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The Coup - Pork And Beef Lyrics
Coup, yeah. It's all good man, we off in the Oakland Hills Dodging em' one time, check it out. If you got beef with see-O-P's Throw a Molotov at the P-I-G's
The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny Lyrics
[Black Thought] Move, if you got the nerve. Lash out for your just desserts. It's not just the worth. Some of y'all heads up in the clouds. I'ma bring y'all back to ...
The Coup - Wear Clean Draws Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wear Clean Draws' by The Coup. You know you're my cookie baby and you're too smart / I can see it in the lines of your school art / True heart / I.
The Coup - Me And Jesus The Pimp In A '79 Granada Last Night Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Me and Jesus the Pimp in a '79 Granada Last Night' by The Coup. / The rain dropped giant pearls, God was pissin' on the world / or that old man who.
The Coup - Funk Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Funk' by The Coup. I used to kick it with a brother named, Moe / Moe used to kick it with a brother named, Joe / Joe used to kick it with his.
The Coup - Fat Cats, Bigga Fish Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fat Cats, Bigga Fish' by The Coup. Get down, get down, get down / Get down, get down, get down / Get down, get down, get down / Get down, get ...
The Coup - Dig It! Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Dig It!' by The Coup. Presto, read the Communist Manifesto / Guerillas in the Mist, a Guevara named Ernesto, so / (E-Roc: What a brother with a afro.
The Coup - Not Yet Free Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Not Yet Free' by The Coup: Here's a FOOT for.
The Coup - ShoYoAss Lyrics
Lyrics to 'ShoYoAss' by The Coup. Now's the time for you to showyoass / They ain 't handin' out no mo' cash / Mommas imitate my logo fast / Daddies take the.
The Coup - Pimps Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Pimps' by The Coup. Fuck naw I ain't got no Grey Poupon / Well anyway , I said, 'That's no burglar! That's my butler.' / Mr. Rockefeller, let me in on.
The Coup - Nowalaters Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nowalaters' by The Coup. Well if you thrust, eventually you gonna gush / And I'm implyin' I ain't had no business cryin' / 'Cause we used the rubber.
The Coup - Everythang Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Everythang' by The Coup. 'And it was just about the time / For the part of the close / When the hinges went out flyin' off / The motherfuckin' doors'
The Coup - Head (Of State) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Head (Of State)' by The Coup. Bush and Hussein together in bed / Giving H E A D head / Y'all motherfuckers heard what we said / Billions made and .
The Coup - Ride The Fence Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ride The Fence' by The Coup. Yeah / Uh-huh / Yeah / That's right / Gotta get off the phone, bust this verse / Aight / Okay / I'm anti-imperial /
The Coup - The Shipment Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Shipment' by The Coup. It ain't Indonesia, China White / Purple haired Thai, big H Delight / Take my shit, we gon' have to fight / I'm always.
The Coup - We Are The Ones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'We Are The Ones' by The Coup. We, we are the ones / We'll seal your fate, tear down your state, go get yo' guns / We, we came to fight / It's yo'
The Coup - Ghetto Manifesto Lyrics
[Unverified]. I write my lyrics on parking tickets and summons to the court. I scribbled this on an application for county support. I practice this like a sport
The Coup - U.C.P.A.S. Lyrics
Lyrics to 'U.C.P.A.S.' by The Coup. / Can you feel it? I can feel it / .. / Now if this party was a class I'd be a teacher / It's F.T.S. and The Coup, a.
The Coup - 5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O. Lyrics
Lyrics to '5 Million Ways To Kill A C.E.O.' by The Coup. Help me out / Yo, yo, yo, yo / Help me out / Yo, yo, yo, yo / We've got 5 million ways to kill a CEO /
The Coup - Sneakin' In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sneakin' In' by The Coup. How we gon' get in for free? / Now, I calculate the beatin' for approximated speakin' / Play it at your party for.
The Coup - Mindfuck Lyrics
[Chorus] They're givin us a mind fuck. They don't have to put our hands in cuffs. They can tell us stay put and that's enough. We bust, they feel the earth vibratin
The Coup - I Ain't The Nigga Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Ain't the Nigga' by The Coup. Now I shall tell a story that's filled with words / That start with the letter N / Step into the world of a nigger,
The Coup - I Know You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know You' by The Coup. I know you motherfucker, know where you live / You're the cop that knocked in my partner Greg Wiggins' ribs / And it wasn't.
The Coup - Busterismology Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Busterismology' by The Coup. I'm risin' like the vapors from the dank / Fuck the mirror in my pocket, had to break it for a shank / What you thank?
The Coup - Laugh/Love/F--- Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Laugh/Love/F---' by The Coup. I'm here to laugh, love, fuck and drink liquor / And help the damn revolution come quicker / Laugh, love, fuck and.
The Coup - Breathing Apparatus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Breathing Apparatus' by The Coup. "Dr. Bruce, telephone please, Dr. Bruce, telephone please.." / "Paging Dr. Kevorkian, paging Dr.
The Coup - Get Up Lyrics
Dead Prez, The Coup People Army, where the G's at? C'mon... Fuck the police. Ay why'all ready for this shit for why'all trunk? Why'all ready to get this bitch ...
The Coup - Fixation Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fixation' by The Coup. Well, this is verbal penetration / Alert your school administration / If you act like a dick castration / It just brings me.
The Coup - Foul Play Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Foul Play' by The Coup. Brothers on the block making bankroll / The billion dollar dream is the dream for the cash flow / Little do they know,
The Coup - Piss On Your Grave Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Piss On Your Grave' by The Coup. (Chorus) / Uhhhh!! / I wanna piss on your grave! / make me feel alright! / Yaa Yaa Yaa!! / (Repeat) / While you was.
The Coup - Ass-Breath Killers Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ass-Breath Killers' by The Coup. Why-why-why-you've got ass breath! / { *scratched: 'And now a word from our sponsor'*} / You've got ass breath!
The Coup - Tight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tight' by The Coup. Pam, the funkstress, you're so tight / Just scratch me up and make it right / I'm caught up in your flow tonight / So you can.
The Coup - The Coup Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Coup' by The Coup. Check it out, it's the motherfucking c-o-u / To the p now you're fucking with the real dudes / Who will meet you with a fleet.
The Coup - Last Blunt Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Last Blunt' by The Coup. *sounds of smoking, coughing, and choking* / ' Do you know what's green?' / *DJ Pam cuts and scratches Cypress Hill 'puffin.
Hey babe take a chance on me. I'll be your man tonight. Just tell me when you've had enough. Then I'll apply the coup de grace. If I were to live forever. I'd hope ...
The Coup - Gunsmoke Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gunsmoke' by The Coup. Smell the gunsmoke / Smell the gunsmoke / Smell the gunsmoke / Smell the gunsmoke / Smell the gunsmoke / Smell the ...
The Coup - Kill My Landlord Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Kill My Landlord' by The Coup. (Hey, how are you guys fixing to pay?) / Now check it, the topic of discussion / Is more than a financial profit /
The Coup - BabyLet'sHaveABabyBeforeBushDoSomethin'Crazy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'BabyLet'sHaveABabyBeforeBushDoSomethin'Crazy' by The Coup. Baby, let's have a baby / Before Bush do somethin' crazy / Baby, let's have a baby /
The Coup - Heven Tonite Lyrics
[Chorus] Preacher man wanna save my soul. Don't nobody wanna save my life. People we done lost control. Let's make heaven tonite. Preacher man wanna ...
The Coup - Drug Warz Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drug Warz' by The Coup. * Pam the Funkstress scratches the phrase / " We wanna get it on - cause we don't get along" * / Now the FBI.

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