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The Briefs - Poor And Weird Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Poor And Weird' by The Briefs. I'm poor and I'm weird baby, you got no time for me / I'm poor and I'm weird baby, you got no time for me / I'm poor.
The Briefs - Rotten Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rotten Love' by The Briefs. just shut your mouth close your eyes / you're in for quite a surprise / something for nothing but nothing's for free /
The Briefs - Sylvia Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sylvia' by The Briefs. she's got a secret a hidden mission / no one's going to stop her known intermission / with country style she goes wild /
The Briefs - Getting Hit On At The Bank Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Getting Hit On At The Bank' by The Briefs. I was standing in line / Getting hit on at the bank / What kind of man do you think I am? / Because I have.
The Briefs - Silver Bullet Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Silver Bullet' by The Briefs. when i think of you you know i think of rotten fruit / the world would be a better place if you were born a mute / that.
The Briefs - Antisocial Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Antisocial' by The Briefs. starin at the ceiling / i don't think about nothin / don't care about you / i got no use for feelings / cause enough is.
The Briefs - Knife Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Knife' by The Briefs. Running through kitchen / Now she's running through the door / Running through the bathroom / Now She's running on the floor /
The Briefs - Sex Objects Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sex Objects' by The Briefs. I was alone and I was so confused / But then I found a thing that I could really use / She was only 1995, so I blew her.
The Briefs - Destroy The USA Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Destroy the USA' by The Briefs. i hate strip malls, bathroom stalls, / mini marts, rules, and laws / i hate pain in my head, / gettin out of bed, /
The Briefs - New Case Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Case' by The Briefs. Creepy feelings i got a lot of feelings / everywhere i turn they're tinglin stay / outside my window i see a lot of faces /
The Briefs - Stuck On You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stuck On You' by The Briefs. You're pretty cute, you're pretty tough / I'm stuck on you, yeah, I know I'm stuck / Don't wanna chit chat on the.
The Briefs - Normal Jerks Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Normal Jerks' by The Briefs. Normal people do what they want to / Normal people do what they like / They go out shopping and they go to fix their.
The Briefs - Soozy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Soozy' by The Briefs. Its just one of those Things. another incident thats best forgotten / OW! how that hammer stings like shiny metal bees / they.
The Briefs - New Shoes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'New Shoes' by The Briefs. I got a new pair of shoes and i'm putting them on oh here i go / I got a new pair of shoes and i'm putting them on oh here.
The Briefs - Halfsize Girl Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Halfsize Girl' by The Briefs. oh oh oh oh / prom baby at the neighbors last night / i think you smoke a simulator / your slow but you've been doin.
The Briefs - Mystery Pill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mystery Pill' by The Briefs. oh well i woke up this morning / in a terrible state / with a head full of shit / and a heart full of hate / i didnt.
The Briefs - Razorblade Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Razorblade Heart' by The Briefs. It's cold outside and I'm a killer / Rain falls on my head / My helmet keeps my hair do dry but / You ain't here to.
The Briefs - Year Long Summer Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Year Long Summer' by The Briefs. It was a year long summer / the women they sit sit here tonight / time passin by so quickly / but i continue to try.
The Briefs - I Can't Work Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Can't Work' by The Briefs. Sitting in my room on my new brand stereo / And I can't understand where does time go / Grandmother's sick, the cat ran.
The Briefs - My Girl (Wants To Be A Zombie) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My Girl (Wants To Be A Zombie)' by The Briefs. Chasing people in the street / With gooey eyes and rotten teeth / Of all the things she likes to do /
The Briefs - I'm A Raccoon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I'm A Raccoon' by The Briefs. not a cat / not a dog / not a fox but i duno / rather wait in a hole / i am starting to _____ / search for food / in.
The Briefs - Forty And Above Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Forty And Above' by The Briefs. I was 18 she was 45 / I met her in some sleazy dive / I bought her a drink, she bought me five / She tells me that.
The Briefs - (Looking Through) Gary Glitters Eyes Lyrics
Lyrics to '(Looking Through) Gary Glitters Eyes' by The Briefs. They made records in the 70s spotlight and style and songs / we found it amazing when you came.
The Briefs - Where Did He Go? Lyrics
In an alleyway up state in a riverbed no one knows his fate at the resturant in the parking lot he would never return they would never be caught. they looked ...
The Briefs - So Stupid Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Stupid' by The Briefs. well we were talkin just a touch / he wasnt educated much / you like to kick a lot of sand / at things you couldnt.
The Briefs - Piss On The Youth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Piss On The Youth' by The Briefs. first one out try to run away / couldnt say i dont think so / we're gona piss on all the youth / before we can row.
The Briefs - Outer Space Doesn't Care About You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Outer Space Doesn't Care About You' by The Briefs. Exploration, what's outside / the narrow scope of our confines / Science Fiction may be true /
The Briefs - C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug Lyrics
Lyrics to 'C'mon Squash Me Like A Bug' by The Briefs. im in a hurry i want it bad if you dont do it youll wish you had wipe away my legs get away my wings no --
The Briefs - Ouch Ouch Ouch Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ouch Ouch Ouch' by The Briefs. in the __ the police are after me / took a crap in a safe way lot / dirty face (?) means the kids wont talk to me / if.
The Briefs - Dolly Parton Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dolly Parton' by The Briefs. Dalilama, Dalilama / Dalilama, Dalilama / Dalilama, Dalilama / Dolly Parton / Dalilama, Dalilama / Dalilama, Dalilama /
The Briefs - Ain't It The Truth? Lyrics
Outside the walls a curtain calls i cant believe were here at all what you see i do believe i got no place, no place to bleed ive got nothing left, ive got nothing right
The Briefs - Shoplifting At Macy's Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shoplifting at Macy's' by The Briefs. These are thee things that belong to me / Nothing thats worth five dollars you see / I needed something of.
The Briefs - Run The Other Way Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Run The Other Way' by The Briefs. something's burning in my eyes / i can't see much at all / i can't see nothing girl toniiiiight / i can't see.
The Briefs - Medication Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Medication' by The Briefs. im the one that goes to school on sunday im the one that burnt it down im the one that goes away for the holidays spend.
The Briefs - Criminal Youth Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Criminal Youth' by The Briefs. Your really killing time / in a delinquent mind / Dead set and get everything that you hope / and if they gone with.
The Briefs - 22nd Century Man Lyrics
Lyrics to '22nd Century Man' by The Briefs. socailist reatards gather round come and get it / low hards blow hards ___the great yeah forget it / ____lets make a.
The Briefs - I Wanna Kill My Mom Lyrics
Lyrics for I Wanna Kill My Mom by The Briefs. ... LyricsI Wanna Kill My Mom. The Briefs. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points.
No More Presidents Lyrics - The Briefs
Full and accurate LYRICS for "No More Presidents" from "The Briefs": I just can't take it all their lies, Their lies, No more presidents No more presidents, ...
The Briefs - Genital General Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Genital General' by The Briefs. There's more to being famous / When you've no sexual appeal / When your big face looks like the mirror / Reflex (?) /
Can't Get Through Lyrics - The Briefs
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Can't Get Through" from "The Briefs": We the people had our fill, We can't take it no more, We want to beat you in your ...

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