Up all night, been waiting for you all my life keep me by your side lyrics

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Lyrics to "By Your Side" song by JONAS BLUE: Let's go out and be wild Do it while ... Up all night. I waited for you all my life. Hold my hand and keep me close
Jonas Blue - By Your Side Lyrics
Up, all night. I waited for you all my life. Hold my hand and keep me close. I'll never let you go. No, not tonight. Keep me by your side. Keep me by your side
Jonas Blue feat. Raye - By Your Side Lyrics
Oct 28, 2016 Lyrics for By Your Side by Jonas Blue feat. ... Raye has been translated in 36 languages ... you Up, all night I waited for you all my life Hold my hand and keep me close I'll never let you go No not tonight Keep me by your side ...
ANASTACIA LYRICS - Don't Stop (Doin' It)
Lyrics to "Don't Stop (Doin' It)" song by ANASTACIA: haha yeah are you ready to do this one ... oh, your sweet love is making me high, yeah yeah ... but I can't be messin' up, no gotta love, keep me satisfied ... every night and every day ... I ain't gonna leave your side ... (been waiting for you all my life) ooooh baby don't stop
I just don't care what you've done in your life. Baby, I'll always be here by your side. Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by. And I'll ... All night, turnt up , that's the way we live it up. Show me ... Me and my baby by my side, we on top
Act As If - Keep Me By Your Side lyrics and translation
Apr 3, 2015 I've been spinning my wheels up and down this goddamn Pacific Coast. where the sun sets and all ... The narrow road, where I've been all my life, will take me home and keep me by your side. ... You take all you can find, heaven knows you' ve taken too much. ... With our lights wide, we race into the night.
WE ARE THE FALLEN LYRICS - "Tear The World Down" (2010) album
You're too consumed by all your emptiness inside. You bury me ... I've been waiting for your touch to bring me home. Sleeping ... you tonight. Hating all I am when lying by your side .... 9. St. John. This night is alive with the smell of insane ... All my life you failed to keep me safe ... Locked up tight from the world outside me
Lyrics to "All My Life" song by FOO FIGHTERS: All my life I've been searching for something Something ... All night long I dream of the day ... Feel it come to life when I see your ghost ... Weight keeping me down [2x] ... And if you open up wide
Twiceyoung - Slow Down Lyrics
Nov 27, 2014 Slow down, Everyone's been slowing down, But I've been up all night, Thinking of you, Hol. ... your slowing down, But I won't leave your side, I'm waiting for you, ... Oh when we lose our time, If I help you up, Will you lead me through night? ... This is all that's left of us, You can take my life, I can hear it moving ...
T.I. LYRICS - Got Your Back
Lyrics to "Got Your Back" song by T.I.: Aye Shawty I Know You Be Hearin This And ... When were high(T.I.:From when its all good) ... No matter what may occur in life ... And on visit day show up looking good smelling better, playing kissy face ... Still I'm gonna keep her by my side ... If you ain't gon be in there with me at night
the first day I been around you, I know we was in love, I know this. You know how you feel, like fuck how it look, fuck thinkin' about all that, I know how I feel. You know what I'm sayin'? And my heart don't lie to me, that's why I follow that motherfucker like that bae ... When you're alone at night and need somebody by your side
CAIN'S OFFERING LYRICS - "Gather The Faithful" (2009) album
Thorn In My Side 8. ... All of my life I've been waiting for someone, ... in the night, I have the frost in your heart. Get up! Get up! Get up! Get up! You're never gonna give up! ... I'm there for you if you'd still want me to, for after all I'm yours to keep.
It's like I'm in this dirt, digging up old hurt ... Reminding me all over again how you fucking just brushed me off. And left me so burnt, spent ... Think you can hurt people and just keep getting away with it? Not this ... Feel like I been waiting on this moment all of my life ... My knife is out and I'm ducking on the side of your house
Lyrics to "All Of Me" song by JOE BUDDEN: I give you my all.. but it seems like that's not enough Now you ... 'Member comin up dudes talkin bout hoes, boastin
A DAY TO REMEMBER LYRICS - "What Separates Me From You ...
album: "What Separates Me From You" (2010). 1. Sticks & Bricks 2. All I Want 3. ... Keep your hopes up high and your head down low. Still got something ... Here we go again, another night of being bombed. I can tell .... My whole life's been waiting, ever since I can remember ... That help me prove that I'm still on your side
Since you turned the tables on me ... I've been havin' a record year. I bet you ... And your leavin' lit up my scoreboard. I usually make it through side A sober. All ... Your good-and-gone keeps me up all night. Along with Songs In The Key Of Life
WHITE LION LYRICS - Till Death Do Us Part
Take my hand. And let me lead the way. All through your life. I'll be by your side ... When I wake up every day. With you lyin' ... That my heart belongs to you. Baby, we can ... I'll keep you warm inside. Yeah, baby, I ... Waiting for me. Yeah, baby ...
Lyrics to "You Never Know" song by IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE: She was on her way to becoming a college graduate ... Everyone around the way, gave up trying to get in it ... I've loved and I've lost just to hold you all night ... I went on with my life, college and my career ... No matter what, I'll keep your love forever with me"
Lyrics to "Without You" song by OH WONDER: Step out into the sun Skies above they radiate me Lift up, carry the love Do you know? That I've be... ... That I've been out of my mind. This slow life I'm waiting for you. To swing me all of your line . Do you know? Since I've ... Hold it steady with you by my side. One step heavy ...
All that other shit, that shit ain't fucking real. ... You my night, day, all that. You my what you call when you wanna take ya time, settle down, and share it ... done been through the pain and all the rain done dried up, cleared all of my ... Be forgetting what we have and when it come to fuck ups, baby, you done had your share.
Lyrics to "All My Heart" song by SLEEPING WITH SIRENS: There's so many things that I could say But ... You still have all of my(I've been waiting my whole life)
Lyrics to "By My Side" song by DAVID CHOI: I'm just listening to the clock go ticking I am waiting as the time goes by I think of you with ever... ... I need to feel your heartbeat next to mine. You're all I see in ... I just wanna love you all my life ... I'll keep you oh so close ... I didn't think that it would be you who made it clear to me
LIL' WAYNE LYRICS - Something You Forgot
Lyrics to "Something You Forgot" song by LIL' WAYNE: I've been lonely, I've been waiting for you I'm pretending, and that's all I can do (that's all I c... ... You got it down, and your well on your way to the top (keep doin' your thing) but there is something you ... You give me back my girl and you give me back my life. Give me ...
JC CHASEZ LYRICS - Right Here (By Your Side)
Lyrics to "Right Here (By Your Side)" song by JC CHASEZ: Yeah... Tell me how long (How long) Were we together, before we got together, oh. ... Have we gone together, since we've been together, oh. ... Love will blow out all the lights ... And I will keep you satisfied through the night ... The red stays on your lips my baby
NATALIE LYRICS - When I Was With You
When I was with you, everything felt right in my life. When I ... your side. When I was with you, I was loving you with all my might ... When you held me in your arms where you take me away ... By my side, that you'd never leave me boy ... These memories that got your girl awake at night. I'm staying up waiting for phone calls
HUMAN TEMPLE LYRICS - "Insomnia" (2004) album
I wont be chasing no more shadows, after all, / I'm going all the way. / And when I have to ... But you know the truth, you know me from deep inside. / This time I ...
MAYDAY PARADE LYRICS - Three Cheers For Five Years
Stay up all night with the stars. Confess all the faith that I had in you (I had in you) Too late, I'm sure and ... I hope you know I'm dying. With my heart beside me ... So sleep alone tonight with no one here just by your side. Sleep alone tonight
HEART IN HAND LYRICS - "Only Memories" (2011) album
I'll remember all the good times we had, And the times ... Every moment of my life is precious, to me, Even when ... It's not my fault your such an awful liar, your lust will come, back to haunt you, ... As the sun comes up, you go down, And it must have been, a good night, ... Anything I wanted, It would be to have you by my side ,
Lyrics to "Prisoner" song by MARIAH CAREY: You don't think that I'll be strong ... I know you're lying, denying all of your actions. So listen up 'cause here's my reaction. Here comes the night ... This is my life ... Used to keep me by your side
WEBBIE LYRICS - Lovin' You Is Wrong
You came and brightened my life up. That's why right not I don't wanna be no where else but beside ya. I feel like you all I got so baby Ima keep you close tah me
Don't you know all night I've been waiting for a girl like you to come around, round, round? ... It took a minute girl to steal my heart tonight (eh eh eh eh) With just ...
CHASING SAFETY LYRICS - "Season Of The Dead" (2014) album
I am so fed up with the bullshit you fed me since day one ... All my bones grow tired enduring the fall ... Cause they don't know if you will make it through the night ... That is the moment where your life passed you by. All of ... I've been running towards the light for all eternity ... Oh I'll never give up, I don't care who's by my side
LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES LYRICS - "When We Don't Exist" (2011 ...
Now the devil's reaching up to me. I think I feel his ... Not hard to see by the way you slowly life your life. I'm still ... This is the place that we've been dying to find ... And all you ever do is complain and want for more ... But I was strong enough to make my own decisions ..... these nightmares still keep me alive through the night .
Jillian Edwards - All My Christmases Lyrics
Lyrics for All My Christmases by Jillian Edwards. ... by your side And now Every day in between And for all of our lives I'll be waiting under the mistletoe And any ...
I lie here waiting for one of my sons to walk right through my door. But no one's ... Give it up surrender Let it all subside there's no one by your side. You'll never ...
LOGIC LYRICS - Under Pressure
Lyrics to "Under Pressure" song by LOGIC: Work so fucking much my ... Feel like I 've been waiting forever, forever to inherit ... On the come up, where they run up on you for nothing at all ... Uh, tell me that they love me, know damn well that they don't give a fuck ... Cause lately you feel like I'm just not your sister at all, all
AVENGED SEVENFOLD LYRICS - "Waking The Fallen" (2003) album
Break all your promises, tear down ... There's a bed of skeletons waiting for me on the other side. They're ... Human lives to me seem so unreal, can't see through the fog ... (it's hard, to keep me in this place, keep away from me) ... I hear them crying at night (your pain is their satisfaction) ... My life, you've always been there.
DRAKE LYRICS - Days In The East
Lyrics to "Days In The East" song by DRAKE: Yeah Why you keep askin' me about her? She's not here right ... Spendin' all my days on the Eastside oh. Forgettin' ...
I know you've been hurt before. But never say never, baby. Slow down, don't close the door. You've been waiting forever, baby. See I know your heart's been ...
... waiting for? I'm gonna keep it frozen here forever, There's no regretting anymore. It's worth the wait, even so far away. I'm making the night mine until the day I die ... Take me home, where my dreams are made of gold ... I've been waiting right here all my life. Feelings you can't deny that you're living, open up your eyes

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