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Lyrics to "How That Taste" song by KEHLANI: They didn't want me then, they want me now Did not want me to ... But swallow that pride, tell me how that shit taste
The Karma Killers - Hold On Lyrics
I'm only going to heaven if it tastes like caramel. Hold, hold, hold, hold, hold on. Hold on, hold ... Motherfucker I'm the shit. Ain't no body blocking out my dreams
Game - Freakshow Lyrics
She say her pussy sweet like caramel, oh, shit. Let me taste that, face where your waist at. Bad boy in the pussy, I'm a bring Ma$e back. Horse and carriage ...
WALE LYRICS - Fairy Tales
Make sure the shit proportional. We don't want you with skinny legs and the big ass ass shots. Then you look like a fucking fool. Some of you bitches look stupid ...
KING LOUIE LYRICS - Feeling Like A Billion Bucks
Lyrics to "Feeling Like A Billion Bucks" song by KING LOUIE: Smelling like a ... More mo with the ace shit I call it mace. Break poopan yeah I got special taste
JACQUEES LYRICS - Come Thru (Remix)
Lyrics to "Come Thru (Remix)" song by JACQUEES: Yeahhhh, yeahhhh (It taste like candy) Aye Jacquees (no) You ready bro (no, no, no ... Hey, I told little shawty ain't no caramel in it ... Don't know why you wonder why them other ho's talk shit
Damn who knocking on the fucking door like that, shit. I think that's our ... Chocolate and caramel, best of both worlds ... Now mama lets see what mama taste like
LIL DICKY LYRICS - Back In Business
Every time ya hear da the kid you know he bout to kill dis shit ... But fuck that gay shit we should fuck soon ... Need it in the mourning or I'm heated like Alonzo
[Trina] Hell no I don't wanna holla at no motherfuckin Trick He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit. Hell no [Taterhead] I'm saying though
21 SAVAGE LYRICS - Million Dollar Lick
I'm Looking like shit, I'm Finna be rich. I Took a brick, took a 9 out and turned it back into a brick. And it's still coming back, Nigga I got the cleanest dope in the six
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Watch My Shoes
And these rappers ain't shit I like my fast food faster, ... Cause after she get off my dick I be like find the front door bitch, ... Smoke some better tasting weed
... You Back" song by FABOLOUS: The Karma of fucking over a good perosn Is the asshole you end up with Get a taste of your own medic... ... That niggea act like I ain't have a nigga back ... And then you bring this fake shit to our reality show
SNOOP DOGG LYRICS - Candy (Drippin' Like Water)
Lyrics to "Candy (Drippin' Like Water)" song by SNOOP DOGG: You want 'em? ... Man that shit be comin in haaandy! ... I'm almond with the caramel insides
And just like that, my life stopped on the dime. I can't stop ... I can't believe it, I feel like, this nigga raped you ... It's disturbin', it's sick, I keep thinkin' bout this shit
M.O.P. LYRICS - Blue Steel
Spread em like jelly, play em like skelly ... I do your ass like Bishop did Rahiem in _Juice_ Kid, I'm tellin you ... Nowadays shit is real, so I'm packin blue steel
GETO BOYS LYRICS - The Other Level
Listen and learn, while I kick some more serious shit .. Diggin deep into my ... Cause she's the type of hoe who like to taste her own pussy. When we're fuckin ...
Caramel cover girl, love the way your body twirl ... Here's a little taste of Ice Cream II (Ice Cream II) ... Yo, I love my dick-size, like I love women and shit. My head ...
Azad Right - I Luv The Way You Taste lyrics
I Luv The Way You Taste lyrics by Azad Right: Quarter past two, got a meeting at ... And I ain't got no white soul. I never met a girl who likes to fucking lie so. Shit!
Pink Dollaz - I'm Tasty (Remix) lyrics
Pussy so sweet, taste just like vanilla. I'll lick, lick, lick that middle. As long as you promise me your sweet like skittles. Murder pussy, girl I'm a killa, I eat that shit
Killing niggas, grave shit. Girl let emg hate it. You fucking with me. Pause Cause I need you love girl. Like I need that money. How bout we fuck on a bed full of ...
Netta Brielle - More to a Kiss Lyrics
Apr 5, 2014 You got that honey love, yeah You make my body tipsy, like I'm taking ... So I can dream about you and taste the caramel, in my sleeping way ...
My Gurl Gotta Gurl Too Lyrics - The Pack
... from "The Pack": Chorus, Gimmie gurl tell me do you like dat, Who's she?, My gurl gotta gurl too, Ok ... ... It's pay day like nuts and caramel. ... Taste like chocolate matta fact rocket no-homo. ... Fuck prince man I run this shit and I can tell a gurl
A$AP Ferg - 4:02 lyrics
Jan 8, 2016 Damn who knocking on the fucking door like that, shit I think that's our little ... your new best friend Damn, lay down right there Chocolate and caramel, ... (Yeah) Now mama lets see what mama taste like Tell me what she taste ...
It's Ol' Dirty Bastard and shit, know I'm sayin? I wanna give a big shout ... You ain't caramel coated Cracker Jack ... Or you can't taste, smell, touch or hear, or see
I'm sayin all kind of shit, to make you smile. Put your seatbeat on, cause I be drivin wild. You think I'm like them other niggaz, I just wanna fuck. But I like to get  ...
A$AP Ferg - 4:02 lyrics
Aug 16, 2013 Damn who knocking on the fucking door like that, shit I think thats our little ... your new best friend Damn, lay down right there Chocolate and caramel, ... (Yeah) Now mama lets see what mama taste like Tell me what she taste ...
Dre Dog (Andre Nickatina) - Powda 4 The Hoes Lyrics
From Frisco to Flordia hoes ain't shit. I eat potatos over ... Cause these heffas they like smoking budda by the bay ... Carmel and Butterscotch.. they both got ass
Walk up on ya like BLAOW no drive by shit. You can't sell ... Got every nigga in the crowd wanna know how I taste. Juicy like a ... Caramel skin and my body soft
RIFF RAFF LYRICS - Uncut Cocaine 2011 Cypher Freestyle
Haters wanna' taste it. Hit em with some flavor. Hit em with some caramel. Hit em with ... And I smell like top flight. Ain't work since 95' .... That's 2011 cypher shit
MISFITS LYRICS - Theme For A Jackal
Meat tastes like mince. The jackal's eaten enough for today. Die sweet prince. Meat tastes like shit. Enough to make that jackal spit. Spit jackal spit. Spit and ...
8BALL & MJG LYRICS - Just Like Candy
Lyrics to "Just Like Candy" song by 8BALL & MJG: Just like candy (candy) Just like candy Its the same feeling ... stack up on your grip, get your shit sprayed wet
i live a life like its jus a dream. ... too much, taste for whores, you seen me grace ... that bitch, thas rite. im about show yall how to pimp this shit. im fuckin niggas in ...
And bleu cheese, caramel complexion's on two knees ... Commandante of this rap shit, your facade, killer [Hook] ... Just a taste of the life like a September call up
And at the same pace we'll see if it's the same taste at the same race. Uh, uh... now tell ... Black, white, caramel or redbone. It's a fact, I'm ... Slick like Rick, DJ like Quik, Suga free like Free ... Got some technology shit that'll make your vest hurt
Lil Wayne - Filet Mignon Lyrics
Un / I like a long haired thick red bon / Open up her legs then filet mignon ... Young Money man this shit so timeless ... I like 'em caramel skin long hair thick ass
I called it X cos I ain't even tryna name the shit. Sundullah, see me ... I melt your fortress down to caramel softness. Drive a charger ... Kick your head off, now it's rolling on the floor like a bowling ball. Open the door ... How does alien taste? Like ...
First Time I Caught Her Shit, She Aint Even Know How To Throw It Back Now She An ... Opened Her Up & Showed Her What A Real Nigga Like I Told Her I Don't ...
Chocolate and caramel, best of both worlds. She got nice lips. ... Oh shit. Now mama, let's see what mama taste like. Tell me what she taste like. Damn [Verse 1]
Rollin' Lyrics - Slim Thug feat. E.S.G.
Turning heads while I spread, through your shit like anthrax ... Come get a ski- taste, we on a paper chase ... I want a gal caramel, that smell like Shanel The kind ...
CRAIG DAVID LYRICS - What's Your Flava (Remix)
The first time I met I could tell she taste like butter pecan ... screamin licky licky while I'm leanin on some pimp shit. Went to ... I them caramel with a hint of vanilla

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