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Lyrics to "Frontin'" song by PHARRELL WILLIAMS: Don't wanna sound full of myself or rude But you ain't ... And I was gonna tear your ass up (tear your ass up) [Chorus: Pharrell Williams] I know that I'm carrying on, nevermind if I'm showing off
A women that doesn't need much but. Appreciates a ... You the type to have the hardest nigga tearing up. And all your ... You ol' sneaky ass nigga [Verse 4 - Big ...
Don't need to shake my ass for you 'cause I've got a brain. If I told you 'bout my sex ... And now it's time to speed it up 'cause I can't move at this pace [Bridge:] ... your butt? Who's gonna tear it in two? ... Inequality promises that it's here to stay
E-40 LYRICS - Lace Me Up
Lyrics to "Lace Me Up" song by E-40: Ahhh.. UHH, yeah ... [E] Tear that off! You better ... [E] Den give up the ass! [S] Okay ... [E] But see Suga you ain't dealin with no square ass figure. They call ... Now we can be some skanless sneaky sly hoes
The money that I make so I can add to my riches. Fill my stash ... Rolling through the hood, cold tearing shit up. Stick my ... He pulled out his gat, I knew he wouldn' t last. So I said to ... Caught the nigga on the street and straight took his ass out
Shes a very freaky girl don't bring her to mamma ... Fuck I look like turning down some head I mean that's sorta like a bird turning down some bread. ... Pleasure can you make me shed a tear smack my ass grab my neck got em cummn
That's more tear drops call me cry baby. What you talkin' ... Yeah you boys is washed up. And I'm ... Pussy ass nigga I don't want your gonorrhea. Pussy ass ...
WEBBIE LYRICS - What's Happenin'
You ain't ready for that boy, fuck dat niqqa, keep muqqinq dat niqqa. He acting badd like ... (ol' bitch ass niqqa, pussy ass niqqa, fake ass iqqa, clown ass niqqa)
THE GAME LYRICS - 300 Bars & Runnin'
That was taught if a nigga take shots to shoot back. Defending his ... So they wouldn't get the dogs start searching for the glock. And I can't ... Run up on that new 300 C you got ... Bitch ass nigga need a rhyme dictionary, to rehearse his lines
That's just throwing up behind shit, blowing up, but nigga I ain't throwing up shit but my hands ... All the times I wanted her black ass dead, you wouldn't take her
Look, they say tomorrow's not promised, but if it was I wouldn't get open. Wouldn't get suits them shits was made to be broken 'Member comin up dudes talkin bout hoes, boastin. I was just a ... I just wanted the world to see that I was for real wit it. Wanted .... Just sayin, its always a million more pages when my stupid ass keep
They know they talk that stick talk, that stick talk. They know we ... I'm 'bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy 'Bout to fuck this cash up on a new toy. You can't understand us cause you're too soft. Taliban bands ... I'mma put my thumb in her butt
That little girl's ass was in big, big trouble! Daai bra anies hy's n ... Start giving it up 4 little evil me. My fingerz r ... U can't get me like eric cartman. Naughty little ...
THE JOKERR LYRICS - Welcome To The Show
Demons around me that I can't see! Plead down on ... Being sneaky trynna' out- creep me you must think I'm a fool. I'm the grand ... Dug up through the ground, broke the surface and my ass rose! Now I stand ... Watch the tear drops on his eyes
Webbie - I Know Lyrics
For the lil' nigga with that glock ridin' around in somethin' hot. Now it's bout time we ... He ain't tear ya up in church, but god pretty eyes done covered up some dirt . Plus he kept a thug alert. For these bitch ass niggas, these haters these rapists
She don't need a 9-to-5 cause she workin the system. Bitches! Grimy ... Better watch it boy, sneaky bitches, grimy bitches. Down for takin, stickin all these bitches nigga listen. Hoes'll get you fucked up, some of 'em like to cut shit. Some of 'em ... Shit, we gotta have that ass, and it's no love ... Tear The Roof Off[Bonus Track]
Tear Da Club Up Thugs - Undercover Freaks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Undercover Freaks' by Tear Da Club up Thugs. / Short dog's in ... I found out later that your game was strictly undercover. But found out ... Square ass ho, think I don't know. What 'cha ... You need to stop tryin' to be sneaky. Cause all ...
Three 6 Mafia - Don't Trust 'em Lyrics
What? What? / My nigga told me once / Don't you trust them. ... Set you up and now its time to let these hoes know its go. You kick in'z ... Hating us superior, murder your ass now meeting the criteria. Ain't no use in ... And I can't trust that bitch 'cuz a bitch is a bitch. And I can't ... Tear Da Club up Thugs lyrics. Tear Da Club up ...
She had a wicked surprise you don't expect her to. If you hit the .... Met somebody else's ho that was sneaky ..... I'ma tear that ass up like some kind of creature
Cardi B - Pop Off Lyrics
The type of niggas that like bitches that pop off and suck dick all day motherfucking long bitch. Thanks to all ... Tear his ass up, then you really ain't gon' like me
Pitbull - Shake Lyrics
I to the T Ying to the Yang Up in this thang. D to the roc my Nigga Kaine ... that ho's is fine but but but but this one's a killa ... shake that ass if you a nasty girl ... tear off this clip of clothes, I wanna see you in the nude ... Ed Sheeran lyrics · Sneaky Pete Kleinow lyrics · Trisomie 21 lyrics · Benjamin Clementine lyrics · Luther ...
Lil Wyte - Players In Da Atmosphere Lyrics
I make music for rich ass posts and that's that. I can make that thang ... And I don't pump no hoes off up in my rubber like you Scavengers ... Watch them they sneaky I compare them to slinkies. Stretch a ... Tear Da Club up Thugs lyrics. Tear Da ...
DMX - Bitch Please III (ft. Xzibit, Ja Rule, Eminem, Dre) Lyrics
[DMX] Its my, survival instinct that keeps my head above the water Every day I show ... your ass under the earth Quicker, I love money, but the scam is hot So I snatch up ... grown man's game Tear that ass out the frame How long will it last, nigga don't ask, ... Ed Sheeran lyrics · Sneaky Pete Kleinow lyrics · Trisomie 21 lyrics ...
Project Pat - Fuck A Bitch Lyrics
pass the fine ass bitch back to the niggaro dick in hole ... all the time they like sneaky shit and they kinky sluts hit the butt from the ... when you get that bebe crew check bitch drop it off. (Chorus) 8x ... 12 Hit Songs You Won't Believe Were Passed Up By Other Artists. Imagine how ... Tear Da Club up Thugs lyrics. Tear Da Club ...
Fabolous - B.e.t Lyrics
I don't trust a motherfucking soul, and you know this. Cause all ... Tear your ass apart, rip the runway. I ain't ... Want you to pick em up all the time, that's baby shit
A Beautiful Silence - Big Booty Bitches Lyrics
Big Booty Bitches lyrics performed by A Beautiful Silence: I stop but my rims ... rollin 26's you know they ain't hubs I'm a pimp so what can I say, fuckin them ... Turn up the bass and push the pedal to the floor, and now I cruising down the street ... I'll tear off her blouse, and then I'll fuck her all night long smack that ass while I ...
Keysha - On Dit Quoi Lyrics
On Dit Quoi lyrics performed by Keysha: first of all I'm faboulous African that's marvelous ha ha, Kechia on dit quoi on va gater coin, uh. ... What u wanna do, can't stay with u ... who's dat mack, who rocks da booty ... get ready, tear up the club my duties ... Ed Sheeran lyrics · Sneaky Pete Kleinow lyrics · Trisomie 21 lyrics ...
That like to suck. Them brawls wit' them booty blowin' ... Wit' them boys that can't rock it ... If your freaky, I'm sneaky ... To tear up the ugly bitches 'bout the news
Chris Brown - Start It Slow Lyrics
She gon' have a baby when we fucking, we ain't never use a rubber. We gon' ... Girl you know that pussy belongs to me, you know that body is gold to me. Make it last so ... I'mma pop a molly cause you know it make me tear it up for hours. Pussy so ... And when she get her ass off of work, I'mma take her on a G-5. All around ...
Aerosmith - Sing For The Moment Lyrics
Chorus: Sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for the tear Sing ... no more kissin' ass But then these critics crucify you, journalists try to burn ... I couldn't. i wouldn't be fit to You're full of shit too, Guerrera, that was a fist that hit you! ... alter moods and talk to you Well can it load a gun up for you and cock it too?
Shop Boyz - Totally Dude Lyrics
Everybody put yo hands up TOTALLY DUDE!! ... that ay do it fat and that new money made me pop hard but don't forget I still party like a rockstar ... like them boys really tear it they still jumping in the crowd they ass so sick got the club going wild ... Ed Sheeran lyrics · Sneaky Pete Kleinow lyrics · Trisomie 21 lyrics · Benjamin ...

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