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Frank Zappa - Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy ...
Lyrics to 'Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness Against Thy Neighbor' by Frank Zappa.
Ten Commandments Lyrics - Prince Far I
Commandment Three: Thou shalt not call the Lord thy God's name in vain. God ... Commandment Nine: Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour.
Ian Brown - Free My Way Lyrics
You gotta know your worth. I'm gonna free my way. Gonna be my way ... Thou shalt not bear false witness. Against they neighbour. I was your neighbour. So now ...
Gotta be my way. Free my way. Wonder, can you see me laughing in this place? Thou shalt not bear false witness. Against thy neighbor, I was your neighbor
Frank Zappa - Thou Shalt Not Covet The House Of Thy Neighbor ...
Lyrics to 'Thou Shalt Not Covet the House of Thy Neighbor, the Wife of Thy Neighbor, Nor His Male Servant, Nor His Female Servant, Nor His Ass, Nor Anything ...
Frank Zappa - Thou Shalt Not Kill Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' by Frank Zappa. ... Frank Zappa - My Guitar Wants To Kill Your… Frank Zappa - Frank Zappa - Take Me Out to the Ball Game Lyrics  ...
Frank Zappa - Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery' by Frank Zappa.
ACCEPT LYRICS - "Objection Overruled" (1993) album
Your conclusion has been drawn. Defendants ... Thou shalt not bear false witness ... Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy ... Turn against his only friend
DRACONIAN LYRICS - "Arcane Rain Fell" (2005) album
I battle it against him, as I battled in highest heaven - through all eternity, And the ... O, death, with thy ebony cloak sublime, ... Thou art our true father; the wine of Venus, the essence of our hope" ... I shall not conjureth a false identity o' my kind. ... I could bear this burden with ease... Never to witness this heartless disease,
EXMORTUS LYRICS - "In Hatred's Flame" (2008) album
To Realize that you shall never rise. Up off your ... They shall torch, burn conscience and forever know your name. I see you burn in ... To fight against frost blight. Thus human ... Bear to all who which oppose the light. The oath shall not be broken .... We fall into false sense. And only ... Death comes bearing witness. My final ...
ULVER LYRICS - "Themes From William Blake's The Marriage Of ...
your plow over the bones of the dead, the road of excess leads to the palace of ... frowning fool shall be thought wise, that they may be a rod. ... voice of honest indignation is the voice of God, I cared not for .... Consider the hot burning dungeon thou art preparing for .... Bear false witness when He omitted making a defence
SABBAT LYRICS - "History Of A Time To Come" (1987) album
Your soul shall be their meat - a kingly feast for them to eat, beware your future at hand, alas for thou art dammed. [GOOD ANGEL:] .... do not mock the Crooked Cross - its power ... and His pain alone bears witness ... 'For crimes against divinity - ... as false as the confessions they force ... and bear the smile of one who knows
MARDUK LYRICS - "Rom 5:12" (2007) album
An eastern outline against the light of the sky, ... None shall stand before the Lord of the Death-Winged Dart, ... Bears mute witness to the whole world's face: ... THOU SHALT DIE THE DEATH! ... Bow and crown, Western Prophet of False, ... Not even your bones the end of time will see, ... All on Earth who breath bear,
INFANT ANNIHILATOR LYRICS - "The Palpable Leprosy Of Pollution"
are now bride to the priest. Time to surrender your chastity. Bear me a child of lechery. Prostrate .... You shall witness the shame of human flesh as we reach in
PRIMORDIAL LYRICS - "Storm Before Calm" (2002) album
Such words will bear the Fruit of Flesh ... of history shall loom from the past enriched with the Blood of our Ancestors to pass ... Brother, what tidings doth thou bring? ... We have Born Witness to False Judgement ... No Ideal not Scarred and Worn ... [The first rays of a Glorious Dawn, the warmth upon your face... the sensation ...
ENRAGEMENT LYRICS - "Omnimalevolence Of Man" (2014) album
Every muscle aches, you have not eaten for days ... Every time your match burns out they crawl closer ... Steel against skin ... Serve and you shall live ... False justice ... Gorging on the fruit it used to bear ... You need to witness suffering,
AMONGRUINS LYRICS - "No Light" (2016) album
If you were to witness. The world ... I can't bear the strain. My mind is ... Gives me false belief. Just left ... I will not. Go now and wear the mask. It will help you hide enough. From your past ... I know you shall break ... Our strength against the cold
NASUM LYRICS - "Grind Finale" (2005) compilation
The Political Structure Is Not What It Seems In The So Called Lucid View That Man Has On Today's ... The misery I'm forced to witness, tears me apart. ... Fooled by your fallaciousness and your ingenuous mind ... Inquiry leads to false prevarications ... A fight against the system is what we need ...... Dig, and you shall find
No one's fuck niggas want your life. Pussy nigga I ain't the type. Real niggas gon feel me, right? Neck full of rosaries. People say that I'm superstitious. Grippin' ...

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