dark and grey ... scared to death the other kids will kick his ass on the long walk home 'Cause its happened in the past so. He's getting used to the black eyes and fat lips ... But he's just a little different so they taunt him and they beat him ... On his knees, looking up, can't stop crying
Lyrics to "Free Or Dead" song by ATMOSPHERE: So here I am, trying to be the ... and I do believe in God cuz I keep comin across all these fine women ... now I'm giving back everything they gave me, not a damn thing ... yo, there's a Hardee's at the next stop ... how I'd rather live in a tent than bust my ass and pay the rent
about this life so go and cry to your momma. Ima roll ... let the fucking beat drop cause my words about to hit take it or leave it or fuck it. I dont give a damn if you like or not a fine ass bitch is always gonna suck it (thug life bitch) ... stop it rewind it
Give it to me! I met a boy last week tryna run that game Made it sound so sweet when... ... I'm like boy, stop, run that back. You can drive all ... God damn you fine but can you play that sax? Met a smart ass dude, mister know it all. Think you got  ...
LUDACRIS LYRICS - What's Your Fantasy Remix
I wanna ah-ah, you make it so good I don't wanna leave. But I got to ... We can go from a fly ass jetta to a Coupe De Ville Hotel tally ... Me and fat dick Ludacris making us a movie. Butt naked ... Damn she back, I though she a thing of the past . Cause I'm a ... Or you can find me in a dro-drop-drop-drop on dubs in the candy red
JUVENILE LYRICS - Juvenile On Fire
You goin to be by your damn self ... Look you kinda fine ... From some old bitch ass nigga ... But it's gonna stop here. For a little while. So I'm a get what I could
Witt Lowry - Tried to Be Nice Lyrics
Oct 23, 2015 It's Mr. Hi, yeah, it's me again So sad, I need a friend Thought ya'll could sedate Your m. ... a minute was straight drillin' that fine ass She said, "I think you're lyin'. ... at success is if Kanye tells me to stop While I'm at the Grammy's and they ... " Witt, drop shit so I can copy it and say I can rap" I've come to attack ...
Lil Wayne - Grown Man Lyrics
You are, so fine (You don't know about it, how I'm a grown man) I wish that I ... Feelin' tha way you walk when you move yo booty applause (damn) I gotta keep  ...
Too $hort - Don't Fight The Feelin' Lyrics
I saw you walking down the street, and I had to stop. Turn up the radio and drop the top. I see you look so good, and your so fine. Young tender ... Buy you any damn thing that you want. You want flowers, I'll buy your ass a rose. But later on ...
Drop dem bow's on dem muthafuckin' pussy ass niggas, Drop dem ... We rollin' deep in this bitch so fuck y'all niggas, We rollin' ... Then gimme fine head, blow my shotgun, tastes good don't it, Now tell ... Don't stop droppin' dem that's a lie, We just ... There's too many soldiers ready to roll with them god damn bones [ Chorus].

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