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TIAMAT LYRICS - "Prey" (2003) album
Cain. I gave you my love. Though crystallized. I sent you a rose with nevermore. So many years. So many hours. And only thistles on my shore. For all that it's ...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Judas Christ" (2002) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "Judas Christ" (2002) album, including "Sixshooter", "However You Look At It You Loose", "Too Far Gone"...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" (1997) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber" (1997) album, including "A Deeper Kind Of Slumber", "Mount Marilyn", "Phantasma De Luxe"...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Amanethes" (2008) album
The Temple Of The Crescent Moon. It's been a long time but we are here again. It's been five long years of thunder, lightning and rain. So cold, so hard without ...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "The Scarred People" (2012) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "The Scarred People" (2012) album, including "Paradise", "Born To Die", "The Red Of The Morning Sun"...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Wildhoney" (1994) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "Wildhoney" (1994) album, including "A Pocket Size Sun", " Planets", "Do You Dream Of Me?"...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "The Astral Sleep" (1991) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "The Astral Sleep" (1991) album, including "The Seal (Outro)", "A Winter Shadow", "I Am The King (Of Dreams)"...
Queso - Tiamat lyrics
1 meaning to Tiamat lyrics by Queso: Let the light disseminate to the center core / Right to our heads / Hipocracy is part of the cycle.
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Clouds" (1992) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "Clouds" (1992) album, including "Undressed", "The Scapegoat", "Forever Burning Flames"...
Tiamat - Visionaire Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Visionaire' by Tiamat. Music : Edlund, Petersson / Lyrics : Edlund / With a solar knife I split the sky / And walk right in between / To search the.
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Skeleton Skeletron" (1999) album
Church Of Tiamat. no candycoloured paradise no stary blackholed eyes no more dreams of neverend through embers only dark descends no more comatose ...
Tiamat - Too Far Gone Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Too Far Gone' by Tiamat. I've been through all of this a million times before / Seems all my demons got me knocking on hell's door / I know it's too.
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Commandments" (2007) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "Commandments" (2007) album, including "Divided (Edit Version - Previously Unreleased)", "Wings Of Heaven", "Cain"...
Tiamat - So Much For Suicide Lyrics
Lyrics to 'So Much For Suicide' by Tiamat. Animated junkies trying hard to be insane / With only water in our veins / You seem to think the planets orbit around.
Tiamat - Brighter Than The Sun Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Brighter Than The Sun' by Tiamat. we could wander in the garden of eden baby / we could do anything tonight, maybe / we could even touch the sky ...
Tiamat - Wings Of Heaven Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Wings of Heaven' by Tiamat. I'll be your master and I'll be your slave / Until the day that you will dance avidly on my grave / Seems like a lifetime.
Tiamat - Sixshooter Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sixshooter' by Tiamat. Lost my mind on a bungyjump on LSD / And in downtown Chicago demons haunted me / Almost drank myself to death in ...
Tiamat - Cold Seed Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold Seed' by Tiamat. What heals our snow-blind eyes / When all stars are slain by fiery skies / And every word upon your spiraling cross / Is but a.
High On Fire - Waste Of Tiamat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Waste Of Tiamat' by High On Fire. Twisting, falling like eagles they drop from the sky / Without warning, the nuclear beast shows its eyes / Chaos.
Tiamat - To Have And Have Not Lyrics
Lyrics to 'To Have And Have Not' by Tiamat. she shivered, afraid that i would shoot / she`d panic, afraid that i would not / she drank it all right before my.
Tiamat - Carry Your Cross And I'll Carry Mine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Carry Your Cross and I'll Carry Mine' by Tiamat: Carry your cross and I'll carry mine Dig your own hole and you'll be fine Build your own tower.
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Sumerian Cry" (1990) album
TIAMAT lyrics - "Sumerian Cry" (1990) album, including "The Sign Of The Pentagram", "Sumerian Cry (Part II)", "Where The Serpents Ever Dwell"...
Tiamat - Phantasma De Luxe Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Phantasma De Luxe' by Tiamat. This dole crowner gallows me / As this mere welkin hallowed be / Where upon I trick and train and tire / To limn my.
Tiamat - I Am In Love With Myself Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Am In Love With Myself' by Tiamat. I am in love with the waking / It is cold but I ain't mistaking / Proud like Mary to be here again / To be here.
Tiamat - Amane Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Amane' by Tiamat. I, I deliver myself to you / Lucifer, my father, you're my light / And my way out of the dark / I wanna set the skies on fire / And.
Tiamat - Vote For Love Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Vote For Love' by Tiamat. We've been soaked in acid / Always praised the downfall / The sound of cadent wings / It's a wonder we're standing tall /
Tiamat - Best Friend Money Can Buy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Best Friend Money Can Buy' by Tiamat. We drank as much as we could / and she drank more than she should. / We sumbled out of this cheap whiskey ...
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Brighter Than The Sun" (1999) MCD
Brighter Than The Sun. we could wander in the garden of Eden baby we could do anything tonight, maybe we could even touch the sky if we just get up on our ...
Tiamat - Only In My Tears It Lasts Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Only In My Tears It Lasts' by Tiamat. Overhead my spirit flies / In plasticide and crimson skies / Whispering winds in moonlit wood / A totem oak.
Tiamat - Wildhoney Lyrics
Tiamat - The Return Of The Son Of Nothing… Tiamat - Tiamat - Cain lyrics Lyric Video. Tiamat - Cain lyrics · Tiamat - tiamat - a deeper kind of slumber with lyrics  ...
Tiamat - Church Of Tiamat Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Church Of Tiamat' by Tiamat. no candycoloured paradise / no stary blackholed eyes / no more dreams of neverend / through embers only dark ...
Tiamat - Cold Last Supper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Cold Last Supper' by Tiamat. Open casket funeral / A catholic tribulation / A cold last supper / Well, it's only up to you / Dreary dead disciples /
Tiamat - The Temple Of The Crescent Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Temple Of The Crescent Moon' by Tiamat. it's been a long time but we're here again / it's been 5 long years of thunder, lightning and rain / so.
Tiamat - Love Is As Good As Soma Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Love Is As Good As Soma' by Tiamat. Love is as good as soma / I wanna crush all bones in you / Cause I've got nothing better to you / Well, I'm no.
Tiamat - Fireflower Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fireflower' by Tiamat. You're only but so is the desolate one / You're drowning but so was the first born son / I'll soak you in fire, fill your.
TIAMAT LYRICS - "Vote For Love" (2002) MCD
TIAMAT lyrics - "Vote For Love" (2002) MCD, including "Cold Last Supper", "So Much For Suicide", "Vote For Love"...
Tiamat - For Her Pleasure Lyrics
Lyrics to 'For Her Pleasure' by Tiamat: Breathe my air and I'll be fine.
Tiamat - Ancient Entity Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Ancient Entity' by Tiamat. Beneath the fullmoon / Covered in gloomy clouds / Obscure funeral spirits / Evil shadows on haunted ground / Every night.
Tiamat - Lady Temptress Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lady Temptress' by Tiamat. Lady Temptress / Lucifer's daughter / Born in my flesh / Arise and be revealed / Unknown for corrupted minds / She dwells.
Tiamat - Sympathy For The Devil Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sympathy For The Devil' by Tiamat. Please allow me to introduce myself / I'm a man of wealth and taste / I've been around for a long, long year /

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