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The vibes tonight yeah so sweet yah. I mon spot this ... she only dance to reggae and calypso look how the dress hug ... let me hold you tight. Look it a girl get in ...
BUSY SIGNAL LYRICS - Sweet Love (Night Shift)
Lyrics to "Sweet Love (Night Shift)" song by BUSY SIGNAL: Girl come my way No matter weh time a day ... I wanna give you some sweet love (sweet lo-o-ve) ... Oh baby come hold me tight ... Tonight mi wah hear wen yuh seh "ooh and ouch"
Maoli - Sweet Remedy Lyrics
Sep 10, 2016 That you are here You got a hold on me It's crystal clear Why can't we stay together tonight So Could I have you tomorrow Could I have you ...
Calvin Harris - I Need Your Love Lyrics
I need to be free with you tonight. I need your love. I need your love. I take a deep ... Tell me do you feel the same. Hold me in your arms again. I need your love
bob sinclar, sahara & shaggy - i wanna (reggae radio mix) lyrics
I wanna give you all my tender loving tonight. I wanna feel. I wanna hold. I wanna touch your body. And show you sweet love and hold you real tight. Sexy Cutie ...
Morgan Heritage - Reggae Bring Back Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reggae Bring Back Love' by Morgan Heritage. Yeah, oh God, we ... Give thanks for sweet reggae music ... Take a hold of reggae sensation. With this  ...
Lyrics to "Hold My Hand" song by SEAN PAUL: Whoa, oh whoa, oh whoa, oh, oh whoa, oh Hold my hand, girl, you know I care Yo, yo, yo Hold my ha... ... Sweet is love but love is hard. Sometime you got to work pon it right round the clock
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold You (Hold Yuh)
Lyrics to "Hold You (Hold Yuh)" song by GYPTIAN: oooohh ohh riteee ohh Gyal me wann fi hold yuhhh put me arms right arounddd ya Gyal you give me the...
COLLIE BUDDZ LYRICS - Mamacita (Remix)
The Vibes Tonight Yeah So Sweet Yah I Mon Spot This ... She Only Dance To Reggae And Calypso Look How The ... Let Me Hold You Tight [Collie Buddz:]
Telling me I need a girl who's as sweet as a dove for the ... holding in my laugh as I say that I love you ... I wanna kiss you hold you never scold you just love you
Queen Ifrica - Below The Waist lyrics
Can't help it mi couldn't hide di feelin. Plus him a thrill me wid di more sweet talkin . You know mi nah go nock you down babe. No me just wahn hold you down ...
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to becoming a college ... I've loved and I've lost just to hold you all night
Chuck Fenda & Cherine Anderson - Are You Coming Over Tonight ...
Oct 22, 2015 Lyrics for Are You Coming Over Tonight by Chuck Fenda & Cherine Anderson. ... Reggae; Embed; Share. Lyrics for Are You Coming Over Tonight by Chuck ... oh, ah (Sweet love) Hear me now Are you coming over tonight? I'm feelin' lonely I wanna hold you in my arms Girl, I just wanna treat you right Yes, ...
JJ CALE LYRICS - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Lyrics to "You Keep Me Hangin' On" song by JJ CALE: Every time I stop awhile Think about your sweet smile I can't do nothing else all day The way that... ... If I could hold you just one time. Stop that ... Does Your Mama Like To Reggae.
Glen Washington - Strangers In the Night Lyrics
I just can't let you go Oh no, no, not my baby We were only strangers in the night ... out of sight And while the entertainer singing his song I hold the feeling oh so ...
Sun is shining, the weather is sweet, yeah. Make you wanna move your dancing feet now. To the rescue, here I am. Want you to know, y'all, can you understand ...
LE TIGRE LYRICS - I'm So Excited
Lyrics to "I'm So Excited" song by LE TIGRE: Tonight's the night, Tonight we're ... I want to squeeze you, please you, ... Sweet memories will last a long long time
Hemp Republic - Fireflies lyrics
Fireflies lyrics by Hemp Republic: Bunny gyal, on and on, on the microphone / Grooving to the beat in the riddim section / Feel the reggae.
I never touched when you taste you tease me. All night, sugar rush. Just gimme a taste tonight. Oh oh oh girl ... Suck me in, suck me in, hold me down till the very end. I hate the chase ... Love, your sweet sweet love's making me, go. So I can ...
Freddie Jackson - Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake) Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'Rock Me Tonight (For Old Times Sake)' by Freddie Jackson. Oh, ho, ah ... To get in the mood, ooh, ooh, ooh, yes, you can call me, baby. I remember you ... Sweet, baby, yeah ... I'm gonna rock and roll and hold and squeeze ya. Sweet ...
PETER ANDRE LYRICS - Mysterious Girl
Baby girl, i said tonight is your lucky night, Peter Andre along wid Bubbla Ranks on de mic. I stop and stare at you. Walking on the shore. I try to concentrate
Natural Vibrations - Reggae lyrics
Theres a reggae party here tonight. Riders on the left the spurs on the right. The bass is pumped and the rythm is right. So don't you gome home until tonight
Baby would you meet me halfway cos I'm down for you. OOO the many things that I would do. Just to feel you, hold you. Man it's ... Dream away with me tonight
Chuck Fenda feat. Cherine Anderson - Coming Over lyrics ...
Cherine Anderson. livin' fire you know (Ooh, oh) A rasta lovin' you know can be contained (Ooh, oh baby) ... (Love) Wah, oh, ah (Sweet love) Hear me now Are you coming over tonight? I'm feelin' lonely I wanna hold you in my arms Girl, I just wanna treat you right Yes, I'm coming over tonight I ... Songs for Reggae Lovers.
Lyrics to "My Sweet Girl" song by JOHN HIATT: My sweet girl with you eyes so bright Don't leave me in the dark tonight The sun's turned down, the... ... Hold me now in this sweet life. I will take you for my wife. We can walk the aisle in this city  ...
I wish you were here holding me tight. If I had you near, you'd make it alright. I wish you were here 'Cause I feel like a child tonight. There's rain on my window
Sa-Fire - Thinking Of You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thinking Of You' by Sa-Fire: I'm feeling so alone Though many times I've tried I can't get you off my mind I'm thinking of you. ... Wonder where you are tonight. I wish that I could hold you tight. I'm thinking of ... Sweet Sensation lyrics.
ANDREW W.K. LYRICS - My First Kiss
... get no sleep tonight It's all because of you Even though I was with a-you And we ... Why is it I feel this sweet and tender? ... Can't hold back be in love with you
Lyrics to "Satisfy My Soul" song by BOB MARLEY: Oh, please don't you rock my boat (don't rock my ... Yes, when you hold me tight, you made me feel all right.
Lyrics to "Day By Day" song by REBELUTION: Yeah Yeayeah Next thing I knew we were in deep Hold on to me, cause babe I'm bout to ... She said I don't cry, tonight I cried twice. The thought of you not by my side ... I sip up my tea so sweet
Ce'Cile feat. Agent Sasco - Hey Lyrics
Oct 19, 2015 Hey, Hey, you make me say Ready when you ready, Beautiful lady, Hello Ce Cile Tell me How . ... 1 Translations; Reggae ... wana hear you say my name when me hold you and mold you like clay Mi make you rail up ... that sweet sweet gimmie that stuff, baby yo mi want it ye tonight so link up Roots ina you ...
Looking at the phone wondering what taking so long for you to get wet. ... So if you wanna holla, holla back cause baby I want you. baby, I need you. so, if you wanna holla, holla ... I know you feel it when I hold ya. ... Savage, sweet Jones throwin ya back at it. if I'm with my main squeeze get back at me. ... Rubber Tonight
The Time - I Don't Wanna Leave You Lyrics
People say you run around / I don't even care / I could never hold you down / I don't even dare / Just wanna. ... I don't wanna leave you (all I wanna do, is make sweet love to you) I don't wanna go ... (why you wanna leave me, baby, tonight?)
Lyrics to "Make You Mine" song by HIGH VALLEY: You were made to shine under Southern stars Pure as the ... I just wanna hold you tight ... In my arms tonight
... by CHAKA DEMUS & PLIERS: I know this little girl Her name is maxine Her beauty is Like a bunch of rose If I ever tell you 'bo. ... Can't hold Chaka (Follow me )
Lyrics to "Home Sweet Home" song by MOTLEY CRUE: You know I'm a dreamer But my heart's of gold I had to run away high So I wouldn't come home low Jus.
Glen Washington - My Love Lyrics
Jan 20, 2016 We were meant for each other... All am saying to you is true girl... I could give my life to no other... no no Now when the rain is falling and my sun ...
ZANE LYRICS - Tonight, I'm Yours
Lyrics to "Tonight, I'm Yours" song by ZANE: Oooh oooh Zane: (I can never do too much) Yea, um, I know I been gone for a minute but tonight, I... ... Cause tonight I swear I'm all yours ... Plus you, stayed loyal when I wasn't around ... So, candy sweet with your bubble gum tongue ... And hold back but I'm losing control
MATT HIRES LYRICS - Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song
Lyrics to "Honey, Let Me Sing You A Song" song by MATT HIRES: Maybe I'm blind, maybe I'm blind Oh, I couldn't see you shine And shimmer right in ... Oh, and honey I'll try, honey I'll try to hold you. Like the starry skies, we lie beneath tonight
After you bend over imma grip your waist and shoulders, kiss and hold you for a ... Would you mind [4x] if I pull over and I fuck you in the bathroom stall for a ...

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