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Trippie Redd - Rich MF Lyrics
I'm a rich motherfucker, tell that bitch I love her I'm just tryna cut her, UberX and dub her I'm a trenches motherfucker, I can't switch this shit Cocky motherfucker from 300, get my bitch a bitch Grow watchin' BMF take over, free Big Meech and shit On IG, with the bag, they come around me on some leachin' shit
G-Eazy - Now, Later, Next Lyrics
Tell the bitch I love her, I just really want the check. Run up in this block and I'm throwin' up my set. Talking 'bout the ice, there's too much water on my neck. Bitch, I got now, later, and I got next. Tell the bitch I love her, I just really want the check. [G-Eazy:] Got the blessing from Unc, it's just the checks out here.
Meek Mill - GTA Lyrics
Tell my bitch I love her And if you catch her cheating, nigga, tell that bitch it's fuck her Boy and her are eating, nigga I can't wait to up it Bitch ass niggas Free them boys Submit Corrections. Writer(s): Robert Rihmeek Williams, Dion Marquise Hayes, Nikolas Papamitrou, Alexander W Papamitrou.
A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie - Still Think About You ... - AZLyrics
Even if you feel like you really love her Don't ever tell that bitch that you really love her 'Cause that's when she's gon' make you feel like you nothing And that's when you gon' start to feel like you buggin' I wish I would've never told you wassup And I wish I never even told you pull up
2 Chainz - AZLyrics
Fucked her like my bitch I'ma fuck her like my bitch Make a nigga sick Take a nigga's bitch, fuck her like my bitch I can tell you in love with that bitch [YFN Lucci:] I can tell you in love with her Tell you in love with her Yeah you can tell I'm just fuckin' her Don't you tell that I'm fuckin' her Yeah you can tell you be cuffin' her
BlueBucksClan - Love It Here Lyrics
Make her put it in her name, yeah, her credit good (Put it in her name) Shootin' hundreds in the kitchen, yeah, the bettor good (Shootin' hundreds) In this bitch with my niggas, but it's four Mexicans (Four Mexicans) Rolls-Royces pullin' up, it ain't no Lexus (Ain't no Lexus) No service in the hills, can't get no message (I don't got no service)
Lil Peep - AZLyrics
Club lights shining on the side of your face. Cocaine love it goes straight to your brain. Why the fuck is everybody the same. Fuck my life tell that bitch I'm insane. Lil peep shawty let me silence your pain. I used to wanna kill myself. Came up, still wanna kill myself. My life is going nowhere. I want everyone to know that I don't care.
Playboi Carti - AZLyrics
You know I want that bitch, I wanna eat her, eat I wanna lick it up, I wanna fuckin' eat (Ayy) I want to freeze you up, I want them diamonds blingin' I want it all on you, I want you all on me, ooh I fell in love, I fell in love But that's okay 'cause we in love Oh my God, I fell in love I fell in love with the love Show me love, I give you love
Stitches - AZLyrics
To tell you the truth, I'm startin' to think that bitch is an informant She's askin' way too many questions Imma Chris Brown that ho, teach her a lesson Slap that bitch two times and tell that bitch to get to steppin' Imma always be rich, they call me, "Mister Steal Yo Bitch" Now that boy say he got a problem I got a AK-47, Imma solve it
Lil Peep - AZLyrics
But it's all good cause I let her spend my money though Playboy bunny though, shawty look like a pornstar I know she love me cause she fuck me in her sports car I pull up on her, tell her that we finna gonna go far Drop top, smoking thrax, looking at the stars Getting high, taking bars 'til we on Mars I could make the ground move like I'm Avatar
YNW Melly - AZLyrics
Bitch wanna hold my Glock (Lil' bitch) Bitch better suck my cock (My dick) Pull up on a motherfuckin' opp (An opp) Playin' games, pussy nigga, fuck the opps (Fuck the opps) Blood Gang, pussy bitch, fuck the cops (Fuck the cops) Blood Gang, pussy bitch, fuck the bops (Fuck the bops) Hit that bitch then I tell her to stop (Stop)
Gucci Mane - I Think I Love Her (Remix) Lyrics
That sucka think I'm loyal but I fucks with all the hustlas. I be wit' all the ballas, I be at all the spots. I might be in yo' kitchen, nigga, cooking with yo' pots. I think I love her. Nigga, you don't love me, nigga, you don't love me. Nigga, you don't love me. I think I love her.
MC Virgins - AZLyrics
She a lil shawty, asian bitches man they make me so horny. Put it in her booty and I'm recording. Call me a simp little bitch I'm reporting, ayy. I got one, two, three, four traps and they got asses. I got one, two, three, four bags they in the back. And Yun he called me up and said he got some shit that ain't whack.
Lil Wayne - AZLyrics
Fall asleep with that bitch and really don't know much about her Then she let us in, we take all of your shit, and when you wake up, she help you try to find it, I love it I be with bitches that be with bitches that be with niggas with riches I tell her, "Get him," she say, "I got you," I say, "No, bitch, I said get him"
Bali Baby - AZLyrics
Tell that bitch get nasty Oh, yes I love a freaky bitch I might drop the check and ice the wrist Bitches is so counterfeit All blue hundreds I might match the fit Oh, big brain throw a fit (Big brain) Talking that shit I might order a hit (Order up) I am the best and it is what it is (It is what it is) Put you on my Nasty, nasty Tell that bitch ...
Cardi B - AZLyrics
Tell that bitch to pull up, I'm 'a send you the drop. Press, press, press, press, press (Cardi) Cardi don't need more press. Kill 'em all, put them hoes to rest. Walk in, bulletproof vest. Please tell me who she gon' check (bitch) Murder scene, Cardi made a mess (Cardi)
MO3 - Wont Let Em Lyrics
That bitch I'm fucking a hoe they tried to tell me I really liked her a lot, thought she was special But she was fucking a nigga she thought looked better But I ain't thinking bout no looks I'm thinking bout some cheddar Can't judge a cover by the book, the fakest be the realest The streets done did me dirty, it's so cold I need a sweater
Yo Gotti - AZLyrics
Tell your bitch I said Me, ass up, face down ... I said ‘fuck ‘em’, I don’t like ‘em, I don’t love ‘em When the money come, homies turn to haters, I don’t trust ‘em If the brick ain’t coming with a stick I don’t touch it I want that beer medal with a scorpio when I bust her Like a bitch when she twerking, y’all niggas ...
88GLAM - AZLyrics
Tell her come on, tell that bitch to come my way Tell that bitch don't run away Nevertheless, I can't fuck with the rats, yeah Nevertheless, yeah, I'm better than the rest, yeah Spend my whole life ridin' dirty in a coupe And I got them birdies with the chicken in a coupe Grab her waistline, love it when you wine pon me
YBN Almighty Jay - AZLyrics
Bad yellow bitch, she bag it up, I tell her, "Bag back" (bag back) I love my chopstick, that bitch be shootin' like it's Baghdad (grrah, ooh) Niggas sneak dissin', but they won't pull up, they just talk shit (grrah) Call up Day-Day, you'll think he teach Kung Fu, the way he chop shit (gang, gang, ooh)
D Savage - AZLyrics
Her bag, that's a Birkin, aye, my trap doin' numbers If- If I go to jail, tell my momma that I love her Aye, your hoe ain't tryna cuddle, bitch I'm smokin' on Gelato Aye, I bought a pint of Wockhardt just to drink it out the bottle Aye, she suck that dick and swallow, dirty Dracos, dirty hollows
Playboi Carti - AZLyrics
Got a stripper bitch that depend on me J-Lo J-Lo J-Lo I came in with a cool hundred And I got some bitches coming And I got some bitches calling I'm with Dro, got that pack, goin' for the low Sell a P sell, sell a O, sell it for the low If she top I'm in love, Imma let it go Let it go on your block, we gon do a show Fuck that bitch I'll go till ...
DaBaby & Nicki Minaj - AZLyrics
So I let her ride out She like how we vibe out But if you pick my phone up I'ma put you in time out 'Cause I'm I'm tryna stay up off my iPhone Told my bitch I love you, that was just a typo That bitch drive me crazy, she gone make me psycho Everything I been through, it's something only I know Ay, I'm tryna stay up off my iPhone Told my bitch I ...
Future - AZLyrics
I got that bitch on that dope dick She said she cummin' like yeah, yeah [Hook] Don't tell me you back in that action Don't tell me you back on them Xannies Let's pop up some Vicodin They said we were dead broke, nigga Only God can judge us Take a bar and I love it On a bar and I love it I want that money for sure, shawty I go to work on a her ...
Lil B - AZLyrics
That's that bitch I den fucked [x8] [Verse 2] That's that bitch I den ran The bitch call me I'm like the fucking man The bitch suck my dick I told her "Go again" The bitch love my dick I'm like "You're my friend" That's that bitch I fucking hate That's that bitch I fucking love That's that bitch we hang out Hang out with me, bitch That's that ...
27CLUB - AZLyrics
27CLUB Lyrics. "IDGAF". I don't give a fuck. Said she love me, tell that hoe that she can keep her love. I ain't fallin' for these bitches, I can't fall in love. Only think I ever need you when I'm off the drugs. I don't give a fuck. Said she love me, tell that hoe that she can keep her love. I ain't fallin' for these bitches, I can't fall in love.
Mike Sherm - Facts Lyrics - Musixmatch
This is a foreign fit bitch don't touch shit I'm throwing big fits if you don't suck dick I'm married to the money don't love no bitch If you try to rob me then your life get stripped You trynna touch 10 I spent 10 on a whip These hoes don't get no time I just fuck then I dip You focused on the green I want blue like crip You always going broke cause you can't make a flip Your bitch on my dick ...
Nas - Money Is My Bitch Lyrics
Nas Lyrics. "Money Is My Bitch". I love you so much, don't ever leave me, I won't let you leave. The hoe turned me out, green eyes, had a crush on her. Since 5 years old, met her, fell in love with her. I saved that hoe 'cause she bring more hoes. She major yo, the way she left them other dudes cold. Heartbroken, she walked right out of mad ...
Mac Miller - AZLyrics
My bitch can tell that I'm addicted to pussy, she looking past it The smile that she faking is tragic, hate looking at it That magic I tried to grasp it, she's had it with the dramatics Fantasizing love so classic, tragic to what she got up in her attic Can we mind fuck? Do I lie when I look inside her eyes? Hush don't say a word
24hrs & DJ Drama - AZLyrics
I can tell that she love me, she want a superstar Oh, superstar Superstar, superstar She want a superstar She want a superstar Yeah [24hrs:] ... I love my bitch I got love for Bloods, I got love for Crips I just fell alseep, I got a brand new script I just spend some bands got a brand new whip
Kevin Gates - AZLyrics
I love Bunker, but despite the love, I don't know what made him dislike it But me and Gunna in the Porsche truck and we screeching off like lightning Fast, doing the dash, your bitch on my ass, she want me to smash Flip out and flash, I'd rather get cash Drika she bad and she into bags Up in the Louis, Emilio Pucci
Juvenile - AZLyrics
Now tell that to your girlfriend You tell her everything else She goin to be with her boyfriend You goin to be by your damn self While I'm in my benz with your friend ... I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch You can fuck my bitch Let me fuck your bitch I don't love that bitch I don't trust that bitch
Sonta - Energy Lyrics
I know you been over there, loving on her Kissing that bitch and fucking on her Tell that bitch she can have you Cause I ain't never been a goofy nigga I ain't never been a groupie nigga See you think I'm acting funny but I'm really fucking trying not to lose it nigga Talking about you miss me Nigga save that shit Take it to the bank nigga ...
Meek Mill - AZLyrics
If I can can get her now, then I jus' wait 'til I get on, I don't want you to kiss me, I just wanted to bone, [x2] And you know I will take you down though, All the way to the ground though, If you wanted to keep your bitch you better not bring her 'round though, If I tell her to hit me, Then you know that she gone (going), She be screamin' she ...
Toosii - AZLyrics
I take a bitch to McDonalds and tell her to get what she want and she better McLoveit If she ask my name I tell her McLovin' I don't make love a nigga be fuckin' She don't suck dick a nigga won't bust it She got a Michael Kors then I don't trust it Uh be nasty be disgusting
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