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Upchurch & Adam Calhoun - Everybody Knows Lyrics ...
Upchurch & Adam Calhoun "Everybody Knows": Old cars in the front yard, they've been there since I was born Old man on the front porch, he been...
Upchurch - AC (Freestyle) Lyrics
Everybody firin' 'til they see what's in my handle This is blood, sweat, and tears motherfucker, they all flammable Yeah people mad like I'm president But my crib look like the set of a film that John Wayne was in They told me hold it, be careful, the game is dangerous kid But the danger fuels my fire like I'm starrin' up in an action film
Upchurch - Hell Yeah Lyrics
Upchurch Lyrics "Hell Yeah" What these boys want You want my fan base don't ya I'm truth big dawg, what you staring at bubba? Yeah I ram this charmer like I couldn't wait for rubbers Now everybody grabbing, trying to ask a bunch of questions When I did the same then they said your boy wasn't impressive
Adam Calhoun & Demun Jones - WW2.0 Lyrics
Everybody talks shit, not facts though Everybody gay but you can't say fag though Same fag turn around and burn down a flag pole But I'm an asshole? 'Cause I like Trump? 'Cause he don't take shit like guns How the fuck would you like our country to run? Anything goes, so I guess it's comfortably numb Raisin' little boys nowadays, no balls
Upchurch - Busy Lyrics
Upchurch Lyrics "Busy" Bitch swerve like a deer standin' on them yellow lines Miss me like you're shootin' but you want no one to die ... I be givin' the middle finger to any and everybody who wanna come seesaw what I did to this rap game I'm the shit motherfucker when it's down, when it's winter time
Upchurch - Beef (Remix) Lyrics
And everybody know what it is baby Creek Squad Bitch I'm young 'til I'm young and can't old no more We ain't rockin' bandanas 'round here, that's a no go Better wave at me when you drivin' down my back road I just lead the pack, sharp teeth like a raptor Smokin' Barnie's in a blunt, pussy ass herbivore
Upchurch - Frozen Lyrics
Everybody said it was an impossible long shot But I've been shootin' guns since a little kid rockin' I've been puttin' together words since I could talk And now I'm walkin' and talkin' security with walkie talkies That follow me through rockin' bodies of people I acknowledge So don't tell me I don't know the definition of a prodigy
Upchurch - We Don't Lyrics
Upchurch Lyrics "We Don't" Church, yeah Creek squad motherfucker (Yah) If you ain't rollin' with us, roll out, bitch! ... Dopest country boy and everybody know my fuckin' name We don't-we don't care 'bout who you with We don't care 'bout what you got We don't, we don't, we don't, we don't, we don't let the party stop ...
Upchurch - Dirty Boys Lyrics
Everybody try but eventually they all quit And either went to college or they work up at the saw mill Hip-hop country, how the fuck you think I feel Got people looking at me thinking that I'm not for real Bitch, I got four wheels turned down four deals Four good buddies, with the four blue flame stills Redneck shit to the maximum
Upchurch - Hillbilly Lyrics
I'm the barefoot rapper everybody keeping distance from You hear my name, you know I don't play What the fuck I'm 'bout, where I came from I know a lot of rednecks, know a lot of real thugs Know a lot of hillbillies totting scraped off guns Know a lot of motherfuckers in the hollers where I'm from With a huge pig farm, no fingers, no thumbs
Upchurch & Adam Calhoun - Back N Forth Lyrics
[Upchurch:] If I ever gave a fuck give it back you shouldn't have it, yeah I'm an Indian giver, don't make me come and scalp your head I got war paint on my ding-ding I rip rap and I sing-sing Just send me to the CMA's I'll piss off who is winnin' [Adam Calhoun:] We ain't winnin' shit, we takin' it Like Kanye West did Taylor Swift
Upchurch - Side Road Fresh Lyrics
Dixieland made, fuck what everybody say Dirty boots stretched out in my new Escalade, ayy Haters mumble when they see me 'cause my rims big like Paul Wall Who the, who the, I'm Upchurch on repeat like Mike Jones Only L's I got got sevens on 'em and their bass could break a whole femur bone
Upchurch - Can't Fuck With Us Lyrics
Everybody writing songs like they someone tough And I confront you at a show and you don't say nothing Chop ya fingers off, bitch, and stop pressing my buttons Yeah, I'm loosing the boots and I'm throwing curve balls with lightning Pissing everybody off to me is kinda exciting I'm solo with a Jack handle to anyone wanna fight me
Upchurch - Come And Get It Lyrics
Everybody hell yeah and with their camo, whoa And you ain't real apparently If you don't jam to them old songs Half y'all punks never heard of John Denver Old country road on a different level Everybody got a this, everybody got a that Blah, blah, blah, blah, 'bout your John Deere hat I don't care about no fashion statement
Upchurch - Rap Devil Freestyle Lyrics
Yeah, everybody got a damn opinion Ain't we all just some assholes (uh huh) Y'all wanna be the biggest one I'll throw diarrhea at your household Bitch, get the fuck off of my lawn Like I'm pushin' 70 with a Gran Torino I can't understand a thing y'all say Like a El Camino full of damn amigos Allá vega, grab the aloe vera
Upchurch - Who Lyrics
Upchurch with the heat, on fire, won't dry out Got a barn of tobacco packin' up my foul mouth, eh Bitch we ain't playin' in the same dirt Bitch we ain't hangin' 'round the same folks Everybody with me got kitchen tattoos And a heater so hot, watch she shower head burst They don't wanna see win they know that's a fact
Upchurch - White Lightning Lyrics
And the regret sucks the life from everybody I suppose But my rose ain't red It won't die but ain't fake But when I die I'll drown myself in these lyrics I speak White lightning (Chasing white lightning) (Chasing white lightning) I ain't no stranger to the rain, I put the sunshine in my grey clouds
Everybody Knows Lyrics - Adam Calhoun feat. Upchurch
And if you're from where I come from everybody knows, everybody knows [Upchurch:] What up skins! (What up skins!), crooked grin Church Preacher man close smokin' a blunt in Rypta's hearse I don't bother nobody, never start a altercation Now I'm sittin' lower than the places in town where I'm hangin' Creeker tatted on my head, mind stuck in a hollar
Upchurch - So Brooklyn (Remix) Lyrics
So everybody better swerve unless you lookin' for a dent I'm The General 'round here but I can't give you no insurance Don't be grabbin' the microphone if you go hard as a micro bone My platform hella big but my circle fits in a mobile home Mind power tough when I'm Home Alone No Macaulay Culkin but I'm caulkin' the cracks in the open doors
Upchurch - Shoot The Moon Lyrics
Everybody does it just not the same Hip hop coming straight up outta Dixieland Moonshine sipping, guitar picking Mud in the wheels, slipping transmission Ain't got much but I treat it like gold Got change in the jar and the Jack ice cold Got gas in the tank, got guns in the safe My house kinda looking like a military base
Upchurch - Tennessee Tilt Lyrics
Everybody in my county rock that Tennessee Tilt Tennessee Tilt T-T-Tennessee Tilt Everybody in my county rock that Tennessee Tilt It's that Tennessee Tilt Got a ride with a lean Like a redneck pimp Lookin' country boy clean I got them windows down while we ridin through the mud With a jar full of clear and a bag full of loud
Upchurch - Hillbilly Psycho Lyrics
Everybody been beefin' but I been processin' rappers Crushin' their bones to their careers, collectin' dust in a package And I don't want no beef, I got deer jerky for days I don't have to trash people to get some shine on my name I'm Johnny Cash, I slap in rap, pullin' up in that old black Got a couple crazy felons and I know they got my back
Upchurch - Ill Mind 5 (Remix) Lyrics
Upchurch "Ill Mind 5 (Remix)": Church Ghost Man this industry is crazy like a bunch of crooked politics Everybody trying to pickpoc...
Upchurch - HI-DEAS 6 Lyrics
Everybody from Dr. Phil to Jay-Z gon' know about me Church He'll get there. I think he's already there. Upchurch is gonna live forever. (Stone baby stone) Long after, long after he's gone everybody's still gonna jam his music (Ha ha ha ha)
Upchurch - Joe Meteorite Lyrics
But I roll with everybody like a Fortnite clan Creek Squad, some are Builders, some are Shooters, Victory Royale You're gettin' styled by a country singer down at the Cut N Corral Jeez I didn't even have to pull the dynamite out Bitch I spit like Tina the llama, just look at my mouth I compensate for that gingivitis, I rot away your body vitals
Upchurch - Son Of The South Lyrics
Yeah, motherfucker, everybody's on my team Bikers, OGs, Klan members and the police And everybody's still bickering about what's on the news And they do this shit on purpose, you ain't even got a clue White lives, black lives, and the blue matter too So point your gun across the sea and let's just stand as a group
Upchurch - On My Way (Remix) Lyrics
Everybody's livin' fast while I'm cruisin' slow But I guess that's just the life of a dude raised on a simple note A thousand dollar pistol in my cheap Goodwill coat Church Bad Mutha Fucka's on the way y'all. I just figured I would come to the studio today and put down something for y'all that y'all could jam to.
Upchurch - Loveless Lyrics
Upchurch and Robert James fucking dynamite Every minute that we write is an image we bring to life Trying to make it about the shadows all we got is candle light Yeah we're freaky like Houdini coming out at night Yeah, we're sneaky, still you love it, make it a drug you like, baby You're fresher that the harvest
Upchurch - No One Lyrics
And everybody want a selfie then they ask if I'm taggin' 'Cause the world's a thirsty ratchet like fifty percent of Snapchat And everybody a dog barkin' at me like they all starvin' I put 'em down like the pound so they ain't bitin' off nothin' You know I'll just close my eyes Got me so damn high, and I ain't comin' down for no one
Upchurch - I Hate This Song (But I'll Rap On Anything ...
Everybody on Instagram wanted me to do this Young MA instrumental and I was like "Man, fuck, this beat sucks, ain't no BandPlay beat, you know what, fuck it" I can rap on anything y'all already know that Church Church Church Church Yeah, I'm runnin' laps around the whole game I'm Emmitt Smith a star stuck off in this cowboy
Upchurch - Hourglass Lyrics
An hourglass (Upchurch) Hourglass Hours pass in the hourglass, hours pass, they're passing fast Everybody got a vision of the future past, just save the presents all for last I still gotta rap to tell y'all shit, still gotta rap to represent Still gotta rap for everybody at the bottom, middle finger to the haters, can't tell me shit
Upchurch & Adam Calhoun - Us Lyrics
[Upchurch & (Adam Calhoun):] If I walk this red carpet, I'ma leave a trail of muddy footprints That's why I'm drippin' on the public, no gold I go rust Save the gold for the ladies 'cause these dudes ain't us, ain't us If I walk this red carpet, I'ma leave a trail of muddy footprints ('Cause these dudes ain't us)
Upchurch - Country Way Lyrics
Cranking up the Kid Rock, everybody turning heads 35s humming on that river road asphalt Windows rolled down, give a wave to the county cops Got a lotta haters in the county line zone But that's okay 'cause I'm sitting on my throne You ain't doin' it how I'm doin' it so go talk that lotty dotty I'll be gigging in the ponds, go ahead get froggy
Upchurch - 0-100 (Redneck Remix) Lyrics
Mr. Upchurch explaining what the fuck a poser is I didn't step in bass pro until my ass got older kids Cause mama didn't have the dough to go and buy expensive shit So I was rocking goodwill but I really didn't give a damn Cause I was raised off realness and to earn the cash with working hands My lyrics so cold I wear a Carhartt in the summertime
Upchurch - Country Fried Lyrics
Everybody wanna be a country trend, everybody wanna be a superstar Everybody wanna have a jacked up truck when really that's not even who they are Hashtag, dressing up, Insta game all messed up Hell no, come kick mud in them deep sticks with them big boys 'Cause I'm southern-grown by the grace of God, shocking folks like a cattle prod
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