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Tara Maclean - Settling Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Settling' by Tara Maclean. Am I real, Am I true / Am I borrowed, Am I blue / Is it just the dust of leaving you / Settling / Am I fair, Am I strong /
Tara Maclean - If I Fall Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Fall' by Tara Maclean. It seems so far to go / It took so long to get here / Now I'm saying things I swore I'd never say / And I'm afraid again.
Tara Maclean - Jordan Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jordan' by Tara Maclean. Forty years the wilderness held my sad children / Promises of lands that flow with milk and honey / Hold me Jordan, hold me.
Tara Maclean - Divided Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Divided' by Tara Maclean. Check your weapons at the door / You don't live here anyore / For a heart cannot repent / When it doesn't know it's spent /
Tara Maclean - Jericho Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jericho' by Tara Maclean. March around / Jericho loved the music and fell / Into your arms breathless / Heard a sound / Shut my eyes so tight / Heard.
Tara Maclean - Holy Tears Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Holy Tears' by Tara Maclean. Wrapped inside a twisted world / I can't decide what is even real anymore / As though I ever knew / Tangled in these.
Tara Maclean - Dry Land Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dry Land' by Tara Maclean. Looks like something's coming / Looks like there's gonna be a storm / Looks like everyone's running / Looks like everyone.
Tara Maclean - Higher Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Higher' by Tara Maclean. If I could spend my life in awe / Of everything I ever saw / You'd be the one to lift me up / Higher than I am / If the sky.
Tara Maclean - If You Could Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If You Could' by Tara Maclean: And you will never know Until you're standing in my shoes Just how much you can love someone And how much you  ...
You Lyrics - Tara MacLean
Full and accurate LYRICS for "You" from "Tara MacLean": I never felt alone, I was happy on my own, And who would ever know, There was something missing, ...
Tara Maclean - Passenger Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Passenger' by Tara Maclean. Have you been the broken one / Lying by the side of the road / Waiting for a good Samaritan / But no one has the time to.
Tara Maclean - In The Wings Lyrics
Lyrics to 'In The Wings' by Tara Maclean. There's a frost in the air / Summer doesn't want to play / They've taken down the fair / And the leaves have all blown.
Tara Maclean - You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'You' by Tara Maclean. You are all I see / Sweet obsession in my soul / Fill each moment with your voice / Breathe your beauty into me / And would I.
Tara Maclean - Child Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Child' by Tara Maclean. Dry your eyes, child, / What are you frightened of? / You miss the beauty here / If you've forgotten love. / Look for truth.
Tara Maclean - At Seventeen Lyrics
Lyrics to 'At Seventeen' by Tara Maclean. I learned the truth at seventeen / That love was meant for beauty queens / And high school girls with clear skinned.
Tara Maclean - Poor Boy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poor Boy' by Tara Maclean. Poor boy / No one on his arm / He's got tongue for talent / Head off and your feet on / You want it / Hungry now and.
Tara Maclean - Evidence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evidence' by Tara Maclean. Frightened of the shadow on the wall / I think it looks a bit too much like me / Search my life for evidence of truth /
Tara Maclean - Reach Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Reach' by Tara Maclean. Why did you look the other way / When I told you I had something to say / Can you imagine that / Can you imagine that it.
Tara Maclean - Let Her Feel The Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let Her Feel The Rain' by Tara Maclean. Captured in a photograph / In black and white / Her hair brushes her shoulders / As she leans to turn out the.
Tara Maclean - That's Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'That's Me' by Tara Maclean. Caught in a mirror / Looking through sympathetic eyes / I'll come to the conclusion / That believers are sinners in.
Tara Maclean - More Lyrics
Lyrics to 'More' by Tara Maclean. Want to be full of you / Want to know all of you / Tell me the secret of your soul / Tell me more / I want to taste your tears.
Tara MacLean Lyrics
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Tara Maclean - Red Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Red' by Tara Maclean. Her face is down / And her fingers hang loose / Like horsetail cigarettes / Looks like half a man is all she gets tonight / My.
Tara Maclean - Silence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silence' by Tara Maclean. Say the words break my heart / Touch my lips with your fingers / And push them apart / Put your hands in my hair / And pull.
Tara Maclean - La Tempete Lyrics
Lyrics to 'La Tempete' by Tara Maclean. Une chandelle fait une danse solitaire / A la fenetre un visage regarde la mer / Elle cherche pour y voir / Un signe.
Tara MacLean - Higher lyrics
Lyrics for Higher by Tara MacLean. Keep your head up to the sky That's what they say That you won't know until until you try ain't it funny that way? It's ...
Tara Maclean - If I Don't Have You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If I Don't Have You' by Tara Maclean. I see you, everywhere / Heart is empty, so despair, I'm standing / Out my window, life goes on / Feel no.
On Springfield Mountain lyrics and translation - Tara MacLean ...
Lyrics and translation for On Springfield Mountain by Tara MacLean. on springfield mountain there did dwell a handsome youth i loved him well he gave to me ...
Tara Maclean - If Only Lyrics
Lyrics to 'If Only' by Tara Maclean. Old ballet shoes tossed in the corner / I put my cigarette out on the floor / Same old broken down face in the mirror / And.
Jim Brickman - You (With Tara MacLean) Lyrics
You (With Tara MacLean) lyrics performed by Jim Brickman: I never felt alone I was happy on my own And who would ever know There was something missing.
Tara MacLean - Mad World Lyrics. All around me are fa miliar faces, Worn out places, worn out faces, Bright and early for their daily races, Going nowhere, going ...
Tara MacLean - Light of the Stable lyrics
Lyrics for Light of the Stable by Tara MacLean. hallelujah hallelujah hail hail to a newborn king let our voices sing him and praises hail hail to a guiding light that.
Tara MacLean - Reach Lyrics
Lyrics for Reach by Tara MacLean. Why did you look the other way When I told you I had something to say? Can you imagine tha...
Tara MacLean - No Surrender lyrics
Lyrics for No Surrender by Tara MacLean. ... No Surrender - Lyrics. Tara MacLean. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Jim Brickman & Tara MacLean - You Lyrics
Sep 3, 2013 Lyrics for You by Jim Brickman & Tara MacLean. I never felt alone, i was happy on my own. and who would ever know there was something mis ...
Tara Maclean - Calls To Nothing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Calls to Nothing' by Tara Maclean. Gather 'round all to see, reborn misery / Doctors stand in my way, my path to death / Ready to die, take your last.
Tara Maclean - Trouble With Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trouble With Me' by Tara Maclean. The trouble with me is I keep believing in the wrong things / Who needs to believe anyway. / I have given all. I.
Jericho Lyrics - Tara MacLean
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Jericho" from "Tara MacLean": March around, Jericho loved the music and fell, into your arms breathless.
Pretty Lyrics - Tara MacLean
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Pretty" from "Tara MacLean": Thats a pretty little friend ya got there, Can't she duce herself?, Can't you look me in the eye ...
Let Her Feel The Rain Lyrics - Tara MacLean
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Let Her Feel The Rain" from "Tara MacLean": Let her feel the rain, Won't you let her feel again, Feeling through the pain, ...

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