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TANKARD LYRICS - "The Morning After" (1988) album
TANKARD lyrics - "The Morning After" (1988) album, including "Mon Cheri", "Help Yourself", "Feed The Lohocla"...
Tankard - (Empty) Tankard Lyrics
Lyrics to '(Empty) Tankard' by Tankard. Drinking and fucking through the whole night long / Partying with friends 'til fucking dawn / Let's go thrashin' and.
Tankard - Die With A Beer In Your Hand Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Die With A Beer In Your Hand' by Tankard: Our lust for beer outweighs the Tales they fucking tell / Because this is the end.
TANKARD LYRICS - "The Meaning Of Life" (1990) album
Open All Night. Our favorite joints in town. Close down at two, what can we do? Darkness... Walking drunk through empty streets. We have nowhere to do
TANKARD LYRICS - "Kings Of Beer" (2000) album
TANKARD lyrics - "Kings Of Beer" (2000) album, including "Tattoo Coward", " Mirror Mirror", "Land Of The Free"...
TANKARD LYRICS - "Alien" (1989) album
TANKARD lyrics - "Alien" (1989) album, including "(Empty) Tankard", "Remedy", " Live To Dive"...
TANKARD LYRICS - "R.I.B." (2014) album
TANKARD lyrics - "R.I.B." (2014) album, including "The Party Ain't Over 'til We Say So", "Hope Can't Die", "Clockwise To Deadline"...
TANKARD LYRICS - "The Beauty And The Beer" (2006) album
Ice-olation. My Fate has been sealed. With a Bottle Cap Where am I going? I cannot wait! Where is the Paty? Hope I am not too late. Let's have a good time
TANKARD LYRICS - "The Tankard" (1995) album
album: "The Tankard" (1995). 1. Grave New World 2. Minds On The Moon 3. The Story Of Mr.Cruel 4. Close Encounter 5. Poshor Golovar 6. Mess In The West 7.
TANKARD LYRICS - "Disco Destroyer" (1998) album
Planet-Suicide.com 3. Hard Rock Dinosaur 4. Queen Of Hearts 5. U-R-B 6. Mr. Superlover 7. Tankard Roach Motel 8. Another Perfect Day 9. Death By Whips 10 .
TANKARD LYRICS - "Stone Cold Sober" (1992) album
TANKARD lyrics - "Stone Cold Sober" (1992) album, including "Freibier", " Sleeping With The Past", "Lost And Found (Tantrum Part 2)"...
TANKARD LYRICS - "Chemical Invasion" (1987) album
TANKARD lyrics - "Chemical Invasion" (1987) album, including "Alcohol", " Chemical Invasion", "For A Thousand Beer"...
Tankard - Need Money For Beer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Need Money For Beer' by Tankard: I need a Goddamn brew That's why I 've come to you.
TANKARD LYRICS - "Vol(l)ume 14" (2010) album
Time Warp. One month in full coma. My life destroyed by gunshots. Lost my job, lost my girl. Frustration, fading memories. Black and white, black and white
Tankard - Alien Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Alien' by Tankard. It come to earth three years ago from deep in space / A brilliant U.F.O.! I could not believe it / Refuge! I let it stay with me a.
TANKARD LYRICS - "A Girl Called Cerveza" (2012) album
TANKARD lyrics - "A Girl Called Cerveza" (2012) album, including "Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy)", "Metal Magnolia", "Fandom At Random"...
Tankard - Tantrum Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tantrum' by Tankard. I came to party with a thirst of for beer / A wanna drink, so give me one to me / My body ashes and I need one now / I'm gonna.
Tankard - Centerfold Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Centerfold' by Tankard. Does she walk? Does she talk? / Does she come complete? / My homeroom homeroom angel / Always pulled me from my seat ...
Tankard - 666 Packs Lyrics
Lyrics to '666 Packs' by Tankard. We have a deal with Satan / A contract signed in Hell / We sacrifice a virgin / He makes our record sell / SATAN! - To.
TANKARD LYRICS - "Thirst" (2008) album
TANKARD lyrics - "Thirst" (2008) album, including "Sexy Feet Under", "Myevilfart", "G.A.L.O.W."...
Tankard - Stone Cold Sober Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stone Cold Sober' by Tankard. Hey, listen, we're so sick of it / Fire water is the devil's drink / Don't want it, no more chugalug / Empty Tankard?
Tankard - R.T.V. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'R.T.V.' by Tankard. Nine o'clock on channel six / Get the beer and get the chips / Death is live opon the screen / It's reality TV! / New disasters!
Tankard - Disco Destroyer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Disco Destroyer' by Tankard. I'm a Disco Destroyer / Can I borrow your axe / I don't care - yes, I can / We gonna smash all the fucking discos / And.
Ben Tankard Lyrics
View the 10 full and accurate lyrics we have for "Ben Tankard" on LyricsBox.com. Find them now!
Tankard - Mon Cheri Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mon Cheri' by Tankard. I want you my baby / I need you my sweetheart / My heart Is full of love for you / I need you to stroke and / I need you to.
Tankard feat. Doro Pesch - The Metal Ladyboy lyrics
Lyrics for The Metal Ladyboy by Tankard feat. Doro Pesch. I swear you Eternal love Please hear me You're the only one When I kiss you I'm in heaven.
Raise Your Tankard Lyrics - Valhalla
Raise Your Tankard [M/L: Jevo] Take one beer, take two beers. So you can wet your whistle. Take three beers, take four beers. Now on you cannot stop
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Tankard - Enemy of Order Lyrics. Spying on users, attacks on privacies The daily news are frightening News about the agencies Structures I believed in turned ...
Tankard - Mercenary Lyrics. They wanna kill, the mercenary comes to you Now you have to, you really have to run away Running, running away ! Fleeing ...
Tankard - For A Thousand Beer Lyrics
Tankard - Tankard - Alcoholic Nightmares Lyrics Lyric Video. Tankard - Alcoholic Nightmares Lyrics. Tankard - Tankard - 666 Packs (lyrics) Lyric Video. Tankard ...
Tankard - Rapid Fire (A Tyrant's Elegy) Lyrics. I'm a dictator of the old school I love my power and I love to rule Just like my father I play the game Of sheer ...
Tankard - No One Hit Wonder Lyrics. No one hit wonder! We're rolling thunder No one hit wonder! From over yonder No one hit wonder! Like Knack's Sharona?
Tankard - Metal Magnolia Lyrics. I watch you - a bright burning flame I feel you - you drive me insane When you move like shades in the night Unreal like a trick ...
Tankard - Breakfast for Champions Lyrics. I woke up to total confusion Could not figure out where I've been On my tongue a dead gopher rotting In my head ...
Tankard - Riders of the Doom Lyrics. Bad brands rising - on mega-sales they ride The evil corporations strive To conquer and enslave mankind Shackles made ...
Tankard - Stay Thirsty! Lyrics
Tankard Stay Thirsty! Lyrics. Stay Thirsty! lyrics performed by Tankard: Once I was a young boy Ready to explode Sister was my idol Out there on the road.
Tankard - 666 Pack Lyrics. We have a deal with Satan A contract signed in hell We sacrifice a virgin He makes our record sell Satan! – To Antichrist we pray! Ev.
Tankard - War Cry Lyrics. Allow me to introduce me.
Tankard - R.I.B (Rest In Beer) Lyrics
R.I.B (Rest In Beer) lyrics performed by Tankard: They call me mad, The silence is so dread Alas, in '87, my grand invasion failed I'll tame, you'll beg,

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