Tell mi seh yah no need mi nomore lyrics

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Lyrics to "You A History" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Hello Kartel how mi a call yuh phone and ... [Random girl:] Ooh suh yuh have plans? Suh yuh nuh wah mi n yuh link? Tell me enuh [Vybz Kartel:] My girl mi can tell yuh sumn? [Random girl:] Wah? [Vybz Kartel:] Yah hear mi a seh? ... Mi nuh love you no more baby (Jah know)
To how yo move nobody cyaa tell mi seh. Yuh no have the likkle and tiny hi no. Me don't waan si no more gyal beside mi hi no. We pon the cycle hi no. Gyal if a bubbling thing yuh have the title hi no ... Seet yah no mi no likkle like put boom
Lyrics to "Not A Love Song" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Is not a love song Da sad song Wi don't have, wi don't have clothes Wi don't have, wi don't have fo... ... need help. Society mi see seh you nuh care ... Wi just can't badda wid dat no more ... This yah a nuh no love song it is a sad song ... Den tell wi bout believe inna Christ
CAPLETON LYRICS - Good In Her Clothes
Baby don't cry no more, oh! unno watch yah, ohhhh! [Chorus:] Woman ... Hey yuh girll ah tell me seh. ... Unno see it, ah judgement again weh she tell mi seh yo!
KONSHENS LYRICS - We No Worry Bout Them
Mi seh follow mi nerves, no bother mi nerves. Dem yah sickly gyal dem unuh no bother mi nerves [Verse 1:] Seh mi tell them already and mi telling them again
We a do we ting cause you know seh me no love chat. Breast dem ... Let me tell you dis straight. We can fuck if you feel like you want to. And we can do the tings weh you feel you need to. And we can ... No more late night texting. Time for the ...
POPCAAN LYRICS - Jah Jah Protect Me
Lyrics to "Jah Jah Protect Me" song by POPCAAN: Hey Dipsyyy Badmind is a initiative (Not Nice) A Popcaaaaaaaaaan Jah Jah protect mi pon di ba... ... Yet still nah have none fi show. Suffa to di limit. So it cyaan go no more weh mi pass. A set seh dawg. While di rest dem call mi ... Through mi seh Vybz Kartel And Rhyno di ...
Foolish man drink fi drunk yah. Find me in a secret ... [Verse 2: Demarco] Well mi nuh inna drugs and me's not much have of a drinka ... A mi seh no bush weed, no bush weed noo. Wizzla a light fi ... A listen up mek me tell yuh why. Mi nuh want ...
Cause I don't wanna hurt no more. Your so ... Mi a chat is not like seh mi cyaa get none ... Yuh need fi step up, if a so yo thing set up ... Si a scandal bag yah
Beenie Man - Tell Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tell Me' by Beenie Man. Yes Iyah! / Some gal a move like dem a Killa / But dem have fi sekkle pon di Tarantula / Yes Nyah! / A Beenie Man ... A Beenie Man and Two Thousand Crew deh yah... But wah. ... True mi tell dem seh Simma Simma Heh! ... Bout she a walk and a bawl seh shi nuh want no fruitella. Fus' wuk  ...
DEMARCO LYRICS - One Night Stand
Lyrics to "One Night Stand" song by DEMARCO: Me love to f–k you baby Thinking about you daily Every position, yeh shi give ... Da gyal yah wicked and wild ... Blade and Jay Crazy seh that a no, no gyal fi yuh go wife up. Mi seh mi know but da pu–y deh shi have the just tight up ... Shi seh shi cyaa come no more she done
Understand seh mi love cyan done... fi yuh ice pole can neva drop a grung... ... him have fun... come mek we start ah family an done... no ah we do nomore run up ... me hold mi near... mi love yuh dat mi swear my dear... da love yah cya compare ... cupid arrow mi ah shoot enuh... all ah mi money ah fi yuh enuh... soo tell me ...
None a dem yah gyal yah no hotta than you mi gyal. Gyal yo hotter than dem, ... no run like no river. An yo never disappoint yo man, wave yo hand an seh never
A which bwoy bout yah waan pass the limit. Man go through ... Now a juvenile a tell mi seh fi come off a it [Chorus] ... A pure long gun dem have no more fist fight
Stylysh - Prison Wife lyrics and translation
A nuh seh mi no rate yo Yo know mi rate yo but baby Fi hold it, it nuh easy A nuff time it. ... Tell mi weh yo gyal deh From yo drop a jail dem stop stalk mi (1) From wi ... a me have the handle fi meck things reveal Cyaa spin mi head like no more ... a go getter No more stress paw mi head Enough problem deh yah (Repeat 2X)  ...
Lyrics to "More Than You" song by ALKALINE: Go deh mi gyal Nuh gyal no more than you Goodas you name No gyal nuh ... You have yo owner too. Suh tell a gyal seh shi nuh more than, more than ... Dem other gyal yah only a fake hype
Lyrics to "Know Bout Me" song by VYBZ KARTEL: Gaza girls haha hehe mi love di gyal dem yuh fuck ... Mi seh gyal bend down low mek mi tell yuh wa mi kno
Alkaline feat. Bobby V - Like Me Lyrics
Apr 3, 2016 Lyrics for Like Me by Alkaline feat. ... Me and yuh know seh. ... Summady tell me yuh get a new man, how is it going now Nobody like me, no, ... me have betta, strictly Vendetta Mi get anedda and anedda, den me get anedda ...
The gyal dem seh mi coming like the sausage between two bread. That mean seh mi ... Shane tell dem dutty gyal deh wi no fit no jacket. And mi no fi si ... And fi ask if Marko dem bruk is like yo asking Flippa have it [Repeat Chorus] [Verse 2:] Si the team yah, tek a good look paw wi. Seh wi no ... None a dem no more than wi
I see you as a queen and a lady, no ifs, no buts, no maybe. The only thing ... Watch yah, ... When a yu mi entrust with safe keeping every single thing. When mi ... Must did tell yu seh di doop is sleeping. Thru mi ... And now let me tell you what a joy it is to have you ... Almshouse weh use to gwaan dat caan gwaan no more
Alkaline - Son of a Queen lyrics
Or stand and watch you fight I'll never, ever Never will ignore you cry No ... worry bout no more landlord Mi know you long fi wi go out spar But the field lock yah ... mi a talk Member seh you deh-deh from the start Cyaa pay you back but mi a tell  ...
Mad Cobra - Press Trigger Lyrics
Yo, let mi tell yuh somethin', yo. Mi press trigger, mi nuh press people button. Nuh bodda chat come face mi wid somethin' Like how mi have twenty two inna mi ...
We need some change round here (true) A warn to dem ... Yuh wah stop mi food (Selassi) And di yute ... Seh you nah ban di blues (nah ban di blues) Unu stay ... God knows. Me a talk. Me a said it. Me a voice. Da one yah widout edit. Me nuh care ... Me nuh waah dat no more [Chorus:] ... Tell me how yuh feel. When yuh see ...
No need no night cool girl fi meck you fall asleep. This medicine will ... And if no more like mi deh, deh, mi seh no a me one. Are best friend sick oh ... But shi naw shear none a this yah magic ... no start yet. Just tell me what your symptoms are
GYPTIAN LYRICS - Hold Yuh (Remix)
Gal yuh give mi di tightest hold mi ever yet seen inna my life (This one's ... Aiyyo Gyptian tell dem fi gwaan, eviction. Dis one yah it a di bad gal edition. See dem ... Dem seh dem sitten tight (What?) A bare ... Barbie mi have nuff gal inna bungle
MAVADO LYRICS - Goodbye To My Haters
Yo know mi happy seh a me one born. Suh when dem si mi pon the top yo know a me one gone [Verse 1:] ... Let's show some love no more war and hype ... fi mi. God know a nuh da life yah wi choose. Youth a go a school and don't have no shoes ... So messed up. Go tell my enemy's mi naw fade away. Not a day [Chorus ].
Bounty Killer - Cellular Phone lyrics
Excuse, pass mi cellular phone Mek me call Antoinette an Simone. ... Gyal inna mi bed deh pon a love sentance Yu si di, big bamboo yah me tek block ... Di gyal bring di whole a country come a town An seh she waa fi wear Killa crown But. ... Hey Tell dem nuh move no muscle, Killa coming home To tek a trip down inna di  ...
I Octane - Puff It lyrics
Well mi friend dem a tell mi bout di best from West weh dem bring pon di corna ... Mi seh anyway yuh trust gwaan go trust it again yeah (Puff it) ... No mi deh yah high, high, high, high, so high ... Mi have nuff high grade mi nah save it fi a next day .... Mama You Alone · No More · No Love Inna Them · All I Octane Lyrics → ...
Alkaline - Told U I Was Right Lyrics
Apr 21, 2016 Yea me did right. Memba me tell Yuh me Neva feel no vybz. ... Realize seh nuff a the things weh we did want a nuh weh we want. Now we do ...
VYBZ KARTEL LYRICS - Stop Gwaan Like Yuh Tuff
Mi no bad back a ntn dem a filla mi a killa ... When yo si di mack 11 tell Madden get ready ... Put it pon facebook an a bay gyal a seh mi too fuck up an cruel
Elephant Man - More Gal Lyrics
Oct 18, 2016 ... mi receive yuh luv, di greatest gift fi mi Any man no wan no gyal tell him fi ... Anywhere yuh see killa yuh see di twin dem Attack dem a seh Dem love ... way How could I forget di gyal dem After mi no have amnesia How could ...
Super Cat - Warning Lyrics
And if you're government man or outlaw you have the right to bear arms. A weh me tell dem Rude Boy Original Mr. ... tell dem. Oonu see me love up-kiss up mi Calico like mi girl ... Oonu seh de word and me give de Warning ... Che Dapper him na waan kill no more beenie bird. Me no ... Listen Mr. Cat dem style yah original.
TARRUS RILEY LYRICS - Center Of Attraction
No dem no more than you. No dem cyan move ... Nuff gyal deh yah but no body no si dem. Anytime you walk in ... I tell you baby girl you know you rock my world. Wid all di style dem ... Mi seh you full up a class you full a quality. And you a beat  ...
She know mi treat her better than her man (wooh) But she a worry ... So you see mi need fi understand. That you are ... Because mi heart won't offer you no other comfort so [Chorus:] ... But dat don't mean seh you fi sell your soul for vanity noo
Damian Marley - Khaki Suit Lyrics
Yeah! / Yes mi lion a mi name Jr. Gong / Mi unique DJ, dread / Whatch ya / Well a me name Jr.Gong / Me seh look how mi. ... One shirt deh pon dem back and dem nuh have nothing more fi wear. And man ... Tell the youth dem seh fi get them education and prepare. Rastafari nah go give nuh man no more than he can bear
Aidonia - Deadline lyrics
[Intro:] Fucka Dem, Yo Dem Vex Tru Since Mi Arrival Mi Have De Fans Dem Hand Ah Wave Like Tidal Dem Fi Know Seh Ah Music Drugs & Guns Ah Mi Only ...
Mr. Vegas - Black Chiney Gal Riddim Mix 2 Lyrics
tell me say no talk she ah go gimme likkle sucka. tek dat n come leff ... ???bublah fat, mi done have di remidy fi dat cyary the ... ah dis ah tune yah wa ago come off pon top no turnin .... now!!!!!!! lol i done..i ain writin no too damn much ...
General Degree - Granny Lyrics
Granny! you calling mi name in vain ... I caan tun cornmeal no more a mi yard ... Mi tell you fi do something all now you nuh dweet ... Oh lawd I have to sing
I Octane - Blood Shed lyrics
Blood Shed lyrics by I Octane: [Intro:] / Hey see dat / Hey Don / Bakklefield and borderlines / Let mi lose my friends, hey / But I gwaan.
DRAKE - Controlla lyrics
Mar 29, 2016 Gal your body good (and you're special to me) ... When I get, aggressive, tell you to. Go slower ... They don't want you to have nothing ... So mi would love it if you could come thru ... She said we'd be rough tonight not smoothly

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