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Bridal Train Lyrics - The Waifs
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Bridal Train" from "The Waifs": Now this is the story of those starry nights, Through desert plains and city lights, Through ...
The Waifs - London Still Lyrics
Lyrics to 'London Still' by The Waifs. I wonder if you can pick up / My accent on the phone / When I call across the country / When I call across the world / I.
The Waifs - Lighthouse Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lighthouse' by The Waifs. Lighthouse tall and grand / Standing on that cold headland / Shine your light across the sea / For a wayward sailor girl.
The Waifs - Spotlight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spotlight' by The Waifs. Moon hangs in the night / A spotlight on the world / Rising the lands, / Moving the seas / And tonight from where / I stand.
The Waifs - Haircut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Haircut' by The Waifs. This is more than a haircut I'm wearing on my head / I thought I'd dye it red but got it cut instead / And maybe I could send.
The Waifs - Sweetness Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sweetness' by The Waifs. There's nothing like a big old lie / A good record and a smoke to pass time by / Music gets me in the mood / It all kicks in.
The Waifs - Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lies' by The Waifs. You read the paper, watch the news and think / Your well informed / I've got some new for you my friend / That headline that you.
The Waifs - Take It In Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Take It In' by The Waifs. now she's thinking of the red soil and those mango trees / well in her mind she's still splashing round down on cable beach.
The Waifs - Rescue Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rescue' by The Waifs. When your boots are well worn in / And you're tired of travelling / When you got nowhere to call your own / You know my place.
The Waifs - Love Serenade Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Serenade' by The Waifs. When the night-time comes you can hear / My heart calling / Calling out to you my one true love / Thinking about you all.
The Waifs - Brain Damage Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brain Damage' by The Waifs. im going out to damage my brain / you wont come you sya your staying at home / its no shame / night and day / we see ...
The Waifs - Gillian Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gillian' by The Waifs. Oh Gillian, you're up with the sun / You've done a hundred things before half past nine / By the time most folk are up and.
The Waifs - Sunflower Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sunflower Man' by The Waifs. I'll never forget I was singing in the streets / You laid a sunflower in the case at my feet / Threw a smile and you.
The Waifs - Willow Tree Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Willow Tree' by The Waifs. Under the willow tree, that's where I wait for you / to come back to me, but you're so far away. / I just sit by here in.
The Waifs - Company Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Company' by The Waifs. well my head / looks to the sky / will this pain ever end? / you know I'm lonely, / I want some understanding / someone to.
The Waifs - Here If You Want Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Here If You Want' by The Waifs. i could hazard a guess / but i'll never know / why you put these walls up / i can't get through / it's as though you.
The Waifs - Papa Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Papa' by The Waifs. well my papa was a fisher man / and he fished the deep blue sea / he home made some fine black berry nip / and he'd always ...
The Waifs - Fisherman's Daughter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fisherman's Daughter' by The Waifs. I dont like gold and I dont like pearls / Im just your regular West Australian fishermans daughter / Im a middle.
The Waifs - Service Fee Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Service Fee' by The Waifs. You broke down my door and let yourself in / Helped yourself to my soul and skin / You ate all you needed and then had the.
The Waifs - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Don't Think Twice, It's Alright' by The Waifs. well there ain't no use in saying wonder why babe, / if you don't know by now. / well there ain't no.
The Waifs - Flesh And Blood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Flesh and Blood' by The Waifs. There are secrets in the soul of me / Things I keep inside / Places you will never see / Hidden under lock and key /
The Waifs - Nothing New Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Nothing New' by The Waifs. I'm going to dress up tonight / I'll look real pretty / For I don't know who / I'll find my own way / Around this great.
Love Serenade Lyrics - The Waifs
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Love Serenade" from "The Waifs": When the night- time comes you can hear, My heart calling, Calling out to you my one true ...
The Waifs - Blindly Believing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Blindly Believing' by The Waifs. I picked her up in a January storm / She was breathing the coldest air she'd ever known / Carrying the sun on her.
The Waifs - Fourth Floor Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fourth Floor' by The Waifs. On the fourth floor of the building / In a shallow window box / She's digging in the soil with a silver spoon / Her hands.
The Waifs - Intimate Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Intimate' by The Waifs. Now we are so intimate do you think we could ever part / though there's little love left in it something seems to make it.
The Waifs - Circles Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Circles' by The Waifs. What's your excuse for living like / You're somebody different / You're nobody different / You're just somebody / Tell me.
The Waifs - Attention Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Attention' by The Waifs. I was thinking about something else I must admit / I didn't hear a word that you said / Remember to remind me not to forget.
The Waifs - Jealousy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Jealousy' by The Waifs. Now's the time you're leaving you got to do what you got to do / When you come in from the cold I'll still be warm for you /
The Waifs - Since I've Been Around Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Since I've Been Around' by The Waifs. Walking down the Main Street of the town where I was born / Looking at these things i've seen so many times.
The Waifs - Danger Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Danger' by The Waifs. Danger...danger ahead / We missed the signs, / We lost all we had of you / I know you had time on your own / But you couldn't.
The Waifs - Highway One Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Highway One' by The Waifs. Highway 1, 12 hour drive / I got a place I do call mine / I got me a space where I can breathe / I got my garden I got my.
The Waifs - Shiny Apple Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shiny Apple' by The Waifs. Shiny apple rotten on the inside / Skin is smooth but you soul is soft / Oh you look so appetising but / Taste the truth.
The Waifs - Billy Jones Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Billy Jones' by The Waifs. We grew up together in an urban town / Just me and Bill Jones always hanging around / A mumma's little boy he was an ...
The Waifs - The River Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The River' by The Waifs. i stood and watched my daddy die no-one could help his plight cos he was trying to save our home on the day that the river.
The Waifs - Three Down Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Three Down' by The Waifs. Three months on the road / But I've still got four more to go / There's a full moon and it's rising over Austin / I can see.
The Waifs - Shelter Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Shelter Me' by The Waifs. I've decided no one's knowing / Anything about where I'm going / I can't even talk to my friends anymore / Not blaming.
The Waifs - Stuck Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stuck' by The Waifs. You've been blind since you met him, / Girl you can' t see a thing. / I can see your hands are tied, / Just as sure as they're.
The Waifs - Taken Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Taken' by The Waifs. Night time I stage my street show / Love for the money that's my cash flow / No, I don't get scared when I walk alone / I have.
The Waifs - 6000 Miles Lyrics
Lyrics to '6000 Miles' by The Waifs. 6000 Miles behind I left you / 6000 Miles feel so alone / 6000 Miles Have to travel / 6000 Miles to get back home / And I'd.

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