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Tift Merritt - Broken Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Broken' by Tift Merritt. Once you were a straight shot, a shiny quarter in a new slot, / Night would keep the dreams that you got for afternoon /
Tift Merritt - Mixtape Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mixtape' by Tift Merritt. You, how did you get so wise? / I take the advice I find in your eyes. / Me, I've been waiting outside / Most of my life, /
Tift Merritt - Traveling Alone Lyrics
Aug 4, 2013 Lyrics for Traveling Alone by Tift Merritt. This morning, if it all was gone, funny thing, it wouldn't phase me none. Might feel like ...
Tift Merritt - Danny's Song Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Danny's Song' by Tift Merritt. People smile and tell me I'm the lucky one, / That we've just begun. I think I'm gonna have a son. / He will be like.
Tift Merritt - Spring lyrics
Lyrics for Spring by Tift Merritt. Oh, it is a mystery like a lover's touch, brings a blossom from a winter's bud. Oh, it is a mystery like my lover's touc...
Tift Merritt - Good Hearted Man Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Good Hearted Man' by Tift Merritt. I swore that I was living free. / Oh, you couldn't talk to me, / And the pride that kept me, didn't want no.
Tift Merritt - Sunday Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Sunday' by Tift Merritt. I'm gonna have a good cry over nothing but a handful of cigarettes. / I'm gonna leave the windows open when I feel like.
Tift Merritt - Stray Paper Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Stray Paper' by Tift Merritt. I got a postcard with an old address, / A picture of Houston in a creased-up mess, / Just to remind me that it all went.
Tift Merritt - Neighborhood Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Neighborhood' by Tift Merritt. I saw you with somebody that you don't love. / You like to show her off, you like to think highly of / The easy.
Tift Merritt - Still Not Home lyrics and translation
Lyrics and translation for Still Not Home by Tift Merritt. Jesus at the table in the early morning, Dad, I've been thinking I got to get born. Got to...
Tift Merritt - Feeling of Beauty Lyrics
Lyrics for Feeling of Beauty by Tift Merritt. Driving without destination, Leaving our clothes there on the bank and Swimming in a river...
Tift Merritt - Engine To Turn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Engine To Turn' by Tift Merritt. I don't know how to fix the world. / I don't know how to fix myself. / Seems like we both need some love, / seems.
Tift Merritt - I Know Him Too Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know Him Too' by Tift Merritt. I know you think that I'm just a stranger, / Just a drinker he's seen downtown. / Someone he'd wave to on his way to.
Tift Merritt - The Things That Everybody Does Lyrics
Lyrics to 'The Things That Everybody Does' by Tift Merritt. Everybody told me this is who you have to be / My hands in my pockets as deep as they go / I walked.
Tift Merritt - Write My Ticket Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Write My Ticket' by Tift Merritt. This city must belong to someone, / But it don't belong to me. / From the window I got here, / I count the traffic.
Tift Merritt - Bramble Rose Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bramble Rose' by Tift Merritt. The ungrateful few who tangle inside / Don 't care where they're born, they're growing up wild. / The rain makes me.
Tift Merritt - When I Cross Over Lyrics
Lyrics to 'When I Cross Over' by Tift Merritt. I don't want to talk to nobody. / Don't want to make no plans. / I'm so tired of this party. / I've had all my.
Tift Merritt - Trouble Over Me Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trouble Over Me' by Tift Merritt. You're not my boyfriend, I don't want a boyfriend. / Just make a little trouble over me. / In your kitchen, on the.
Tift Merritt - Feel Of The World Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Feel Of The World' by Tift Merritt. I'll tell you what I will miss / California and horses, / Down by the sailboats where we waded in, / The feel of.
Tift Merritt - Diamond Shoes Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Diamond Shoes' by Tift Merritt. Don't you know that the angels, in some wild and secret heart, / Doubt for those who get the wrong things and those.
Tift Merritt - Papercut Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Papercut' by Tift Merritt. Under the skin, / But no further in. / I've seen it before. / I was hoping for more. / If I could choose, / I'd rather a.
Tift Merritt - Virginia, No One Can Warn You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Virginia, No One Can Warn You' by Tift Merritt: The worst I could do, oh, what would I be If I kept for mine something better than me.
Tift Merritt - Supposed To Make You Happy Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Supposed to Make You Happy' by Tift Merritt. Is there something I was gonna tell you? / Is there something I was gonna say? / If I had it, I guess, I.
Tift Merritt - Plainest Thing Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Plainest Thing' by Tift Merritt. I found a mark / Where the ink bled through / Under a song / I was writing for you / Crumpled up in a drawer /
Tift Merritt - Too Soon To Go Lyrics
Lyrics for Too Soon To Go by Tift Merritt. Sometimes I hear the song that you are singing, Softly out of tune, in broken lines. I see...
Tift Merritt - I Know What I'm Looking For Now Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Know What I'm Looking For Now' by Tift Merritt. Well, I got here early trying to decide / If there was nothing to hope for or nothing inside / But.
Tift Merritt - See You On The Moon Lyrics
Lyrics to 'See You On The Moon' by Tift Merritt. Three legged dog, remember when you brought him home. / He was talking to himself cause he'd always been  ...
Tift Merritt - Are You Still In Love With Me? Lyrics
Tift Merritt - Virginia, No One Can Warn You Music Video. Virginia, No One Can Warn You · Tift Merritt - Good Hearted Man Music Video. Good Hearted Man.
Tift Merritt - Bird Of Freedom Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Bird of Freedom' by Tift Merritt. Where were you when the plane went down? / When the president was born, / When they founded this town. / She was.
Tift Merritt - Morning Is My Destination Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Morning Is My Destination' by Tift Merritt. With the city closed for evening and the streets dressed up in rain, / My sweet man, do you have some.
Tift Merritt Lyrics
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Tift Merritt - Six More Days Of Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Six More Days Of Rain' by Tift Merritt. Everything is gray. / Gray is a cold steel train. / Weatherman is saying, / Six more days of rain. / Goodbye.
Tift Merritt - Little Birds lyrics and translation
Aug 18, 2015 Lyrics and translation for Little Birds by Tift Merritt. Little birds, little birds Waiting on a saturday For something break and run away Catch yo...
Tift Merritt - Your Love Made A U-Turn Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Your Love Made a U-Turn' by Tift Merritt. Yesterday we had a good thing going / I loved the way our love was growing / Thought I'd found love and.
Vidar Vang - Love, Love, Love (feat. Tift Merritt) lyrics
Lyrics for Love, Love, Love (feat. Tift Merritt) by Vidar Vang.
Tift Merritt - I Live For You Lyrics
Lyrics to 'I Live for You' by Tift Merritt. All alone in this world am I / Not a care for this world have I / Only you keep my eyes open wide / Yes it's true /
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Tift Merritt - Diamond Shoes lyrics
Lyrics for Diamond Shoes by Tift Merritt. Don't you know that the angels In some wild and secret heart Doubt for those who get the wrong things Those who want ...
Tift Merritt - After Today Lyrics
Lyrics to 'After Today' by Tift Merritt. I never thought I'd see eighteen. / I finally got all eyes on me. / My daddy made my sentencing, / Now there's a first.
Simone Dinnerstein and Tift Merritt - Colors Lyrics. Now I held too tight Should I just let go When you break is it from weakness I'm trying to be too strong Wipe ...

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