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Ain't no sleep tonight, bitch we out here chasing paper. At the Paul Inn with the Tech 9, no bandana, no gloves on. Long kiss, goodnight my nigga, but we ain't ...
kevin gates - Paper Chasers lyrics
... no sleep tonight, bitch we outchea chasin' paper had to fall in with the tech 9, no bandana, no gloves on Long kiss goodnight, my nigga, but we ain't makin' no  ...
Like different signs that ain't my kind got they 9's whistlin. Like a nigga wanna find this and strip clips till my wines drippin. But nobody wanna do no crime they ...
Kevin Gates - Paper Chasers Lyrics
Ain't no sleep tonight, bitch we outchea chasin' paper. At the Pual Inn with the tech 9, no bandana, no gloves on. Long kiss goodnight, my nigga, but we ain't ...
Come Up Lyrics - U.N.L.V.
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Come Up" from "U.N.L.V.": {tec-9}, Well i'ma do it like this I'm obligated ... The word was out for lil' kid's not to talk or come near me
Lyrics: Dirty - 6 Deep Creepin'
So the result is layin' you down with them Tec-9 bullets skeetin' That's all we know ... No time to stall, lickin' 'em all, got a whole team that's strictly. Ready to ball ...
Dr. Dre - Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray Lyrics
Yo, my nigga Glove behind the boards. Yo, dropping .... One of my idols ain't no joke so why in the fuck should I be ... And I gets respect and I step with a tec 9
Qadir - Nick Name Lyrics
my TEC 9 Imma call T-Pain my 3-8 snub Imma ... and you know I got the TEC with the inf take your diamonds ... keep the leather glove no hints cops come calm ...
ROYCE DA 5'9" LYRICS - Hit Em!
Lyrics to "Hit Em!" song by ROYCE DA 5'9": Yo Royce. The gloves is on? Don't play ... Hit 'em "You can't run no games" - [Xzibit] Go! ... Blew the tec off. Drew the  ...
50 Cent - I'm Supposed To Die Tonight lyrics
Thirty two hollow tips, gloves, no rubber grip. I'm a boss, but niggas never show no respect. I catch 'em slippin', I have 'em tongue kissin' my tec ... Lyrics taken from http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/0-9/50_cent/im_supposed_to_die_tonight.
Unlv - Boom Get Chopped Lyrics
Now you know this not some sunburst drink's. I'm so deaf then the ... Chorus:{2x}. Third verse: {tec-9} ... Turned around, had a fuckin' glitter glove. Now, can you ...
Notorious B.I.G. - Whatchu Want Lyrics
It ain't no myth, it's a nigga with the spliff ... I'm on some old neck shit, Suplex shit, hardcore sex shit, and Tec shit ... You wanna see my mask and gloves?
Pimp Daddy - Bloody Body Lyrics
B.G., Tec-9, Yella) [First Verse: Tec-9] ... Don't want to be no victim of the clique, So I shoot first, I'm spittin' but ... Right go get the black glove, ready to put in work,
Royce Da 5'9 - Ride Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ride' by Royce Da 5'9. Yeah, yeah, I'm ... We hustle, ain't no 9-to-5'n (uh -uh) When beef go ... Man every Dirty Glove banger, throw up your set, nigga!
Eminem - Right For Me Lyrics
When I say I'm bringing the TEC out. I'm not coming to repair your fuckin' electronic computers ... The box of usable latex gloves and the socks and the shoes
dr dre - puffin' on blunts and drankin' tanqueray lyrics
Yo, my nigga Glove behind the boards. Yo, dropping .... One of my idols ain't no joke so why in the fuck should I be ... And I gets respect and I step with a tec 9
Rubber glock in the glove box, Benz drop yeah. Hit the mall ... I'm not a sex symbol, gangsta or activist ... And I still walk down the aisle with a plastic Tec Haha.
I'm not gonna hear it! I don't want ... Can I kick it? (Hell No!) That's why she got hair in her elbows and she real slow. And a, every two weeks she gotta see her P.O ... Ya'll better get low, before I let the Tec blow ... Prada gloves, layin' for thugs , prayin' ... 9 MM · The Sun · Mama · Love Stories · Wise · No No No · Black Cream
2Pac - All Eyez On Me Lyrics
I'm lost in the land with no plan, living life flawless ... The nervousness neglect make me pack a tec. Devoted to ... Sucker duck and get busted, no emotion
Game - Ali Bomaye Lyrics
Selling that chicken no lemon pepper, no sweet and sour. First you get the power ... My lawyer threw them gloves on and beat another case. Fuck y'all mad at me ...
Lloyd Banks - Come Up Lyrics
I been hot since Mike first put on a glitter glove. Slip backwards on a ... Death comes for everybody, no acception to the rule ... None of the Tec's jus wait around
Ski-mask and the gloves I feel no love. Fear no one ... Holding the tec. Blade at your neck ... 9, 333333 [Rare '96 Bootleg Cassette Rip Tres Seis]. 10, Back from ...
Rockie Fresh - Rap Monument Lyrics
Both fucked the same bitch, just not the same night. You just took her .... Swear, 12 stacks in my glove box. Bitch niggas .... Might hit 'em with the TEC, yeah the foul is flagrant .... From a Glock 9, now the block crying, I don't freestyle, I jot mine
PRhyme feat. Logic - Mode lyrics
... a young Santa Understand there will be no rematch The kinda ass whooping ... singing the Frozen song I put this Tec to your eclectic temple and wreck your ...
Don't hit me with the drama, don't approach me 'bout no B.I. Cause I'm a Pharaoh ... I'll let the Tec blast in ya, if the check cash finish. Shells give you a ... 2, Razor Gloves. 3, Wolves ... 9, And Your Blood Will Blot Out the Sun. 10, Last Breath.
... at the police in well-fest youll be known as ceased after we bust you with heavy metal like kel-tec. ... from drama funds, metal hip hop the fusion of real rap with real guitar shit no illusions, no fake ... carve ye, I began to glove ye, but now im your father on the cover of a revolver, devastated you like ... 9, Blessed Are the Sick.
Lethal Bizzle - Pow! (Forward) lyrics
How you gonna buss if there's no room. Whaa it's the ... Yo second gun is a tec, nice ... If you nah mute it, da glove come off ga mute it. Put it in ... 9 mill shoot it
notorious big - whatchu want - the commission (featuring jay-z) lyrics
It ain't no myth, it's a nigga with the spliff. And a chrome ... Hardcore sex shit and Tec shit. Whatchu want ... (No remorse, Brooklyn) Whatchu ... You wanna see my mask and gloves? What the ... 9, Notorious B.I.G. - Featuring Lil' Kim/Puff Daddy.

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