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Alexander Jean - Roses And Violets Lyrics
They say love is blind, but with you Roses are red Violets are blue I know I'm meant To be with you You Love is not enough Why can't love just be enough Right when it's good, time it messes it up Please don't let me go When we come and go Distance can help hearts to grow Roses are red Violets are blue
DaVido - Aye Lyrics
You go killie somebody They say love is blind but I dey see am for your eyes o Aa for your eyes o They say love is blind but I dey see am for your eyes o o o o for your eyes o Tspize O.B.O baddest Its all about love baby Submit Corrections. Thanks to ugwondah oparanma for adding these lyrics.
Eminem - Farewell Lyrics
Yeah, you're awful, but you're mine And they say love is blind, we see each other fine But it's no wonder, I'm (Yeah) the only one you'll find (Uh) To put up with your shit (What?), I need a plumber line (Yeah) But nothing comes to mind (Nah) besides the number 90 (No) 'Cause since '06 you flipped my fucking life, upside down
Aaradhna - You Don't Love Me Anymore Lyrics
If you don't love me I will find another. That will love me, that will love me better. They say love is blind but baby all I see. Is you don't love me anymore. No, you don't love me anymore. You don't love me anymore. You don't love me anymore. Shameless, a damn shame the things I do end up this way. Stay awake got nothing to say.
Eminem - Crazy In Love Lyrics
Sometimes they say love is blind Maybe that's why the first time I dotted your eye You ain't see the sign. Or maybe you did Maybe you like being shoved Maybe 'cause we're crazy in love Crazy on you Crazy on you Let me go crazy crazy on you You are the ink to my paper What my pen is to my pad
Faces - Ooh La La Lyrics
Before they make you feel a man But love is blind and you soon will find You're just a boy again When you want her lips, you get a cheek Makes you wonder where you are If you want some more and she's fast asleep Then she's twinkling with the stars. "Poor young grandson, there's nothing I can say You'll have to learn, just like me And that's the ...
Ginuwine - Differences Lyrics
You are so sweet, no one competes. Glad you came into my life (So glad you came in) You blind me with your love (Blind me, baby), with you I have no sight. (God has blessed me) God has blessed me, baby. Girl, He was good to me when He sent you. (I'm so happy, baby) I'm so happy, I'm so happy, baby, oh, yes, baby.
The Platters - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Lyrics
They, said some day you'll find All who love are blind When your heart's on fire You must realize Smoke gets in your eyes So I chaffed them, and I gaily laughed To think they could doubt my love And yet today, my love has flown away I am without my love Now laughing friends deride Tears I cannot hide So I smile and say When a lovely flame dies
Johnny Mathis - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me Lyrics ...
They told me, "Be sensible with your new love Don't be fooled thinking this is the last you'll find" But they never stood in the dark with you, love When you take me in your arms and drive me slowly out of my mind Kiss me, kiss me, and when you do I know that you will miss me, miss me If we ever say adieu, so kiss me, kiss me
Celeste - Love Is Back Lyrics
And it's you Foolish of me to say these things, but I want you I know it's all in you Don't need a reason when I see it all in you Love is back Love is back Love is back Love is back For a moment, there it goes Turn around, next thing you know Love is back Might be foolish or out my mind Must've said it a thousand times
Taylor Swift - London Boy Lyrics
You know I love a London boy Boy, I fancy you (Ooh) And now I love high tea, stories from Uni, and the West End You can find me in the pub, we are watching rugby with his school friends Show me a gray sky, a rainy cab ride Babes, don't threaten me with a good time They say home is where the heart is But God, I love the English You know I love a ...
Nick Fradiani - Love Is Blind Lyrics
That when they say love is blind. That I see. Everytime you smile. When they say only fools rush in. That I may be foolish to know what forever is. I know love can be a scary thing. But you are more than worth it. Girl I ain't even nervous. Your touch it makes the fire burn.
Tyler James Williams - Don't Run Away Lyrics
The whole world is watching you, so Don't run away Don't run away from the truth 'Cause I'm not giving up on you Uh, they say true love is blind That real romance is timeless You're like my favourite movie Play it then rewind it 'Cause baby you're the finest Your love I'm gonna find it And when I do, I'll run away with you Somewhere where they ...
Joyner Lucas - Fall Slowly Lyrics
You say I'm crazy, but at least you know my love is real But shit, you crazy too, and that's why they say love is hell And it's forever, so I hope you never up and bail And if you ever left me for someone, you gon' get someone killed You know the vibes we on, be like some movie shit (Word) And we don't always get along, but when we do we lit (Lit)
JubyPhonic - Love Trial Lyrics
I don't wanna know. With no parole, I'll be here maybe 10 to life. So 'til I die, I will protect and serve by your side. Sure, I've been tried for all my love crimes. But learned that a judge does it all out of love. Held me tightly, you cried so unnaturally. Looked up at me but you were smiling. I knew instantly….
Amy Winehouse - I Heard Love Is Blind Lyrics
Amy Winehouse Lyrics. "I Heard Love Is Blind". I couldn't resist him. His eyes were like yours. His hair was exactly the shade of brown. He's just not as tall, but I couldn't tell. It was dark and I was lying down. You are everything - he means nothing to me. I can't even remember his name.
Justin Timberlake - Never Again Lyrics
Guess it's true what they say about love It's blind Girl, you lied straight to my face Looking in my eyes And I believed you 'cause I loved you more than life And all you had to do Was apologize You didn't say you're sorry I don't understand You don't care that you hurt me And now I'm half the man That I used to be when it was you and me You ...
Rod Stewart - Ooh La La Lyrics
For they make you feel a man. But love is blind and you soon will find. You're just a boy again. When you want her lips, you get her cheek. Makes you wonder where you are. If you want some more then she's fast asleep. you're just twinkling with the stars. Poor young grandson, there's nothing I can say. You'll have to learn, just like me.
The National - Sea Of Love Lyrics
Joe, I'll always think of you As the kind of child who knew This was never gonna last Oh Joe, you fell so fast Hey Joe, sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue, don't they? Hey Joe, sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue, don't they? Hey Joe, sorry I hurt you, but they say love is a virtue, don't they?
Louis XIV - Finding Out True Love Is Blind Lyrics ...
(finding out true love is blind) I want all the self conscious girls who try to hide who they are with makeup (finding out true love is blind) You know it’s the girl with a frown with the tight pants I really want to shake up (finding out true love is blind) Hey, carrot juice, I wanna squeeze you away until you bleed (finding out true love is ...
Forest Blakk - I Saw Love Lyrics
Cause I saw love love love in your eyes They say you'll know When you find him When your eyes open so wide It's nearly blinding And you won't mind it Cause he reminds you Of all those fairytales You thought you'd left behind you There's no easy way of knowing I just couldn't help but show it Cause you were busy throwing arrows At my heart
They say that anger is just love disappointed They say that love is just a state of mind But all this fighting over who is anointed Oh, how can people be so blind? There's a hole in the world tonight There's a cloud of fear and sorrow There's a hole in the world tonight Don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow Oh, they tell me there's a ...
Rihanna - You Don't Love Me (No, No, No) Lyrics
The truth leads to the lies. The heart ain't always right (I know that) And I see that love is blind now (I can show you) Boy, you used to have my trust. Without trust, there ain't no us, boy. No, no, no (No-n-n-no-no, oh) You don't love me (You don't love me) and I know now. (Love you forever with all my heart)
Janet Jackson - That's The Way Love Goes Lyrics
My love is blind Can't you see my desire That's the way love goes Like a moth to a flame Burned by the fire That's the way love goes My love is blind Can't you see my desire? Come with me Don't you worry I'm gonna make you crazy I'll give you the time of your life I'm gonna take you places You've never been before and You'll be so happy that ...
Lady Zamar - Collide Lyrics
I feel my head rush as I think of you. Then try to put myself to use. Laughter and time don't always heal the wounds. It's crazy it must be love. Should I hold on or pass. Will you let me crash. Should I hold on or pass. Will you let me crash. Should I hold on or pass.
Please tell me, son. It's only 'cause I care. She's been there for me, more than I've asked. She chooses to love me despite my past. I know that you're there for me. But if you really care for me. Then please let us be. Submit lyrics correction →. 55k.
Ten - Paint Me Naked Lyrics
They say we should fall in line Saying we're too young to stay in love They got issues with us staying in love But-a we're just far too crazy, yeah So baby, don't tame me You found a lion, uh, you prey me Oh baby, don't fail me 'Cause you really make my fancy work
U2 - The Sweetest Thing Lyrics
You know I got black eyes But they burn so brightly for her This is a blind kind of love Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing I'm losing you Oh oh oh, I'm losing you Ain't love the sweetest thing Blue-eyed boy meets a brown-eyed girl Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing You can sew it up but you still see the tear Oh oh oh, the sweetest thing Baby's got blue ...
Nat King Cole - L-O-V-E Lyrics
Love was made for me and you. L is for the way you look at me. O is for the only one I see. V is very, very extraordinary. E is even more than anyone that you adore can. Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for two. Two in love can make it. Take my heart and please don't break it.
Lana Del Rey - Lucky Ones Lyrics
Everybody told me love was blind. Then I saw your face and you blew my mind. Finally, you and me are the lucky ones this time. Boy, get into my car, got a bad desire. You know that we'll never leave if we don't get out now, now, now. You're a careless con and you're a crazy liar, but baby. Nobody can compare to the way you get down, down, down.
Bruce Springsteen - Pink Cadillac Lyrics
You may wonder how come I love you. When you get on my nerves like you do. Well baby you know you bug me. There ain't no secret 'bout that. Well come on over here and hug me. Baby I'll spill the facts. Well honey it ain't your money. Cause baby I got plenty of that. I love you for your.
The Seekers - Love Is Kind Love Is Wine Lyrics
You are all that I will be. You're a sunrise on the sea. You're the love I cannot hide. You're a magic carpet ride. You are everywhere I find in my heart and on my mind. Time is all I have time for you. Love is kind love is wine. So much laughter in your eyes. And you know that I will love you.
Sabrina Carpenter - Almost Love Lyrics
You could be my teacher (where they at) You could be my boss (where they... bülow - "Not A Love Song" You're a nice guy And you're looking for a nice girl to fall for you For a lifetime But thats not my vibe I'm just tryna have fun You say love is blind But that's just some bullshit right there...
Blue - Love At First Sight Lyrics
Turn a blind eye To love, love at first sight? You say, "Farewell." I'll say, "So long." Say, "Goodbye." I'll say, "You're wrong." 'Cause here in my arms you belong Woooo Oooooooooooooooo Do you believe in love at first sight? Tell me does that book that you're reading Tells the story of your life? Do you believe in love at first sight? Should ...
Westlife - Tunnel Of Love Lyrics
I'm no longer blind, no longer hollow, Since I met you, my life is upside down, Ohh yeah, They say, Once in a lifetime, out of the blue, [Mark:] Here comes an angel, I know it's you, [All:] Yes I'm ready to go through the tunnel of love, Yes I'm ready to be all you're dreaming of, So I swear to you now and to the stars above,
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