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THUNDERSTONE LYRICS - "Apocalypse Again" (2016) album
THUNDERSTONE lyrics - "Apocalypse Again" (2016) album, including "Force Sublime", "Barren Land", "Days Of Our Lives"...
THUNDERSTONE LYRICS - "The Burning" (2004) album
THUNDERSTONE lyrics - "The Burning" (2004) album, including "Evil Within", " Forth Into The Black", "Drawn To The Flame"...
Thunderstone - The Path Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Path' by Thunderstone. Information overload, rays are melting down / What is right and what is wrong / Who really owns the crown / Too many ...
THUNDERSTONE LYRICS - "Tools Of Destruction" (2005) album
THUNDERSTONE lyrics - "Tools Of Destruction" (2005) album, including "Tool Of The Devil", "Spread My Wings", "Spire"...
Thunderstone - Virus Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Virus' by Thunderstone: There's something invisible here with us And it's teasing and tearing our minds apart There's a virus.
Thunderstone - Veterans Of The Apocalypse lyrics
Lyrics for Veterans Of The Apocalypse by Thunderstone. Unleash the end spell out portents make these mere mortals afraid for their soul Counting the days the ...
Thunderstone - Until We Touch The Burning Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Until We Touch the Burning Sun' by Thunderstone. I am watching through the frozen window / Trough the reflexion of my face / There is a cold world.
Thunderstone - Another Time lyrics
Lyrics for Another Time by Thunderstone. Another morning, another day Another sunset is on it's way Another cold and sleepless night, another restless soul ...
Thunderstone - Sea Of Sorrow Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sea of Sorrow' by Thunderstone. You were the ground beneath my feet / Stretching as far as I could see / But then you were called to sail / And I.
Thunderstone - Fire And Ice Lyrics
Apr 29, 2016 Lyrics for Fire And Ice by Thunderstone. Every time I see the sun go down I can feel the fear that's all around Knowing there won't...
Thunderstone - The Riddle lyrics
Lyrics for The Riddle by Thunderstone. I got to strong arms Blessings of Babylon With time to carry on And try For sins and false alarms So to America the brav...
Thunderstone - The Path Lyrics
Mar 31, 2016 Lyrics for The Path by Thunderstone. Information overload Rains are melting down What is right and what is wrong Who really owe...
Thunderstone - Side By Side Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Side By Side' by Thunderstone. Time has come / Now it's our turn to start building up our way to the stars / Here and now / Scream and run / For the.
Thunderstone - Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Lyrics
Lyrics for Welcome Home (Sanitarium) by Thunderstone. Welcome to where time stands still No one leaves and no one will Moon is full, never seems...
Thunderstone - Mirror Never Lies Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mirror Never Lies' by Thunderstone. It 's the darkest veil, / Pulled over my head / No one can see me, / Deep inside, who I am / Beneath the skin the.
Thunderstone - Drawn To The Flame Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Drawn to the Flame' by Thunderstone. Playing with fire gets you burned / I knew it but still I didn 't take heed / Two is company, three 's a crowd /
Thunderstone - Evil Within Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Evil Within' by Thunderstone. Can you hear my silent whisper / Can you hear my confession / Can you feel this rising anger / Can you see me I 'm.
Thunderstone - Face in the Mirror lyrics
Lyrics for Face in the Mirror by Thunderstone. Time after time we hear the world's cry No matter how we try we're always one step behind This is the way we live.
Thunderstone - Down With Me lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Down With Me by Thunderstone. Long time ago Someone sang a song about living in a world Where there are no wars, no hate...
Thunderstone - Spire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Spire' by Thunderstone. Lying on the floor, I feel nothing / Trying to remember / Everything 's a haze, yesterday is gone / Feels like I 've been.
I Will Come Again lyrics and translation - Thunderstone
Lyrics and translation for I Will Come Again by Thunderstone. Here again all by myself I'm pounding it all I can't recall those years before, before whe...
Thunderstone - Break The Emotion Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Break the Emotion' by Thunderstone. They say it's all gone, / It's just the beginning / They say it's a dawn, / Well it's just another morning / Run.
THUNDERSTONE LYRICS - "Dirt Metal" (2009) album
THUNDERSTONE lyrics - "Dirt Metal" (2009) album, including "Suffering Song", " At The Feet Of Fools", "Deadlights"...
Thunderstone - Evil Within Lyrics
Lyrics for Evil Within by Thunderstone. Can you hear my silent whisper? Can you hear my confession? Can you feel this rising anger...
Thunderstone - Tin Star Man lyrics
Lyrics for Tin Star Man by Thunderstone. Land of the free, home of the brave A history of heroes in my name One truth under god I feel I am stranded in a world c .
Thunderstone - Break the Emotions lyrics
Lyrics for Break the Emotions by Thunderstone. They say it's all gone, it's just the beginning They say it's a dawn, well it's just another morning Run through the ...
THUNDERSTONE LYRICS - "Evolution 4.0" (2007) album
THUNDERSTONE lyrics - "Evolution 4.0" (2007) album, including "The Riddle", " Great Man Down", "The Source"...
Thunderstone - Drawn to the Flame lyrics
Lyrics for Drawn to the Flame by Thunderstone. Playing with fire gets you burned I knew it, but still I didn't take heed Two is company, three's a crowd I knew that ...
Thunderstone - Eyes Of A Stranger Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Eyes Of A Stranger' by Thunderstone. Eyes of a stranger are watching me / Haunting my every single move / I feel like a victim with no reason why /
Heart Of Steel (Manowar Cover) Lyrics - Thunderstone
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Heart Of Steel (Manowar Cover)" from " Thunderstone": Build a fire a thousand miles away, to light my long way home, I ride a ...
Thunderstone - Tool of the Devil lyrics
Lyrics for Tool of the Devil by Thunderstone. I am a man without a heart Without a soul I'll heal it for you If you'll play my role Come closer if you dare I will sho...
Thunderstone - Weight of the World lyrics
Lyrics for Weight of the World by Thunderstone. Drive With a plan of escape Fire, Blood and fire in my wake No pretension, I know that I'm running away But what ...
Thunderstone - Land of Innocence lyrics
Lyrics for Land of Innocence by Thunderstone. Hear my story, hear my words, they might speak truth about this world Hear me opening my heart, I've seen the ...
Thunderstone - Voice In A Dream lyrics
Lyrics for Voice In A Dream by Thunderstone. When the lights go down and the night comes in I can feel the breeze around me I can hear the sound of a broken  ...
Thunderstone - 10.000 Ways lyrics
Lyrics for 10.000 Ways by Thunderstone. Reckless and limp, small swollen brain A gaze that reveals everything Wet as a rat, been soaked for years Drinking gin ...
Ostara - Black Thunder Stone lyrics
Lyrics for Black Thunder Stone by Ostara. ... Black Thunder Stone - Lyrics. Ostara. Lyrics not available. Be the first to add the lyrics and earn points. Add lyrics.
Thunderstone - I Almighty Lyrics. Living, no giving, no passion at all Watching the days going by Wasting the moments, ignoring the life Blindfolded and chained ...
Thunderstone - The Last Song lyrics
Lyrics for The Last Song by Thunderstone. The light that's in your eyes, like everyone wants it to be Well can't you see that it must be this way Who knows who's .
Thunderstone - Solid Ground lyrics
Lyrics for Solid Ground by Thunderstone. Don't know about the future Don't know about the past Clinging to life like Each day was by last Out of the cold I've ...
Thunderstone - Tin Star Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tin Star Man' by Thunderstone. Land of the free / Home of the brave / A history of heroes / In my name / One truth under god / I feel I am stranded /

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