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Styx - Renegade Lyrics
Oh mama, I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law. Lawman has ... Lawman said get him dead or alive now it's for sure he'll see me dead. Dear mama, I ...
N.O.R.E. - Want Me Dead Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Want Me Dead' by N.O.R.E.. Indiana Wants Me, Lord, I can't go back there. / Indiana Wants Me, Lord, I can't go back there, / I wish I had you to talk. ... Out there the law's a comin', I'm gettin' so ... It hurts to see the man that I've become,
Lyrics to "Mexicali Blues" song by GRATEFUL DEAD: Laid back in an old saloon, with a peso in my hand, Watchin' flies and children on the street, And ... There's a little boy who wants to shine my feet. ... She took me up into her room and whispered in my ear, ... And then a man rode into town, some thought he was the law.
EMINEM LYRICS - Marshall Mathers
Now everybody wants to come around like I owe em somethin. Heh, the fuck you want ... I'm just a regular guy, ... You might see me walkin a dead rottweiler dog
Cause you won't do to me what you did to the last man ... Lookin' like a zombie from Night of the Livin' Dead ... But baby, a body like that's against the law
Lyrics to "Low Man's Lyric" song by METALLICA: My eyes seek reality My fingers ... All I want from you is forgive me ... Though he just wants right back out again
VENGEANCE RISING LYRICS - "Once Dead" (1990) album
VENGEANCE RISING lyrics - "Once Dead" (1990) album, including "Among The Dead", "Into The Abyss", "The Wrath ... A-men" We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Take the sword and prayer, understand the cause .... This is what God wants from you and me ... The backdrop of the Law, shows man the sinner that he is
SLAYER LYRICS - "Undisputed Attitude" (1996) album
Spiritual Law 10. ... I want everything and every thing wants me. I want ... Don't cross me no more or you're dead ... The highest man on the government table
DEAD KENNEDYS LYRICS - Night Of The Living Rednecks
Ray's guitar broke. No, we won't play Rawhide, won't play anything. We'll play the theme from the Dinah Shore show. Who wants to be Dinah Shore?
Man, but now it's bottles at them tables, bring the models boy I'm about to po' up. Uh huh, you know ... [Verse 2: J. Cole] Momma said I should reconsider law school ... Summers dead it got me drinking thinking bitch I better blow. I better blow,
D12 LYRICS - Girls
It's so easy for me to make enemies any more it's sickening. People are lookin for ... Motherfuckers must think cause I'm in trouble with the law that I won't jaw 'em, ... I'm a man, I can stand on my feet. So if you don't ... Love me or hate me as much as Fred wants to be hated ... I'm fuckin you up punk, you're dead! Don't think ...
Let's face it, you're basic, you aren't half the man that I am. I throw your gang sign up, and then I'll spit on my hand. Give me a hundred grand, give me your watch, give me your chain ... Niggas said hip hop was dead but I awoken the spirit
TRACY BYRD LYRICS - Good Way To Get On My Bad Side
A little lady standing next to me, Isn't she a pretty ... But let it go much further than that and he's a dead man. Cause that's a ... Now he's talkin like he wants to take my shotgun. That's a ... still kills me. There oughta be a law against cowboy rap,
Lyrics to "Implode" song by SLAYER: So is it just me Or everyone can see The world drowning in it's own blood ... Tangled in charades of the orthodox laws ... Brain dead leaders of the world conspire ... All it wants a man to do is confess
COALESCE LYRICS - "Ox" (2009) album
Dead Is Dead 14. ... They recruit angry fools to replace the old law that was handed down to them and fulfilled with their own sick and ... Grown men told me they loved me then disappeared. ... And only represent their own wants and needs.
Lyrics to "Read Me My Rights" song by BRANTLEY GILBERT: Somebody better call the law We done took it outside, we're about to brawl Ol' boy done put his ...
Everybody wants a box of chocolates. And a long stem ... Everybody knows that you love me baby ... Everybody knows that the naked man and woman. Are just ...
Bang, bang, baby, leave me dead or alive. Now that wind is howling for the same old lies. I know what you're asking for. I'll give you what you want and more
THE RED CHORD LYRICS - "Prey For Eyes" (2007) album
Film Critiques And Militia Men 2. Dread ... If you had not committed such acts a curse like me would not be sent upon you. God cannot be ... I am the law! The bodies fill ... You're dead. You're dead. ... No one wants to admit when they blow it.
DEAD PREZ LYRICS - We Want Freedom
Lyrics to "We Want Freedom" song by DEAD PREZ: I was born black, I live black, and I'ma die ... And they saturate the streets with tanks and start martial law
2PAC LYRICS - Only God Can Judge Me
Lyrics to "Only God Can Judge Me" song by 2PAC: Only God can judge me (that right?) Only God can judge ... And in my mind I'm a blind man doin' time. Look to my future, ... Ain't no such thing as self-defense in the court of law. So judge us ...
Kevin Gates - The Law Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Law' by Kevin Gates. Who'd ever ... No expectation for you rappers I 'm a Gucci man, yellow Vette me and Lito' bumping Gucci Maine Start track ...
2PAC LYRICS - Outlaw
Dead bodies at block parties, those unlucky bastards. Gunfire now ... Witnessin' evil that these men do, bitches sin too ... I broke the law and they jaw, all in the same flurry ... Outlaw, Outlaw, Outlaw (Dear God, I wonder could you save me?)
TRAE LYRICS - I'm On 2.0
Cause the same motherfuckers are the ones that got me stuck. Tryna use me ... I' d rather be a dead man than a nigga. I'd rather ... Tell the law we above the law
IRON MAIDEN LYRICS - "Iron Maiden" (1980) album
Well you see me crawling through the bushes with it open wide. What you ... So now I've got to look for Sanctuary from the law ... Sticking with every man that you find, don't you know what they're after? ... Iron Maiden wants you for dead.
Won't' fuck with o law, Pussy nigga try ... So them dope boys my fam man. And the ... My nigga puttin lean in that sprite, tryin to rob me dead on sight. I'm drippin ...
Parliament - P-Funk (Wants To Get Funked Up) Lyrics
Lyrics to 'P-Funk (Wants to Get Funked Up)' by Parliament: Coming you directly from the ... And me? I'm known as Lollipop Man Alias, The Long Haired Sucker, my motto is ... That's the law around here, you got to wear your sunglasses
Every nigga wants to be a gangster. Every nigga wants to ... So real man'll try to kill you for my brothers beef. I just keep ... Sitting with a bag of green like what the fucks a grand to me. Used to watch ... Now I'm laying down the law. Made the lady ... Still I'm tryna make my p's stretch give a fuck if the beefs dead. Raf niggas  ...
FRONT PORCH STEP LYRICS - Island Of The Misfit Boy
I love to sleep, cause I pretend that I'm dead. But I hate waking up cause it's ... Hoping that the bus won't miss me when it comes my way. Well I made a few jokes ...
And all these bitches wanna fuck me cause a nigga made it ... Nigga like me I walk around, fear no man. I don't owe you niggas shit! E'rry nigga you see around me. That's the niggas that's with me, unless they in jail or dead or something
DEAD KENNEDYS LYRICS - Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round
Lyrics to "Kinky Sex Makes The World Go 'Round" song by DEAD KENNEDYS: ... That man is unreliable. The Kremlin ... The arms manufacturers tell me unless
SLICK RICK LYRICS - Children's Story
When laws were stern and justice stood. And people ... Tried to rob a man who was a D.T. undercover. The cop ... The kid pulled out a gun, he said "Why did ya hit me?" The barrel ... He told the cops "Back off or honey here's dead" Deep in his ...
AGNOSTIC FRONT LYRICS - "Dead Yuppies" (2001) album
AGNOSTIC FRONT lyrics - "Dead Yuppies" (2001) album, including "Standing On My Own", "Dead Yuppies", "Alright"... ... We'll show them just how to fight. Break the laws that tread on me.On me! Freedom so ... Uncle same-he wants you to take his hand-see you through ... When it all goes wrong man you know that feeling
OVERDOSE LYRICS - "Progress Of Decadence" (1993) album
Who wants your foolish laws? [Chorus:] You can't lie to me. Cause in ... The law of the jungle - Controls men. The power is .... You're dead even in life. Go to your  ...
EXCITER LYRICS - "Long Live The Loud" (1985) album
Lay down metal law. Let's show them ... Dead men don't live to tell. Of torture ... You'll burn in fire like the others and me. Walk into ... It wants me dead. My God it  ...
Z-RO LYRICS - Truth Is
another baby daddy dead and one more kid around the house (damn) I made I hate you bitch ... told the laws that I hit you (bitch)-tryed to send me to jail then called my ... Man I done tripped out on some of my fans, indirectly so many haters  ...
ARCTIC MONKEYS LYRICS - Temptation Greets You Like Your ...
Lyrics to "Temptation Greets You Like Your Naughty Friend" song by ARCTIC MONKEYS: I don't ever want to hate you, So don't show me your bed, The only ...
Lyrics to "Stop, I'm Already Dead" song by DEADBOY & THE ELEPHANTMEN: A spirit climbs my spine to the brain Following the rail-road tracks down again I ...
This is an invitation for all my thug niggas to come join me. On a journey to the ... My ghetto hero was above the law I caught a glimpse of a bullet. That took him ...
MALICE LYRICS - "License To Kill" (1987) album
You give me cause. You're just like the rest ... Let me tell you about the pleasure of sin. I'm for blood ... Breaking the colors of an ancient law. Rebel, the ... A man hunting machine ... The ladies want me dead ... And if she wants to sail. Living in  ...

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