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DAGames - The Path of Genocide Lyrics
Nov 20, 2015 Lyrics for The Path of Genocide by DAGames. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the truth hurts even more As we travel through l...
DAGames - Path of Genocide Lyrics
Lyrics for Path of Genocide by DAGames. ... LyricsPath of Genocide. DAGames. James Garza submitted the lyrics for this song. Please review the lyrics to make ...
Another war that cannot be won, blowing winds of devastation. Spiritual genocide . A god of war and revenge. Infernal world of fear. I walk the path of death.
DAGames - The Path of Genocide lyrics translated in Turkish ...
20 Kas 2015 Turkish translation of lyrics for The Path of Genocide by DAGames. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but the truth hurts even more As we ...
DESASTER LYRICS - "Angelwhore" (2005) album
4. Conqueror's Supremacy 5. Ghouls To Strike 6. Nihilistic Overture 7. Havoc 8. Downfall Be Thy Blade 9. Revelation Genocide 10. Mourning Path (Outro) ...
INQUISICION LYRICS - "Metal Genocide" (2004) album
INQUISICION lyrics - "Metal Genocide" (2004) album, including "Arde El Volcán ( Pillán)", "Ley De La Calle", "El ... Running across the path of music I have seen
UNLEASHED LYRICS - "Midvinterblot" (2006) album
In Victory Or Defeat 6. Triumph Of Genocide ... 5. In Victory Or Defeat. On the endless path of war ... And watched the triumph of genocide. Bodies floating down
LAMB OF GOD LYRICS - Reclamation
Lyrics to "Reclamation" song by LAMB OF GOD: Humanity's a failed experiment Walking the path to extinction Spinning ... Nailing belief to a cross of genocide
AETERNUS LYRICS - "A Darker Monument" (2003) album
Genocide Delight 7. Seen Through Abhorrent Eyes 8. The Trident 9. Sons Of ... walk the path of my misanthropy each step a greater pain i am the air you breathe
MARUTA LYRICS - "Remain Dystopian" (2015) album
Genocide Interval 2. Hope Smasher 3. ... cycle of desolation. An interval of genocide orchestrated by our very own hands ... Isolation eternal. The path chosen ...
DECIMATOR LYRICS - "Bloodstained" (2011) album
3. Call To War 4. Streams Of Blood 5. Genocide 6. Day Of Wrath 7. Insane Orders 8. Age Of Sacrifice ... Infernal world of fear. I walk the path of death ...
NAPALM DEATH LYRICS - "Diatribes" (1996) album
Greed Killing 2. Glimpse Into Genocide 3. Ripe For The Breaking ... The path is long and agonizing being dragged on your knees. ...and the silver spoon in your  ...
INQUISITION LYRICS - "Obscure Verses For The Multiverse" (2013 ...
... Darkness Is Lord And Death The Beginning", "Infinite Interstellar Genocide", " Inversion Of Ethereal White Stars"... ... Walking on a path of lonesome doom
DECREPIT BIRTH LYRICS - "...And Time Begins" (2003) album
... album, including "...And Time Begins", "Of Genocide", "Concepting The Era"... ... 8. Of Genocide 9. ...And Time Begins ... Crippling all in it's path. Corrupting the  ...
URGEHAL LYRICS - "Ikonoklast" (2009) album
The Necessity Of Total Genocide 5. Kniven Rider Dypt ... Universal bleeding a genocide. Total religious ... Church fires enlightens the left hand path. Like torches ...
DARKOLOGY LYRICS - "Fated To Burn" (2015) album
Quantum Genocide 6. .... To halt a Quantum Genocide – the Fuse has just been Lit ... Look Up Ahead In My Path; It's My Own Wrath And It Is Laughing At Me
I'm Barry Sanders slashing through the path you a magician's ... Ill Bill, human manifestation of genocide ... Louie Dogs, a fuckin' genocide general so I say fuck  ...
Saviour Machine - Killer Lyrics
... by Saviour Machine. Killer, killer / Killer lives in silent dreams / Of genocide philosophy rebirth / Killer, killer / Killer lies in. ... To trace the path of righteousness.
GOROD LYRICS - "Leading Vision" (2006) album
GOROD lyrics - "Leading Vision" (2006) album, including "Hidden Genocide", " Obsequium Minaris", "Eternal ... Never mind, here is my path, I survive, you perish  ...
DIES IRAE LYRICS - "The Sin War" (2002) album
Genocide Generation 7. The Truth 8. Beyond Sensual 9. ... Illumination of cosen one. Infinity of paths ... Gaze delineate the path. Of ubiquitious. I am immerse in ...
HEATHEN BEAST LYRICS - "Trident" (2015) compilation
Religious Genocide 3. ... The Slaying of the innocent religious genocide. The one who ... An effort to restore what once was a thousand walls do block the path
EVILE LYRICS - "Infected Nations" (2009) album
Nosophoros 4. Genocide 5. Plague To End All Plagues 6. Devoid Of Thought 7. Time No More 8. ... On the path to lose his mind. His punishment in sight
Give yourself to me and you. No longer have to pretend. When you open them again. Your reign, your reign of genocide. Has caused our paths to intertwine
NERVECELL LYRICS - "Psychogenocide" (2011) album
Amok Doctrine 5. Psychogenocide 6. Imprint ... My voice against your lies. You brought this genocide .... To walk their paths on nails unfreed. Rotting in a nation's ...
THUNDERBOLT LYRICS - "Inhuman Ritual Massmurder" (2004 ...
... album, including "Warmageddon (Genocide Cult)", "Diabolic Revelation", " Impious Bewitchments Of Aberration". ... I summon thee from the path of the serpent
XKINGX LYRICS - "The Gathering" (2015) album
8. Reckoning 9. Deranged Diagnosis 10. The Collector 11. Genocide 12. Foul Cleansing 13. Conclusion ... Taking away the path of sanity. Wrecking their life, as ...
KRISIUN LYRICS - "Works Of Carnage" (2003) album
Bloody memories surge of genocide of creation. Like nails within my flesh ... Dawning possession upon the path of extermination. Makes me kill and kill again  ...
TEITANBLOOD LYRICS - "Genocide Chants To Apolokian Dawn ...
TEITANBLOOD lyrics - "Genocide Chants To Apolokian Dawn" (2004) demo, including "Extermination ... across the Path of the splitted blood red seas of Ire
INFERNAL WAR LYRICS - "Terrorfront" (2005) album
Walk the path of strength, the path of immortal pride. All gods ... Hail satan! hail the beast of genocide! We're the ... Unholy mass murderer - genocide machine
THY ART IS MURDER LYRICS - "Holy War" (2015) album
Absolute Genocide 2. Light Bearer 3. ... Black as oil. Humanity shall suffer its absolute genocide ... towards the left hand path desperate they crawl, all are guilty ...
Dead Rabbits Lyrics - Stray From The Path
You want a war? Meet the militia. Won't stand around and watch the rich get richer. You ask for more? Here's the big picture. Genocide while the sick get sicker
THE STRATAGEM LYRICS - "The Stratagem" (2013) EP
Our only path is eradication. Destroy all in your path. I will stop at nothing to bring new life ... This is not for the love of genocide. This is for the greater good
INSTINCT OF SURVIVAL LYRICS - "North Of Nowhere" (2009) album
The path of destruction. Social, economical, ecological genocide. Building of human culture founded. On a hill of blood, sweat and tear. Limited time of existence
ABORTED LYRICS - "Slaughter & Apparatus - A Methodical Overture"
A descent into euphoria, a genocide, the path I have to take. Miscalculated dysphoria, as I bear witness the hunger doesn't fade. I am a pathogenic mystery,  ...
IPERYT LYRICS - "Totalitarian Love Pulse" (2006) album
Bloodshed, genocide. Blackned end of ... Genocide and sodomy. Rise the flag for victory ... Death and terror mark the path of survival. I look forward to the day ...
OPPRESSOR LYRICS - "Solstice Of Oppression" (1994) album
4. And The Angels Fell (The Suffering) 5. Prelude To Death 6. Genocide 7. Rotted ... Genocide. Mass extermination...genocide ... The path to death is free
Molotov Solution - Prescription: Genocide Lyrics. ... Solution / War From A Harlots Mouth (Split) Album; Prescription: Genocide Lyrics .... 6, The Path To Extinction ...
PSYBORG CORP LYRICS - "The Mechanical Renaissance" (2010 ...
... (2010) album, including "In Our Chaotic Network", "Bionic Enhancement", " World Genocide Blast". ... World Genocide Blast .... Remains, the path of damnation
UNDERDARK LYRICS - "In The Name Of Chaos" (2010) album
3. World Reframed 4. The Path 5. Monument Of Hypocrisy 6. In The Name Of Chaos 7. Manifestation Of ... For countless times the icons of genocide. Dreamt of  ...
The rich fuel the genocide. Every angle. Bound by the concrete jungle. Unconscious Can we afford to live this way? Abandoned and forsaken. Is this the path ...

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