These hoes thirsty need water stay down stay down lyrics

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Fuck these haters, fuck these pussy niggas hatin. Fuck these haters ... Can't trust none of these hoes. I hate thirsty niggas more than thirsty bitches, tryin to run around like my bro. Ya'll niggas ... Orangina smoke, I don't need to talk, I just need to club million ... You more than down. I'm in a ... Stay dog, they sick to the stomach
Lyrics to "Water Wet" song by YO GOTTI: Oh you got that water wet (drip) Thang drippin' like a faucet She say, "Are you thirsty?" (drip) And... ... That pussy slide down my tongue, she turn that fire hydrant on. This girl on ... Shawty, so deep in her wet, you'll need a float to go in. All of my ... Visit for these lyrics.
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Lyrics to "Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst" song by KENDRICK LAMAR: ... off And it's my turn to settle down My main concern Promise that you will sing... ... Cause I don't need the attention bring enough of that on my own ... Cry out from heaven so loud it can water down a demon ... Fives, I count lives all on these songs
These niggas lyin' in they rhymes, you could stop pretending. My pants ... Faggot throwing water at the event at my show. Catch him on the ... Me and Stroke down there thuggin' by ourself. You know ... They got a lot of hoes with dicks, outchea
Cause if it comes down to it, boy you niggas ain't ready [Verse 1:] ... Like a little darling shawty stay wanna go out. No roof, roof, top ... Anybody in the water, the Atlantic, Ocean [Hook] ... Fucked her, why she had to go and tell all them nat-nat hoes ... of water. Cause I know she thirsty ... Visit for these lyrics.
They say there down for the team but playin' two damn sides. I'm like Niggas ain't loyal, niggas ain't loyal. And these voices in my head saying niggas ain't for ...
Done em down, don't spare that nigga. Catch him ... That's that water, water, make me eat that pussy. Had the ... Go Al Sharpton on these hoes, yeah. Hot boys ...
when it comes to these raw venemous spit send him his dick. In a wool shoe ... I stay blood thirsty for watta, watta. Take it how ... You hoe niggaz run faster than cut out segas. We some ... When a soldier bow down we leave him alone. Tape his ...
PROBLEM LYRICS - Understand Me
Hoe you thirsty get out my dem, Buzzin lean for ... Ye I need to call spike [Hook:] I don't do ... Pushing down the block watching for the cops. Checking these traps looking for the gwap. Flow so clean I ... I stay molly gwapped in that key big tree
PLIES LYRICS - Kept It Too Real
you told me what a good heart in these streets would get a nigga ... you never gave me shit I had my own grind and I ain't need yo choppers nigga I had my own nine ... a nigga I'll believe his hoe now before he believe you ... dem the nigga's who can be tied down and locked up my nigga ... Water[Best Buy bonus track]
KENDRICK LAMAR - B*tch Don't Kill My Vibe lyrics
Sometimes I need to be alone. Bitch don't kill my vibe, bitch ... And when the stakes are high, I stay down for days. And when the water inside, you're probably pool shaped. We thirsty nigga, never alert me, nigga. I got a P89 in a suitcase ... Pipe down, it occured when you heard that I got these words. To the upper echelon, ...
Hating hoes never up so they throwin' jabs now. See that ... So down to earth still on some fly shit. This that BK ... All about my F can't put water over blood nigga
Lyrics to "Pray" song by CHINX DRUGZ: Now I lay me down to sleep Pray to lord my soul to ... Now I'm living thirsty ... Stay in your lane, my niggas can't change. Pour a 4, can't hang. These niggas ain't real, these niggas to blame ... Stress I don't need, bitch I'm concieted ... Spring water, molly water, all the way turned up
Famous Dex - No Hook Lyrics
Mar 26, 2016 (Woah) I got the xans for the low These bitches they coming for more You ... they fold D-D-B, you already know Man I'm off drugs with the hoes.
FABOLOUS LYRICS - Gone For The Winter
All wings flap but you gotta stay flyer. Niggas broke as a ... Everybody wanna shine, gotta give these niggas a gem ... I killed all them hoes, I'm the murder capital
I stay on, peeko dipping mind be on that seat no flipping. Game HD when I pull ... Run 'em like water hitting corners got lucini. Hitting cornbread ... Man these hoes is so thirst. Think they ... No sir, now she proceed to break it down closer. No sir ...
50 CENT LYRICS - Outta Control (Remix)
Now blend in with me, as I proceed to break it down ... You wanna search me than search me but hurry up cause I'm thirsty. I need that, grind in my system P, on my side twistin ... Try to get me on some pop shit these chicks will frame ya ... Cents, into them dollars, the hoes wanna holla. But you ... I play I stay I'm goin for mine
J. COLE LYRICS - Lost Ones
And all his niggas saying man these hoes be trapping niggas. Playing with niggas emotions like they some action figures. Swear they get pregnant for collateral
I'm thirsty my soul can't be quenched. You already know this but ... Would you come and tear down the boxes that I have tried to put You in. Let love come teach  ...
LIL SNUPE LYRICS - I'm That Nigga Now
Emotions probably still in hurt, she can stay the night. But her friends ... 'Cause I'm that nigga now, she know I'm a dick er down ... Got the food up on my back, these niggas know I fuckin run it ... Get em full of that liquor, hoes follow like Twitter
Lyrics to "A.M." song by RICH HOMIE QUAN: Yeah Right now I need everybody Lighters up ... And that pistol stay on me if you get wrong it's unloading ... My lil brother was my best friend he ain't sit down that's outstanding ... Hoes is what he's attracting ... Get a Sunday drink if she thirsty can't birth a child with these bitches
Nigga just be wantin all the hoes sometimes. Nigga want every last one of these bitches. Nigga do anything for ... Drop your panties to the flo', down below your feet. Spread them ... Shit thirsty for the bitches, saggin my pants and shit. Paid this  ...
DJ QUIK LYRICS - I Don't Wanna Party Wit U
Now it's double up, hoes come a nickel a dozen. They get hot ... You needs a pap smear; you need to know if you got ... If ya missed it, I stay consistant, we got heat ... In yo' town, don't trip nigga, it goes down ... Yeah right by the water, can't do right by ya daughter (no) ... And to these bitches y'all trippin, we ain't layin wit y'all
Young Dolph - Preach Lyrics
I don't fuck with these niggas 'cause they shady. These ... Out here in these streets it ain't no such thing as love (preach) ... The down-low on Aubrey Graham.
There are times.. when you'll need someone.. I will be by your ... For in these cold Chi night's moon, you my light. If heaven ... friends will stay as we begin to lay
Denzel Curry - Ultimate Lyrics
Jun 9, 2015 Ronny J, listen up I am the one, don't weigh a ton Don't need a gun to get respect up on... ... now his mama living with the pain Wait, doctor says he's gonna stay Let ... chop your esophagus Bitches be bopping it, bow down and pop it in ... no Kony, these niggas ain't homies Claim you the homie, I turn into ...
LECRAE LYRICS - Don't Waste Your Life
Everything in Luke 12: 15 down to 21. You've really gotta go and check it out. Paul said if ... And stay focused. You ain't got no ride. Your life ain't wrapped up in  ...
I prolly need to stop answerin da phone. Fuckin her, I fuck around and have my family gone. She get me rite when we fuck (when we fuck) yeaaaaah! She put ice  ...
FRENCH MONTANA - Ocho Cinco lyrics
I see a bitch lookin thirsty told her gon drink up ... All I got for bitches is pipe water, I done came up off a night order ... Man I say pimps up, hoes down. I say that to say that. I only recognize these bitches with they limbs up, or from the nose down ... That's What I Like lyrics - Bruno Mars; Stay The Night lyrics - Zedd; Scared To ...
Tryna hit the top, don't try and down me. Four diamond rings on, ... These hoes thirsty, line 'em up and call 'em a water fountain ... Stay designer Downey He from  ...
That these things take forever. I especially am slow. But I realize that I need you. And I wondered if I could come home. Remember the time you drove all night
Writer(s): Matt Hammitt, Chris Rohman, Jason Ingram. A-Z Lyrics · S · SANCTUS REAL Lyrics. "Pieces Of A Real Heart" (2010). Forgiven · These Things Take ...
THE WEEKND - Drinks On Us lyrics
Went from hipsters, now it's models and these singers. And my hair be growing ... Why your hair down, I ain't trickin', find another sucka. These bitches ... Grand total, five digits, make those hoes repent. Popped a ... Yeah, we need more than racks, my comrades want them illions [Pre-Hook: ... Got more water than a waterbar
HOPSIN LYRICS - Baby's Daddy
Will you watch sponge bob with him. And teach him how to make a crabby patty? Oh hell no! Even though I got stretch marks. Will you still be down to get nasty?
Verse Simmonds - Situationships lyrics and translation
Nov 11, 2015 ... catch on you way down But everybody got something to say Take a hit of ... All these niggas trying to lay, they ain't trying to stay All these niggas trying ... then complain my niggas trying to get at them Thirsty niggas trying to fuck, ... the D in her life (consistent) Cuz relationships are overrated She just need ...
Young Thug, Solo Lucci & Offset - Special (feat. Offset and Solo ...
Feb 6, 2016 ... to stay with me with 44s My forgis on top like rollercoast These fuck niggas ... on us Motherfucker go crazy drop down we still on him And I really, really, ... her My swagger on special You cuffin' that hoe trying to wrestle She on her ... that Audemar my diamonds water water you would think that I could surf ...
Khary - Find Me (prod. by Lege Kale) Lyrics
Mar 24, 2016 ... a penthouse Need that view Gotta whole team yeah they need that too ... to these bros Waldo to these hoes So if you think you getting chose? ... MSG Tryna stay away from the MSG Diabetes in my family Gotta live ... 2AM Thirst Ballad .... By closing this message, or by scrolling down this page you agree ...
EMINEM LYRICS - Under The Influence
Slashin your tires, flyin down Fenkel and Meyers Plates expired, soon as I'm ... All bitches is hoes, even my stinkin ass mom [Proof] ... I don't need a platinum chain, bitch I snatch Shaq's Born loser, half ... I've been a Kon Artis since I was swimmin in water. In cahoots with this ... Visit for these lyrics. Writer(s): ...
Vic Mensa - Shades of Blue lyrics and translation
Jun 7, 2016 Shorty thirsty, he just bought his fourth fifth It's lead in the water gun, ... blue It's all blue, all blue The skies stay gray, around my way, around my way Waking ... bitches and hoes out our women too much We can't trust ourselves, and ... of him, he a part of me I'm a prodigy in these Prada jeans I'm tryna' make ...
Lyrics to "Na Na" song by TREY SONGZ: Put your hands in the air, the air (Trigga ) Put your, put your hands in the air (Mustard on the beat...

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