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Young Jeezy - My President Lyrics
Lyrics to 'My President' by Young Jeezy. Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote / I ain't write this shit by the way, nigga / Some real shit right here, nigga
Young Jeezy - Lose My Mind Lyrics. Let's get it, shawty Oh, this that shit right here, nigga Wassup? Yeah, wassup? Nigga, 103, yeah When this hit drop in the club ...
Hopsin Lyrics - Right Here
Niggas sayin' they want some raw shit back, it's right here nigga, here nigga The game is a painful journey, thank God I never came in early Had I blown up in 19 or 20?
Beanie Sigel Lyrics - Ride 4 My
Lyrics to "Ride 4 My" song by Beanie Sigel: Ayo Feel this shit right here All my block niggas, gimme a second dogs I got us I swear to God Feel...
Geto Boys Lyrics - Thugg Niggaz
Lyrics to "Thugg Niggaz" song by Geto Boys: ... I know y'all niggas gon' feel this shit right here (G.B.!) We're goin through the same thing [VERSE 1: Willie D]
Akinyele - The Bomb Lyrics
homicide police be looking for me from the way i be killing and shit you niggas can't push ... check my style right before you ... beacuse this shit here is the bomb!
Nipsey Hussle Lyrics - I Do This
I do this shit right here, nigga And I do that shit, why y'all fuck with the boy I'm wet like a boat I'm lovin' my [?] I smoke and I choke I do it for my brothers
Tech N9ne - That Box Lyrics
neighbors be complainin' when i make your pussy beat box ... This shit right here nigga? Is for the real thizzlas Cash makers, ass shakers stackin' trill figures
Jay-Z Lyrics - Real As It Gets
Lyrics to "Real As It Gets" song by Jay-Z: Yeah, see it's that It's that Blueprint 3 shit right here It's that TM 103 shit right here You ready...
Terror Squad Lyrics - Lean Back
Lyrics to "Lean Back" song by Terror Squad: Yeah... My niggas... Throw ya hands in the air right now man... Feel this shit right here.....
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Real Niggas
Lyrics to "Real Niggas" song by Yo Gotti: ... what happened to my real niggas Homie, just feel my pain, this shit gon' drive me insane ... I be right here just waiting
NWA - Niggaz 4 Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Niggaz 4 Life' by NWA. ... Gettin paid to say this shit here ... so, cut out all that bull shit Yo! I guess I'll be a nigga for life { niggers, crack ...
Young Jeezy Lyrics - My President
[Intro: Young Jeezy] Yeah, be the realest shit I never wrote I ain't write this by the way nigga, some real shit right here nigga This'll be the realest shit you ever ...
Domo Genesis Lyrics - Preamble
Lyrics to "Preamble" song by Domo Genesis: ... It's this shit right here, ... It's that white tee shit right here. Under The Influence 2, my nigga, my nigga Domo.
Hopsin - Right Here Lyrics
I hear niggas sayin' that they want some raw shit back, it's right here nigga, here nigga Let the thang out Undercover Prodigy Forever ill. Report a problem.
Redman - Suicide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Suicide' by Redman. ... Popular Right Now. EverydayLogic; ... "This shit here, nigga?" This shit called Def SQUAD, ...
Busta Rhymes Lyrics - What It Is
Lyrics to "What It Is" song by Busta Rhymes: ... Bounce right here niggas be followin this ... Til you hate our niggas and shit just like bullets was travelin through ya
Young Jeezy - Crazy World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Crazy World' by Young Jeezy. Yeah, y? all better vote for Barrack O? Drama / A black president is shit, nigga / Oh, oh this shit fucked up right
Niggas sayin' they want some raw shit back it's right here nigga, here nigga Yea, Listen up, yea Back in 1999 when I picked up a pen,
Yo Gotti - Real Niggas Lyrics
my young niggas thats all i got this otha shit aint nothin to me old ass niggas better sit down, pussy ass niggas better get down ... i'll be right here just waiting
Meek Mill Lyrics - Lil Snupe Skit
Lyrics to "Lil Snupe Skit" song by Meek Mill: ... this shit right here amazing ... Real shit, nigga we was everywhere
Chip Tha Ripper Lyrics - Out Here
Lyrics to "Out Here" song by Chip Tha ... Taking that bitch right up off your neck Young niggas don't play 'round where I ... Nigga we're living this shit for real
Beanie Sigel Lyrics - The Hood
Lyrics to "The Hood" song by Beanie Sigel: Shit, ... Shit, this shit right here ... gun up in the right palm Poppin' niggas in their sleep so they die calm
B.G. - Fuck That Shit Lyrics
Right where you stand my nigga, you done right there ... And let em know B. Gizzle here to stay, fuck that shit Now if you down with me nigga, holla fuck that shit
50 Cent Lyrics - Southside
South...siiiiiiide (Hollis niggas don't even like Southside niggas!) South...siiiiiiide ... I be's the boss of this shit right here! I said the noss nigga you hear me!
N.O.R.E. - Live My Life Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Live My Life' by N.O.R.E.. Yeah niggas, yeah / Uhhh, ... This what I needed, nigga This the shit I wanted right here This another "Nahmeanuheard"!
Kanye West Lyrics - Niggas In Paris
Lyrics to "Niggas In Paris" song by Kanye West: ... this shit weird We ain't even supposed to be here, Ball so hard, since we here It's only right that we be fair
NWA - Gangsta Gangsta Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Gangsta Gangsta' by NWA. one: ice cube / Here's a little ... What we're gonna do right here is ... I don't really take no shit Cause I'm the type of nigga ...
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz Lyrics - Get Crunk
This shit right here for everybody that's proud of the motherfuckin city (yeah) ... Get crunk in this bitch, niggas start that shit Get crunk in this bitch, ...
Gucci Mane Lyrics - Right Now
I talk cash shit, cause I do this shit You want to do it bitch, ... Gotta fuck me right now, right here right now Real niggas too rap, my ear rings 30 grand a pair
Yo Gotti Lyrics - Real Shit
Lyrics to "Real Shit" song by Yo Gotti: Ya (cmg) This mixtape here It's strictly for the fans ( Trust me! I want my alb...
Young Jeezy Lyrics - Still On It
Lyrics to "Still On It" song by Young Jeezy: ... It's another anthem right here nigga I told you niggas I do this shit It sounds like an anthem nigga I do this shit
One Chance - Broad Like That Lyrics
Broad Like That Lyrics ... Now here we go wit that he say she shit, ... thats right nigga tell these niggas better keep that game tight,
N.W.A. Lyrics - Gangsta Gangsta
Lyrics to "Gangsta Gangsta" song by N.W.A.: Ah shit. ... Right here! [Ice Cube:] Here's a little somethin' about a nigga like me
Shade Sheist - Where I Wanna Be Lyrics
this is where i wanna be right here with my loved ones ... half nigga with the word ... come together do this shit right we can, ...
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