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Tank - Real One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real One' by Tank. / She wanna roll with a real one / She wanna roll with a real one / She wanna roll with a real one / She wanna roll with a real.
TANK LYRICS - She's The One
Lyrics to "She's The One" song by TANK: I have traveled on this journey trying to ... Been through the clubs and lost what I loved, now I finally got something real.
Lyrics to "Real One" song by TYGA: Yeah Give a fuck about ya nigga, baby That nigga weak Aye baby, you baby That's some good pussy we...
TANK LYRICS - Celebration
Lyrics to "Celebration" song by TANK: Now is a celebration Oh girl lets ... They say real girls ain't never perfect, perfect girls ain't real ... Give it up one time
Tank - Keep It 100 Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Keep It 100' by Tank. Keep it one hundred / It's all on the table eat up if you're able / One hundred / Give another real me / Even if it kills me /
Now you stuck with a real one. Now you stuck with a real one. Now you ... how your kids do. What you had to eat. Girl I keep your tank full and you're never on E.
Lyrics to "Your One" song by TANK: Yeah It's a lot of um up in here It's one of them nights It's my night Yeah Get me up the air All ni...
Lyrics to "Close" song by TANK: Baby its been a while Cuz I don't sleep around I' m choosey bout who I give my love to ... but this first one might come real soon
Tank - Better Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Better Man' by Tank. I could be trippin / I could be slippin ... I mean the real you the one you don t let no one see. I wanna know you. I wanna hold you
Lyrics to "One Man" song by TANK: A walk in the park Or late night TV I'm a kind of simple man I need you to understand A car and a d...
One night it, who knows, it's just me, and her fam. Three bitches, 2 does. You a certified first class freak. And I love ya. You got everything a real nigga need, yeah
TANK LYRICS - Relationship Goals
Lyrics to "Relationship Goals" song by TANK: Codes to my phone, you can have them babe All of them hoes, they don't matter babe Your the only one... ... This could be us, if you let a real nigga get a win for you. This could be us, keep it 100  ...
TINK LYRICS - Treat Me Like Somebody
Somebody real is hard to find. Somebody ... I just want an answer, I can't be the only one. Is that too ... Oh I just want someone that'll keep it real with me [Hook 1]
TANK LYRICS - You Don't Know
Lyrics to "You Don't Know" song by TANK: If only you'd knew, only you know If ... What's it gonna take for you to know you're the only one that I want around?
He said "I got the one for you, follow me." Oh it's too real. Chromed out mirror, I don't need ... Got gas in the tank, cash in the bank. And a bad little mama with her  ...
TANK LYRICS - Cake & Ice Cream
Lyrics to "Cake & Ice Cream" song by TANK: Haha Ungh! Once a-muthafuckin- gain, me an my nigga Silkk We gon' show y'all how we ... An y'all foo's can't stop the real deal, ... Number one on Billboard, bitch, y'all niggas still tryin to come up
Lyrics to "Crazy" song by TANK: Am I going crazy? whoa Cause you're looking at me crazy, ... Cause all the sexing without no true affection, gets old real quick
YG LYRICS - Im A Real 1
Lyrics to "Im A Real 1" song by YG: Aye' Mustard I swear to God I'm tired of these fake ass niggas ... And if one fight then we all fight ... Shit nigga I'm a real one
TANK LYRICS - Already In Love
Lyrics to "Already In Love" song by TANK: One look at you I knew I need it I could be true I know I see it Wanna be down When do I ... Try me so you know it's real
TANK LYRICS - Him Her Them
Lyrics to "Him Her Them" song by TANK: Now you say you're leaving, to go where You say you ... You gotta find a real boss ... Without your number one fan
TANK LYRICS - I Wanna Be That
Lyrics to "I Wanna Be That" song by TANK: A young producer that needs no instruction on productions ... I feel like ya need a man now can I just be real with ya
Tank - Close Lyrics
I'm choosy 'bout who I give my love to. Don't wanna disappoint ya 'Cause I been sayin' how much I want you. Feels first one like I'm real sure, oh, I. I'm so close
DRAKE LYRICS - Best I Ever Had
We could do it real big, bigger than you ever done it. You be up on ... And until em' girls prove it, I'm the one that never get confused wit 'cause... [Chorus]
off the baldhead, everything is real. Biggie me put on this joint so I'ma be the big wheel. Watch it Slim, hey Dad, place yo' bet on seven. Peace to one-oh-six, ...
The Main Squeeze - Tank X-ing lyrics
Lyrics for Tank X-ing by The Main Squeeze. ... drops over the hill such a sight to the eyes that it don't see real but since day one til its all said and done its lonely ...
TANK LYRICS - I Wish I Was Yours
Lyrics to "I Wish I Was Yours" song by TANK: Can I be yours Wish that I could be ... Now I'm feeling guilty cause the one who is with me ... It must be the real thing
Tank - I Wish I Was Yours Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wish I Was Yours' by Tank. Can I be ... It looks like the real thing. You are someone special. That no one could or ever would come close to compare
CHRIS BROWN LYRICS - Back To Sleep (Remix 3)
Tank, R. Kelly & Anthony Hamilton) ... Yeah, he fell in love after only one night, yeah, and then I ran off on that pussy ... I'm all real R&B, these other niggas lame
Mannie Fresh - Real Big Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Real Big' by Mannie Fresh: Pockets real big Rings real big, let me tell ... "Is that a fish tank, bra, in the middle of the dash? ... Move, lil' one I ain't playin'
Kendrick Lamar & Tank). [Verse 1: Game] ... Fuck Fatburger, we cooking that real beef. Momma's mourning they sons, I'm talking real grief. Real funerals of them ...
I bet this car will go real fast. The wheels might ... The Texas Sky is the biggest one I've seen. But it still aint big ... You said I wouldn't get too far on a tank of gas
J. COLE - Change lyrics
See I believe if God is real He'll never judge a man ... But the only real change come from inside ... Niggas put three bullets in my car one hit the gas tank
Close Lyrics - Tank
Don't wanna disappoint ya (nooo) Cause i been sayin how much I want you but this first one might come real soon. OH I (chorus) I'm so close (I'm so close and I)
TANK LYRICS - "Valley Of Tears" (2015) album
TANK lyrics - "Valley Of Tears" (2015) album, including "World On Fire", "Heading For Eternity", "Living A Fantasy"... ... 9. One For The Road .... This time you know that it's gonna be real ... No one gonna save you got a noose round your neck
in the middle of the hot damn desert sitting in a tank ... I sing 'em real pretty I sing ' em real sad ... Like figuring out which one of these banks I'm gonna go rob
TRU (Master P) - The Tank Goes On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Tank Goes On' by TRU (Master P). featuring O'Dell Porsha / see Murder: / You know you only get one chance to make it / You know what I'm sayin' ? ... I don't mean kill and rob, but real niggas don't conspire. Sometimes we get ...
Real shit, I'll never forget. All my mothafuckin ... Save ya last for a silk tank top & a [?] Smokin blunts wit ... '97 I lost one real nigga, I'm still pissed. I'ma thugg this ...
Tank feat. Drake - Celebration Lyrics
Lyrics for Celebration by Tank feat. ... They say real girls ain't never perfect, perfect girls ain't real I'd agree but I guess we'll just wait and see 'Cause I swear you ...
N.W.A. LYRICS - Gangsta Gangsta
[KRS One] "It's not about a salary, it's all about reality" Gangsta ... Built like a tank yet hard to hit. Ice Cube ... I creeped away real slow and jumped in the six-fo'
TANK LYRICS - "Filth Hounds Of Hades" (1982) album
TANK lyrics - "Filth Hounds Of Hades" (1982) album, including "(He Fell In Love With A) ... That's alright if you wanna shoot someone, but I've only got one bullet. .... A sound real clever, to numb someone to listen up to what I've done

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