Tonight we will fight for the right to stay alive cause you know we live for the music lyrics

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Lyrics to "Save Tonight" song by EAGLE-EYE CHERRY: Go on and close the curtains 'Cause all we need is candlelight You and me, and a bottle of wine To h.. . ... Save tonight and fight the break of dawn. Come tomorrow - tomorrow I'll be gone ... 'Cause girl you know I've got to go (oh) ... I wish that I, that I could stay
Lyrics to "The Other Side" song by TONIGHT ALIVE: I was back in high school when We were talking late, from ten Staying up till ... Cause every time I ran. I ran to you. I meant it every time I said I loved you ... I still wish we could've made it right ... I'm stronger now but still. The same. My love for you it will. Remain My friend.
NAS LYRICS - We Will Survive
Lyrics to "We Will Survive" song by NAS: Still somehow I believe, we always survive.. but why? ... You know shit is rough after you slid. You in ... Cause now with paper, shit is still ghetto ... If we united, a nation of thugs, who could fight it? ... If so, should I put out the indo right now and write down ... You Won't See Me Tonight
UNION J LYRICS - Tonight (We Live Forever)
Lyrics to "Tonight (We Live Forever)" song by UNION J: Feels like a party every time you ... I don't know what you do, but you're making everything feel right
Zedd - Beautiful Now Lyrics
I see what you're wearing, there's nothing beneath it ... We might not know why, we might not know how. But baby ... We'll light up the sky, we'll open the clouds ' Cause baby, tonight, we're beautiful now, we're beautiful ... This won't be forever, so why try to fight it? ... Zedd - Zedd, Alessia Cara - Stay (Lyric Video) Lyric Video.
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - This Is The House That Doubt Built
Don't get me started on what it means to be alive. You're ... You'll wait and they'll go cause in the end we all end up alone so just wait you'll know ... Cause I've been waiting for tonight to sing whoa, whoa ... And when you find yourself please let me know ... For once we're doing something right when we sing whoa, whoa
Lyrics to "Get It Right" song by UNION J: (Hey, hey) We've been holding on Stronger now we've ... And together we know what we're fighting for (Hey, hey) [ x2] 'Cause we're here to stay ... Yeah, I swear we'll get it right ... Have been the one thing to survive ... As I lay with you tonight ... Is learning how to live and what will be
Lyrics to "Live Forever" song by THE BAND PERRY: I was dreaming of war Saw that I wouldn't die Was dreaming of shores That my ship would fight I was... ... It made me feel so alive ... You will be my only one. Hold my hand so we can run. You and I ... I want it right now, wanna feel the fall ... All the things that I don't know
Lyrics to "I Will Survive" song by GLORIA GAYNOR: At first I was afraid, I was petrified, Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side But... ... Just turn around now 'cause you're not welcome anymore. Weren't you the ... Oh, as long as I know how to love I know I'll stay alive. I've got ... "We Will Survive" (2013). You're ...
CRYSTALLION LYRICS - "A Dark Enchanted Crystal Night" (2006 ...
We're the guardians of the sunrise, we march forevermore ... I know who you are are I will show you my power ... [Music: Gimpl, Strbler, Herzinger, Juhasz, Schallinger, Stief / Lyrics: Strbler] ... Riding on the wings of glory, fight to stay alive ... Tonight when the meaning is right, right, right ... 'cause immortal is my dragonheart
Lyrics to "Miserable At Best" song by MAYDAY PARADE: Katie, don't cry, I know You're trying your hardest And the hardest part is Letting ... Letting go of the nights we shared ... Let's not pretend like you're alone tonight ... That I can live without you but ... Is just taking breaths to stay ... 'Cause I dream of his lips on your cheek
Lyrics to "Champion" song by MATISYAHU: When you're feeling down, can't go ... We will fight 'til the love it grows ... To live your live, make a sacrifice. Trust your guts 'cause you know what's right ... You gotta be a champion tonight ... Built To Survive ... Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook ...
BEE GEES LYRICS - Stayin' Alive
Lyrics to "Stayin' Alive" song by BEE GEES: Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk, ... Music loud and women warm, I've been kicked around ... And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive. ... You know it's all right. It's OK. I'll live to see another day.
DEEZ NUTS LYRICS - "Stay True" (2008) album
Stay True 2. Damn Right 3. Love. Hate. 4. Fuck What You Think 5. I Hustle ... 13. Fight For Your Right ... You know by the time the weekend rolls around you're gonna wanna go out. ... At the bar drinking hard cuz that's what we're about. ... Cause I'll tell you right now, ... Tonight we're gonna party like there's no tomorrow
MANOWAR LYRICS - "Louder Than Hell" (1996) album
No more time to wait you know it feels so great ... We'll do just what we feel riding horses made of steel. We're here ... Cause we believe in the power and the might . And the gods who made metal are with us tonight .... They live to spread the fear of the wrong of right of self ... By the power of the will the spirit to survive - Fight
THE CAB LYRICS - Angel With A Shotgun
You better know what you're fighting for. Well, baby ... I'll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe. Don't you ... And I wanna live, not just survive tonight.
Lyrics to "Fight For You" song by MALI MUSIC: I know they see you and they want you I know they see you and they want to Make you who they want ... I can't let them take my you, you know I write for you yeah ... Fighting cause I refuse to lose you (fight for you) ... The grounds we're fightin for ... I fight for you, I'm right for you
All Good Things - Fight Lyrics
Oct 19, 2015 Lyrics for Fight by All Good Things has been translated in 8 languages ... light the fire Now we're waiting till it blows Fight like you'll never die Fight to stay alive Fight to raise ... like he think he's the man You know we can't stand by Let you do what you want We got the call, ... Instant lyrics for all your music.
2PAC LYRICS - Changes
"It's time to fight back", that's what Huey said. 2 shots in ... I got love for my brother, but we can never go nowhere unless we ... Take the evil out the people, they'll be acting right. 'Cause both black and white are smokin' crack tonight. ... Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live ... what we gotta do, to survive.
When your heart beats - it's like music to me ... Then I know we'd live this moment for ever. Can we stay right here, you don't have to go baby close that door I
Union J - Get It Right Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Get It Right' by Union J. (Hey, hey, hey, hey / Hey, hey) / We'll get it right, we'll get it right, ... And together we know what we're fighting for ... Cause we're here to stay ... Been the one thing to survive ... As I lay with you tonight ... Our victory, is learning how to live and what we'll be ... Union J - Carry You Music Video.
Lyrics to "The Real Her" song by DRAKE: People around you should really have nothing to ... And the weekends here started it right ... Cause you got a past and I do too, we're perfect for each other ... So if tonight's an accident, tomorrow we'll recover ... I know what makes her smile, but I won't know what makes her different
KENDRICK LAMAR LYRICS - Sing About Me, I'm Dying Of Thirst
Promise that you will sing about me. Promise ... This orphanage we call a ghetto is quite a routine ... And I love you cause you love my brother like you did ... A nigga behind me right now asking for ass and shit ... A doctor's approval is a waste of time, I know I'm straight. I'll probably live longer than you and never fade away
DISTURBED LYRICS - Land Of Confusion
Can't you see this is a land of confusion? This is the world we live in. And these are the hands we're given ... I won't be coming home tonight. My generation will put it right ... That we know we'll never keep ... To make it a place worth fighting for ... Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook · Links.
Aretha Franklin - I Will Survive Lyrics
First I was afraid, I was petrified. Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side. And I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong. And I grew ...
Lyrics to "Stay Alive" song by JOSÉ GONZÁLEZ: There's a rhythm in rush these days Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade Leaves you... ... Sometimes there's things a man cannot know. Gears won't turn and the ... I will stay with you tonight. Hold you close 'til the ... We'll do whatever just to stay alive. We'll do ...
We're scanning the scene in the city tonight. We're looking for you to start up a fight ... But it's nothing new, you know it drives us insane ... Say goodbye to the world you live in. You've ... Don't try running away 'cause you're the one we will find ... Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook · Links.
BETTY WRIGHT LYRICS - Tonight Is The Night
Lyrics to "Tonight Is The Night" song by BETTY WRIGHT: First of all I'd like to say ... In all the love and all the happiness we have in store for you ... I'll never forget the way she looked at me when I played it for her ... But I know you're not gonna sing that song' ... 'Cause I don't want you waitin' till I get to the end of my song
Just say you'll entertain the possibility ... So you know that I'll be coming home. We fight to stay alive ... But we'll make it home again ... We pray we live to see
Taking everything that you know. What you didn't know. Is that we can go forever if we want to. We can live inside of a moment ... We all, we all, we're gonna live tonight. Like there's no tomorrow 'cause we're the afterlife ... We got the fight in us ... Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook · Links.
EMERALD SUN LYRICS - "Escape From Twilight" (2007) album
We will fight until the end. We will earn the right for living. In the future ... 'Cause we're here to scream out loud. We don't need to ... You know I am the one to show you how. That I'll ... You will break the curse tonight. At the lake ... So stand up and live on again. See your ... Do something, try to escape to survive. For once in ...
MORE THAN A THOUSAND LYRICS - "Volume IV: Make Friends ...
It's Alive (How I Made A Monster) 2. ... 'Cause everyone keeps running away from me ... Some were lovers, some were haters, I do not know their names ... Tonight we'll stay together ... You can't take this away from us! We forgive! We forget! Let's put the past behind ... You live in the depths of forever but I will hunt you down
MUSE LYRICS - Knights Of Cydonia
I'll show you a god who. Falls asleep on the job. And how can we win. When fools can ... No one's gonna take me alive. The time has come to make things right. You and I must fight for our rights. You and I must fight to survive. No one's ... Search. Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook · Links.
PRETTY RICKY LYRICS - Can't Live Without You
Packed my shit and got right. I know what I gotta do now. Be a man and face life. [ Chorus Pleasure] Maybe we could work it out. Cause you know I can't live ...
Starts to come alive ... 'Cause there's music in the air ... So come on out tonight ... And if you feel all right ... Don't you know we can fly ... And if we stay together
'Cause even when the world caves. Even when the fight calls. Even when the war's waged. I'll take heart. I know You are greater ... Sing in the night my hope alive in You I'll walk through the fire and not be burned ... Jesus tonight I give it all to You ... Request Lyrics · Submit Lyrics · Soundtracks · Music Videos · Facebook  ...
So we're pushing on cause we know in our hearts. It's the only way. To stay afloat with the sharks at bay ... Tonight we feel alive. Stand up where I can see you
MEAT LOAF LYRICS - Paradise By The Dashboard Light
It never felt so good, it never felt so right. And we're glowing like the metal on the edge of a knife. Glowing ... I can see paradise by the dashboard light [Girl:] ... ' Cause we were barely seventeen and we were barely dressed ... And I gotta let you know ... We're gonna go all the way tonight ... I don't think that I can really survive
JHENE AIKO LYRICS - Stay Ready (What A Life)
Lyrics to "Stay Ready (What A Life)" song by JHENE AIKO: We do not exist in Any other instant Here in this dimension You and I are meant to be I have waited... ... But if I stay monogamous promise this kiss will always taste like candy ... Only cause you are timeless ... All that I know is right now ... What a life we die to live in
DRAKE LYRICS - We'll Be Fine
Lyrics to "We'll Be Fine" song by DRAKE: Yeah, never thoughts of suicide, I'm too alive But I still ... I wouldn't doubt it cause these bitches all about it right now

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