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Lyrics to "Takes Time" song by TRIUMPH: I've known girls all around the world I' ve met every kind You say you're something special to me But...
Triumph - Rock 'N' Roll Machine Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Rock 'N' Roll Machine' by Triumph. Tonight ... Rock 'n' Roll Machine, faster then you've ever seen ... Get set, get ready, time to watch the Rocket blow
TRIUMPH LYRICS - Rocky Mountain Way
Spent the last year. Rocky mountain way. We couldn't get much higher. Out to pasture. I think it's safe to say. A time to open fire [CHORUS:] And we don't need ...
Lyrics to "Edge Of Destruction" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: I'm humble because I know what it feels like ... Thinking down, it's time to get the crowd shouting
GUARDIANS OF TIME LYRICS - "Machines Of Mental Design ...
GUARDIANS OF TIME lyrics - "Machines Of Mental Design" (2004) album, including ... That this life is not enough time for me to see .... A triumph for mankind.
TIME MACHINE LYRICS - "Evil" (2001) album
TIME MACHINE lyrics - "Evil" (2001) album, including "Silent Bells", "Hailing Souls", "Angel Of Death"... ... from the time of the heretic .... the Triumph of Good
Triumph - Lay It On The Line Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Lay It on the Line' by Triumph: It's the same old story all over again You turn a lover into just ... Don't hold me up, girl, don't waste my precious time
Triumph - Time Goes By Lyrics. Can't you feel the thunder ... To try to buy some time. They don't even know .... 1, Blinding Light Show. 2, Rock And Roll Machine.
GWAR LYRICS - Triumph Of The Pig Children
Lyrics to "Triumph Of The Pig Children" song by GWAR: When a man makes a plan that will conquer an age ... And he made his machine ... A vision through time
Triumph - Hot Time in the City Tonight Lyrics. We're sending out ... Album: King Biscuit Flower Hour: Triumph. Heyo! .... 2, Rock And Roll Machine. 3, Rock and ...
Triumph - Takes Time Lyrics. I've known girls all around ... To make time baby it takes time. It takes time to make .... 2, Rock And Roll Machine. 3, Rock and Roll ...
TRIUMPH LYRICS - Tear The Roof Off
Lyrics to "Tear The Roof Off" song by TRIUMPH: Everybody welcome to the show I ... It's a time to scream and it's time to yell ... I got me a rock and roll machine
Triumph - Never Surrender Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Never Surrender' by Triumph. Out in the streets inspiration comes ... Never, that's forever, seems like such a long time. But I only got one life to live - It's ...
Triumph - Hold On Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Hold On' by Triumph: Music holds the secret To know it can make you whole It's not just a game of notes It's the sounds inside ... Time won't wait for us,
Triumph - Fight The Good Fight Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Fight the Good Fight' by Triumph. The days grow shorter and the nights are getting long / Feels like we're running out of time / Every day it seems.
Triumph - Rock `n` Roll Machine Lyrics. ... get ready time to watch the Rocket go / Rock and Roll Machine plays faster / East as ringin' a bell / A fireball steamer, ...
Triumph - Magic Power Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Magic Power' by Triumph: But the music's got the magic, it's your one chance for escape.
Triumph - Rock n Roll Machine (Live) Lyrics. ... Triumph Lyrics · Live At Sweden Rock Festival Album; Rock n Roll Machine (Live) ... Time to watch the Rocket go
BLIND GUARDIAN LYRICS - "Beyond The Red Mirror" (2015) album
Prophecies 4. At The Edge Of Time 5. Ashes Of Eternity ... Miracle Machine 11. Grand Parade 12. Doom ... Our praise and triumph will grow. We'll defy the Nine
Triumph - Rocky Mountain Way Lyrics
Spent the last year. Rocky mountain way. We couldn't get much higher. Out to pasture. I think it's safe to say. A time to open fire. CHORUS: And we don't need ...
Triumph - Tears In The Rain Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Tears In The Rain' by Triumph. We've passed ... Triumph Lyrics. Overview ... The time has come to make a stand ... So many times, I've wondered why
Triumph - Follow Your Heart Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Follow Your Heart' by Triumph. People say / Don't ever look behind ... You're runnin' on borrowed time. Tryin' hard to survive. Keep on runnin'
Time Machine - Rotten Souls Lyrics. I'm back from the fire, I'm back from the ... Artist: Time Machine ... it's a triumph of evil there's sin everywhere and the poor is  ...
Triumph - Follow Your Heart Lyrics. People say Don't ever look ... You're runnin' on borrowed time. Tryin' hard to ... 3, Rock and Roll Machine. 4, Fight the Good ...
KILLSWITCH ENGAGE LYRICS - "Incarnate" (2016) album
... (2016) album, including "Loyalty", "Triumph Through Tragedy", "Reignite"... ... A time of deception conflict and unrest. I will not ... We are gears in the machine.
HORNCROWNED LYRICS - "Satanic Armageddon" (2006) album
The inexorable advance of predator machines. To live the ... The holocaust is here, the triumph of baphomet. Bring the ... This is the time for the rape of angels
Rocky Mountain Way Lyrics - Triumph
Full and accurate LYRICS for "Rocky Mountain Way" from "Triumph": Spent the last year, Rocky mountain ... A time to open fire ... This song is from the album "In Concert", "Livin' For The Weekend: The Anthology" and "Rock & Roll Machine".
DEATH DEALER LYRICS - "War Master" (2013) album
DEATH DEALER lyrics - "War Master" (2013) album, including "Triumph And Victory", "Face The ... Live for dying and die for fighting until the end of time
FRANK TURNER LYRICS - Polaroid Picture
To take a little time with it today. To savor all the triumph and tragedy. Before it slips away. Before it slips away. Let go of the little distractions. Hold close to the ...
ORDER FROM CHAOS LYRICS - "Stillbirth Machine" (1992) album
ORDER FROM CHAOS lyrics - "Stillbirth Machine" (1992) album, including "As The Body Falls Away", "Blood And Thunder", "Stillbirth Machine"... ... Triumph of the will. Iconoclasm conquest ... Blast powerlessness. Now is the time to crush ...
Triumph - Rocky Mountain Way Lyrics. ... get much higher Out to pasture, I think it's safe to say A time to open fire And we don' ... Album: Rock & Roll Machine.
FALCHION LYRICS - "Chronicles Of The Dead" (2008) album
... Dead" (2008) album, including "Evolution In Reverse", "Mayhem Machine", " Dying Dreams". ... Now it's time for me to stay alive and just carry on ... A triumph is
ABORYM LYRICS - "With No Human Intervention" (2003) album
The Triumph 9. Black Hole Spell 10. ... Time and being, rendez-vous the flood. History bears ... Embryonary machines been constructed. Under the protokoll of ...
The Sound Defects - War Lyrics
(we will gain the inevitable triumph, so help us God.) I am. And I can't stop shaking my hands ... Time Machine lyrics. Time Machine. Gasoline lyrics. Gasoline.
ARBITER LYRICS - "Ironclad / Machinations" (2013) album
ARBITER lyrics - "Ironclad / Machinations" (2013) album, including "Triumph Over You", "Ironclad", "The Divide"... ... 12. Ironclad 13. Triumph Over You .... Now is our time; We divide and... we will conquer all! ... A towering machine of death.
E-40 LYRICS - Seasoned
Tragedy.. mmhmm mmhmm.. misery and triumph ... Down and out like four flat tires no washing machine nor dryer ... Ohhh, hey it's been a long time in the bay
Lyrics to "Alpha Omega" song by MACHINE GUN KELLY: We not askin mothafuckers to care about us We just let mothafuckas know we coming It's real, it's a...
BATHORY LYRICS - "In Memory Of Quorthon Vol. II" (2006 ...
War Machine 10. War 11. .... [him as he rides trough the valley of death, where time and space have] [ceased to ... In the fields the bodies burning as the war machine keeps turning. Death and ... All people of bondage shall triumph. And live by ...
Machine Gun Kelly - Edge Of Destruction Lyrics
Lyrics to 'Edge of Destruction' by Machine Gun Kelly. ... Thinking now is time to get the crowd shouting ... No tragedy over triumph and I am a Lion I gotta try
a long time coming home. Do you see me reeling off the lines I've seen your. I've seen your eyes. How can you grow old you were my triumph. How can you ...

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