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The vibes tonight yeah so sweet yah. I mon spot this sweet senorita ... she only dance to reggae and calypso look how the dress ... let me hold you tight. Look it a  ...
If I had the chance again, I'd never let you go. Hold tight to your love, 'cause you never know [Verse 2] Her eyes are brown and beautiful, yet empty and sad
Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove for the first time ... holding in my laugh as I say that I love you ... I wanna kiss you hold you never scold you just love you ... Protect you you're my lady and you mean so much ... Ahh, Let's Get Ill
Lyrics to "I Wanna Sex You Up" song by COLOR ME BADD: Come inside, take off your coat, I'll make you feel at home. Now let's ... I've been waiting all night so just let me hold you close to me, 'Cause I've ... Make sweet lovin' all night long.
MODJO LYRICS - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
Lyrics to "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" song by MODJO: Lady Hear me tonight 'Cos my feeling Is just so right As we dance By the moonlight Can't you see You...
Even if I never ever make it to the top, you here to make me feel good you give me a natural high. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, if you ... I know you feel it when I hold ya. ... Let's face it, we in love. and you make me so mad til I hate you so bad but I love you ... Rubber Tonight
Lyrics to "Hold My Hand" song by SEAN PAUL: Whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh, oh whoa, oh Hold my hand, girl, you know I care Yo, yo, yo Hold my ha... ... Sweet is love but love is hard. Sometime you got to work pon it right round the clock. Never let it flop, never let it stop. Give thanks for what we got, me tell you this. Girl you ...
112 LYRICS - Sweet Love
Let me tell you what I wanna do. I wanna make love , sweet love , all night long to the rising of the sun. Hold your body close to mine it feels so right , don't let go ...
Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)' by Freddie Jackson. Oh, ho, ah, / Come on ... Come on let me do it now, you know I could ... Sweet, baby, yeah ... I 'm gonna rock and roll and hold and squeeze ya. Sweet ... You Are My Lady.
LETOYA LYRICS - Daddy Can I Please Come Back Home
Your little girl has just one question for you tonight. Daddy can I please come back home? Hold me close don't ever let me go. I wanna say I'm sorry daddy every ...
Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Need Your Love' by Calvin Harris: I need your love I need your time When ... I need to be free with you tonight. I need ... Hold me in your arms again.
MAGIC! LYRICS - Let Your Hair Down
Lyrics to "Let Your Hair Down" song by MAGIC! ... To me you are more than just skin and bones. You are elegance ... When I can steal a sweet kiss right from you
John Denver - Leaving On A Jetplane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Leaving On A Jetplane' by John Denver: Know when I'll be back again Oh babe, I hate to ... John Denver Lyrics ... Hold me like you'll never let me go
ELLA FITZGERALD LYRICS - Just Squeeze Me (But Don't Tease Me)
Squeeze me. But please don't tease me. C'mon and squeeze me. But please don' t tease me. Want you to know I go for your squeezing. Want you to know it ...
Kevin Lyttle - Turn Me On Lyrics
You're going home with me tonight. Let me hold you. Girl caress my body. You got me going crazy. You turn me on. Turn me on. Let me jam you. Girl wine
... be loved Not for who you think I am Nor what you want me to be Could you love me for me? ... I'm telling you lady ... Someone who is always near to hold me
JA RULE LYRICS - Mesmerize
How you been Yeah I know, I know, hehe It's all good.. (Murder ... Girl your stare, those eyes I (love it when you look at me baby) ... Believe me, and when you hold my body ... So take me, tonight ... What life would be without (my sweet baby)
PETER ANDRE LYRICS - Mysterious Girl
Lyrics to "Mysterious Girl" song by PETER ANDRE: Baby girl, i said tonight is your ... So just let me be with the woman that i love ... Girl you are me heart's desire
QWOTE LYRICS - Don't Wanna Fight
Tonight I just wanna make. Make love ... Tonight can't we just make love. Lately ... Stroke your hair gently, Let try ... Now you wanna hold me kiss and touch me
If I ever tell you 'bout maxine. You would a say ... Can't hold Chaka (Follow me) A pretty ... Yuh can underate (Follow me) ... Dem the kinda livin can Hold Chaka
BONNIE RAITT LYRICS - I Can't Make You Love Me
Turn down the lights; Turn down the bed. Turn down these voices. Inside my head. Lay down with me; Tell me no lies. Just hold me close; Don't patronize.
Under the moon I hold a wake for a promise torn. Mortally ... Open your blue eyes , tell me that you love me, whore. Make me believe ... Could I let you wait out the night? [CHORUS:] ... We had it all so sweet. Made for ... No word you say tonight
KEITH SWEAT LYRICS - Make It Last Forever
Let's make it last forever and ever. Don't our let our love end (Oh...don't let love end), mmm... Let me hear you tell me you love me. Let me hear you say you'll ...
Missing every little bit and a piece of you. Baby would you meet me halfway cos I' m down for you ... Just to feel you, hold you ... Dream away with me tonight
THE STARTING LINE LYRICS - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now
Standing here beside you, I want so much to give you this love in my heart that I' m feeling for you. Let them say we're crazy. ... Put your arms around me, baby, don't ever let go. Let the ... All that I want to do is hold you forever, forever and ever.
THE DRIFTERS LYRICS - Save The Last Dance For Me
Lyrics to "Save The Last Dance For Me" song by THE DRIFTERS: You can dance Every dance with the guy Who gave you the eye Let him hold you tight You can ...
Glen Washington - Strangers In the Night Lyrics
I just can't let you go Oh no, no, not my baby We were only strangers in the ... his song I hold the feeling oh so strong Never thought love would look me in the ...
No, could you let me go. I didn't think so. And you don't want to be here in the future. So you say. The present's just a pleasant. Interruption to the past. And you  ...
ELTON JOHN LYRICS - Candle In The Wind
Though I never knew you at all. You had the grace to hold yourself. While those around you ... And it seems to me you lived your life. Like a candle in the wind
Queen Ifrica - Below The Waist lyrics
Below The Waist lyrics by Queen Ifrica: We cworell and we fight but we a go mek it up 2night / I love you babe / Ayyyyyyeay / Me and ma.
The Time - I Don't Wanna Leave You Lyrics
People say you run around / I don't even care / I could never hold you down / I ... Let me try to love you, I know I could ... I don't wanna leave you (all I wanna do, is make sweet love to you) I don't ... (why you wanna leave me, baby, tonight?)
Lyrics to "I'm So Excited" song by THE POINTER SISTERS: Tonight's the night ... Give in this time and show me some affection ... And if you move real slow. I'll let it go. I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it ... I want you. We shouldn't even think about tomorrow. Sweet memories will last a ... If You Wanna Get Back Your Lady
TIMEFLIES LYRICS - Until The Sunrise
Let's make it worth it 'cause I got a feelin' that. When this is ... This could be a sweet disaster. Run with me into the dark, yeah. This night is ... I'ma take you from the dark to the light so tonight we gonna live like we the last ones here. Climbed ...
Because of my obligations, and the ties that you have ... I wanna hold you just one more time ... Let's just kiss and say goodbye ... It's gonna hurt me, I can't lie
Lyrics to "I'll Never Let You Go" song by STEELHEART: Angel eyes, you have angel ... You hold me close with tender lovin', and give me strength to carry on
MAVADO LYRICS - Come Into My Room
A Stacious Sexiness, ladies I wanna make love (I want you) Di gyal say her first bo... ... Take me high, high, higher than the moon. Baby come, come, come ... Take me high, high, higher than the moon. Baby come, come, come into my room [Outro:] Mi lady. Oooh-oooh ... Just want to let you know. Mr. Brooks wanna hold you
Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye: And my emotional stability is leaving me There is something I can.
JEWEL LYRICS - You Were Meant For Me
Lyrics to "You Were Meant For Me" song by JEWEL: I hear the clock, it's six A.M. I feel so far from where I've been I got my eggs, I got my pancakes...
Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah. Ut oh, you feel that? Alright Come on, don't stop now. You done did it, come on, uh, yeah, alright, hold on
BUSY SIGNAL LYRICS - Come Over (Miss You)
Miss my baby. Hope she ansa mi (busy) Hello [female voice] [1st Verse:] Hello baby can you come ova? Right now loneliness taking ova. Me need you tonite ya  ...

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