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Jimmy Burney - Trapped In Misery lyrics
Trapped In Misery lyrics by Jimmy Burney: Dead rose pedals on the bed, cheap wine, cigarettes / Tell me how did we get here, oh yeah.
Crossover - Trapped in Misery Lyrics. Look out, this pale sky You'll just see this faint blue line Difficult to sight the sun Back from the irony and shame Trapped for  ...
Jimmy Burney - Trapped In Misery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Trapped In Misery' by Jimmy Burney. ... Trapped In Misery Lyrics. New! Highlight lyrics to add Meanings, Special Memories, and Misheard Lyrics.
CROSSOVER LYRICS - "Dogma" (2004) album
CROSSOVER lyrics - "Dogma" (2004) album, including "...Begins The Dogma", " Trapped In Misery", "Six, Six, Six"...
Misery [Lights Of Euphoria Version] Lyrics - Psyche
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Misery [Lights Of Euphoria Version]" from "Psyche" : From my sleep at night to when I wake, I see things ... I'm trapped by misery
ashamed to just admit I've been a fool. So I blame it on the son, run away from everyone hoping to escape this ridicule. Trapped in misery, wrapped so miserably
Miniature Tigers - Mansion Of Misery Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Mansion Of Misery' by Miniature Tigers. Thinking about throwin' away the key ... I'm trapped in these negative vibes. I can't seem to find the outside
Lyrics to "Memories Of Misery" song by HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS: I had a dream last night When I awoke the sky was on fire There ... Now I'm stuck in yesterday
THE SORROW LYRICS - "Misery Escape" (2012) album
THE SORROW lyrics - "Misery Escape" (2012) album, including "Hold On Hope", "Nails & Daggers", "Follow The Lights"... ... Trapped in a cage of unrest
NO ZODIAC LYRICS - "Eternal Misery" (2015) album
NO ZODIAC lyrics - "Eternal Misery" (2015) album, including "Eternal Misery", " Cesspool ... Eternal misery-is all I know ... Or be trapped forever in eternal misery
PAIN LYRICS - "Dancing With The Dead" (2005) album
5. Not Afraid To Die 6. Dancing With The Dead 7. Tear It Up 8. Bye / Die 9. My Misery 10. A Good Day To Die 11. Stay Away 12. The Third Wave 13. Trapped ...
GRAVE FLOWERS LYRICS - "Incarcerated Sorrows" (2005) album
I'm trapped in misery. Open up your eyes. Take a look at the world. It's them and not me. Who's are disturbed. At night I wake up and want someone by my side
Spleen United feat. Gitte Nielsen - Misery lyrics
What are lives but to decide Roads on auto suicide For all our doubts in lives unknown This is true, we die alone Separate destinies Trapped in separate ...
METALLICA LYRICS - Harvester Of Sorrow
I've loved, turned to hate. Trapped far beyond my fate. I give, you take. This life that I forsake. Been cheated of my youth. You turned this lie to truth. Anger Misery
CALIBAN LYRICS - Tyranny Of Small Misery
Lyrics to "Tyranny Of Small Misery" song by CALIBAN: The wake up means walking on the edge. Wrong ... Rejected and trapped in myself. Black velvet was the ...
CAPHARNAUM LYRICS - "Reality Only Fantasized" (1997) album
A shadow of your former self. Reality only fantasized. Attempt to break away from. This harsh void. Trapped in a world of pain. Misery at every turn. Absorbed into ...
Fisher - Miseryland Lyrics
Trapped with you. By my side. Down in misery have a place any more. Down in misery. Down in Miseryland. I learned to fly. But you are still shooting the sky
Desolated - Death by My Side Lyrics
May 14, 2014 You put an end to my suffering, the blood runs thick And I've failed the world again A life of pain and misery, trapped with fear there's no easy ...
GALLOWS LYRICS - "Grey Britain" (2009) album
8. The Riverbed 9. The Great Forgiver 10. Graves 11. Queensberry Rules 12. Misery 13. Crucifucks .... Trapped in the body of a man defeated, I am the shame of ...
Psyche - Misery's Return Lyrics
Misery's Return lyrics performed by Psyche: I can't go out in the cold anymore ... blind but now I see I'm trapped by misery Why are you asking me that question?
Lyrics to "Miss Misery" song by NAZARETH: Since you came into my life It's the same old situation Empty days and ... I'm trapped on this crazy 'round about
No Zodiac - Eternal Misery lyrics
Jan 19, 2015 Lyrics for Eternal Misery by No Zodiac. ... leave this constant pain Or be trapped forever in eternal misery As the death toll rises, they cover their ...
Ghost Ship Octavius - In Dreams Lyrics
Feb 11, 2016 Trapped here forever My own misery Am I the Dreamer Or am I the Dream? I'm lost within I'm far too slow In the wake of sorrow In the wake of ...
SHADOW HOST LYRICS - "Apocalyptic Symphony" (2013) album
Lunacy Divine. Welcome to the brave new world, 21 century. Infected by the ancient plague, we're trapped in misery. Harbinger of apocalypse messiah for the  ...
CMJ - I Can't Do It All By Myself Lyrics
May 15, 2016 "Trapped in the misery of my life." "Lost in the sorrow of my soul." "Nothing was how it suppose to be." "And a heavy sadness filled my soul.
2PAC LYRICS - So Many Tears
Back in elementary, I thrived on misery. Left me alone I grew up ... But ain't no future bright for me, I'm stuck in the game. I'm trapped inside a maze. See this ...
AXENSTAR LYRICS - "The Final Requiem" (2006) album
You are all alone, trapped in misery. The struggle is never-ending. The illusion of a better world, without the pain of losing. Everything must come to an end
Lauryn Hill - Selah Lyrics
Trapped in misery. Wrapped so miserably. And his deception I wear it like a skin. Dying to maintain. While I keep trying to explain. A heart that never loved me to ...
Crush 40 - Dreams Of An Absolution Lyrics
In the night-light, do you see what you dream. All your triumph and all you'll ever be. Look around you, then you may realize. Happiness lies, trapped in misery.
Z-RO LYRICS - And 2 My G's
And they threw away the key, trapped in misery. Cause suffering forced me to run these streets so desperately. And to my G's watch your back, cause it ain't no ...
2PAC LYRICS - Do For Love
I can't breathe, cause soon as I leave, it's like a trap. I hear you callin' me to ... I wanna take your misery, replace it with happiness. But I need your faith in me, I'm  ...
Ben - I Am A Monster Lyrics
Sep 19, 2015 Singing its silent song of misery A monster lies trapped in its own Nightmare 'He' is a tyrant It lets out a plea Why did she have to leave it all ...
Lyrics to "Stuck" song by SAGE FRANCIS: you act smart, while i act dumb but i know some that still lay under my thumb see, ... misery is willing to keep company
Misery you'll take it all away You don't have to bleed like this anymore Who will end your pain for ... Now that you are trapped in this hell you will live in misery
They can believe what they wanna believe. Trapped in their misery. Hey it's waste of time. Hey I'm losing my mind. Count me out of your misery. I'm never givin' ...
Universum - Misery Cell lyrics
Sep 13, 2010 Lyrics for Misery Cell by Universum. Reaching out for something more, something else Listening in silence from within this shell Trapped as this ...
Origin - Consuming Misery lyrics
Feb 13, 2016 Lyrics for Consuming Misery by Origin. ... will spread my hate another day Trapped to perform for me Forcefed constant agony Consume misery ...
MISERY INDEX LYRICS - "Heirs To Thievery" (2010) album
Your trapped within their daily madness. The final solution. Illuminaughts Illumination Push the pen. Conscience now. So, push the pen. Through the centuries
Take away your broken misery, cannot wait to waste your memory. This love, this love is ... Just a narcissist trapped inside the wreckage. And the sympathy I had ...
SADISTIC INTENT LYRICS - "Resurrection" (1994) MCD
SADISTIC INTENT lyrics - "Resurrection" (1994) MCD, including "A Mass For Tortured Souls", "Condemned In Misery", "Dark ... Trapped inside a body

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