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Let's get higher and make you feel alright. Leave the sky up, and make your body fly. Let's get higher, higher tonight. Let's get lost, can you feel the rhythm. Going ...
Let the music groove you. Let the melody move you. Feel the beat and just let go. Get the rhythm into your soul. Let the music take you. Anywhere it wants to
Don't let a moment go by. Nothing can stop us tonight! [Chorus] ?Bailamos! - We Dance Let the rhythm take you over... ?Bailamos! Te quiero amor mio - I want ...
Duran Duran - I Wanna Take You Higher Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Wanna Take You Higher' by Duran Duran. Beat is getting stronger ... take you higher, higher! Baby, baby, baby light my fire (go Simon, go Simon...)
DURAN DURAN LYRICS - I Wanna Take You Higher Again
Lyrics to "I Wanna Take You Higher Again" song by DURAN DURAN: Beat is getting stronger, feel it getting ... I'm gonna take you higher (take you higher)
Sly & The Family Stone - I Want To Take You Higher Lyrics ...
Lyrics to 'I Want To Take You Higher' by Sly & the Family Stone: Boom laka-laka- laka, boom laka-laka-laka boom. ... Sly: Let's take you, do you want to go, etc.
SAY - The Music Takes You Higher Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Music Takes You Higher' by SAY. And if you're higher that the mountains / You feel it in your veins / You feel the music takes you higher / Till. ... Get the rhythm, and you are OK ... You're gonna move, you're gonna sweat
Claptone - The Music Got Me Lyrics
Aug 2, 2015 You don't know just what it does to me but it keeps lifting me higher into ... me higher into ecstasy Gotta keep moving to the rythm to the rythm of the ... it's lifting me Wanna go higher in the magic of the music in me There's a ...
Lyrics to "Take You Higher" song by WILKINSON: I'm gonna take you higher and higher I'm gonna take you higher and higher I'm gonna take you higher...
THE PUSSYCAT DOLLS LYRICS - Jai Ho! (You Are My Destiny)
I'll make you hot, get all you got. I'll make you wanna say (Jai Ho! Jai Ho!) I got fever running like a fire. For you I will go all the way. I'm gonna take you higher
MØ LYRICS - Final Song
At least until the sun goes down When you're gone, I lose fa... ... gone the music goes. I lose my rhythm, lose my soul ... Woo-ooo, take us to a higher ground
Lenny Dee & Nico - Gonna Take You Higher Lyrics
Lyrics for Gonna Take You Higher by Lenny Dee & Nico.
Something New Lyrics - Girls Aloud
We girls gonna take control. You boys better know ... Down with a rhythm of another beat. Gotta take that ... go, go anywhere. We don't kill, let me take you higher
Thomas Anders - King of Love (Radio Version) lyrics
Takes you higher and higher and higher tonight Cause when I look into your eyes ... magic groove The rhythm's gonna make you move For tonight L.o.v.e.- heart ...
To the rhythm rhythm, yeah, yeah [Chorus:] [Camila:] Your loving takes me higher , You set my heart on fire. When you touch my body. Got me singing like Mariah
Hey, hey, oh... It's you and me Moving at the speed of light into eter... ... Feel the melody in the rhythm of the music around you, around you ... We can go anywhere, go anywhere. But first it's your chance, Take my hand come with me [ Chorus:]
UB40 LYRICS - Don't Let It Pass You By
Lyrics to "Don't Let It Pass You By" song by UB40: There's no-one coming with that ... There's nowhere you can go where you feel no pain. Ta... ... Take the blinkers off you eye's, ... Waiting on a higher high. ... Because the rhythm a the marshall
... by GIRLS ALOUD: Go girls g-g-go, go, go We girls gonna take control You boys ... Down with the rhythm on another beat ... We don't care, let me take it higher
S CLUB 7 LYRICS - Don't Stop Moving
rhythm that's inside ... If you need the right education. Let it take you there. Just go with the magic baby ... taking you to places that you've never been before
[Shaka Dee] Ha ha. Saka De man. GMB, first lady, Kat Yo dun' know. Red One, let's go [Kat] Got you half flippin like fire. Come with me let me take you higher
Enrique Iglesias - Bailamos Lyrics
Don't let a moment go by. Nothing can stop us tonight. Bailamos, let the rhythm take you over. Bailamos Te quiero amor mío, bailamos. Gonna live this night ...
Leftfield - Afrika Shox Lyrics
Africa Bambaataa / Feel the rhythm of the Africa Bambaataa / Are you ready for ... The world is on fire, can I take you higher? ... The future's gonna rock say what
You can make it to the top. Don't stop, we'll be groovin' We're gonna reach that higher ground, yeah. Take it on up, take it on up. A little higher. Take it on up, ...
All the people tonight, put your hands in the sky. Come on boy, come and get in the rhythm, music will take you high. What I'm feeling about you, I love you, don't ...
Now the rhythm is taking you higher. No one can stop us from havin' it all. You are my heart, you are my soul [2x] All I need is the rhythm divine. Lost in the music
JAMES MORRISON - Higher Than Here lyrics
I'm gonna kiss away your midnight tears. Take you higher. Higher than here. We should be standing in the sunlight. I'm gonna to take you where the dark skies ...
C&c Music Factory - Gonna Make You Sweat (everybody Dance ...
Jump to the rhythm, jump jump. And I'm here to combine. Beats and lyrics to make you shake your pants. Take a chance. Come on and dance. Guys, grab a girl.
Channel Live - Mad Izm Lyrics
Uhh! Yeahhh I know you're diggin this type of shit right here We about to ... the spot come tellin Go check the dread and yes he's herb selling A punani gate I'm a ... I kick it on the rhythm Check it how I rock it in a cipher Desire, takes you higher,  ...
Tata Young - Dhoom Dhoom Lyrics
Dhoom dhoom come and light my fire / Dhoom dhoom let me take you higher / Dhoom dhoom I wanna feel ... Dhoom dhoom I?m gonna make you sweat now
Michael Franti & Spearhead - 11:59 Lyrics
Are you gonna sit back, are you gonna walk like soldier. He can take you higher, higher, higher, higher. He can take you higher, higher, higher, higher.
It happened the moment, when you were revealed 'Cause you were a dream that you ... This rhythm inside ... How long it's gonna take until you speak, babe
BEE GEES LYRICS - Backtafunk
Lyrics to "Backtafunk" song by BEE GEES: You're gonna fix my heart You're gonna free my soul ... The rhythm got me paralyzed ... You're gonna take me down
Afrika Shox Lyrics - Afrika Bambaataa
... Afrika bambaataa, Feel the rhythm of the Afrika Bambaataa, Are you ready for the new ... ... Can I take you higher ... Electro get going and the funk don't stop
Manhattan Transfer - It's Good Enough To Keep Lyrics
the groove is lockin' in the rhythm like we want it to be. No time for stallin' ... gonna swing it. And take you right up to the end before we try to unwind ... All the chatter boxin' going 'round in my brain ... And let the music take you even higher.
And if God's good word goes unspoken well the music goes all night. And it goes. .. If i was Bob Marley I said could you be loved. If I was half pint I'd ... Rougher the rhythm, then it must be sublime ... Tweakin' every weekend we just can't take it
LANA DEL REY - Lucky Ones lyrics
Let's get out of this town, baby we're on fire. Everyone around here seems to be going down, down, down. If you stick with me, I can take you higher, and higher
Hector Troy - Tonight Lyrics
Follow the attraction let it take you to a higher place. Your hands all over, you're mine. The rhythm and emotion gonna make you wanna scream my name
THE RODS LYRICS - "Rock Hard" (1980) album
Gettin' Higher 11. You Better ... Tell you what I'm going to do. You got to ... I want to take you home 'Cause you ... Listen to the rhythm of the bass man. Lightning ...
The Young Romans - Where You Go Lyrics
Feb 23, 2014 Lyrics for Where You Go by The Young Romans. ... who knew power could take us apart Give me your story I'll give you mine Don't care ... as I'm here with you Feeling your heart beat, holding the rhythm close Knowing you're ...
Keshia Chante - Let The Music Take You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Let the Music Take You' by Keshia Chante. Let the music take you high / 'cause the party ain't gonna stop till daylight / Ooh ooh / Could ya keep it.

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