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Lud Foe - Boss Lyrics
This foreign coupe came with a roof, I took it off You used to see me for the free, but now it cost I can't fold this bankroll for nothing in the world You can't get yo' bitch back for nothing in the world The security with the shits, she let me in with the stick And when these diamonds shine so hard I might just blind me a bitch
Gunna - Wit It Lyrics
Shows back-to-back, my coupe paid off commission Runnin' the sea, I'm a wave New suit on, coupe came with leather and suede Fuck with this bitch 'cause she going both ways Too much of this shit, I'ma throw it in bags Not fuckin' you bitches from back in the day Your condo is lame, it dead like a grave Gettin' at my bag, got my family amazed
Offset & Metro Boomin - Ric Flair Drip Lyrics
Ric Flair drip, go "woo" on a bitch (woo) Fifty-seven ninety, split the coupe on my wrist (ice) Multi-million dollar, I'm a fool with the hits (ay) Hop up in the Lamb and drop the roof, show the tits (Offset) Twist my fingers, got the gang with me (gang with me) Bought my first Patek, it got some rain on it (Patek)
A$AP Ferg - Shabba Lyrics
Two shots to a bombaclot man, Shabba Ranks let it go to your brain Front then he coming your way Let the semi dump, dump then he coming your way Dump when the bad man come, my youth don't romp with me Coupe full of bad hoes, they all wanna come with me You got a coupe with a sad ho cause she wanna come with me Shabba!
D-Block Europe & Yxng Bane - Better Than Yours Lyrics ...
Yeah, two door coupe two twin pipe exhaust, Yeah When I shop for my lady I'm up in Dior Big buss down chain I don't fuck with no whore My girlfriend 10 times better than yours Brand new white tee I'm fresh out the gym, Yeah Bout to get a massage just went for a swim, Yeah Homicide homicide that's full to the brim
Rick Ross - Act A Fool Lyrics
Ass on all my bitches, so I squeeze 'em in the coupe Fascinated with the fortune and it came true I may pass you in the Porsche, and with the brains blue Got your bitch so wet, I'm steppin' out in rainboots Thought it was Obama, way I came through I'm talkin' different commas from them lame dudes I'm printin' paper, boy, I even wrote a book
Nipsey Hussle - If U Were Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to "If U Were Mine" song by Nipsey Hussle: If you were mine If you were mine The way that I move I breathe your air You only can Still up all... Nipsey Hussle - If U Were Mine Lyrics |
Lil Baby - Pure Cocain Lyrics
We done came from a long way from broke and sharing shoes When your wrist like this You don't check the forecast Every day it's gon' rain, yeah Made a brick through a brick I ain't whip up shit This pure cocaine, yeah From the streets, but I got a little sense But I had to go coupe, no brain Ain't worried 'bout you I'ma do what I do And I do my ...
Lil Gnar - GRAVE Lyrics
My coupe came with wings You're a broke boy who fiends I'ma take 'em out when I see 'em You a hatin' nigga, why you breathin'? [Lil Gnar:] Issa knife like 21, my mama raised a savage Pull up in the 'Rari with the fye' like dragon And like the car tinted, fuck around, get tragic What happenin'? Someone call your mama, she gon' come collect your ...
Montana Of 300 - Computers (Remix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Computers (Remix)" song by Montana Of 300: ... Come through your jaw, go out the sunroof with that Uzi ... Yo bitch feeling me like a masseuse She wanna give a nigga neck just like a noose I ain't fu, gun cases, I caught two This what I do, pull up shooting like I hoop
21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin - Ric Flair Drip Lyrics
21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin Ric Flair Drip Lyrics. Ric Flair Drip lyrics performed by 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin: (Bijan 4 The 1 Time) Metro Boomin want some more, nigga! (hey)
Tyga - Ice Cream Man Lyrics
I'm the ice cream man, she chunky monkey She like to fuck me, suck me, suck then fuck me I'm the ice cream man, she chunky monkey She like to twirly swirly, in my vanilla coupe She like my sugar cone seats I just took off the roof She got a marshmallow booty, I like to sprinkle it too I'm the ice cream man, this my song when I'm ridin' through
Ace Hood - Mood Lyrics
I'm in the mood to count up the loot, blessin's Jump out the coupe, where fuck is the roof? Flexin' I'm with the crew, you ain't makin' moves then exit I'm in the mood to call up your boo to sext Ooh, ause I'm in the mood Ooh, cause I'm in the mood Ooh, cause I'm in the mood Ooh, cause I'm in the mood Brought a car with a horse, got a young ...
Young T & Bugsey - Strike A Pose Lyrics
Came from Nottingham to Manny with a baddy in the coupe I'm 19 she's 32, to her I'm actually a yute (hehehe) Heh, wrap another zoot Tell her turn around, show me what the back of it can do Loosen up, shake it off, back it up a few Them other girls are too jealous, they ain't flashier than you (no way)
Lil Uzi Vert - Rich Forever Leaked Lyrics
New coupe can fit three in there Smoke a blunt, 4 G's in there Goyard wallet with the cheese in there Margiela, put my feet in there (yeah) VVS', put my teeth in there (yeah) High 20s, you get Cs in there Fredericksville, I ain't leavin' there 1600, yeah, I be in there Come around, you get whacked here Come around, you get wet here (wet)
Quality Control & Migos - Pop Shit Lyrics
Lyrics to "Pop Shit" song by Quality Control & Migos: Ayy DY crazy Ayy, ... Coupe, it came with the kit Real niggas all around me Lot of pussy niggas still exist Drank, it right under my trench Starter bitches on my bench The cookie pack came dense Pop shit, pop shit, pop shit, pop shit Pop shit, pop shit, pop shit (pop) Pop shit, pop-pop-pop shit
Max B - Bang Bang Boogie Lyrics
Baby come here, come holla, I'm all about that dolla [Chorus:] Now come here miss lady, can I date you baby? Make you coo-coo crazy for cocoa I can loot you mami, I can scoop you mami I can Coupe you mami with no dough Now up jumps the boogie, the Range grain is cookie We bang bang, we boogie to the beat
Lil Skies - Lettuce Sandwich Lyrics
Grab for that lettuce sandwich The coupe, is tinted She thought it was rented I want it, I'mma spend it Live my life with no limits I'ma do the damage, I'ma do the damage I'ma do the damage, bitch I'ma do the damage Know I'ma do the damage Just know I'm taking credit I said it then I meant it Man, 'cause I'm so relentless Senorita, she a eater
Vic Mensa - OMG Lyrics
Pullin up with the coupe (Oh my goodness) Must've done something with the roof (Oh my goodness) You sitting looking stupid on the stoop (Oh my goodness) I would take notes if I were you (Oh my goodness) This was designed with the stars, the square and the cross So ain't no true north Smilin', with 50 karats in my jaw Fuck the law It's a shame ...
Bhad Bhabie - Lotta Dem Lyrics
Apeshit, new shit, spaceship, coupe shit Came with two whips, deja vu shit Still got a lot of them bands (Bands) Still got a lot of them mad Old bread, new drip, fake hoes, new tits They called, who this? Stank lips sink ships Still got a lot of them bands (Bands, bitch) Still got a lot of them mad (Mad, bitch)
"Tampering With Evidence" lyrics - Song Lyrics from A to Z
Lyrics to "Tampering With Evidence" song by Moneybagg Yo & NBA YoungBoy: Police lock us up because they don't understand the way we live Interrogating us all for hours, we a...
Young Thug - Do U Love Me Lyrics
Lyrics to "Do U Love Me" song by Young Thug: Ayy We got London On Da Track Ayy Rose gold Rolex, who you are They don't know, who you are Vroom,...
Quin NFN - Check Lyrics
In the coupe with yo main hoe, ay My young niggas really gon do what I say so, ay If you not tryna ride why you throw up that gang for Pop his top when I cock let this thang go Up a Glock to his top where his brain go My nigga its overdue I feed all my fam and I do what pose to do You niggas look soo confused I go get the doe
MoneyBagg Yo - Ocean Spray Lyrics
The coup came with a masseuse (Why you say that?) That mean a seats massage me (yeah) The bitch on IG with you (where she at now?) With me now eating dick like Arby's In the club i'm scraping the booth (VIP) My Glock on defense, it guard me Pass the sprite imma pour me a deuce (activate) 25 for a pint, what they charge me
Dave East - Only One King (EastMix) Lyrics
Lyrics to "Only One King (EastMix)" song by Dave East: We good What, What, What Paranoia coming Nigga, stop asking me, Dirt gang I was broke 20 years stra...
Future - Servin Killa Kam Lyrics
Benz coupe with the white tires, was a prototype In the 305, drivin' 105 On the 95, hammer on my side I've been way too quiet, I get way too fly I got water diamonds, throw 'em on a dyke I got an orange light, I got some green kush I got some clear ice, you need to stay put I got on white socks, give me some white top
Lil Skies - The Clique Lyrics
I'ma ride or die for the clique Grind with my brothers 'til we make it out the sticks You a broke nigga, prolly switch up for a bitch I was in the game, you was sittin' on the bench Chillin' with my woes like we came up from the 6 I don't fuck with girls that be all up in the mix Hear he sendin' threats and I ain't even hear the diss
Lil Yachty - DipSet Lyrics
Dipset, young nigga Dipset Stunt or get stunted on Young nigga never been fronted on Bet that lil bitch gon' sing every song Bet that lil bitch come right out out her thong Bet that lil bitch sing us every song Bet that lil bitch come right out her thong Dipset, young nigga Dipset Stunt or get stunted on Young nigga never been fronted on
Fat Joe - The Profit Lyrics
I'm sitting in the coupe wit the tities outted The nipples chrome Or that big black thing wit the slippers on that bullshit Dippin' on them bitches Get off dick You soft pricks I'm from New Orleans Homeless but don't forget The sun even shines on dark shit And dawg I've been hustlin since the day I was barkin I walk in this bitch like what it do
Gunna - Car Sick Lyrics
If I pop another Tesla pill, I'ma be car sick (car sick) I pulled out the ladder, forgot my roof Thought I lost it (thought I lost it) Back then know hate been coming my way Think I dodged it (think I dodged it) She call her friend, we fucking in the room, told her fall in (fall in) I moved to the pad with a thirty foot drape, nigga we balling ...
Jaheim - Diamond In Da Ruff Lyrics
Diamond in da ruff someone that you don't meet twice We left the Brickz for the 'Burbs turned Mo into Remy matching fur coats and Fendi from the bus to a Bentley coupe with a closet full of shoes yeah Than our smiles turned to frowns ups turned to downs I don't know where i'm going now I think about her every once in awhile
Young Thug - Believe It Lyrics
She hate that I go missin' but that come with pimpin' Yeah, that come with rich shit Yeah, that come with appealin' Yeah, fuck my idol but this coupe came with no ceilings Bandanna, all red These all hundreds, you can spread To these bitches, I'ma act a sped Then count perfectly like a ed I'll fill my teachers up with that lead
XYLØ - Ride Or Die Lyrics
Backseat in the coupe with the suicide (Ooh) The we get a little high, get a little high Seven nights in the car And the lights are getting dark We could take it too far Be with you, forever All I wanna do, all I wanna do is ride with you (All I want, all I want) All I wanna do, all I wanna do is die for you All I wanna do, all I wanna do is ...
William Singe - Bad And Boujee x Bounce Back Lyrics ...
Lyrics to "Bad And Boujee x Bounce Back" song by William Singe: Raindrops, drop top Smokin' on cookie in the hotbox Fuckin' on your bitch she a thot, thot Cookin' u...
Ace Hood - Undefeated Lyrics
I'm in that coupe, the new 6 I'm with my queen and my kids I need them much as my ribs I must invest in my shield I'm like the best in my field They like the patience be still I'm activated, I am I'm going ape in the gym You looking sad as that jim Don't be afraid of that shit Let no one tamper with it I got control of all my demons, I been ...
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